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Cruciatus Colubra: Ophius

Owner: Serza
Previous Owner: Unknown
Name: Cruciatus Colubra Ophius
Translation: Agony Serpent: Ophius
Form: Long, thin blade of emerald-colored seithr with a red outline.
Energy Source: Seithr
Magic from the Boundary
Type: Nex Exitium

Cruciatus Colubra: Ophius (Agony Serpent: Ophius) is one of the Original Nex Exitium designed in the Third War of Armagus. It's previous owner is unknown, currently, Serza of the Liberation Sector is its owner.

It takes the form of a long, thin blade of emerald-colored seithr with a red outline. It's a very long curved blade of concentrated Seithr and energy, and can become solid and energize itself at will.

Unlike other Exitium, Ophius only has one form, and switches from a solid blade to an energy blade. However it can melt itself down to a sentient energy.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit




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