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Kana: クビア
Rōmaji: Kubia
Gender: Male
Race: Human (formerly)
Age: Approximately billions of years old
Date of Birth: ???
Height: 300 meters
Blood type: N/A
Personal Status
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
Material Collection Information
Game(s): Calamity Reborn
Intertwined Fate
Continuum Error
Century's Aria
Core's Will
Calamity's Memory
Chaos Aggressor
Anime(s): Burning Clock
Chaos Aggressor

Cubia is a god and the creator of the world order.


Cubia was formerly human when the god of its world left and gave of its inhabitants the ability to take its place. Cubia ended up becoming a deity because of this, and reigned as defacto god. However, desiring to move on as well, it gave the same ability to take its place, leaving the world behind. Its successor would end up becoming Continuum.

Cubia formed the world order called the Mayogeta, a series of worlds sealed within a sort of empty space known as the Void. Outside of the world order is the Bagirt Dimgirta, a group of individuals whose job was to observe and record the events of these worlds for some unknown reason.

Beyond that for Cubia is unknown, as it has essentially vanished from the world order with no evidence as to where it went. Some believe it to be simply watching from afar, or to be in the midst of a deep sleep. A few believe that it lost interest in the world order and left without doing anything that made it clear that it did such.



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  • Cubia is named after the anti-existence of the Twilight Bracelet from the .hack// series.