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Verse 1: Purity and Sin

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Episodes: 19
Running Time: Hour Long Episodes
Opening: Ao shinkō "Blue Faith"
Ending: Tamashi no Kenshin "Soul's Devotion"
Premiere Date: Premier Date: October 2013
End Date: End Date: June 2014
Previous Season: N/A
Next Season: SV2: Primodrial Awakenings

Purity and Sin is the first released Verse of the ongoing series Control Sequence and focused on the introduction of the series main cast, as well as the main protagonist Nex.


The Main cast which has their stories told through the series progression and has a significant influence on the main plotline, they have many appearances throughout the season and have their view points shared with the audience often.

Nex - The Main Protagonist who seeks the downfall of the world itself and the government which protects and upholds it. He hates everything indiscriminately on a path of willing destruction, calling himself the "Enemy of the World" but is also incredibly strong willed and boasts an unshakable resolve like no other. His main goal is known only to him, and he trusts no one. He protects Myri unwillingly after he hears the NOS was looking after her, and tries to enter the Restricted Area in Kagusutchi bringing a storm with him. 

  • First Appearance: V1E1: Begin Sequence, Breakout Black (17 Episodes

Siegfried Schtauffen - The Rival of the series who is known for being anti social and is extremely arrogant. He has a plotline connection to Nex, and seems to hold a grudge against him. He's currently holding rank of Brigadier in the NOS. Unlike Nex he doesn't seek to change anything, his goals are kept to himself but he clearly seeks answers. Has power over the Azure but lacks decent control over it. He's deployed with others, but is given a specific mission. 

  • First Appearance: V1E2: Sequence's Prodigy (10 Episodes

Myri Kukiyona - A seemingly gentle girl who is watched over by Lazarith and known for her innocence. She soon discovers her life may be completely false and that she had power within her soul. She then begins to travel with Nex slowly learning bits of truth for herself as others come after her and Nex. 

  • First Appearance: V1E2: Sequence's Prodigy (15 Episodes

Reiga Sorairo - A Lieutenant of the NOS who dislikes fighting to a high degree. He's not fond of his title as the Azure Prodigy who his superiors refer to him as. He's able to generate azure energy to a degree without the need of a grimoire which gave him his title and the idea he'd be potent. He's the son of Yyntal Sorairo who is one of the more acclaimed members of the NOS as a Sequence Destroyer. 

  • First Appearance: V1E2: Sequence's Prodigy 

Akari - Reiga’s partner Azure Interface Primefield, she's very curious about the world and follows Reiga everywhere he goes. She wishes to learn more of the world but Reiga keeps her sheltered, until they enter the grounds of battle when they're deployed. She is an "Unstable" unit however, and incomplete, but her combat abilities are impressive. She is supervised by the Marshal himself. 

  • First Appearance: V1E3: Foreshadowing Horizons

Kiryos Hikamigawa - One who is spared by Nex and deployed to kill another in the cast. He's an Assassin from a different district being employed by the NOS to deal with criminals or threats. Though he comes off as cold and uncaring to most, he is willing to listen to others. He's the best friend of Reiga, as their families are friends of each other. 

  • First Appearance: V1EP4: Sin and Purity, the colder sides of choice

Yami Akuhei - The cruel General of the NOS, whose predecessor was one of the Genesis Destroyers: Akuhei Yamaorochi. He's Nex’s Arch-enemy responsible for many of his woes both present and past, and whose actions and intentions are completely unknown as a member of the Sequence Intelligence Agency. Watching over progress of others, particularly Mysteria and Siegfried. Akuhei is feared by both friend and foe alike, and only will work with Lukain or Fasado otherwise he tends to do completely as he pleases.  First Appareance: V1EP5: Nestled Hope, Catch 22

Valetha Deumos - Chases Nex and attacks the city looking for him. Her actions are unknown but she has a vendetta against this world and the people within it. First Appearance: V1EP7: Shadows of Sorrow, the Scarlet Demoness

Komyo Amatera - A girl who was sent out to find Nex by Nicaiah for unknown reasons. Is targeted by the NOS for an unknown reason. She appears to be frail but was highly protected by the LSZ's forces and her guardian, Komyo shows hidden potential. 

  • First Appearance: V1EP8: Embittered Reunions

Fasado - A Higher up of the NOS who is seeking to end Mujihi and perform other tasks. He is known as the Lt General of the NOS, and works alongside Lukain and Akuhei. He is one to go after his own goals while also working to complete the tasks given to him. Its obvious that he has a bit of a power complex when concerning their government.

  • First Appearance: V1EP9: Three of a Kind

Mujihi Mazio - Leader of Red Thunder investigating actions of Valetha and Fasado along with other orders from Nicaiah. He's just recently taken his position as leader and at times can doubt himself, though he is loyal to his cause and thinks of Nicaiah as a mother after he lost his own parents and she took him under her wing in LSZ. 

  • First Appearance: V1EP10: Clash, Thunder and Demons

Bitoku - Traveling partner of Mujihi, she is faithful to him and joined his cause after the death of her family where he appeared to aid her from jaws of danger. Ever since she's now been faithful to him and his cause, but she can be a bit difficult to reason with at times, especially concerning matters she's passionate about. 

  • First Appearance: V1EP10: Clash, Thunder and Demons

Sylar - A Protagonist chasing an antagonist of Verse 1 and Nex’s unofficial ally. He contains power over what's been dubbed "White Darkness". Sylar follows his own agenda, and despises LSZ though is currently focusing on other matters. While he is willing to work with others, Sylar is incredibly power happy and tends to lack restraint, and he loathes the idea of control.  First Appearance: V1EP10: Clash, Thunder and Demons

Miwa Suzuki - A girl found later by Nex and others who is watched by Yumiko. She contains an Azure that's considered pure. Miwa is gentle at heart and a kind soul who wishes good on the world around her, though she is a bit lost and feels a strong loneliness. She was sought out by the Higher Ups of the NOS, but later found and joined by Yumiko Nanaya. 

  • First Appearance: V1EP11: Sleeping Purity, Budding Resolves

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Title Episode Number
Begin Sequence, Breakout Black Episode 1 (Transcript)
Seeking Innocence, Sequence's Prodigy Episode 2 (Transcript)
Foreshadowing Horizons Episode 3 (Transcript)
The Colder Side of Choice Episode 4 (Transcript)
Catch 22 Episode 5 (Transcript)
Nightmare Advent Episode 6 (Transcript)
Scarlet Demoness Episode 7 (Transcript)
Embittered Reunions Episode 8 (Transcript)
Shades of Harbingers Episode 9 (Transcript)
Thunder and Demons Episode 10 (Transcript)
Slumbering Embers Episode 11 (Transcript)
Teal Troubles Episode 12 (Transcript)
Thoughts of Vengeance Episode 13 (Transcript)
Whispering Dangers Episode 14 (Transcript)
Foreboding Trials Episode 15 (Transcript)
Concealed Menace Episode 16 (Transcript)
The Remnants of Sin -Zaezel- (Finale Pt 1) Episode 17 (Transcript)
A Broken Vow (Finale Pt 2) Episode 18 (Transcript)
Azure 0 (Finale) Episode 19 (Transcript)
  • Special: None


Warning: There are spoilers for Control Sequence in this section.

Episode 1 Breakout Black
Solo (ZeroXEbony)
12th 2013
A criminal who holds the BlazBlue is pursued by the Government as he is the one who will supposedly destroy their world. He ends up getting captured and taken in to be transferred to the branch of the city of a research sector in Kagutsuchi. The man must break out so he can find a girl he believes is in danger by the very same government.
Episode 2 Seeking Innocence, Sequence's Prodigy
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, TheKeyofTwilight)
Nex enters Kagutsuchi and has a detailed vision on what had occurred in the past. While he attempts to dodge the Government still hunting after him the series rival Siegfried is introduced along with Reiga as they engage in a spar over-watched by their superiors.
Episode 3 Foreshadowing Horizon
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, TheKeyofTwilight)
Nex is located by the government and escapes alongside a citizen. The girl Myri speaks with Reiga about the results of his fight and the death of an individual occurs shortly after where a unknown individual takes a strange shard from a corpse. Reiga among others are deployed to Kagutsuchi with respective missions.
Episode 4 The Colder Sides of Choice
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, TheKeyofTwilight, User:StyleMazter)
An individual is deployed to hunt after Nex. While the house is under attack by the Lt Colonel, Nex manages to slip away after killing several. The individual manages to pin him down and turns out to be an Assassin who comes off as rather cruel. They engage in conversation about the NOS before they fight in the alleys. Meanwhile Reiga goes with his partner Akari to catch a flight out of Torifune and meets with Siegfried as they fly in toward Kagutsuchi discussing the war. Nex manages to locate the girl Myri Kukyiyona.
Episode 5 Catch 22, Agencies at War
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, StyleMazter)
The individual named Akuhei is introduced, as he has a conversation with the Assassin Kiryos who failed to stop Nex. Akuhei speaks to him about Nex as though he knew him, and tells the young man to stay out of his way concerning him. Nex has a difficult time getting Myri to come with him as he explains Sequence was after something within her soul, but Myri doesn't understand this. The Liberation Sector is introduced to be the opposing force against the NOS and sends a few agents in when they hear of Myri being located by Nex. As Nex arrives to Rau's residence they quickly discover its a trap set by Nex's Arch Nemesis.
Episode 6 Nightmare Advent
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, StyleMazter, Ethank14)
Nex and Akuhei meet again and share their past as he tries to get away and keep Rau alive who is a target the NOS wants dead. Meanwhile Reiga and Kiryos meet up and catch up, the friends having not seen each other in years. The reunion is broken up when a cat beastkin comes rushing through after a vigilante job, Kiryos goes after him as he's his target and Reiga asks his friend not to kill him until things are clear but Kiryos doesn't listen. Byakai slips away during the confusion when the Liberation Sector comes into the city. Nex's and Akuhei's conflict concludes with Rau dying, and Nex's close ally Legna Alucard revealing herself to help Nex escape from Akuhei. Akuhei and Legna exchange words suggesting they have history.
Episode 7 Shadows of Sorrow, Scarlet Demoness
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, TheKeyofTwilight)
Rumors of an individual with a deadly Ars crops up, while Nex and Myri recover from the conflict with Akuhei thanks to Legna's intervention. Shortly after, Byakai finds them, apparently from reports another criminal was in the area who was known as the White Demon an he wonders if they're involved with the assaults. Reiga encounters the criminal when gun is reportedly turning people into Seithr. Reiga attempts to stop the woman when he tracks her down, managing to surprise her with the Azure's capabilities. She seems to be looking for someone in the city and returns to that mission. Outside of the attack zone, Akuhei and Siegfried meet up and discuss the events while Akuhei privately contacts Lukain to learn of certain individuals being within the city. At the episode's end Reiga ends up meeting with an unexpected visitor.
Episode 8 Embittered Reunions
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, TheKeyofTwilight, StyleMazter)
Reiga and Serza speak to one another as its revealed the Liutenant's concern stemmed from the fact Serza had tried to kill him in the past. But Serza blames it on his weapon. On the outside of the city's central level, Nex runs into a familiar face.
Episode 9 Shades of Harbingers
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, Tails6000)
Episode 10 Thunder and Demons
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, Tails6000)
Episode 11 Slumbering Embers
Collaboration (ZeroXEbony, TheKeyofTwilight, Tails6000)
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