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Control Sequence Origins

Episodes: Undefined at the moment
Running Time: 15-20 minutes per ep
Control Sequence Origins is a separate side series that contains mini length episodes detailing an individual character's back story as its revealed in the Main story.

Eventually all of them adding up to tell their full story before their endeavors now. They are out of order (though listed chronologically for that particular set) and will be released as each piece is revealed. Most central and plot central characters have origins stories which are spanned into their individual arcs. Some shorter, and others longer.


Varies between characters.

Siegfried SchtauffenEdit

Siegfried Origin Episodes
Nex and Imyo Arc
• Rescued Blue • The Boy of Sin and DestructionThe Boy of Sin and Destruction (Pt 2) • Slumbering Black Remnant • Fires of Azure Awakening • Red Rivalry and Trust • Kindling the Blaze of Azure Hopes • The Black Heart's Azure Locket • Visitor of Strange Neon • Silver Whispers of the Heartless Future • Loss of Present Crimson • Blood Red Horizons of Despair • Agony of Blackened Denial • Down to nothing: Hopeless Sapphire •

Myri Edit

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Reiga SorairoEdit

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Miwa's Origin Episodes
Nestled Pink Innocence • Lifeless World of Grey • The White Flower among Death • Warmth of a White Heart • Trials of Pink Giving • Requests of Strong Jade • Miracles of White Creation • Ambitions of Black Destruction • Lavender Lullaby • Never Ending Dream: Violet Slumbers


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