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The Control Sequence Chronology is a compilation of the events from Control Sequence of the EvoBlaze (Series).

It follows the history of the main series of Nex's story.

Stories taking placeEdit

Post WarEdit

Unknown Time periodEdit

  • Forsaken Sequence

History of Pre Control SequenceEdit

The war closed and the NOS stood its declared victor.

Eventually as time continued the threat of the Berserk Black, the Seithr, and all of that which threatened mankind directly would be forgotten and left only spoken by a few. The War was a topic rarely brought up, the Rogue Sectors were the despised existence of all but a few for being harbingers of chaos against order.

Any remaining remnants of them that dared to surface would be hunted down, Observers, potentials with such power would be eliminated.

The systematic design of that order, which held their world together, would sit at the height of mankind's achievements, but a single Observer who escaped the purge in this system's order to delete the records of the world, knew how it was designed. She knew of the horrible 'Sin' that lay buried inside of its history and existence. But she couldn't say a word. She would seek out the main power that could end it, reveal the truth, and change mankind's fate: The Azure which wasn't 'born' yet, an Azure still innocent who would be born from supernatural and human means and become tied in the World's evil and sin.

Man would become ignorant of reality, and deny the suffering of their world and themselves. The war continued in the background, people continued to perish to seithr or blade, or would simply go insane from the seithr, where minds twisted and horrors lurked. Souls continued to fall deeper into despair and hate but almost no soul cared. Hope became distant memory, people would give in to the world abandon themselves and let others dictate choice for them for what they wanted — as they would survive in the world this way.

A sadistic, hopeless destiny, and one that hardly anyone would see.

Freedom became questionable, but also no longer priority over survival. Power and control dominated the mind, desire, right and wrong became non existent, good and evil blend together, so long as it maintained 'Order'. The sin to get what they wanted no longer mattered. All of the sin would be condoned in the 'World's Eye.

The cities all enjoyed a time of lavish innovation so the war and anything else was beyond their concern. They would deny their evils, something that is never allowed.

Mankind was on a road to receive it's 'punishment' as it unknowingly began to repeat a calamitous history.

The Observer watches all of mankind's struggle, while she awaits the Azure.

History after the Third WarEdit

After the Third War, the world enjoyed a relative time of peace, however, many situations would soon throw it into chaos once more.

Unknown EventsEdit

Events that are unable to be placed on the timeline due to unclear or unreliable details in the storylines of when they happened.

  • Nex Azure 0 and Yura come into existence.
    • Yura and Nex's home is invaded by the NOS
  • Siegfried Schtauffen is taken from his mother to the Liberation Sector.
  • Yami Akuhei comes into existence.
  • Sylar is born.
    • Sylar becomes a "Demon"
  • Akari "δ Four" is created.
  • Xendes is born.
  • Azure Sin Subjects are created.
  • The Eye of Sheol is accessed for the first time since the Third War of Ars Magus.
  • Nex's Azure Grimoire is created.
    • Nex's Grimoire gains a Soul Harvester.


  • Mankind works on renovating their world after the damage done in the Third War of Ars Magus, the process would take 15 years for new laws and adjustments and study of the Corrosion's effects on people.
    • All Gates are closed off, with Cauldrons sealed away within the Boundary.
    • The Seithr Cores are banned from all development and technologies.
    • Ikaruga becomes known as Taoreta consisting of the ruined cities.
    • Illegal Forces activity suddenly spikes as individuals with Drive become targets.
    • The Technology used in the War and prior is considered forbidden.
  • Seithr Barriers are developed from the old technology of Ishana's Magic Guild, and placed in every NOS owned city. They're used to keep the Corrosive Strains of Seithr out.
  • The NOS begins looking into how to stop the Corrosion Anomaly and hires several individuals who were to lead the projects.
  • Azure Interface Prime Field Device Copies are made at an astonishingly high rate.
  • The NOS' system is shut down and prevented from observing or maintaining anything in the Boundary until it can be fixed.


  • The Council Templar and the Sequence Intelligence Agency are created by the first leader of the WOC (World Order Council) to balance the power in the NOS and handle threats.
  • Lukain Necaros joins the World Order Council.
  • Nex Exitium are refined to be more controllable, and put out for uses of the Sequence Destroyers.


  • The Third War's renovations finally end after 15 years, the world has since enjoyed peace.
  • Yami Akuhei joins the Sequence Intelligence Agency and receives Yamaorochi's former weapon: Anguis Inférnis: Leviathan.


  • Serza is born to a Duodecim family.



  • Myri Kukiyona is born in Kagutsuchi.
  • Reiga Sorairo is born in Otoko to his mother and Yyntal Sorairo. His mother perishes soon after from Seithr poisoning.
  • Mysteria is born in Iwatsuchi.
  • Mujihi Mazio is born in Akitsu to Tekina and Sakura Mazio.



  • The Phantom Operations begin.

History of The Phantom OperationsEdit

Warning: This section lacks much info due to the storyline mentioned being spoilers to the future story.

The Phantom Operations is a period where the NOS and LS were in a war preceding Rebellion Sequence and is the first major conflict following the Third War of Ars Magus that involved a rebellion against authority which sparked the near Fourth War of Ars Magus. It is called the Phantom Operations due to its confidential nature now.

AD 6/2386Edit

  • Members of the Innovos Duodecim are targetted by rogue forces and begin vanishing or being killed, further sparking tension between the government's leaders.
  • Strange experiments take place and the Government works to shut them down.
  • The Siege on Izanagi takes place.

AD 10/2386Edit

  • A NOS project is sabotaged during weakened defenses. A mass amount of strange souls are released from a Gate that is infiltrated in a confidential location, said to be for weapon development purposes.
  • The Security of the NOS and the World is breached for the first time, the leader of the rebellion is killed immediately after the breach, and left unknown.
  • The Phantom Operations end.
    • They are recorded by the Sequence Intelligence Agency and all information of it is classified under the highest level.
    • The first leader of the WOC leaves his position.
    • The Liberation Sector Splits and Morkuv Torayuki leaves his position, his friend takes the helm of the Liberation Sector.

AD 12/2388Edit

  • The 6th Azure Interface is reborn/rebuilt
  • The Black Massacre of Yurisa occurs, where Azure Sin Subjects surface.

History after the Phantom OperationsEdit

Primarily taking place in Rebellion Sequence, and some Origin storylines.

AD 12/2389Edit

  • Nex awakens to the destroyed city and is found by Corvus and Irene.
  • Lazarith is appointed to be the guardian of Myri Kukiyona.
  • Nicaiah Metake becomes the Commander of the Liberation Sector's Sector 0.
  • Nex discovers the Azure Grimoire and is attacked by an Azure Interface Prime Field, he falls into the Gate and gains the Grimoire as it becomes a part of him along with awakening his Azure.
    • Nex is captured by the NOS, later to be released by Imyos' efforts.
    • Akari "δ Four" is awakened.

AD 12/2391Edit

  • Nex meets Cerea.
  • Nex meets Winterson.
  • The First Disaster of Ibukido takes place since the War, thousands on thousands perish in an incident involving Seithr. The records go black.
  • Nex travels to the The Ruined Capital: Abysmal Frontier and meets an Azure Sin Subject for the first time in Invis.
  • Nex meets Heilo Vashtor and his ward Xendes after Heilo rescues Nex.
  • The 14th Hierarchical City of Nozuchi suffers a rebellion, the Sequence Intelligence Agency's Destroyers, among them Arcius, quells it with Lukain's permission and oversight.
  • The Siege on Akitsu takes place.
    • Tekina Mazio is killed by Fasado while defending the city.
    • Mujihi Mazio is saved by an unknown individual, and receives the Chaotic Element, Mujihi joins the ranks of the Liberation Sector under Nicaiah Metake.


  • Imyo and Nex successfully make it out of the NOS' reach.
    • Imyo rescues Siegfried Schtauffen and introduces Nex to him.
    • Nex and Siegfried are trained by Imyo to fight against the NOS, they learn of the truth behind the Government's power.
  • Yyntal Sorairo joins the Sequence Intelligence Agency.


  • Sylar goes on a solo raid against the Liberation Sector.


  • The 7th Azure Interface Prime Field is involved in an experiment.
    • N.Seven joins the SIA and becomes one of their Destroyers.


  • Reiga's training as an official completes, he becomes a Lieutenant and is considered the Azure Prodigy.

AD 1/2396Edit


  • Imyo is killed in combat with the NOS. Siegfried is taken.
  • A distraught Nex meets Legna Alucard and goes on a journey to learn more about the world.

AD 12/2398Edit

  • Reiga Sorairo meets Akari and becomes her partner with Lukain's authority.
  • Nex meets Sylar in the city of Yamatsumi.
    • Nex locates the Azure Interface and the Cauldron and destroys it resulting in a mass flood of Seithr in the city.
  • Nex breaches Security of the NOS, sending the world into a panic and the Council assigns him as an SS-Class criminal and the first Phase-Black since the War.
    • Nex's actions catch the attention of unknown individuals who are considered raiders.
  • Nex leaves the city.

AD 6/2399Edit

  • Events of Kanayama take place, Nex and Sylar meet Komyo Amatera and Abel.

AD 6/2399Edit

  • Nex goes to Taoreta for the first time alongside his companion Sylar, and they arrive in Ibukido.


  • Nex's whereabouts become unknown.
  • Serza leaves the Sequence Intelligence Agency and keeps the Nex Exitium Cruciatus Colubra: Ophius.
  • Myri Kukiyona and Yumiko explore the city of Torifune while Lazarith is away.
  • Siegfried Schtauffen hears of Nex coming to Kagutsuchi and is asked to be Reiga's opponent in a public battle in Torifune.
  • Sylar meets Zaezel, and fights him in the presence of the Liberation Sector.
  • Reiga receives his mission to arrive in Kagutsuchi and becomes involved in the War.
    • Akari is told to locate the man known as the Beast of Sin.
  • Komyo is deployed for the Liberation Sector alongside her new superior Serza.
  • Nex resurfaces and declares war against the NOS and their system.

History during Control SequenceEdit

Warning: There are spoilers for Control Sequence in this section

Purity and SinEdit

AD 1/1/2400Edit

  • Nex arrives in Kagutsuchi after escaping a governmental carriership. He talks with Legna and heads out to find a girl in the city.
  • Reiga and Siegfried fight in Torifune, with Myri watching. After Reiga is victorious, the Marshal of the NOS, Lukain gives his orders for the two to head to Kagutsuchi to participate in the ongoing conflict with the Liberation Sector.

AD 1/2/24000Edit

  • Nex awakens to notice the NOS was likely tracking him, he splits off with the help of an underground beastkin named Rau who knew of Imyo's efforts.
    • Nex remains with Rau for the day hoping the NOS squads will pass through.
  • Siegfried, Reiga and Akari all head to Kagutsuchi per orders.
  • Mysteria manages to locate Nex, sending a squad after him.
    • The NOS squad attacks Rau's home. Before Nex can get too deep into his power as he begins to kill the soldiers, he runs off leaving Rau to fight as ordered.
  • The Assassin Kiryos Hikamigawa is deployed to attempt to hunt down Nex along with other criminals.
    • Kiryos manages to track down Nex and faces off with him in the alleyways of downtown, but Nex easily defeats him and leaves him alive, telling him that he should find a better purpose, much to Kiryos' surprise.
  • Kiryos meets Akuhei who is the General of the NOS, and learns about Nex while Kiryos gains his mission to assassinate a vigilante who is the son of one of their former enemies.
  • Nex infiltrates a citizen sector and meets Myri Kukiyona, he takes her from her home to try and include her in his fight after telling her that her life may be a lie.
  • Akuhei sets a trap for Nex alongside Mysteria, the two meet in the sub-districts and Akuhei kills off Imyo's friend Rau.
    • Legna is seen by the system for the first time when she intervenes to protect Nex.
  • Reiga's mission is declared to be to locate Nex and Serza along with looking into shady activity from individuals not directly involved with the Government War.
  • Reiga, Akari and Kiryos meet, the three being good friends from the past.
    • Kiryos sees Byakai for the first time however, and tries to assassinate him. Reiga's intervention allows Byakai to escape.
  • The Liberation Sector is deployed to Kagutsuchi with Komyo and Serza.
  • Legna makes Nex and Myri travel together, and Nex learns an individual named the "White Demon" is around.
    • Byakai pays respects to his lost friend.

AD 1/3/2400Edit

  • Valetha arrives in Kagutsuchi and begins her assault after the rumors of a person turning people to Seithr is spread, she is tracked down by Reiga Sorairo, but she slips away after taking several lives.
  • Serza and Reiga meet.
  • Akuhei meets with Siegfried after the assault and asks him to retrieve a young woman named Komyo Amatera.
  • Nex and Siegfried meet in Kagutsuchi, and Nex learns after several years that he'd joined the NOS.
    • Siegfried and Nex's encounter turns into a fight and ends in Nex's refusal to continue.
  • Byakai while paying respects to Rau is spoken to by a mysterious individual called Kiel. Afterwards he's targetted by Kiryos once more, with the two growing more toward respecting each other's sides- but their fight is interrupted by Valetha who seeks Nex. After learning of Nex's location, Byakai escapes and Valetha leaves.
  • Nicaiah deploys an unknown individual.
  • Nex meets a man named Fasado, quickly learning he's the LT General and an individual who is loyal to Lukain.
  • Akuhei kills the emissary of a strange individual who desires to fight Nex.
  • Nex is forced to flee from Fasado.
    • Mujihi Mazio is learned to be the individual from Red Thunder deployed by Nicaiah.
    • Fasado is given his mission by Lukain, confirming their status with Akuhei as cohorts.

AD 1/4/2400Edit

  • A strange terrorist assault occurs in a part of the town and an NOS squadron is wiped out with data being destroyed, Nex and someone known as the White Demon are blamed.
    • Nex meets Mujihi who is after the terroist, but swiftly stops when he learns of Nex's situation. They speak about Fasado and the NOS higher ups.
  • Lukain speaks with Akuhei about the situation in Kagutsuchi, informing Akuhei of Fasado's mission and that he sent someone in to find a pod nearby in a lost sector.
    • Nex meets his past ally Sylar in Kagutsuchi who intervenes and scares off Valetha. He then explains the presence of strange beings which Nex and Sylar seem to be aware of and Sylar is hunting the leader for his own reasons.

AD 1/5/24000Edit

  • Siegfried and Komyo meet, fighting each other in the higher districts. Before Siegfried could be victorious, Sylar interrupts.
  • Nex assaults a sector where the AIP were built, only to learn it had been struck by someone else. They find a pod.
  • Miwa Suzuki is found in cryogenic slumber by Nex, Yumiko, and Myri.
  • Lukain deploys a man known as Gallus to find Nex.

AD 1/6/2400Edit

  • Miwa goes with Yumiko to meet Lazarith.
  • Byakai notices a beastkin getting attacked before Fasado appears, and tries to kill him. Mujihi of Red Thunder intervenes.
  • Nex meets Gallus and defeats him by utilizing his Azure's power. However, he and Myri are separated in the process.
  • Siegfried meets up with Akuhei and is given a mission to head after the one causing the trouble in the city in order to prove himself.
  • Mujihi and Byakai escape Akuhei and Fasado.
    • Byakai speaks about the LS' situation and declares he refuses to return to the LS, letting information about the Chaotic Element slip. Byakai then departs.
    • It's learned that Mujihi's fate is tied to Sector 51 of the Liberation Sector due to the Chaotic Element.
  • Sylar is tracked down by the Liberation Sector, Anna who was sent in by Nicaiah. Sylar easily defeats Anna, and Serza appears as back-up, but too late to stop Sylar. Kiryos arrives next.
    • Serza relays information to Kiryos, Anna and Nicaiah that he'd attained about the man who is responsible for the attacks, Zaezel. He warns the city itself could be in danger.
  • Nex is found by Reiga and Akari, Akari moves toward her mission after feeling Nex's "hate" toward her, and enters combat mode to face off with Nex as her emotions are warped in the fight.
  • Legna is disturbed by a vision involving Nex as the two continue their search for him.
  • Legna and Myri interrupt the fight between Nex and Akari, preventing a link. She teleports them outside of the main area to speak with them.
    • Kiryos and Anna meet with them. While Nex and Legna speak privately.
  • Reiga, Myri, Anna and Kiryos all discuss events and wonder about the connection between Nex and the AIP along with Akari's own situation.
  • Miwa and Yumiko contact Lazarith, and are given permission to come to his residence.
  • Mysteria arrives and has a meeting with Reiga and the others while they relax.
    • Nex makes his choice to look for a hidden Cauldron in the city that Legna speaks of.
    • Strange beings of Seithr appear to the group with Myri and begin their assault with them.
  • Miwa and Yumiko cross paths with Akuhei. Lukain arrives in Kagutsuchi in person for the purpose of overseeing the events.
    • Yumiko and Miwa evade a close call and get away to Lazarith's.
    • Lukain asks Akuhei to handle the Observer while he asks him to stay away from Nex for a bit.
  • Nex meets with Valetha on his way back, along with a person he calls a "Magister" Kiel. Nex begins combat with Valetha.

AD 1/6/2400 pt2Edit

  • Legna intervenes in their fight, trapping Valetha in a barrier, and tells Nex to hurry to Myri, as Seithr Beings had made their move on Kagutsuchi.
  • Sylar takes a detour from his pursuit of Zaezel and challenges Siegfried who tails him.
    • Siegfried is victorious after releasing his Azure against his opponent, and Sylar explains what he knew of Nex's story with the Azure Grimoire.
  • Seithr Beings almost kill Myri, however Nex arrives and aids the group in their fight. With his power over the Azure he destroys the power keeping them together and ends their threat.
  • Miwa and Yumiko meet Lazarith, Lazarith decides to help Miwa regain her fighting capabilities after learning her situation.
  • Mujihi and Bitoku hurry into the city, an apparent terrorist calling himself Zerde paves the way for the Seithr to infiltrate central Kagutsuchi as he destroys the barrier.
    • Mujihi tries to fight Zerde, but he flees.
  • Nex absorbs a bit of the leftover energy from the Seithr Being named Sithus, and it causes a vicious reaction making him attack the others out of his control briefly. Mysteria notices the darkness around Nex and falls into a trance, Reiga and Kiryos pull her out of it. Myri manages to calm Nex down.
    • Lukain appears to the group, addressing Nex.

AD 1/7/2400Edit

  • Reiga departs from the group as ordered by Lukain to find Zaezel.
  • Nex learns that the NOS might not be entirely involved with the Grimoire, but upon learning Lukain had made the order for Imyo and Siegfried's misfortunes leading to his decision to join the NOS, Nex fights him in a rage.
  • Mujihi and Bitoku hurry in and chase down the Seithr signal, but end up finding Zaezel who attacks them in preparation.
  • Nex is overpowered by Lukain due to his refusal to use the Azure Grimoire.
    • Lukain speaks with Myri about her power being designed by a rebellion against their forces, and one that can stop Nex and other crisis, the NOS plans to use her to stop threats to their world, since her power is so pure.
    • Myri is asked to use her power to stop Nex.
  • After witnessing Nex's "Sequence" of events in his life, and experiencing what her actions would turn his thoughts and desires into, Myri refuses and breaks down saying she wouldn't be the reason why Nex would hate everything, giving up her chance to go back to the NOS.
    • Lukain and Mysteria depart, after Myri asks him to let her make her choice but the Marshal warns it will have repercussions.
    • Nex speaks with Myri and Kiryos briefly of the situations in the world before he hurries off to stop Zaezel.

AD 1/7/2400 Pt 2Edit

  • Siegfried meets Kiel in the city who speaks of his father's actions, after sensing danger he tells Siegfried to leave.
    • Reiga and Siegfried meet in the central part of Kagutsuchi and begin to get into an argument over Akari.
  • Byakai finds Komyo who'd been assaulted by an unknown force, he takes her in to a safe area to let her recover.
    • Kiryos appears briefly and learns of the true reasons for Byakai being targetted for death. They come to a mutual understanding with the help of Anna and Komyo, and Kiryos stops his assassination attempts on the beastkin warrior.
  • Zaezel appears and targets Reiga and Siegfried while he's performing a "Harvest" of souls.
  • Nex runs into Mujihi and Bitoku and speaks with Nicaiah briefly, he leaves Myri with the two entrusting her safety to them since he plans to use his Azure's power.
  • Nex leaves and encounters Serza who tells him Siegfried is already fighting Zaezel. Nex rushes off ahead afterward.
  • Sylar searches for Nex, but is distracted by all the Seithr in the area and has trouble pinning his location. He ends up being found by Fasado instead who keeps him from intervening with the current fight.
    • After having difficulty against his opponent, Sylar awakens his Apolloexon to try and turn the tide in his favor during the fight.
  • Nex and Siegfried break into an argument, and fight each other while Reiga fights with Zaezel alone.
  • Mujihi and Bitoku are suddenly attacked by Valetha who is attempting to kill to add to the harvest with her weapon. Bitoku is spooked and runs after Valetha in a sudden rage, and Mujihi passes out from his injuries with Zaezel.
  • Byakai and the others are suddenly attacked by numerous Seithr Beings, Byakai chases after a criminal that provoked the attack. Anna quickly escapes with Komyo to bring her back to Nicaiah before things became worse.
  • Nex and Siegfried's fight ends in a stalemate, weakening them both past the ability to fight Zaezel anymore.
    • Reiga is defeated by Zaezel.
    • Zaezel turns his attention to Siegfried, after trapping a weakened Nex in a construct of Seithr. Before he can kill Siegfried though to send his soul to the Boundary's darkness, Nex retaliates and decides to awaken the previously suppressed Grimoire to fight Zaezel.

Primordial AwakeningsEdit

=AD 1/8/2400Edit

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