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Cora LeClair
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Cora LeClair
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personal Status
Status: Active
Affiliation Status
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Cora LeClair is looking for her next meal.


Cora has lived a peaceful existence in the 2nd city of Iwatsutchi. Usually taking odd jobs in order to fill her empty stomach. She moved to the city when she was eighteen to get away from her parents, preferring independence to her parent's rules. Having little to no experience in the working field, she has had to scrape a meager existence in order to keep the place she lives, usually having very little to eat because of so. Because of this, she has experience in different forms of work to which she could take. She prefers her peace and has very little to no fighting experience. Despite having some ars magus proficiency, she decided against going to work for the military. Despite her modest appearance, she is beautiful, but prefers working to make a living then depending on her looks like some of the 'spoiled brats' she's seen. She is currently twenty-two.


Caring very little for fashion, Cora wears what's most comfortable to her. This usually ends up with faded Blue Jeans, black shoes, and a loose-fitting green shirt that is her favorite ensemble. She has brown eyes. She has black hair that slowly turns blue as it reaches the end of it. She keeps her hair long to her shoulders and is known to change her hairstyle depending on the day or her job. She tends to wear comfortable shoes and socks.


  • Do You Have Food? - Cora's Main Theme ('Tao is Taokaka' Theme Remix)


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