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What the hell is up with that energy Nex released, its almost even more dangerous than Zaezel himself. But even so, its the only chance I’ve got after wasting all my energy in a battle against that angry jackass… Hell I’d rather not rely on this power, but I don’t think at this point I really have much choice in the matter, despite him having given “blessing” about my path. He goes and does something completely stupid such as releasing that grimoire, although I don’t really have much a clue what the heck that it's done, but I’ve got to grit my teeth and bare with it for this, "grand" plan I have...

Episode 19: Verse 1 Finale
-Azure 0-
EvoBlaze Logo CTS
<center>"Blue Faith"
Lies that cover our hearts and minds
Nothing but hell hidden in this paradise
Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices
Should we exist in such a world
Where has our purpose gone?
Why does fate make us suffer?
Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself
War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release
But what light can we see in one so dark
Holding all hatred and sorrow
What do you seek but destruction
Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world
Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue
Its what leads to the truth and guides your hand
tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin
Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness
We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?
Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this hell, I believed in this path

Nex I: Destruction IncarnateEdit

Akari: The Azure from Nex…its hurt, all I can hear… is destroy… kill… consume…

A cringing Reiga forces his head back to Akari who trembles like a leaf, and her eyes darken with anxiety.

The Lieutenant gives a grunt while he shifts and pushes his back against a small deteriorating statue atop the recent wreckage. Slowly sliding down its hard face, his expression contorts from the pain his teeth touching while he wraps his arm around his side to keep blood from pouring down out of his wound. Scarlet stains the tunic underneath his torn up NOS uniform, more blood leaks out the corner of his mouth, but he refuses to let himself pass out in a conflict so crucial.

Reiga: (Looks on in disbelief while he pants) I can’t believe it, that’s still… Nex?

Reiga's widening azure-blue eyes don't leave the man who stands in front of them. Darkness concentrating along Nex's body as the glowing crimson irises deep in the pitch sclera stare daggers to Zaezel's direction. The devilish- looking rebel doesn't seem the least bit concerned as he breathes out, feeling the surge of power flowing through every part of his existence. His fingers glide along the edge of his sword that gives off an imposing crimson hue as Seithr flies off of it.

Without saying a word, he walks along the street with heavy steps, head held just a bit down while he disregards everything in his surroundings. It isn't long before he comes near Zaezel, the hilt of his sword still held tightly in his blackening right hand. Wearing his scowl of detest, he raises his hand overhead holding the large sword and then slams the large tip to the ground causing a crackling noise. A few red veins squirm along the surface of the patterned stone ground and bits of grass burn away to black.

Compared to Nex, Zaezel's appearance is tame. The Seithr-Entity maintains more of the human-look he's adopted, save the eyes and bits of Seithr concentrating on the inside of his skin.

Nex: (Lifts his head back as he gives off a low growl) So you’re a spawn of that thing. Their creations.

Zaezel: A remnant brought by intention.

He begins to answer before returning Nex's glare with an only partly black open hand gesturing to the world around them.

Zaezel: Carrying the desires for possibilities denied by this world. (Narrows his bestial irises) We'll make sure the world doesn't deny it a second time.

The distorting voice coming from the monster's mouth, but those words don't do anything but further Nex's annoyance.

Nex: Tch. Please. You think you have any chance of changing that? Your desire to punish humanity, despising them for their sins in the past, that isn't my concern... you've stepped over a different line, worm.

Grinding his fangs in clear warning, the man's body flashes in metallic blacks along his arms that transitions into crimson tints. Seithr flowing around him in an illusionary display, he flings his claws to opposite sides and gives off a furious growl. Something feral and primordial flashes through his eyes while that power flows through his bloodstream.

Nex: And I’ll tear you apart and destroy the very essence of you for that!

In seconds he places himself in front of Zaezel with a quick lunge off a step, a beast pulls itself out of the red shadow rippling against the stone a few paces in front of Nex. Only the shape of a row of curving fangs from the beast's maw breaches the void at first before the creature's whole head comes lunging out and almost swallows the Seithr-entity, but Zaezel slips away into shadow after drawing in excess Seithr himself. Stepping back out to the man's side he hisses at Nex's ear quietly.

Zaezel: Haven't you been paying attention? We're not your enemies, Destroyer. We are here for the same reasons, the very same desire that compels us to kill and destroy this world around us-- that also is your will.

Flinching slightly at the statement, his eyes quickly focus back on Zaezel to his side and with a spark of bitter rage.

Nex: I'm not destroying this world for any reasons besides my own. (Swipes his hand angrily as though cutting the air) You hellspawn are pathetic existences who have a single conscious, I'll devour you in seconds!

Zaezel: You awakened the Azure Grimoire, connected it back to your Azure for that power.

Still leering with caution at the Being, Nex lowers his hand and balls his fingers into a fist.

Nex: I didn't awaken the Azure Grimoire for any agendas, no, it's part of what I need. In order to destroy the power behind this current world, the force behind its creations. (Gives a reluctant growl while lowering his head) After all the Azure on its own will fail.

Zaezel: You lack the knowledge we have, the truth, the memories that once were part of you and what shapes the Destroyer.

Nex: Tch, (twists his gaze away in disregard) why does any of that matter?

Reiga: (In disappointment) ...So you really are the one who is trying to destroy the world...I really wanted to think it was just superstition, something the NOS was just blowing out of proportion.

He holds a bit of a frown while saying it, but Nex doesn't even turn his head to the Lieutenant.

Siegfried: Well, isn’t this just a grand situation…all this time, he's some power capable of ruining the world. Then again it doesn't surprise me, (shrugs) he ruins everything.

Hearing the Brigadier's tone draws an angry glare from Nex in response.

Nex: (Clicks his tongue before he speaks in a tone of irritation) Shut up you insufferable brat...saying it like you didn't know.

Squinting with a disapproving glare, he speaks in a scornful tone.

Reiga's eyes go back and forth between the two as he sighs in exasperation while listening to the two argue, his hand pulls through the crimson strands of his messy hair.

Nex: I've always been the Destroyer, you've known that from day one.

Siegfried: Then why did Imyo put his beliefs and focus all on you? Someone who would just destroy everything? That doesn't make much sense if you ask me.

Nex: Probably 'cause I didn't turn into a whining bitch that's too damn weak to even fight this world. It's only cause of your dumbass that we're even in this situation.

Grinding his teeth together in disagreement, the burning blue aura bursts slightly around him as Siegfried feels rage from Nex's comments. He pulls himself back up straight, taking a brisk walk right up to the man who returns his cold look. Reiga's hand suddenly pushes off the ground, he awkwardly pulls himself to a stand and comes over to the two in a hobbling limp but manages to put himself between them with a loud yell.

Reiga: Hey, dammit, both of you stop! We're not going through this again!

Reiga can't help but feel he'd regret getting in between the two, however, to his surprise the two exchange another look, and then back off, prompting the flustered Reiga to release a huff of relief.

The rebel steps away from Siegfried first, with Siegfried coming second, though neither look pleased with the other.

Siegfried: (To himself as he frowns with frustration and takes a step back) Whatever. I’ve got to figure out how to use this power otherwise I’m as good as dead anyway. (Looks down at his sword coating itself in magic azure flames) Lucky for me that Nex used that Grimoire, (looks back to Nex briefly) although I have no clue what it did, he seems way different.

The Brigadier maintains his quiet fury, as he removes himself from the center of the square. Fiery energy still exudes, dancing around his body brightly, and after a moment he falls back against one of the broken barricades and with a scowl of displeasure he forces himself to stay back.

Zaezel's voice pulls Nex's attention again.

Zaezel: Flesh worms, and mankind's tool. They… are your enemies.

Zaezel lifts his hand and points to the group standing behind Nex, the fear-stricken Akari looks right at the one who Zaezel calls the “Destroyer” and she scrunches her posture from the intimidation. While Nex's eyes do go toward the others once more, his sword doesn't move an inch.

Upon seeing that, the Seithr Entity chuckles lowly.

Zaezel: So it’s true… you try to fight it. The harbingers of calamity were right. You’ve grown desires and a mind of your own then. If you won’t side with us Destroyer then you don’t leave us any choice, we’ll seek and destroy the very source of that resistance.

Nex lifts his head at that, his eyes full of what seems to be surprise but it returns to cold detest as the Being continues to speak.

Zaezel: That will won’t be denied. It's already chosen you.

Nex: Tch…you really are nothin’ but parasitic bastards.

Zaezel: I don't know what you're looking for in this wasted world, but it will be thrown to the abyss like everything else that interferes. You’ll remember that soon enough, its desire will grow beyond the worlds, it's a hunger is all it is.

Zaezel throws himself away as crimson energy encasing a metal edge flashes before him, Nex's sword howls as it cuts the air from his advancing blow at the entity. The Seithr around Zaezel concentrates into the shape of a sickle-like appendage and the blackness infests the side of his face filling with burning veins as he makes a toothy grin.

Zaezel: I’ll judge your strength in the stead of the others who watch from the other side.

Nex: I’ll tear you to pieces… and send you back down to them. You stand no chance against the Power of the Azure!

While they begin to clash through the middle of the square, Zaezel releases more Seithr off his body as it begins to concentrate in the corners of the square. Clouds of black particles clustering together along the sidewalks and random parts of the area.

Akari is the first to take notice of the disorienting shadows creeping into the very space around them, distorting space and rending the air like a knife tearing through fine fabrics. Following them is the smaller beings of Seithr who crawl out with their shards glinting in their bodies of black.

Akari: R-Reiga...

Reiga: (Looks around with short movements) We can’t let the Seithr concentrate like this… but with Nex and Zaezel having annihilated the NOS defenses there’s nothing to stop the Seithr spawn.

Akari: We have to stop them… I won’t let them do this!

Rare desperation rings in her voice, as the girl hurries at Reiga, who extends his hand out to her in his alarm.

Reiga: Akari-? H-hey! Wait! (To himself as worry plagues his face) Ah man, where did that come from?

Akari: I won’t let them make anyone here suffer…!

Despite his stuttery calls of warning, Akari summons her unit over her body as a glyph of azure hues forms behind her and she spreads her hands and begins an incantation.

Akari: Now interfacing with the core system. Boundary link engaged! Heed my summons from a realm above all, and open the Gate to my desires - Murakumo unit materialize!

Reiga: She's summoning her unit? Oh god no... not near Nex... this isn't gonna end well at all!

After Reiga's words, Akari completes the incantation and a very large sword taller than herself and made up of many individual pieces and metallic encasings pushes through the emblem above. A second passes before the massive artifact falls to the ground with a loud crash pushing out particles of shrapnel. Standing behind the white-haired girl, it then pulls itself apart, reanimating itself in a blue hue. The sleek metallic pieces disembody themselves and float briefly before forming and clicking over her limbs building itself into armor and her body covers itself with a skin-tight bodysuit while she charges in and toward the presence of the shadows closing in on them.

On sight of the girl, the beings move their inky body, skittering along darkness and one raises a hand to her as a mass of Seithr comes together. As its strange limb is swung down with weight to the blow, it shapes itself into a crescent projectile of dark energy and flies forward. Summoning a set of her petals forming from blue light around her, they twist and then point toward the black bodies. As the visor snaps over her eyes last, she slides to a halt and sends the blades forward as she swings her hand.

Akari: Disappear.

Akari’s voice is monotone, losing all sense of emotion as she’s woven into the combat armors. Encircling her is an azure light, and she easily dodges the strikes of the shadows with gliding movements tilting and weaving herself away.

Akuhei: Oh? Getting stronger there aren't you "Four"...summoning the Murakumo all on your own. And of course, (turns his head to Nex) you finally awakened the Grimoire again.

Watching from a level on a metal balcony perching itself over the square, the serpent General watches on with a grin of interest as he leans up against a standing steel pipe.

Akuhei: Brilliant really. Both of you.

Meanwhile, Nex and Zaezel exchange strikes with their respective weapons, making flurries of Seithr scatter with each passing moment. The edge of Nex's crimson blade slams down against the Seithr entity’s back when Zaezel comes too close and seconds after the impact it makes him crumple to the stone floor. Following it is the Destroyer's hand, a larger phantom and scarlet claw that crashes forth, pinning Zaezel as he wriggles around with growls. Out of the hazes around him, a serpentine head arcs over Nex’s opposite arm, the beast manifesting from the darkness and it readies itself with gleaming fangs. On Nex’s command, and as he pulls his claw off Zaezel’s body, the beast of azure energy dives in and locks its teeth on the Seithr Entity, ripping away at it as the energy returns to Nex in thick transparent strands that give off a red glow. The crimson-colored serpent vanishes back into flakes of Seithr and the rebel’s expression darkens as his teeth slide together into a malefic grin.

Nex: You’re not enough for it, Hellspawn…!

He swings his sword up, its edge at the sky and the shearing blow kicks up an undulating shockwave of sharp, red constructs that knocks Zaezel backward along the floor before he slams into a collection of wreckage nearby, his body eaten at by Nex’s merciless strikes. Nex watches intently, awaiting his foe to return to his feet, but Zaezel remains unmoving.

In the same moment, one of the Seithr Beings come near Nex and they pile in and sink their thin talons into his body, piercing his back, shoulders, one pokes through his gut. Nex rears back into a growl and shakes them off flinging his body in short twists. He whips himself around to face them, and easily dispatches of them with a weighty horizontal swing of his blade cutting through several of the shards and scattering them in pieces with that one strike.

A blade fires off like a bullet at the being’s shards. They spin around Akari to cut off the limbs that reach to the girl, and the energized swords lop them off spraying particles of Seithr to the air and other black liquids. The convulsing areas merely pull themselves back together regenerating the injuries of the creatures with ease due to all the Seithr in the air. Akari would normally be horrified at the sight, but in this state of mind, she only sees her enemies. As she leans in two petals fold out to her side as she slashes the crystals in the Seithr Beings in a dashing movement, they crack apart and break scattering to the wind leaving black husks of the former beings.

Thinning the numbers of the wriggling humanoids, Nex and Akari then face each other after cutting through the shadowy masses left behind by them. Nex's eyes set in on her in anger, grinding his teeth to her presence. Flinching at the sight of the rebel’s glowering stare, Akari feels something trying to take hold and wrap around her mind in that moment.

Tension hangs in the air, as the cold eyes of the rebel pierce through the visor of the girl, he can’t tell what she’ll do but his look isn’t one of trust.

Another collection of shadows comes, creeping up from behind Nex. The rebel’s eyes focus too intently on the girl, and suddenly the dark beings make a strike to him as they leap forth. A piercing sound is heard following a disturbing wet tear.

Nex's eyes are small, but from surprise, not pain. He stands to Akari's side, the girl tugging him forward and out of the range of the creatures attack, all at once does she launch swords into their shards, causing a webbing crack to appear before they shatter like glass.

Nex directs a look of confusion to the Murakumo girl, who then manages to speak with her former lively tone.

Akari: Are you okay? Nex...?

Her tone of concern catches the man off-guard entirely, evident by the alarm overwhelming his aggressive posture as he sways himself away.

Nex: W-what?

Before Nex can say more than that, the blackness gathers and infests Zaezel’s body as he draws in Seithr from the area, which demands the two's attention. Slowly the Seithr-Entity returns to his feet, his body still mangled with parts of it hanging down limp.

Zaezel: I’ll use the Harvest myself then.

Reiga: What the hell is he gathering all that Seithr for?

Siegfried: Why do you think we know… all that matters is that the damn bastard is trying something. And as much as I hate to admit it, as NOS officials… we can’t let him go through with it.

He looks at his sword emblazoning itself with a stronger flame and then frowns in thought.

Akuhei's voice enters the scene as he continues to watch the unfolding events.

Akuhei: Still only capable of making a replication unit that she summons from the remains, though... at least the Azure Grimoire and the Soul Harvester is finally back in effect.

Mysteria comes up on the balcony with him by the metal stairwells, breathing fast with concern lacing each breath. As soon as she comes into his peripheral sight, Akuhei's eyes slide to her direction but he doesn't turn away from the square.

Mysteria: Sir, those Seithr Beings are already breaking into various points in Kagutsuchi!

Akuhei: Are they?

He questions without concern while bringing his hand around to the side of his temple, letting a smile slither to his face.

With huffs of exhaustion, the official comes to a dead halt, the cease of the clicking of her boots on the floor brings Akuhei to turn his head at her. Stiffening when she stares at the group below them from the edge of the platform, a gasp escapes Mysteria while watching the Seithr concentrate.

Mysteria: General, sir, what’s going on? Reiga and Akari...

Akuhei: Well you didn’t think they’d just sit on the sidelines and watch…? Lieutenant Sorairo’s mission is to deal with the forces disrupting Kagutsuchi, that includes confidential ones such as Zaezel.

Mysteria: (Pauses in thought and closes her eyes) I heard the same from the Marshal, but… I think he isn't ready for it.

Akuhei: Are you questioning the decision of the Overseers, and their faith in the Azure Prodigy...?

Mysteria becomes pale with shock.

Mysteria: The... Overseers...? They're involved?

Akuhei: Otherwise known as the Unknown 5, but yes, yes they are. The Marshal is here on their orders as well.

Mysteria: (Quickly shakes her head) No... I'm not questioning them. They know what's best for this world's order. If they believe Reig- (corrects herself in hesitation) the Lieutenant... is ready, then I won't say anything.

Akuhei: Even if he can't... the word on the grapevine is that we can strike the main threat now that Nex’s Grimoire is active. If he gets rid of Zaezel, that’ll just make things even easier.

Mysteria: W-wait, you mean you wanted the Azure Grimoire to be active again?

Akuhei: Confidential. But, I can tell you I received those orders.

Mysteria: (To herself) What's going on in Kagutsuchi...? (To Akuhei as she look up at him) General, permission to enter the fight.

Various: Encroaching ShadowsEdit

The conversation between Byakai and the others continues in the small room of an abandoned warehouse. Seals surround it, keeping the enemy from coming in, while the shadows move around outside corridors.

Serza: Yes they are connected to a negative force from the Azure. The “Azureium Nefas Subject” are the remnants of sin observed by a power in this world as the forces of destruction who move toward that cause to bring down punishment for an irrevocable sin caused before and during the Third War of Armagus. They’re envoys of the ones who wreaked havoc in the past, (sighs with a slight grin) Though not even I know what that means… after all, I wasn’t around.

Komyo: W-what sin? (Frowns)

Serza: Who knows...not as though anyone will ever admit to it.

Anna: Can this “sin” be somehow connected to the Boundary? It’s only a theory, but if I can get a proof… oh, it’s gonna be interesting.

Byakai: (Ears twitch as he frowns) I never really followed all that crud… it just hurt my head. But with beings like Zaezel having been created I guess its really hard not to believe or think that humanity might of just dug themselves in a large hole.

Anna: Hm… I’ve got at least 127 theories on how they were created, but I don’t think any of them is right.

Serza: I highly doubt anyone really understands it except for those who did it, no one in the public even knows of their existence. Regardless, I suggest we leave this area Komyo, Nex will fight Zaezel, (narrows his eyes intently) he certainly has the power to destroy him, and his Azure is stronger than Zaezel’s power by far...if he does it is another matter entirely. (returns to a normal stare) So until then, better safe then sorry.

Anna: (Shrugs) Well then, staying here isn’t safer than being on move.

Komyo: Well...okay, if you think its best…

Serza: Well Nicaiah asked for you to be kept out of this mess until Zaezel is dealt with…

???: ...Even if the infiltration worked thanks to Zerde, this is still a pain.

The person in question tosses a core in their hand up before they stop, flicking a violet ball of energy around their fingers in the opposite. Speaking with disinterest he watches the shadows skitter about, and complains.

???: What’s enjoyable in a plan that I have to work with others? Though this place is pretty desolate now. (while sitting atop the roof, he glances at the building, watching the others from a distance) Looks like someone is playing a bit of hideaway (jumps over looking down) Wonder what they’re talking about? Ah well, not like it matters, this I can have fun with...

The male figure could barely be seen aside raven colored hair and glinting, mischievous violet eyes. With a teasing grin, he brings his hand out and suspends several violet wisps of energy around which then crystallizes hard. He points, then releases it right at the building in a blitz where they stick in around it's perimeter.

Komyo: But why do I have to stay away? I have a mission to.

Anna: It’s for your own good, Komyo. (Clutches her head as she feels something) Ugh… I have a bad feeling right now… something’s about to happen

Serza: Yes yes but at the same time, someone like Zaezel would love nothing more than to absolutely crush someone like you. There is a reason those other ones attacked you, besides the simple fact you were snooping around their business. And --

???: 3. 2. (twirls pointing his opposite hand forward) Kaboom!

The energy shatters through each of the shards across causing it to detonate and blows the door apart leaving a purple imprint on the walls as it tosses shrapnel everywhere. Byakai’s ears twitch violently as he tries to secure his footing, moments after Komyo gives a shriek as she falls to the bed again and she looks to see Byakai's sleeves over her in defense. Serza wears his usual look of indifference as he pushes himself against a non-damaged wall, while Anna falls on the floor briefly.

As the bedlam calms, the beastman cat raises his head and looks behind him with his feline fangs grinding in surprise.

Byakai: Grg...the heck was--

Serza: It would appear we’ve got a bit of company…

With the magic seals shattering apart from the strain of the assault, the Seithr beings are drawn in and appear from the shadows as the door crumbles away.

Komyo: W-what--(Sits up and her eyes grow wide) Ah! It's those things! The things that attacked me!

Seithr Being: So that's where you were hiding.

The one with glinting blue veins hisses out, as the one next to it glares with its strange eyes at Komyo.

Seithr Being 2: The one that our leaders scouted.

Anna: Goddammit! Not you guys again! (gets up from the floor and reaches for her rifle)

Byakai: Wait...did you say “Leaders”? You mean there’s more than just Zaezel?

Serza: Did you honestly think there would only be one...? Zaezel wasn’t the only one to be locked away in cryogenic sleep.

Byakai: (To himself) But Komyo said that the ones she saw didn’t appear to be like first glance. Either they’re capable of making themselves appear as human or there are other forces besides just their kind involved here…

Komyo: Y-you mean people are ordering these things?!

Serza: This is a war kiddo. People use what they have to in order to get their edge.

Seithr Being: (Glances at Anna) Yes you were one who was with the Destroyer...this part of the city is being devoured as we speak. Those were our orders from the leaders... to prepare for the “Soul Harvest” that will occur. Not even the government could stop us from seizing this area once their barrier fell.

Serza: And that wasn't done by Zaezel at all, but by a criminal.

Byakai: Harvest…? What the hell are you things scheming? (To himself as his ears lower with a concerned scowl) If the NOS couldn’t do are we supposed to?

Anna: (To herself) Dammit, crawl out of one hole and into another… (Grabs her rifle and points it at the closest being) So your Lord has sent you here to retrieve Komyo… sorry, guys, not going to happen.

Seithr Being: Retrieve? No, our cause has no need of a soul like hers. Alive, that is. The worst possible fate awaits her soul afterward…

It gives a short demon’s cackle as the girl seems to tremble at the mere sight of it and stays away.

Komyo: H-huh?

Meanwhile the one who caused the mess for the group, watches from a distance with a satisfied grin, swirling the energy around once more in the crystalline mass.

???: Look at those shmucks all in a tizzy... Sucks to be the blind ones not knowing anything. Again, the only semi fun part of this-- stirring up trouble.

Among all the noise a faint snickering could be heard.

Byakai's ears twitch as he picks up the noise and puts his cat eyes on the man, seeing right through the dark and picking up his presence. He springs off the bed and uses a broken wooden board as a platform to launch off of.

Byakai: Hey!

???: (To himself as he stops laughing with a slight blink and surprised cringe) Whoops. That attack might have drawn more attention than I thought.

Byakai quickly chases after the individual, and the person who still wore a small grin jumps down into the streets, the cat beastkin hot on their tracks.

Catching the passing glimpse of the cat, Komyo raises her head and watches him run off.

Komyo: Byakai, where’re you going?!

Anna: Hey! What the hell, Byakai?!

Serza: Oh he’ll be fine, just don’t get yourself into any unnecessary trouble… (opens his hand as he moves it over his weapon’s hilt) I’ll deal with these little joys of life, why don’t you and Anna get out of here, wouldn’t want to harm you when I use this.

Referring to his emerald blade, Serza's hand glides over the hilt as it makes a small green hue and creates a summoning sigil.

Anna: (Grabs Komyo’s hand while placing her rifle on her shoulder) He’s right, we have to go. Hold my hand, I’ll get us out of here.

Komyo: But…

Anna: Do you want to die here? I don’t think so, so just do as I say.

Serza: Orders are orders, after all. I’ll meet back up with you guys after I deal with them, which, believe me... I’ll have no issues at all. You, however, will, so get going, please.

Komyo: (Sighs) Okay…

Anna: Gotcha. (Whispers to Komyo) Shield your eyes.

Komyo does so. Anna quickly pulls out a small metallic sphere out of her pocket and throws it on the ground. The sphere creates a flash of light that temporarily blinds everyone except Anna and Komyo.

Anna: Let’s go! Double time!

Komyo: Okay, understood!

As the annoyingly illuminating flash dissipates, and the two rush away, Serza moves his hat’s brim up after with a slightly displeased look.

Serza: …Next time that had better not blind me as well...That’d be real nice.

The beings recover as they lay eyes on the emerald surface of Serza’s drawn weapon which gives a glowing crimson outline that distorts the air a bit.

Seithr Beings: Ophius? You’d turn a Nex Exitium against us? At the core, we’re kindred forces of destruction.

Serza: (Grins slightly as he walks forward) Oh that’s not nice to assume. I’ve washed my hands of that previous infernal tie. Although… I suppose you’re not lying; it wouldn’t be known as such if I wasn’t the one holding it. It's a force of destruction, that consumes those weaker than it. Now then…Ophius, (He takes off his hat and moves stances as his eyes glint) shall we?

Bitoku and Valetha I: The Crimson GunEdit

The fog and dark tones of the surrounding area made day still somehow appear as night, Bitoku wastes no time as she heads right toward the source of the red flash, her heart still racing, and that aggravating feeling still gripping her tight.

Bitoku: (to herself) Where is it…?! WHERE IS THE SOURCE?!

Hurrying down the concrete streets, Bitoku eventually comes to a rather gruesome scene of the militia forces lying out before her in bloody piles.

It's fitting for the one who causes it, standing on one of the corpses with a rifle pointing barrel out is Valetha.

Valetha: (To herself as she faces elsewhere) I guess he’s already at the central part of this area with Zaezel.

Bitoku: ….I knew you were around here…...

Directing a glare to the top of the archway looming over the carnage, Bitoku points to the woman with hostility. Noticing the action, a disinterested Valetha places her own gaze to her while releasing a sigh of clear disappointment.

Valetha: Oh, it's only you, the beastkin filth...what is it you want? Death?

Cracking her knuckles as an icy air sets in around them, Bitoku continues to speak with anger only growing in her eyes.

Bitoku: No, I got a different request for you bitch. A question for you before I decide to mop the floor with you… you remember the attack in Wadatsumi many years ago!?

Valetha: Wadatsumi... Now that does bring back memories.

As she says the name, a hint of joy crosses her expression, and bliss seeps in her normally cold and uncaring tone.

Valetha: Of course, that was when I saw... "that"... in all its beauty. Its Seithr, its form, its perfection... mankind could never hope to even compare to it!

Bitoku's only response is a look of perplexion melting soon into another scowl. Valetha's hand pulls through strands of her red hair, turning her head up and away in her usual cold demeanor as she realizes Bitoku dodges the subject.

Valetha: It isn't what you came to talk about? Hmph... (lifts her rifle and puts its barrel to the ground leaning herself over the length of the body) I’m assuming you must have been one of the filth to survive that time then?

Bitoku: ….tch, I’m surprised you're willing to talk about it like this. Don’t find it rude of me to ask that...

Valetha: You asked me. It's you who seems to have an issue with speaking about it.

Bitoku: Well, then again I could say it’s rude of me to interrupt you...(points to one of the corpses) did you do this?

Valetha: Yes. (closes her eyes) you really want to know the truth about that?

Bitoku: ...

Valetha: Your leader, Nicaiah... she knows very well what happened there. Why I was there. And why I decided to give myself up to the desires that night, summoning this gun to my side.

Bitoku: You're accusing our commander now?!

A passionate anger ignites a guttural growl from the girl, as she steps forward slamming her foot down.

Bitoku: You really are insane! Nicaiah saved Mujihi, she's done more good for the LS, hell I'd go as far to say she's the only good left in it at all!

Valetha: You think...? Everything is never black and white, filth.

Bitoku: Hmph, (folds her arm with disapproval as she points her gaze to the side) You’ve got no emotion or empathy….you just have lust for power...! Why should I listen to anything you say? Especially when you want Nex to “help” you with your quest….don’t you go and lie to me ya dumb broad…!

Valetha: What in this world deserves empathy anymore in a world that’s already drowning itself in the dark? Humanity pretends to ignore all of it.

Bitoku: Hmph… just shut up….you don’t even know the part of humanity against all this destruction….! (turns away growling to herself)

Valetha: (Smiles slightly as she takes the rifle off the ground once more) You just don’t want to accept that humanity and this world, has brought this upon themselves.

Bitoku: I actually could care less….the NOS is my enemy...not humanity. You gotta learn that I’m not in this just because I want to….I came to the LS because I felt like I could change it...which yeah sounds like I ‘wanted to’ join paper...but I had a how YOU just want to kill every god damned man on the planet just because you’re a fucking BITCH!

Valetha: True. I have thrown away my humanity, I look to embrace the Abyss. No price is too much to pay for it.

Bitoku: to what extent?! TO WHAT this price going to “reward you”? Some extra money in your pocket?! deer on the wall?! You make it sound like you’re a freakin’ manhunter!

Valetha: Don't be stupid...

Exhaling a sigh, Valetha then opens her crimson eyes and begins to speak passionately.

Valetha: The "reward" is seeing the world fall apart. The "reward" is finishing what started a century ago! The "reward" is an eternity of punishment for the world that denies everything! (Points the weapon forward) Which will be carried out at any cost...!

Flinching at the presence of the barrel of Iblisa toward her, Bitoku takes one hesitant step backward. The pitch-black gun kicks back releasing a cracking nova of crimson darkness forward, revealing the squinting eyes of the woman. As the spherical construct comes close, it forces Bitoku to jump away as a spiraling aura is left behind in its path. The now angry Valetha kicks off the stone structure, jumps in and slides swinging her left leg into a sweep while Bitoku barely evades by flipping to the side with a grunt of surprise.

Bitoku: We can settle things later…..I only came out to confirm...not pick a fight! (low growl while she thinks) I need to make sure Myri and Mujihi are safe...and fast, just need to get her off my tail….literally.

Valetha: You think you can walk away after that?

Valetha hisses in response as she scowls and returns upright, flinging her gun back to a readied position.

Valetha: Filth deserves to be burned...

Noticing the gun charging itself as Seithr sucks in toward it, Bitoku decides to charge a blue energy in her gauntlets.

Bitoku: TOKETSU!

Voice echoing with focus, her hands strike the ground in a swift motion. A short delay after, the impact causes a large wave of cold particles to spawn, as they crystallize into a thickening ice making a makeshift wall cover her as she attempts to escape Valetha.

But while she begins to run on the path, Valetha throws her weapon to the air and issues a command holding her opposite hand above her head.

Valetha: Open the Gate beyond hell to my desires... (Smiles) Iblisa, Proto Harvester release!

The guns release a black sigil, and gather the energy around from the fallen slowly, as their energy is drained away they shrivel up smaller, their skin turning black.

Collections of energy join the body of the gun, shrouding it within a blazing carmine tint with branching markings and runes. Floating back down to Valetha’s outstretched hand she takes hold of it firmly. The weapons giving out ribbons of violent, whipping auras of uncontrollable black energy but her eyes showed not a care or concern, they're small with insane rage.

Valetha: Fire! Destroy!!

Following her malefic cry, the gun releases a spherical scarlet nova of burning darkness as she pulls the trigger. The shot blowing through the wall while blowing back her hair and attire from the sheer power releasing from each burst. The pressure causes Bitoku to lose footing briefly as it shook her up, she watches a concrete structure disintegrate into a flurry of crimson particles.

Bitoku's eyes shut a moment as she has a painful recollection, flashing back to Wadatsumi.

Bitoku: (To herself) It really was her... I remember this! Everything! It was all her fault!

Valetha jumps down as the energy seems to possess her own body as well, she chases after Bitoku on the street way, pulling the trigger wildly releasing several shots that suspend themselves before homing in on Bitoku.

Valetha: Vermillion Chaser!

Bitoku narrowly dodges the blasts as they all dive in toward her making crackling blasts and leaving behind spiraling hazes. After regaining her balance she tries finding somewhere close to where Mujihi and Myri were without attracting Valetha’s attention, attempting to halt her advance with another makeshift ice barrier she forms over on another corner while Bitoku skids to a halt and then turns to head down another corridor.

The ice blows apart once more with a high pitched cry as a shot shatters its body into many glistening pieces, until its vaporized in the burning dark energy. But as the mercenary beastkin takes a passing glance behind her shoulder, Valetha seems to finally be off her tracks. There's no time to celebrate, and without another thought, Bitoku throws herself into the hatch of the building where Mujihi and Myri were. The panicked Bitoku propels herself back into the room with the others, tumbling through dust and shrapnel.

Bitoku: Thank god….!

Myri: Bitoku!

Sitting on one of the chairs, Myri perks up at the sight of Bitoku falling down and quickly rushes over to her position. But a hand cupping around her mouth gently keeps her from saying anything more.

Bitoku: Shh! I found Valetha...gotta try to stay quiet for a minute.

With her mouth covered by Bitkou's hand, Myri can only give a nod of understanding, and the mercenary takes her hand off.

Myri: (Whispers) Mujihi fell unconscious trying to stop you…

Bitoku: ….I must of worried him…..sorry Myri.

Myri: It's fine. I’m just glad you’re okay...

Bitoku: Yeah...I know, (Pulls her hand through her hair, and releases a sigh) what’s his condition?

Mujihi is set on a torn up old couch, bandages cover his major wounds on his body, and Bitoku gives a bit of a chuckle at Myri's attempt to patch him up.

Bitoku: Thanks for trying to take care of my idiot leader, Myri. This ain't bad for a first try at all.

Myri: It's horrible I know. But I just knew I had to stop the bleeding. Besides, it's the least I could do. I mean... I can't seem to do much else...

Bitoku: Well ya could always try asking Nex to teach you some things... self-defense wise I mean.

Myri: (Looks away with an unsure frown) I don't know if he'd want to. (Looks at Mujihi and changes the topic) Um, his wounds aren’t bleeding anymore, thankfully…

Bitoku: Thank god for that. We need to find somewhere else….I was hoping I could shake her off Nex’s trail...but if she sees you without him to guard you, no offense, but you’re a goner.

Myri: (Frowns as she thinks to herself) I’ve always relied on someone else to protect me… whether it was Lazarith or Nex… I feel like I’m just burdening them. But then what am I supposed to do…(after a moment she sighs quietly) No, you’re right.

Bitoku: As much as I’d say “run for the hills”....I’m a risk taker in my little band of mercs….I’ll buy some time….hopefully someone can contact Nicaiah…..we might need back-up….

Bitoku takes off her wrist communicator, giving it to Myri.

Myri: Wait, you want me to do it?

Bitoku: I’m counting on you Myri...we need all the backup we can get to fight Valetha.

She points to the unconscious Mujihi.

Bitoku: And take him with you too.

Myri: O-okay…

Taking the bracelet communicator she looks at it slightly confused, tapping it with her finger. The lights frustrate the girl, and she sighs scratching her face with one of her fingers.

Myri: I hope I can work this thing...

Bitoku stood firm at the ready, as at any second her foe would appear.

Bitoku: ….And Myri…..Valetha said some sort of command…”Harvest” was a keyword...make sure she knows that too…. (charges an icy aura about her gauntlets) alright...Toketsu Gantoretto….ACTIVATE…!

Myri: Harvest...well okay, please be careful to, Bitoku. We said we’d help each other so you have to make it through.

Turning herself to face Myri, Bitoku gives a warm grin to the girl which clears her eyes of doubt. She makes a friendly gesture, with a hand waving through the air just slightly.

Bitoku: Thanks Myri…you’re a great friend….when the NOS falls...I hope we can get to know each other further….. (nods to Myri)

Myri: (Closes her eyes and forces a smile to ease her mind) Of course we will.

Valetha’s shot breaks the glass of one of the metallic rimmed window and she jumps into the room with the others.

Bitoku: ….took ya long enough…the distraction fooled ya huh?

Valetha: (At Bitoku) You bounce around pretty decently, filth, I give you that. Not many escape Iblisa's shots. (Glances at Myri) While the idea of Nex abandoning you is what I’d prefer to think, I’m almost positive he just left you with these two in strange hopes you would survive.

Myri frowns at the comment before she moves away with Mujihi and quickly escapes out the back hatch, leaving Bitoku to stand off with Valetha in the basement of the small sector.

Bitoku: I’m surprised you had that feeling….though I myself would prefer to take on Nex before messing with a beastkin if I were you….

Valetha: I'm far from afraid of you. You’re brave but filth all the same.

Bitoku: (Growls) ...You know I can see you falling for Zaezel! (rolls eyes) Whatever….get ready you bitch.

She hops in place a bit and then punches her hands out releasing an icy aura around her hands. With an intense focus, she moves to a lower stance in anticipation, keeping her eyes on the woman.

Valetha: The road of destruction is the only one I seek, the beauty paved through death I’ll let you see first hand.

Mujihi and Myri hurry out in the meantime, Myri's frail stature can only hold the beastkin for so long though until she collapses to her knees, both hands above her chest, as she takes a few breaths.

Myri: So heavy... I need to rest a minute...(lets out a heavy sigh) this is all a bit much. I hope Nex is okay... what did he have to do that he wanted me to be away for?

Thinking to herself would do nothing, she sits down and begins to fiddle with the communication device on her wrist, trying to figure out how to make a call.

Myri: Hm... contacts. (Looks at the screen of options) Mujihi... huh, these all must be her other teammates...? Oh here, Nicaiah.

Myri finally scrolls down to the name and presses the screen with her fingertip. After a second or so, it makes a digitized pattern giving off a blue hue, before the voice of the Commander answers.

Nicaiah: (Transmission) Bitoku-? No, you're not Bitoku... that girl again, Myri, right?

Myri: Yeah, Bitoku asked me to call you... she wanted to tell you that Valetha was involved in something in Wadatsumi? Also... her weapon uses, oh what'd she call it... harvester?

Nicaiah: (Surprised) She has a Harvester? Where on Earth did she outfit her guns with that kind of technology? Unless...

Myri shudders a bit when she notices something creeping from the corner of her vision, but she tries to keep her composure, but every part of her wants to let out a scream. Don't scream, she thinks, she can't scream, it'd alert them. The connection, already struggling to stay active, begins to fizzle out like static on a TV screen.

Nicaiah: H...yri, on', da...nnection...! ithr istortion is...

Myri: What? (Quietly) I can't understand... Nicaiah? Is something wrong?

Something thumps loudly against the steel wall, putting Myri into a cringe of fear, and she shuts the connection instantly, her hand slapping the screen in fear of the noise drawing attention. Her opposite hand slams over her mouth, keeping her from letting out a cry of fear, but the bluenette's eyes fill with worry as the darkness doesn't fade, instead it comes in closer, darting from the sides. Backing away, Myri hides herself and Mujihi further back in the rubble hoping for the Seithr to die down as her breathing picks up with growing anxiety.

Myri: Oh no... I think they found us...

Sylar and Fasado: Lines of LoyaltyEdit

Fasado: Where did you find such a weapon...?

Questioning the Demon, the man stands unfazed by his opponent's choice as the metalwork slowly moves around them creaking in the background. Steam floats over the floor, the Seithr casting a blackening and disorienting haze over it but Sylar manages to keep his eyes on his foe.

Sylar: I found it back in that ruined Region... where those damn hellspawn enjoy hanging around.

Fasado: The sites of the War...?

Letting the words hang a bit, his colored lens flicker once.

Fasado: I do recall a set of prototype weapons being researched in those areas, so it was you who unearthed this one. Strange that you're able to wield it. Dormant as a rod, it doesn't look like its true design, but summoning it now...

Sylar: It was the NOS' weapon then eh?

Fasado: It may as well have been...

Sylar: (Closes his eyes as he gains a troubled frown) Tch... (shrugs his shoulders a bit and turns his head) well, doesn't mean anything now, it chose me to be its wielder.

Fasado: As it is, all the more fitting for the eventual end of our duel.

Hunkering down into a battle-ready stance with a few waves of the blade, the black-clad official eagerly beckons the Demon with a strong voice.

Fasado: Come now White Demon...! We will see who stands victorious!

Sylar: (Swerves his gaze back to him and sighs in disinterest) You sure you wanna go? I feel like you're not taking this seriously, either that or stalling me.

Fasado: Stalling or not, you won't turn down a fight, or are you a coward? Afraid to use your weapon...? You might be a Demon, but deep down you're just another criminal wishing to grasp power you could never hope to gain from our own hands.

The comment brings a slight change to the expression of the Demon, who sneers a bit at the NOS official. Bolts begin to writhe around his body in crackling hums, as he speaks with venom.

Sylar: Tch, power...? Oh, I don't need power. I don't want power. See I've got plenty of that!

He outstretches the talons of his claws as the bolts briefly launch around him and ricochet off the pipes nearby punching holes through some of them causing steam to billow outward in grey clouds.

Sylar: Not given to me by your damned government, not handed to me by a title, my power... I suffered for, I chose to accept it and writhed against it. And while it may not be the most "good" thing in the world for me... it is mine, my soul's. And that is a lot more then most of your sorry-ass officials can say!

With those words, the Demon grinds his fangs and throws his claw out which emits a faint glow as the energy surges through. Off the tip of his talons releases a burst of pitch black veins of electricity and shadow, but the instant they approach, Fasado weaves through the spaces of the tall metal pipes that twine through the building, utilizing his speed to dodge the incoming barrage of bolts.

Fasado: You don't seem to limit your abilities!

Spinning the awakened spear, the Demon launches up and swings his weapon downward in an arcing sweep, the blades cutting air and sending a set of black shockwaves out.

Sylar: Can’t expect to limit a force of nature in lightning, asshole. You lose every time! Catch this-!

Before they can strike their target, the Rapier in the Lieutenant General’s hand dances through the air in short bursts and off the body of the weapon come undulating paths of crimson energy waves. Watching the waves wash out the electricity, Sylar makes a short growl in annoyance before landing atop a makeshift platform of a steel beam. Leaping back in as Seithr concentrates on the tip of his spear, the main blade elongates. Following his effortless motions as the spear spirals head over end in a blur within his claws, he bounces it between before releasing a pattern of vicious slashes that propel him forward. Following the weapon’s path are black bolts bouncing around in haphazard motions. High pitched cries sound as the weapons collide, and every time the blades come close to a cleaving strike to the official's body he weaves away in a faint red hue, keeping the Demon on his toes as his opponent makes a jump to and vanishes behind one of the pipes above.

Raising his head, Sylar then steps forward as he taps the weapon on his shoulder in wait.

Sylar: …Who's the coward now...

Fasado: You do have power. A great deal of it in fact. But it's strange, a criminal able to stand on grounds with someone like myself, using a weapon like yours, without even being a member of the NOS families, or having any noteworthy past beyond the disaster in Ibukido.

Apolloexon rests to his side as Sylar tilts his head and scoffs toward the remark, the energy still burning through his body, he has a hint of annoyance for the man's stalling.

Sylar: Why should my past matter? I don’t live in the past, I live in the here and now.

Fasado: (Offscreen) The past can tie together many things, and is one of the reasons I pursue what we do now. The past, for example, is where I first defeated “him”... and his child should have followed. The past is what can define you and your future, White Demon. Without knowing your own, how do you know who you are?

Sylar: Oh wanna play that card huh? Well fine, in the “past” I fought alongside Nex, and I learned a lot about myself during that time. In the past… things were a lot less shitty.

Fasado: (Offscreen) Is that so? Still, you could learn more. Knowledge is power in this sense, that is what my superior believes. If you’re ignorant about your past like Azure 0 is you will only live in lies.

A loud crash sounds as a structure of steel crashes down in front of Sylar and then he dodges it with ease. The pulsating sensation of the energy continues to beat him internally, though, as he pushes air between his sharp fangs. All the while, that man continues to speak.

Fasado: (Offscreen) That family is an example of it… and every member will die for denying it. Denial in this world is almost cancerous, and it should make way for a better plague.

All Sylar catches is a glimpse of crimson, before another thundering crash, as a teetering pipe crashes down before the Demon, just missing his head. Sylar angrily looks for where his foe is through all the crossing pipes and platforms, but winces as he feels his weapon surge. He doesn't bother to answer the man, he can't really, his teeth grinding together as his grip tightens and the bolts quicken their pace around him.

Fasado: (Offscreen) They denied me what we needed in that War. And so they’ll all die for the past, they will have no future. I won’t rest until each vaporized, turned into the finest red mist.

Sylar's claw shreds through the construct of steel and iron that falls, cutting cleanly like an edge to paper. It producing a horrid screeching sound, as he breaths out as Apolloexon's blades rip into it next, breaking it down as the energy decays it to a blackening form and dust. After remaining silent from the struggle, he finally speaks, still a bit strained.

Sylar: (Lowers his head, panting a bit) ...And why are you telling me this? Because I don’t really care.

Fasado: Because I wish for you to know the consequences of denying your past. Think hard about that, when we finish our duel!

Sylar: It's already over.

Sylar remarks with a grin as he sends a myriad stream oF bolts surging around him at the entire area, leaving the man nowhere to hide as the electricity stuns and shocks the man making him tumble down a level. Narrowing his eyes, Sylar vanishes in a shroud of building bolts and then in a mirage of lightning lands right in front of Fasado, and his next sight is the blades pointing at his hunkering body and a toothy grin on the Criminal's expression. Absent of any hesitation or mercy, he has a craving sense in his eyes but even so that man doesn't flinch, instead, raises his head and looks past the blade to the Demon's darkening gaze.

Fasado: That was impressive. Perfect, even, reactions and power better than most I've seen. No wonder they wanted me to locate and test you.

Sylar: (Coldly) Don't try and flatter me. Get to talking.

He presses Apolloexon's blade even closer to the man's chest in clear threat.

Sylar: And if it's a waste of my time, the NOS will need a new Lt. General.

Fasao quickly sheaths his rapier, then descends to the ground following a jump, he then puts his hands out as a means to show his giving in.

Remains atop the higher ledge, the Demon manages to shut down his weapon and clutches his head with his talons soon after. Slowing the surges of malevolent power, his look gradually loses its darker edge.

Fasado: I now have a question for you...actually my same question as before… What is your reasoning for detesting the Liberation Sector?

Sylar: (Pulls his spear back around behind him, then frowns) Why should I tell you?

Fasado: Hmph...that aside I was hoping you’d like a place in our would decimate the Sector.

Sylar: Come again…?

Fasado: You heard me, you’re a criminal, in your current life you’re destined to be swatted down by the might of our forces eventually, as is anyone else who tries to challenge the world’s power. It isn’t too late to change it, we have the means to.

Sylar: ...You’re saying you’ll guarantee the fall of the LS if I join you guys? (Sighs) I’ve heard this pitch before.

Fasado: The Liberation Sector is an obstacle, that much we see eye to eye on. (To himself, but loud enough for Sylar to hear vaguely) and you will pave my path to “him” and make it easier to attain…

Sylar: (Calms the energy slightly as he stopped fighting, though he retained a look of slight anger) And just backstab Nex, yeah, that’s real smart.

Fasado: Not like he’d care. He’s a lab rat to me, created and designed for other’s use...his opinions don’t mean anything, he isn’t much more different than beings like the one destroying this part of the city. If you hurt him why does that matter?

The comment seems to spark a sense of agitation in Sylar, who growls as he lowers his head.

???: That is enough, Lt General.

Immediately, the Lt General comes to attention at the sound of the sharp request. A screen opens up to his side which shows the one who speaks.

Lukain: The White Demon.

Sylar: So you’ve heard of me. There’s a surprise, although I can’t say the same. I don’t believe we’ve had the “pleasure”.

Remaining silent, he doesn’t blink to his reply, Lukain keeps a cold focus on the criminal who jumps down to the same level as the Lt General and begins a string of comments while he throws his claw out to the side in a clear mocking gesture with a twisting sneer.

Sylar: I’ve met a lot of dicks actually who talk arrogant and ride their high horse, so you look like you dress pretty fancy a lot of badges or whatever on you there.

Fasado: Imbecile!

Fasado thunders stepping ahead while thrusting the rapier in warning.

Fasado: There are no limits to your impudence. This is Marshal Lukain, and the very person who crushed your friend prior.

Sylar: (Smiles teasingly) Oh so you’re the Marshal I’ve heard so little about.

Lukain: Are you through entertaining yourself with your pathetic attempts at insults to bolster your confidence? You already know who I am, don’t pretend you don’t, it is nothing but a waste of time.

A scowl of sudden annoyance comes into the Demon’s expression when he’s shut down, and he gives a huff of dismissal to the man turning himself away.

Sylar: Well you’re a fun guy aren’t you.

Lukain: Understand that by declining you’ve just made yourself an enemy of the public. The Sequence Intelligence Agency will be hearing of this.

Sylar: Ooooh Sequence Intelligence Agency. I’m real scared now.

Exaggerating his mock-fear, Sylar waves his claws and shivers, before raising his head with a roll of his demon eyes.

Lukain: I see you don’t take matters very seriously. Or perhaps you do and choose to ignore the senses of danger. Do so at your own peril, your true desire is to cause mayhem, disasters... that is your story, your world that your soul craves. You will default to it and you will be stopped, as Marshal of the World Order it is my purpose in this system to prevent its dissolution.

There's a bit of a pause until his next reply, the moving metal continues to hum. Sylar's eyes don't hone in on his previous adversary, however, but the navy and calculating eyes of the man.

Sylar: (Squints with a low growl) ...Your eyes kinda piss me off. Not only that but you remind me of someone.

Lukain: (Slightly interested) Oh? And who is that?

A middle talon striking the air greets the Marshal's vision.

Sylar: Fuck you that’s who. (Lowers it as he grins with detest) You’ll probably find out eventually. (Puts his back to them) Honestly, though, real sick of meeting people who try to put me against Nex. He's my ally, I have loyalties.

Fasado: Will you not even consider the opportunity?

Sylar: No-Nope-Nuh-uh-Hell no-Fuck no. Now if you two assholes are done, I have better things to do.

Lukain: Go ahead, there isn’t any more reason to keep you from interfering. He’s already activated the Azure Grimoire.

Lukain mentions it with an explicit certainty, making Sylar's eyes widen.

Sylar: (To himself) Ah fuck...dammit Nex, seriously...?

Without any words, the Demon then runs off past the Lt General, using the broken pipes as footholds without concern if they’d try to stop him or not.

Fasado: What an insolent devil...who values such things in a world like ours? Lukain, what should we do to proceed in the meantime, should I pursue...?

Lukain: No. Let him go. For any unwelcome visitors. I've heard the Seithr Beings aren't the only ones breaching Kagutsuchi, but old thorns in those resistances are as well.

Fasado: Yes Lukain. I retrieved a decent amount of data, though I'm uncertain if it's sufficient for you to learn what you needed...

Lukain: It’s far too early to determine his soul's case. We're bound to have more encounters with that man, though. Still… the power is uncanny.

Fasado: It is interesting, don’t you think...? Especially considering that Zaezel didn’t bother to oblige his desire to fight him... I doubt it’s because he thinks he’s too weak...

Lukain: Yes. That's true. Since you're certain to mention it... I didn’t see Tekina's child with Nex so I don't believe he’s stationed here, but it doesn’t discount him being in another part of the area. Once this conflict ends, then you are free to return to that.

Fasado: Understood Lukain.

He closes the connection and moves out, passing the wreckage.

Nex, Akari, Reiga and Siegfried: Threads of ChaosEdit

The power Zaezel has gathered in the central portion of the city pulsates loudly, the darkness concentrating into some kind of shape as a red construct, looking like a gate, opens up in the middle of the ground as four main parts raise out. The hatch twists and opens up before it releases a red haze and even more Seithr. Around it is many glyphs of what's assumed to be magic or sorcery. Nex puts his eyes on it and his demeanor becomes unsettled slightly when a black mass sets itself above them coming above the hatch.

Zaezel begins to speak, as the small red orb beats inside the encircling darkness, more gathering to it every second.

Zaezel: It begins with this. An instrument to the power that will allow everyone to break away from this misery…and realize this world's true nature. All except those who fail to survive its reckoning.

Reiga: (Appalled as he flinches) What is that? Is that what those souls are creating?

Zaezel: Power in the abyss of denied desires... the sealed eternal darkness, despair, destruction, and death, share your power and will with me now. Awaken and breathe new life into these remains, bring it closer to the Azure and use it to realize your desires against this world.

Nex: Tch, that power is recognized by the Grimoire… just what the hell is goin' on?

Zaezel: I told you, this is also your will, Destroyer. But you’re not used to your abilities anymore, and so I’ll do what neither you or the Demon will step up to do. Even an imitation can outpower you right now. And from death, this power will make a new life.

Siegfried utters a growl as he watches the mass pulsate and move about, his hand tightening its grip around the metal pommel of his longsword.

Siegfried: Nex. You have to destroy this (Hesitates as he groans) I hate to rely on you for anything, but we both know what it’ll cause.

Nex: You don’t need to tell me that…

Just as he says it, the blackness collects and pulls together, making another batch of the Seithr Beings which hiss and screech in a horrid and reverberating chorus. Nex slices through one that comes near enough to put an inky hand on him, but it’s severed when the edge of his sword rips right through cleanly and sprays out a miniature collection of the black smog.

In the presence of this object suspending itself, his Grimoire sends sensations throughout his head. Shaking his head in disorientation with a faltering step costs him. He feels the unnatural claw rake across his body leaving two deep cuts and from a pool of what appears to be liquid Seithr, the tip of a tendril becomes visible and then coils around his ankle. In the next instant, he slams on his chest to the hard ground with a groan.

Akari: The Corrosion-! Black Corrosion! Death and suffering will come from it... make it go away! Don't let it take us!

She shrieks in confusion and terror. Akari's visor disappears as its steadily shrouded in a devouring blue light. Just as it does, the girl's emotions break out again as her hands grip her temple and she begins to shake her head in panic. In response, Reiga reaches out to and latches his hand to her arm as he pulls the AIP away and brings her close to him. She curls and huddles away into his chest, refusing to look at the black orb.

Reiga: (Concerned) Akari, hey, Akari what's wrong?

But there’s no response as the girl continues to tremble, and she keeps her head buried to his chest. Blinking his eyes once at a loss, he raises his head to get a better look at the black object emitting sickly levels of Seithr.

Reiga: Corrosion... Isn't that the Seithr phenomena that the World Order Council is always talking about? I never imagined it'd be here in Kagutsuchi though...

Continuing his struggle, Nex growls as he attempts to break away from the mobbing pitch entities, shattering the concentrated crystal in their body with quick and hard blows by his hands. Gradually fatigue is more evident in his eyes.

Zaezel: (Offscreen) You don't sacrifice or kill enough to draw on the power like you're asking too. Take one of their lives and that should change.

Watching the Destroyer makes Reiga look to Siegfried for some kind of answer, but the Brigadier seems to be buried in his own thoughts with his usual expression that is clearly focused but disregards anything around him.

Reiga: This is getting bad, very bad! I don't really want to be reduced to a pile of Seithr by these things...!

Mysteria: (Offscreen) Reiga!

With concern in her call, Mysteria comes in running. Her weapon sweeps by, cutting through a group of the dancing shadows. Scattering their shards to pieces with a vicious and advancing crescent swing of her weapon, the woman lands on the ground holding the segregated pole-arm armagus behind her.

Mysteria: I know your orders were to stay here and defeat Zaezel, but I'm not letting you toss your life away like it doesn't matter.

Reeling in surprise, Reiga turns to his superior and then simply stares while holding Akari. The girl approaches him as she swings her weapon around behind her, and extends her hand to him with worry in her magenta eyes.

Mysteria: Now come on. This isn't your problem anymore.

Reiga: H-huh? What happened to orders?

Mysteria: When your orders are going to get you killed then I'm going to have to disagree with them.

Reiga: (Uncertain) Mysteria, you shouldn’t…

His words are halted by Mysteria’s interjection.

Mysteria: Stop, I already got permission. Besides, you can’t say anything, since you’re always disobeying your orders, to begin with. (Lowers her head with uncertainty in her tone) I can’t keep you out of trouble… they really have faith in you to stop Zaezel, but I... I don’t understand your desire to get involved with this man. It makes no sense to me.

Reiga: I wanted to think he wasn’t this person the NOS made him out to be, he doesn’t always seem like it but-

Mysteria: Look at him Reiga! That Grimoire he has, it’s nothing but an instrument of our world’s bane!

She points to Nex assertively with a harsh tone. Reiga’s eyes stare at the rebel until they cast themselves down as he’s unable to say anything to counter. Giving a sigh, Reiga decides it’s best not to say anything. Mysteria's voice soon loses its edge as she walks up to him.

Mysteria: Nevermind. We can talk later. (Puts her hand on Akari’s shoulder) Akari, are you ok?

Akari makes a soft noise, but her hands still grip the Lieutenant's uniform firmly. After confirming the two are alright, she leads them away from the square.

Mysteria: That man has gotten you into nothing but trouble... I don't know what's between the Brigadier and Nex, but it isn't anything you should be involved with right now Reiga.

The Lieutenant makes an abashed look as he hurries along behind her down the streetways, looking back once to the struggle the others have with Zaezel in the deteriorating square. Guilt eats at him while he wears a frown.

Walking through the vacant streets leading back the way he’d come, Sylar keeps his head lowered with a look of annoyance clear on his expression. His claws shuffling aimlessly through his pockets as he stalks the walkways, not even passing a glance to the sounds of struggle around him.

Sylar: What an annoying bunch of bastards… still… (closes his eyes slightly) you’re a damn idiot Nex. Why would you activate that thing?

Saying it to himself with a shake of his head in disapproval, the sound of a cry catches his attention. Though the blankets of the impairing black fog are thick, the Demon is able to make out the direction it comes from. Making his way along the collapsing metal and pave way leading toward a storage area. Going through the narrow aisles between them, he spots a shadow consuming a female figure. A moment of looking at her is all it takes or him to realize who it is.

Myri: Get away from me!

The muffled shout comes. Sure enough, a claw rips through the inky body draping around her and fills her vision. Black talons with a bluish-white luminescent tint grip the crystalline shard within the being’s head and smash it to bits when the claw closes inward and into a fist. The head of that thing splits down in the next moment before its entire body collapses into a disturbing and wiggling puddle that evaporates.

Sylar: Are you o-

Sylar’s words barely pass his lips. Something appears in his vision, which a panicking Myri has in her flailing hand, and the cylindrical steel object is swung horizontally. Clearly unprepared or the action, Sylar's eyes widen as the pain sets in when the instrument impacts the side of his skull with a loud cracking thud. In response, the Demon reels, crumples, and his body buckles and plants him right down on the ground as he holds his head with his claws in response.

Sylar: Gah-! Ow, what the hell!

A furious confusion rings in his voice while Myri simply stares at the agonized Sylar, blinking in a clueless way. She just now realizes her actions, and then quickly drops the pipe which she used earlier to bash him.

Myri: W-wait you’re that man, Sylar…

A minute seems to pass until Sylar grips the end of a nearby pipe and uses it to get back up. Groaning in annoyance, he clutches his temple.

Sylar: No shit! (Throws his claws back in annoyance) Who did you think I was!

Myri: (Stammers and shrinks away) You just…I, you look like a Demon so, I didn’t know if you were with them or not…!

Sylar: (Gives a blank look as he sighs) …This is the thanks I get? Iron slammed in my skull… (Throws his shoulders back and shrugs) Ah, think I’d be used to it by this point… I always get the short end of the stick when I try to help anyone.

Myri: Sorry... but you can’t blame me, (Calms down) you’re kind of frightening sometimes. You just showed up and I didn’t know how to react.

Sylar: Yeah yeah…you certainly don’t seem to hold back when your life is on the line. Now if you could just do something with that strong focus.

Myri: Thanks, though, Sylar. At first, when you talked to Nex you seemed somewhat distant, but you're a decent man, at least I think so.

Sylar: (Smirks at it and points a single clawed finger at her) A decent man who got thousands killed, remember that. (Leans back in thought) Well, Nex and I are pretty commonly associated with things like it anyway.

Myri: And yet you did help one person today.

Sylar: Only cause I had to.

He quickly says it with an amused chuckle, putting his back up against the side of a crate while a sign hangs overhead and flickers in a few shades of neon. Soon he places his claw on his head once again.

Sylar: (Complains as he rubs his throbbing temple) Gah, demons be damned that really hurt like hell. (Notices Mujihi on the ground, nodding upward to it in gesture) The kid from the LS huh?

The girl turns herself to the one in question, on the concrete is the body of a recovering Mujihi, but the lack of any response sets a bit of anxiety to her eyes.

Myri: He hasn't moved since we got away from Valetha...I was trying to get a hold of Nicaiah but something happened to the call. And then those creatures showed up next, but strangely, they went after him before me...

Sylar: Oh yeah? Well, not doin' mouth to mouth, I don't swing that way. I like popping cherries too much.

Myri: (Oblivious) You don't... swing? What do cherries have to do with it?

Suddenly Sylar's mischievous chuckle stops.

Sylar: Oh boy...

The words leave Sylar stunned in silence before he attempts to speak without pause.

Sylar: You're that innocent? And you’re traveling with Nex...right. (Awkwardly and disappointed) Well then, (Cocks his head and shrugs) nevermind. Anyway...

He walks over to Mujihi, splaying his talons with a quick flick of his wrist, and an electrical charge begins to course throughout.

Myri: (Steps ahead and then stops to Sylar's side) W-what are you doing?

Sylar: Can't have him dying yet.

Myri: (Directs her attention to the bolts, nervously speaking) Um...

The amounts of bolts rushing along his claws concerns the girl, and the Demon makes a chuckle as he wiggles the talons around.

Sylar: Too much you think? Still a bit on edge due to my last encounter...

Once the electricity dies down a bit, Sylar lowers his stature he places the tips of the talons onto the mercenary's torso. Sure enough, Mujihi's eyes pop open and involuntarily his body convulses as though he'd had a miniature seizure before he shakes his head with a puzzled look.

Mujihi: (Sits up and blinks) What the hell just??? Happened???

Sylar: How's it goin' there Sleeping Beauty?

Mujihi looks to Sylar who crouches nearby and makes the lightning disappear.

Sylar: Looks like you'll survive to enjoy hell on earth a bit longer. I can tell by your damaged body that these assholes haven’t been kind to you, but don’t worry. Once again, I’m here to cover your shortcomings. Because none of you can seem to survive worth shit in this damn place.

Mujihi doesn’t even take notice to the harsh comment, although, the Demon says it with a grin so he assumes that he was screwing with him.

Mujihi: Sylar...? Don't you hate the LS...

Sylar: Indeed I do, indeed I do. But.

He raises back up to a stand, pausing his speech momentarily.

Sylar: (Raises his index talon up) This was an exception. See, I saved you because you need to take care of that dick in the NOS. (Leans in) You know, the one who has an obsessive desire to kill you and your family.

Mujihi: Fasado...

Sylar: (Straightens back out and makes a smirk) Yep. Need you to deal with him...I don't have the time or patience to. I mean I will. Should I have to… but I don't want to. I want to think you can at least handle that much.

Mujihi: I will, believe me. Right now though I should get back to the others...unless Myri got a hold of Nicaiah.

Myri: I did but we lost our connection...

Mujihi: Still, thanks. But now she's gonna chew my ass out, cause freaking Valetha spooked Bitoku. But I wouldn't be a very good leader if I just sat here on my ass and waited for Valetha to kill her.

Sylar: (Amused) Everyone has to be the knight in silver armor. (Teasingly as he swings his horizontally positioned claw through the air) Go on then, Foxtrot, your team beckons.

Mujihi stands back up, rolling his shoulders a bit as he winces due to the injuries.

Mujihi: I'm surprised you know about teamwork...

Sylar: I know a bit... I just don't play well with others anymore.

Mujihi: I see...again, hope we can meet on better terms, maybe when douchebag isn't out for my head.

Sylar: (Amused chuckle) Maybe, maybe.

Mujihi looks at Myri, but when she doesn't seem to follow, he assumes her wish is to stay with Sylar and he hurries back toward the district where Valetha appeared disappearing down the path.

Sylar: You didn't go with him?

Myri: Well no...I'm worried about Nex. I was hoping you could take me to him.

Sylar: Hm? Well, Nex activated his Grimoire, which means he-

Myri: What? Oh no... that's what they were trying to get him to do earlier. Why did he do that?

Sylar: Why the hell are you askin' me?

Myri: You're his ally, his friend you should know why he'd resort to this!

Sylar: Look we haven't been close allies in awhile, he's been doing things his own way, so have I. I don't really know how the guy thinks anymore, but clearly he can handle himself.

He turns away and begins to continue walking, despite his bitter remark, he notices the girl still chases after him.

Myri: (Quickly interjects and frowns, extending her hand to him) Wait!

Sylar: (Looks to her as he raises his brow) Tch, what now?

Myri: You're just... leaving?

Without room for misunderstanding, the Demon's’ reply is blunt as he continues his stroll, and Myri struggles to keep up.

Sylar: Yeah. Don't give me that look like I'm the bad guy here either.

Myri: I want to help him.

Sylar: (Stops a minute as he shakes his head) You want to help him?

Myri: Why wouldn’t I?

Sylar: Well probably because you only get in his way and slow him down. I mean if you were with me, you would have been booted ‘cause you are clearly a weakness to him. Why do you think he left you behind with those two?

While the Demon seems to be amused with the conversation, giving little chuckles and wearing a mocking toothy grin with his fangs the whole time. Myri doesn’t seem to enjoy the act he’s having fun at her expense.

Myri: I know I’m not strong. I know I can’t seem to help him… I know I get in the way. But I know i I stay with him I’ll learn more, and I’ll become stronger too... in ways beyond just physical strength, Sylar. I have to, or I won’t survive in this world, right?

Sylar stops his chuckle and then squints while listening.

Myri: (Closes her eyes with a dissatisfied look) ...Do you realize what you say is really rude sometimes?

Sylar: Not always a nice guy. Told you that. (Sighs as he becomes serious) Look, once you become a problem or a danger to Nex... he tends to ask you to stay away. (Squints as he looks away) Because he doesn't want to lose those people.

Myri: ...Did that happen to you?

No answer comes from Sylar as he keeps his stare on her for a minute or so, and then closes his eyes. He stops his advance as he pockets his claws in thought. Myri's voice is soon heard by the Demon, but he doesn't look at her.

Myri: Well he's not pushing me away. This is my fight too.

Sylar has a subtle smile at the girl's decision, and glances over his shoulder as the girl continues ahead.

Nex lies on the ground vertically in a heap and clearly exhausted, but the Brigadier’s eyes are only on him briefly.

Wiggling is more of those sentient beings of Seithr, and their mindless assault doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Black waves creep in en mass, the concentrating Seithr infesting the sides of the buildings and cobblestone paths in the square and this entirety of the substance eats away at the stone or metal constructs making black liquid or haze appear.

In the Brigadier’s hand is Ettard. The enshrouding blue embers have grown into a consuming blaze all around its body, the glistening edges of the sword are molten with blue highlights and cracks glowing with inner fire. A magic circle opens up behind him, unfurling and displaying a design. As the man stands up pushing his injuries aside, he extends his sword hand then makes a tremendous sweep through the air with the weapon as though cutting it directly in half. There’s a pause before the pent up energy in Ettard explodes, burning the ground and incinerating the pitch in a devouring sheet of infernos that snake along. He wears a self-impressed smirk as the sounds of the shards breaking in those hideous thing's bodies resonate in the air.

Siegried: Ha! Those things are weaker than I thought. (Turns his head to the collapsed Nex) Still think I’m that same kid now Nex?

Opening his eyes as he hears it, Nex elevates his head off the black concrete and notices the swarm dying down.

Nex: …I’d be disappointed if you couldn’t even handle a bunch of damn worms like them.

Now’s his chance, he thinks with a growl. Pushing with his palms against the ground, he rolls ahead and returns to his stance. Shaking the last of his fatigue, he breaks into a sprint takes in the remnants of energy floating in the black haze, the crimson particles collect into his body like water to a sponge. Crimson veins once again appear over his body, crawling along his arms and neck becoming bright as their pulsating quickens. He hurries toward the convulsing object hanging above the portal and strange structures in the centermost part of the square.

Bringing his blade around to the side, a more concentrated version of his usual beast-like illusions materializes along its edge. With Nex's strong horizontal swing, the beast launches through the air and opens its gaping jaw clamping crimson teeth down and into the object as it drains the Seithr away.

Zaezel: What do you think you’re doing Destroyer! It needs the souls to build itself, you can have what’s left!

Zaezel angrily proclaims, watching the orb-like construct lose its red luster rapidly. While his attention is to the construct, Nex closes the distance with anger bright in his scarlet eyes.

Nex: That isn’t what I’m after right now.

The rebel gathers the Seithr into his right palm pulling it back to ready a swing, and a hellish blaze engulfs his arm as he slams his right claw square into the being’s chest. With that shattering blow, Zaezel is flung back, bits of his skin ripping apart revealing more pitch underneath. Trapping the Seithr entity is a crimson crest, as two more crimson serpentine creatures rise to Nex's side.

Zaezel: Why… do you want us to be denied as well? This is not just their world, it is ours!

Nex: I don’t really care what that thing has made you think. I don't feel the same. You belong in the Boundary, that’s all there is to say, and I can handle “destruction” on my own.

Zaezel: It will consume you. What people call the “evil” in the world the “darkness”, it’s already within you.

Remaining silent when he hears it, pressure drops down on his shoulders making Nex curl inward. Nex realizing that Siegfried came from behind and launches himself right off them to assist his chase to the Seithr-Entity trapped the crest.

Nex: What the-

The Brigadier pulls his sword back.

Siegfried: Thanks for the assist! Now it’s my turn!

Without wasting a single moment he unleashed all the energy stored into the greatsword with one quick, yet powerful slash. Releasing a massive orb of concentrated azure energy, which exploded releasing a gigantic, torrential wave of azure blue flames directly towards Zaezel.

Siegfried: Azure’s… Inferno Destruction!

The blue orbs strike in succession, each sounding like crackling blasts of volcanic fury as they erupt in azure-fueled explosions. Zaezel hits the ground afterward and growls in both pain and annoyance. Soft splashes are heard as the black liquid oozes out like blood from the wounds the being Zaezel had sustained, dripping to the metal floor.

Zaezel: Gragh. A human...having the capability to use Azure to such a destructive degree? You’re hardly what you appear to be… Whatever you are, you’ll consume yourself one day. But I already told you, you can’t kill something like me…

Nex: (Glares at Siegfried as he clenches one of his hands, growling as he thinks to himself) Damned irritant... you ruined my chance.

Siegfried: (Smirks at Zaezel then mockingly salutes Nex, shaking his head) Again, thanks for the assist, but… I told ya I’m not as weak as I once was. (To Zaezel) Killing you or not is not my objective, but I’d rather not die here now… There are some things I want to do.

The Grimoire rages in his mind. Nex could feel the malevolent force course through his very body. His aggression and hate burns in his coal and molten crimson irises.

Nex: Then move… unless you want to be destroyed along with that worm. (Brings his sword forward, as it takes on a pitch gleam and generates veins across its form) I have no problem with it.

There’s something similar to agony hanging in his words, but it’s overshadowed by the toxic and uncaring hatred.

Nex: (To himself) It’s unusually quiet...I don’t remember its desire being this tame. Whatever, not questioning it. (Growls as he readies himself) I’ll destroy every part of what sustains you.

Siegfried: (To himself) What the hell is up with him…? Is it from releasing his Grimoire? Hm… never thought I’d hear him tell me he’d destroy me. Tch… no choice in the matter.

With clear unease the Brigadier moves out of Nex’s path, Zaezel collapses to the ground as the orb above them shatters apart in a bright display, darkness spilling out of it and quickly collapsing into the portal which disappears. The beast stops transferring the red streams of energy to Nex and is absorbed back into him.

Nex: Now that he's out of the way.

Nex turns away from Siegfried, stunning the blue haired man as he approaches where Reiga, Akari and Mysteria went to.

Siegfried: W-what’re you doing now Nex…? Thought you were going to stop Zaezel.

Nex: Zaezel will die... but my enemy is that girl who is the inheritor to the Murakumo.

Siegfried: What? You sound way different, but, that AIP sure she's odd and I don't much care for her but...

Nex doesn't seem to be listening, as he continues to walk away. Siegfried grits his teeth in annoyance until he decides to go after him.

Raising his head backward, Akuhei gives a laugh to the air when Nex and Siegfried leave the area. It calms down to a chortle as he watches on.

Akuhei: Heheheh. How entertaining. So the Brigadier has it in him this time, and Azure 0 thinks Akari is the one who will become that thing huh? I thought she was just destined to be the world's toy, but... maybe not. I do love a fresh new possibility!

Chuckling to himself again, he stops as a screen pops up to his side. Twisting his gaze back to it Akuhei grins at the man who speaks while the General sits casually on the metal balcony, tapping his hand against the tip of an illusionary green knife.

Lukain: Akuhei, return to us. We have matters to discuss, the invasion has been quelled throughout this area. There's nothing left to do now.

Akuhei doesn't bother to reply, as he stands up from his kneeled position and walks away from the balcony with a scheming glint to his serpentine stare.

On the ground where Zaezel is, the red orb has become exceptionally tiny. However, it still sits there, undisturbed and having survived Nex's assault somehow. Even though the rest of his body is beaten and inanimate, Zaezel's nearly-liquid hand slowly moves and then violently grasps it.

Valetha and Bitoku: WadatsumiEdit

Bitoku just barely dodges a shot, throwing herself away as the metal underneath her is devoured and shredded by swarming crimson particles. The two both jump around dodging one another's strikes.

Bitoku: Nice blind dart, oh’s not a dart….it’s a gunshot!

The sarcastic tone vanishes from her yell giving way to her anger as she continues picking up the pace along the bulging metal ground, with a loud cry she punches ahead. The concentrating ice upon her arm launches outward with her roar.

Bitoku: Freezing Path!

Creeping along the ground, the ice builds and springs at her opponent in angular constructs, but just as it happens the red-haired female leaps away twisting like an acrobat and landing on one of the balcony rails of the spacious room. She refocuses her scarlet eyes, keeping her gun at the ready. With a cruel glance, she points the barrel and fires a shot at the ground near Bitoku’s feet which causes a small eruption of energy to break forth to blow her away along with the panel she stands on. Screaming a bit as her body is tossed backward, somehow she manages to right herself before her frame can crash against the unforgiving wall. The bottom of her boot absorbs the momentum while she kicks the surface of the wall and maneuvers into a front flip. Upon landing she quickly dashes towards Valetha, intending to grab her. Wearing a grin while watching the beastkin come in, she twists as she launches herself and fires releasing erupting energy around her in a vortex.

Valetha: Velvet Waltz!

Bitoku quickly opens a defensive measure in her gauntlets as a means to counter, a segregating ice construct suspends itself around the gauntlets making a small shield that absorbs the impact. But the mercenary’s eyes are wide when the ice is cracked and chipped away, before finally being scattered into black ash. Forcefully slinging her arm back, she points her head up and catches the criminal lunging away toward another storage unit with a snicker. There’s a the faintest glow at the tip of the barrel as she pulls the gun around while Bitoku can only growl as the red-hair seemed to enjoy toying with her opponent. Something knocks her out from under her feet, the female coming in sliding with her heel leading into a sweep before she raises back up and shoots the airborne woman with a charged up shot. Upon impact, Bitoku gives a shocked grunt as she’s sent flying with a high pitched wail.

Standing back up, Valetha yet again aims the weapon, the barrel makes a pulsing, carmine outer glow before releasing a bursting set of streams of concentrated energy outward with a brilliant radiance. Some of the shots erode a bit of the ground leaving red streaks and scorch marks, the surfaces creak and groan and yet a sense of anger manages to keep Bitoku going. While growling, she throws herself ahead once more. Her boots pound the metallic flooring while she nimbly weaves to dodge the streams of energy as best as she could with a notable vigor. The moaning of metal and concrete getting blown to bits as they take the brunt of Valetha’s assaults resonates, but any fear is overpowered by the sense to drive her fist into the girl’s face. The scarlet eyes of her opposition show not even the slightest concern as she came in close. With a grunt of effort, Bitoku charges into Valetha with her leading hand and takes her to the wall that crumbles back into itself from an already weakened stature. Continuously she brings her hands down with vicious hooks bringing ice each time, Bitoku’s angry growls in sync with each hit. While Valetha coughs as she’s pushed against the wall getting her body pummeled, she only laughs at her own situation.

Valetha: You know the thing I’ll be glad to leave when I throw the rest of my humanity away is a fragile form…! Can’t even take a hit… we’re such pathetic little piles...

A hand reaches out and grabs the mercenary’s wrist with Valetha's crimson eyes glowing with detest, Bitoku’s arm shakes against her grip while the two glare as the woman leans in her head and snaps at her.

Valetha: Are you enjoying yourself, filth! Of course, you are... since you must hold great disdain or that attack in Wadatsumi...

Bitoku: Of course I do... my parents died!

Hissing in an indignant manner, the beastkin dodges the swipe of a gun rolling back in and planting a solid kick right into the criminal’s rib before punching her against the wall. Rebounding from the concrete and vertical barring, Valetha’s frame buckles, trembling a second and soon collapses to the floor. Bitoku taking in long breaths while she looks down at her, fists shaking with clear rage she hits her again.

A green-colored energy shears through a crimson crystal embedded in a pitch body, the veins spreading among its form like hideous wires or vines snap away and lose their luster. The remains join many others that scatter the ground in small crystalline particles. The one who commanded the weapon holds it in his hand, and the shadows gradually pull away and reveal the slender build of the man who touches his hat with a sigh. Residue energy of those beings is collected by the blade and the edge glistens in response.

Serza: Not too smart of them. Then again I have to admit, Ophius is not an easy thing to resist...they just couldn't help but desire it.

His tone is the only thing to disturb the air, quiet as his voice is. The flowing surge of the energy slows down, and Serza moves the blade, letting it rest at his side. The last of the overflowing Seithr dissipates, the hazes clear away from the buildings and the cobblestone streets, and just as they do some people step out when the noise quiets. The noise draws a glance by Serza, those people beginning to leave the safe areas the NOS set up. Their expressions all lined with caution, horror, and even awe once they see the phenomena or themselves that Zaezel began to cause. Though they seem more curious about Serza's actions to defeat the Seithr Beings, mumbling about it among their masses. Their chattering doesn't interest him, and instead, he walks away as they spread out and begin trying to head to their homes while taking in their surroundings.

Soon the male hears the steady clacking of steps above him.

A passing splotch of black brings his attention to the higher ledge where he sees Akuhei walking along a suspended walkway, his uniform's ends flapping about while he pockets his hands. The man's neon eyes watch from below, blinking in contemplation as his former superior nonchalantly walks up and steps onto the bridge connecting the path to a towering airship sitting above a magic glyph, the front end pointing out into the horizon. Continuing to watch, his eyes are drawn away when he notices a call coming through, the light displaying a sequence of numbers he recognizes. He doesn't answer it right away as the rumbling roar of the machine makes him point his gaze back up, but the General had already departed into the airship. His expression creases into a subtle frown, moving his hand to his wrist, his fingers then tap the button once on his watch and the call is answered.

Serza: What is it...

While keeping his eye on the ship that crosses the sky, gradually making higher altitudes until it vanishes by a cloaking tech. Serza props himself back-first against one of the standing pillars in the square while he listens to the one on the other end of the call.

Bitoku: Answer me, what happened in Wadatsumi!

Another blow strikes Valetha right in the head to accompany the female's angry roar, she holds her throat as the woman's back pushes against an old machine's base. But even in the precarious situation, the criminal only smiles.

Valetha: Do you really want to know? I told you… ask your Commander, Nicaiah. It was an operation against the NOS after all… why do you think they came and shut her all down? Squashed, quieted, forgotten… swept away like it never happened by the World power.

Bitoku: (Surprised as she flinches) What…?

In only that moment her anger is overshadowed by surprise, yet her hand is still extended, as she holds down Valetha who sneers with mockery and her voice needles the mercenary.

Valetha: You don’t get it at all do you? Stupid one in the world cares about your problem. What happened to Wadatsumi was a completely intentional experiment. All the people scattered to Seithr, all their woes were planned.

Stricken with disbelief, rage shrinks the beastkin's eyes.

Valetha: Too bad it wasn’t nearly enough to do what they were attempting to… but still, that was when I saw it myself, and I knew I had to somehow find the place where I witnessed its beauty.

Bitoku: Just shut up! I have no idea what you’re talking about, and I don’t even care to be quite honest! My family died for the sake of some experiment?!

Valetha: Is that so hard to accept? (Mockingly whines) "Oh woe is me, my parents died due to the evil experiments!" (Returns to normal tone) That's how most of the world responds to hardship, and suddenly they seem entitled. But how do you know that the precious ones related to you by blood, weren't just part of that situation all along? They can do horrible things to you, even when you think they're the ones you should trust most.

Still mentally reeling from those words, Bitoku's mind clouds with questions and her hand slides down from the criminal's throat. In that instant, her lips raise back into a smile and Valetha thrusts her arm ahead against the lower body of the mercenary. The burning touch of heated metal to her shirt brings her eyes down to see the tip of Iblisa's cylindrical barrel pressing against her and pulsing with a red glow.

Valetha: Now look, you’re going to die just like your parents. To the very same power that claimed their lives. This is just the start too, I’ve taken many with this weapon...but the trail of the crimes in Wadatsumi leads to a better, and more interesting tale than yours.

Grimacing as that manic whisper licks her ear, Bitoku freezes and a second later there’s a click when Valetha’s finger moves back on the trigger. A plume of scarlet bursts outward and sends Bitoku hurtling away with a scream as her body collides against the steel of a storage crate. Sliding down she hits a metal panel back-first into iron, rust and broken glass. She can't even move before her heart skips a beat as another boom echoes. Another figure soon stands in the way, coming in quickly and breaks the shot away with a pistol that brings up a small collection of flames serving as a shield against it. Although the fiery defense is broken to embers in mere seconds, Bitoku raises her gaze to see her leader standing in front of her one arm spread out over her with the other holding the pistol out. Despite trembling breaths still pounding her from shock, the surprise in her eyes is also lined with relief.

Bitoku: (Raises her head) Mujihi, sir...

She says it weakly while still lying prone on the ground, but a smile still manages to cross her expression even with her beaten body.

Mujihi: (Turns his head to her, keeping his pistol ready) Ya had me worried dammit...I’m at least glad Myri helped you and me. I just hope you learn to not get that reckless again. Please...listen to me next time when I say “don’t. go. alone”

The male leader's voice reassures her again, but she felt guilt well up inside.

Bitoku: Sorry sir... but I didn’t… I couldn't stop it...

Mujihi: It's fine. (Shakes his head once and puts a hand on his head) I paid enough attention to see that she... triggered something to say the very god damn least. Still, you let me handle this, ya got it?

Upon seeing his second in command nod, his chest heaves a small sigh of relief until he suddenly directs two squinting eyes to the scarlet-haired woman.

Mujihi: I could deal with you having this weird obsession over Nex’s power, (Narrows his eyes as he steadies his stance) but you've crossed lines here.

Dipping her head in amusement, Valetha redraws Iblisa with a twirl and keeps it in standby, hazes of scarlet dancing around it.

Bitoku: And you’ll see just how destructive Mujihi’s abilities are too.

Mujihi: (Blinks in surprise) You say that like you want her to kidnap me and make me her boyfriend…

His companion can't help but shut her eyes and utter a pained laugh at the thought.

Bitoku: My goodness that does sound funny! (Adds with an icy tone)...Unless you actually, well, want to...

A nervous Mujihi pulls a hand through his cedar-colored hair and chuckles.

Mujihi: To be honest I think she'd go for Sylar before me.

Valetha: (Unimpressed as she sways her head and re positions the gun to point right at him) Are you done with this tangent? Because there isn’t anything that impresses me about you, and as far as I’m concerned you’re both filth, now can you both die already? See the beauty in the Seithr that’ll consume your weak souls!

Valetha leans and then rushes in with dark anticipation, holding the gun at the ready while it draws in Seithr. But before Mujihi can even make a move to react, the gun becomes encased in a red coating as the hazes all build up around it, and the charged shot releases the harvested energy making several smaller orbs that hone in on the beastkin pair.

Valetha: Be wiped clean of your filthy existence! Show them the door to desire, Iblisa, pierce right through their soul! Scarlet Sacrifice!

Mujihi's eyes widen as the bullets come in blinding streaks, and it shakes his calm. But just when he readies a counter attempt, they don’t make contact. There's instead, a crest spread wide releasing a bright emerald explosion of aura. Hearing something from behind, he opens his eyes to see another male ahead of him that had entered the room. The shots all pound the glyph that suspends itself in front of the man, while his hand rests on the top of his hat. Mujihi recognizes him right away as he voices their name in surprise.

Mujihi: Serza?!

Serza: That could have been bad.

Absorbing all the punishment, Serza removes Ophius from the crest's center and lunges in. He splinters the crimson particles every which way with the weapon's edge in a flourish of the glinting green edge and the absorbed shots turns into a viridescent energy that envelops the frame of the man. With fluid movement he swings his weapon up in a shallow slice that makes a green and crimson serpent spiral upward, before Serza swings an open hand downward and the energy slams the girl down with crushing force. Valetha remains on the ground, opening her eyes from the pain.

Valetha: Ophius... that weapon belonged to the NOS didn’t it? A former member of those filth in the Duodecim...

Serza: I guess it did, but it’s not like that really matters here. You must think a bit clearer then most, due to what you saw in Wadatsumi.

With his words he calmly approaches, taking Ophius once again and positioning the tip at her. With a quick motion the end of the weapon is suddenly in her arm making her wail and drop her gun.

Serza: I know what you're looking to get. And you won't find it that way.

His eyes take a quick glance to the Iblisa.

Serza: What makes you think something like that could ever even come close. Seems more to me like you're the filth in this situation, hm?

Valetha: (Growls as she closes one eye in pain) You think you're above just because you have an Exitium?

Serza: It responds to what I want, why is your weapon not responding? (Looks at the sheathed Lilithel) Why haven't you used it?

Hearing his words, the scarlet eyes of the girl turn away as she lies on the ground, she gives no answer to him.

Serza: Just how badly do you want what your after? Are you even worth the weapon's time, because I don't think you, in the end, were just another victim.

Mujihi remains quiet, watching the man belittle the girl.

Bitoku: I almost feel bad for her...

Serza: Next time you try to kill someone with those things I'll kill you. And I really hate to have to look back on those days, because unfortunately or you, Ophius enjoyed them.

His tone is one without care or concern, but it also lacks demand that would have made the threat seem much more serious. Maintaining her bitter silence, the criminal shakily stands and bends down a bit, wincing while she holds her injured arm. Glaring at the two behind Serza, she shows her back to them, and walks away with a scowl. There's some light thuds on the metal when she uses the crates to exit up to the roof level, and once she disappears, Mujihi exhales in thought. Blinking once, Serza turns his attention over his shoulder, then turns to the pair.

Serza: Don't worry, most of that was just nonsense... doesn't hurt to break the enemy's confidence a touch now and again. (Shrugs and shakes his head once while putting his hand to the side, palm up) Although I sincerely doubt it got through to that consumed mind of hers at all.

Becoming quieter again, Serza's voice lacks the edge it took with the girl and he tips his hat back up by the brim. Beginning to walk by the beastkin duo, the man pockets his hands in his outfit's sides and Ophius vanishes into fading green-colored Seithr.

Serza: Coming? Nicaiah is worried about you two.

Mujihi: Nex entrusted Myri to us...think we should at least make sure she's okay.

Serza: She'll make it to him. I just have that feeling.

Answering them in certainty he continues his stroll right by the two, but Bitoku feels compelled to look up to where Valetha went. Something soon touches her shoulder making her look down again to see her superior's hand resting there with a touch of support, his smile still showing confidence even though the cuts spot his face.

Mujihi: Think we're done here, thanks to Serza we chased her away. We need to treat these wounds, close these holes, (laughs a bit) before we're both Swiss cheese.

Bitoku: Mission accomplished then, right? Yeah, let's head back home.

They both leave the room as well, but Valetha sits on one of the higher crates with a frown. She pulls out the hilt of her weapon, missing its blade, but strangely she holds it close to her like a child would hold a beloved toy.

Valetha: ... We'll carve this path together, you'll come back to this world...

Conclusions: The Warning SignsEdit

While Mysteria and Reiga sit in an anteroom of a public building, but besides the three here the other chairs and tables are all vacant. Waiting with anxiety on his breath, Reiga kicks his boots against a small table, the tapping draws Mysteria's eyes over to him.

Mysteria: I'll be back later...

She picks herself up from the seat and stands up, turning away and beginning to walk out toward the exit. She gets a few feet out, and Reiga suddenly stands up as well.

Reiga: More trouble?

Mysteria: No, nothing like that...but I'm getting contacted by the others. (Points to him with her index finger) You stay safe, alright?

At that point, her back is to him and she's already near the doorway.

Mysteria: Get rested, don't cause trouble. Please.

Reiga: You stay safe too Lieutenant Colonel. And also, thanks, um... I-

His words are too slow, Reiga hesitating to get them out, and they fall on empty ears as Mysteria heads out the gray doors of the building. They swing a couple of times, leaving the Lieutenant behind to sigh and stand there pulling his hand through his crimson hair while he dips his head. Lowering his hand to his side, his eyes carry slight self-disappointment until he faces himself away from the doors and starts walking back to a couch. The sounds of his footsteps take a pause, though, as he turns his head to the closest window and from there he notices a tall figure approaching the building.

The closer they come, the more evident their features are. It doesn't take long for Reiga to realize who it is upon spotting their black coat, white-silver hair and piercing red eyes that glare ahead. Making strong steps, the male carries his sword to his side, a crimson edge distorting with shadow.

Reiga: (Offscreen) Nex...

As the door sounds once more, Akari picks up her head from the pillow of a bed in one of the connecting antechambers and catches the tail end of his departure. The sight causes her to let out a small breath in dire concern.

Visibly unnerved, Reiga is outside with the rebel in mere seconds. The Crimson energy that pulses through his skin makes him reel his head back a bit with an uneasy frown.

Reiga: N-Nex… did you stop Zaezel?

Nex: (Bluntly) Dealt with.

There's the quiet smack of the steel on his shoe hitting the pavement when Nex's advance stops mere feet away from the large complex behind Reiga. But his eyes don't stare at him, rather right through him.

Reiga: (Lowers his shoulders and exhales a sigh) That’s good cause-

Nex: Where is she?

The sharp tone grinds his voice to sound more like a beast as Nex snarls through his teeth. His right foot takes another step in, and the man's demeanor is full of aggression. Reiga flinches at it falling back to a looser stance, but the Lieutenant quickly answers.

Reiga: She’s resting, was really worked up over this Seithr phenomena… when she saw the thing Zaezel summoned, I mean.

Nex: Because it’s in her program to stop the threats to the world.

Reiga: It’s-?

Bemused at the idea, Reiga shakes his head.

Reiga: Nex. Akari can’t do anything like that… I don’t think she even knows how to do it.

Nex: How would you know? You don’t know a damn thing, not like your superiors would ever tell you she’s a piece to their goals here. No different then Myri is… (Squints with anger as he clenches his free hand into a fist) but I came here to destroy that AIP.

Those words cause Reiga to grind his teeth momentarily and then raise his voice.

Reiga: She didn’t cause what happened to you, though! That was a different AIP entirely!

Nex: It doesn't just have to do with my personal experience. I decided I’d destroy those things a long time ago.

Replacing the anger in Reiga's eyes is a sudden shock.

Reiga: Wha-? Why?

Nex: Why would I waste my breath tellin' you? All you need to know is she's a problem to me because of what she can become. (Growls as he swings his hand horizontally in aggression and then grips his sword with both) Now get out of the damn way, unless you want to die.

Reiga: I’m not letting you near her when you’re like this, Nex. That look in your eye… you’re ready to kill. You need to just back down a minute.

Nex: (Offscreen) You think I’m joking? You really are clueless.

The door in Akari's room closes, and suddenly, the AIP steps out behind Reiga walking up to his shoulder, she stands firmly.

Reiga: Akari? (Looks to his side and scowls with worry) no, I told you to stay inside!

Akari: I won't let him hurt you. The Azure in him is raging... and he wants to kill. Nex, I can't ignore these thoughts of the unit much longer, their mission they've given me... is to stop you. But I've been trying to ignore it.

Reiga: ?!

Akari: It's painful, please I need to know...please tell me why you hate us. I don't want you to hate me...!

Nex: Why? I'll tell you as I break that body of yours and send you to hell.

Akari suddenly sees a blue light that envelops her vision. As it fades away, the corners of her area are blurry, almost like it isn’t real, and Reiga, the building all of it disappears.

Akari: (Looks over her shoulders in confusion) Where did… where did Nex go?

There’s no sign of the man to her surprise, and the wind brushes her face, but it causes a chill to go up through her spine. She looks around and could feel grass underneath her feet. At a loss, Akari walks ahead, following the sound of the water in the skinny crystalline streams sloshing around, the treelines to her sides with blossoms and petals drifting by her now and again. There’s a sense of peace, but when she gets further into the winding meadow-like area something is out of place. A miniature black object sits motionless in the bed of what looks like ashes, but it's concentrating Seithr. The thing is emitting uninviting dark hazes that swirl about, Akari draws her head away, reluctant to approach. But her steps continue anyway. When she's mere feet away, her eyes catch someone else who lies prone on the bed of ashy Seithr, it's covering them, and their small arms cradle the object. Their face is hidden, undiscernable due to all the pitch mess over them. Trembling now, Akari quietly comes closer, trying not to scare them further, and finally lowers to the child.

It takes a minute, but looking over them she could tell it’s a young boy, younger than Akari, but he doesn’t seem to notice her presence. The girl’s heart skips a beat when she can see that the black object he holds has limbs, widening her eyes with the observation that they're humanoid in shape. All around them, the grass blackens and turns to Seithr, the darkness continues to spread into the earth. The sight captures her attention, though Akari extends a hand to try and shake the boy, only to give a quick screech when her hand goes right through his shoulder, this causing her to pull it back in surprise.

Green eyes flutter open, staring solemnly at the object, and they don’t even look back at her for a second. The AIP feels an agonizing sorrow, and even anger, and picks her gaze up with her voice shaking.

Akari: What… what is this?

More of the scene seems to play out. Several other figures appear around her and the child. They’re taller than either of them, armor on their limbs and bits of metal and alloy hiding their faces, some were constructed like headgear. Some of them hold weapons, bodies of thin blades pointing up to the sky, and others had blades behind them, fanning out. Others still had completely different weapons, though Akari doesn’t pay much attention, taken aback by everything she makes a quiet gasp to herself when the marking on the engravings on the plates of their headgear shimmer like her own.

There’s one in the middle not wearing any armor on their body, though, there’s a NOS insignia on their outfit. They stand ahead of her and the boy. Like him, they don’t seem to notice Akari either. Suddenly, the previously still child growls like a beast and forces his head away from the blackening object he held. Akari’s eyes widen as she notices the dust clear and his hair is bright, his eyes shining with hate. But it's the metal and symbol on the collar around the child's neck that causes Akari to have a frightening realization.

Akari: N-Nex?

Young Nex: ...Why?

He growls quietly, carrying overtones of solemn confusion. The voice that answers him is deeper with a sense of wisdom to it, and across their head is a crimson-colored headpiece with a symbol on its front and center plate, emerald eyes can just barely be seen peeking underneath the lower edges.

Strange man: She was already dying.

They begin to speak, the child Nex's eyes widen.

Strange man: This is the only thing that can be done to save her soul. The unit’s power can… those were my orders.

Young Nex: Orders...

Akari looks behind the person who spoke, there’s a towering object which seems to move as various colors and lights shoot and shimmer throughout the strange body. That man’s voice demands her attention once more, though.

Strange man: This was done for the good of our world. You’ll understand someday, that it’s just a possibility we’re correcting. One I had no choice but to destroy.

Young Nex: No… (Shakes his head furiously, pounding his hand on the soil) I hate you, I hate all of you! What you’ve done, I’ll never goddamn forget or forgive it!

Strange man: You won’t remember any of it. (Pauses and sighs) Your anger, it has to be contained, otherwise…

His words trail off in mid thought.

Strange man: ...No, this desire against us won’t be acknowledged by the world. Eventually, we’ll replace those desires, and you won’t remember the pain again. That is what the world desires in every soul.

They then look to one of the individuals in the group standing among the others.

Strange man: Get rid of that thing, and make sure that those people don’t find him. Then once you’re certain it’s safe, bring him back with you.

???: ...Are you sure this is what our architects wanted?

They're not seen, only heard. Akari continues to stare at the crimson-clad one in the center.

Strange man: Want? I've been left here to handle this situation on my own, the one who designed my purpose is long gone. Yet, I know my purpose, and I follow it... I don't need their approval to see the world's desire fulfilled.

As the memory ends in a rippling distortion, Akari’s eyes widen. Nex’s purely crimson eyes burn with hate toward her, his teeth gnashing as he swings his head back to face her.

Nex: You… you have no right to look at my memories, you damned system puppet!

Akari: Nex… no, wait!

But the instant he comes toward her with his blade, the unit reforms over Akari coating her entire body in the bits of armor which click into place again over her limbs. Her eyes focus with intensity and she lunges in, clashing against his blade with her own set that glides around her.

Akari: No! Nex, you have to stop...I can’t control the unit much longer…

Nex: Die!

Akari: (To herself as she trembles in surprise) T-that darkness... I've seen... who?

Nex knocks the blades away with his own, the beast that trails his hand's movement roars as it readies to strike. Akari pauses in shock, eyes wide while she continues to shake uncontrollably. Just then, a voice screams at him to stop.

Myri: Nex, stop! Please!

Reiga: Myri?

His sword pauses mid-strike, the beast vanishing into the Seithr as he twirls his body around quickly to glare at the blue-haired girl who comes rushing in. Her hand held up past her chest as she grips her collar tightly, pressing her teeth together in worry, she makes a begging cry to him.

Myri: You can't Nex, don't hurt Akari!

Siegfried: Like that's going to stop him. That's useless.

Nex: What don't you people get? I'm the Destroyer, the destructive will of the Azure! That puppet has to be destroyed! And... (Glares at Myri) so do you...if you try to force your desire on me.

Myri: (Quietly, in shock) What?

A sudden pressure launches into Nex from the side. A black blur comes at him as electric energy surges all around him, causing him to throw his body back in pain. Soon following it, the rebel barely has time to recover from reeling back until he growls, feeling a tingle shoot through his right shoulder. A luminescent claw clamps down near his neck and sends him crashing to the ground on his back.

Sylar: Sounding a bit psycho there, Nex. Why don't you chill out, yeah?

Myri: Sylar? You… you showed up… but I thought you said you were-

Sylar: Yeah, well... changed my mind. Don't just stand there, you say you wanna help him, better do it now while you’ve got a chance.

The Demon stands back up snapping his claw in a flicking motion as Nex looks at him from the ground and growls.

Siegfried: Cavalry, late as ever. And of course, it had to be you.

Sylar: (Scoffs and rolls his eyes) Oh sorry, wasn't aware you wanted to die here. But, he deserved it... not because he's being an asshole, but because he said he'd protect this girl. Something he taught me was not to go back on what you say, 'cuz it leaves regret.

Lying on the ground, Nex growls while the residue energy paralyzes his body. Hatred still dripping in his tone as darkness concentrates around him.

Myri: Nex, you’re in pain, you have to calm down. Stop drawing power from your Grimoire!

Myri walks up to Nex with a frown, looking down at the young man. Crouching to him, she reaches out with her hand, putting it on his forehead. Eyes becoming wide, his first reaction is violent and Nex whips his head away. A soft glow envelops him, the man grunts and growls but as it continues, the hostile desires gleaming in the man’s crimson eyes slowly fades away as his breathing regulates, the darkness consuming his body quiets, becoming smaller until it disappears entirely.

Reiga: How did-?

Sylar: Not bad there. Alright, need to get him out of the open...

Scanning the area and simultaneously hoisting an unconscious Nex over his right shoulder, Sylar points to the building directly behind Reiga and starts making a stride to it.

Sylar: There, right here looks like a good place.

When the Demon starts to approach the doorways, Reiga shakes his head, dumbfounded at his audacity.

Reiga: Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Sylar: (Unfazed as he continues to walk) Uh, goin' into this place?

The clacking of his combat boots come to a halt when Reiga puts himself right in his path to block the doorway with his body, spreading his arms to both ends of the doorway. Although, in comparison to the Demon he could merely push him away, but he gives an amused huff instead.

Reiga: You can't just... it's not supposed to be used by criminals! Let alone two of the most dangerous! Really I should be reporting that he's down and-

Sylar: You want to be using your code, and logic, now of all times? You really wanna do that? Is losing your life worth reporting Nex to your superiors? Because I have no problems-

Myri: Can you two do this later? Don’t you think enough has happened here?

She interjects, the corners of her mouth drooping with a frown. As the Lieutenant's eyes glance to her, Reiga pauses in thought, before he lowers his head, while Sylar simply cocks his head up and away from them with a disgruntled and dissatisfied look to his demon irises.

Myri: Please, just let us use it, just for now, Reiga. We'll leave as soon as Nex is okay.

Siegfried: As much as I hate to admit it, we’re not in the best condition to be battling him anyway. He has way more energy than we do.

Reiga: (Exhales and lowers his swords as their tips touch the ground) Guess you have a point.

They walk in and set a table up, a cloth slaps the air and is spread neatly over the table, and on top, some cups holding liquid inside that releases a plume of steam.

Walking away from the medical room, Sylar scowls at the selection of beverages while he passes the side of the table and strides to a nearby chair. After he sets himself on one, he reaches into the inside of his coat; digging around a bit with his claw. A second later he pulls out a colorful can and uses the tip of his index talon to pop the tab producing a short hiss. He tilts his head back as he chugs the caffeinated drink without much thought.

Reiga who stands nearby is briefly distracted by the noise, but he quickly looks to Myri closeby. Just behind him is Akari, who stays quiet while her eyes stare at an unconscious Nex, absolving herself in her thoughts of worry.

Reiga: (Quickly speaks) So how long do you think he's going to be out, anyway?

There’s still a bit of bitterness to his tone, but Myri can’t blame him.

Myri: I don't know.

She admits quietly, running her hand through some strands of her blue hair.

Sylar: He hasn't used the Grimoire in a long time. Could be a while, since he's not used to that.

Green eyes watch the group with a bit of a squint to them, the one putting his eyes on them is Siegfried who keeps a distance from the group. The Brigadier remains in another hallway entirely with his back flat against a white wall under the blue banner of the NOS, and a cup of coffee in his hand.

Myri sits at Nex’s side quietly, cupping her hands together as the silver-haired rebel rests against one of the medical beds Sylar set him on. Myri burries her head in both hands as her back raises and the girl heaves a sigh.

Reiga: That Grimoire makes it clear that guy really is the enemy of our world.

Commenting, Reiga shakes his head pulling his hand through the crimson strands of his messy hair. Sylar’s sharp voice soon brings his gaze back to the Demon who reclines with his torso hanging over the headrest of his chair and his talons tapping against it.

Sylar: Maybe. Still, you don't even know him really, so you shouldn't be talkin'.

Reiga: (Replies firmly) I know he tried to kill Akari. Grimoire or not, it's no excuse to let him off.

Myri: Part of me wants to think he's trying to be a better person. (Lifts her head back up) He is capable of being human.

Sylar: Course he is. Probably one of the most human in this world of corrupt jackasses, psychopaths, naive children, etc etc. Just have to get to know him beyond all his flaws.

Reiga scrunches his brow at that last comment on the list, feeling it was about him.

Myri: I’m sorry, though, Akari. I don’t know why he wants to hurt you.

Akari: There's so much darkness inside that Grimoire... I don't think he can control it. But it was strange, Reiga... I felt like it was sucking me in. I could feel something I can't explain, but it scares me. The entire time I was using the unit, it felt like something else was there as well, trying to get in.

Listening to his partner, Reiga crosses his arms against his chest and closes his eyes while she explains, but his hand soon rests against his temple; Reiga seems unable to understand.

Reiga: (Sighs) I don't know what to tell you Akari, why don't you go lay down. Incase Nex wakes up... I don't want you near him.

Obeying him, Akari quietly departs and heads into another room.

Myri: I want to think it’s just the Grimoire... but his anger toward AIP makes me think otherwise.

Reiga: He also mentioned you. (Turns his hand out in thought) Something about desire?

Myri: (Shakes her head, then throws it back, exhaling a sigh) Yes… I don’t know what that was about, either.

Reiga: You should be cautious around that man, Myri. I don’t know what he wants with you.

Myri: I think he just wants someone around him who can help him deal with the Grimoire’s power… I think it hurts him more than he lets on.

Reiga: How do you know that's all he wants?

The girl closes her eyes with a small huff at the comment, and turns her head away.

Myri: I can make my own choice, Reiga.

Reiga: Maybe it’s just because of my duty as the so-called Prodigy, but I don’t want to see a good person who can maybe help this world waste their chance. I hate being the negative one here, (Points his head to Nex) but that man clearly is trouble. I don’t want someone to pay for that.

Myri: (Looks at Reiga, a bit surprised by his tone) What’s gotten you so focused? Weeks ago you were so, well...unsure.

Reiga: It's for the people who I care about, or care about me... I have to start taking this situation more seriously. And, so should you. I can’t go chasing fictional truths while people are getting hurt in this, my father raised me better than that.

When Myri doesn't reply to him, Reiga shakes his head and then makes his way to the door that Akari went through. Soon after it, Sylar gets up and starts to walk back to the large doorway, his back to the others as he makes his way to the entry.

Myri: Sylar, wait.

His steps stop.

Myri: Thanks, for coming back, I mean. You didn't have to do that.

Sylar: (Smiles a bit) Well... no matter how much I hate the guys' choices, I still am his ally. (Looks over his shoulder at her) Now, you do me a favor, huh?

Myri: A favor...?

Sylar: (Becomes serious as he turns to her) Stay with him. No matter what he tells you to do.

Myri: (Unsure) Sylar, you said Nex pushes away the people he thinks are a problem to him... so won't he just push me away?

A bit of guilt comes into the man's eyes as he looks away from her own. Replacing the mischevious grin, is remorse and following it is a heavy sigh.

Sylar: That was just me being bitter about how things went in the past.

Myri tilts her head at it, while Sylar begins to explain. He begins with a fond grin, but it gradually fades.

Sylar: See, we had a team sorta, tackled problems together, no matter how hard it'd get. Nex knew he could rely on us, and you could tell he cared.

His brow creases as he continues, and his genuine grin is replaced by a crooked expression of concern.

Sylar: Somewhere down the line, he decided he'd do things on his own, he wanted to understand the other side to his life. (Shrugs with acceptance, tilting his head to the side once) And I could understand it, he can't just ignore his problems. So a girl who was with us, she convinced him to go with her, only thing is... (closes his eyes) we couldn't go with him.

A deep sigh mixing with a disgruntled growl emits from him, his tone flooding with a grim vibe.

Sylar: The next time I saw him, months later, he was completely different, and then on top of learning our other teammate was dead, just it...(Shakes his head, clenching his claws with a pent up anger) it destroyed him. He told me to stay away from him, I got kinda pissed, and then (Exhales and opens his eyes) the rest is history.

Myri: O-oh... that's...I didn't know. So that's why you like to be alone.

Sylar: I'll be there when I need to be, I'm loyal to a fault. Just... it sucked to lose the people I felt like I belonged with, I guess.

There's a pause while Myri takes the story all in, her eyes sullen. A bit after, Sylar finally regains his aloof composure, picking his posture up and shaking it off.

Sylar: (Shakes his head, waving his claw in dismissal) But, enough of that. Whatever he discovered with that girl, I don't think he'll ever talk about it.

Myri: So... (Lowers her head) he's on the cusp of despair. I guess it makes so much sense now why what I saw in that split second, the vision was like he almost wanted to kill me if I chose to go against him. (Lifts her gaze, at a loss while her shoulders droop) But why?

Sylar: Honestly, don't know. (Turns away quickly) Just, stay with him. He needs you more than he leads to believe.

Again he puts his back to them and walks out. A troubled Myri blinks with heavy thought and then looks at Nex with confliction in her eyes while she presses her fingers against her temples.

Myri: What is it you want from me...Nex?

End of Verse 1
To be continued...

Verse 2 End Credits PreviewEdit

Akuhei walks in the room where Lukain waits quietly, he approaches the man who looks at a display on the screen. Wearing a look of disinterest, Akuhei raises his gaze to it and pockets his hands while leaning back straight.

Akuhei: What'd you want to see me about?

Lukain: This is our chance, while the power has been acknowledged through Azure 0's actions. (Turns to Akuhei) We need to locate the key that can reach and unlock what's within.

Akuhei: (Closes his eyes) Eh... isn't that thing sealed out in Taoreta?

Lukain: Indeed. However, it seems the desire has grown enough...enough to repair that soul.

Akuhei: (Opens his eye with a slight grin) Despite being man-made, that's somewhat impressive.

Without adding to his response, Lukain begins to leave the room. Akuhei shifts around a bit as he seems to be in a better mood.

Akuhei: ...So, I assume you'll be handling the Unit.

Lukain: (Speaks while continuing to make his way to the doors) I have my orders from the Overseers, so we should start making preparations for the script as soon as we can.

Lukain walks away and Akuhei chuckles as he looks at the screen, displaying an enormous and strange, motionless black object surrounded in auras of red darkness that sits in an unknown location in Kagutsuchi.

Akuhei: Don't let me down now Azure 0... the chance to make a new possibility is going to be right in your hand. Don't waste it like you usually do.

A girl with crimson eyes and reddish violet hair looks over to the sight of Kagutsuchi, an object with many interconnected metal bits floats behind her that has the words engraved on it "Nex Noxia -Murakumo-", and holds an odd blade within it. While she speaks, the girl's face is soon seen again as she looks to the city.

Unknown Girl: So it's calls to us. (Blinks) I want to remember everything this world took away. I want to know it, the only true desire in this world... show it to me. (Smiles faintly) Open the door to our desires they made with their this world's punishment can truly begin.

(Screen goes dark)
(???) I can't allow the darkness to consume everything. This world... will never know that pain! The Power of Azure can't deny Desire. Accept eternity... and we can avoid this nightmare. End it before it begins.

(Nex, exhausted) I... will never accept that... even if it means suffering; I will find a way to overcome any cost! (growls in strain) Now observe it closely, the power of the Azure's will! Manifesting link to the Boundary… Embryo...Engage BlazBlue!
The road to BLUE atonement begins with RED punishment
At an edge of SIN and DARKNESS
Open the GATE to the memories of DESPAIR to obtain HOPE in a POSSIBILITY, and face a CRIMSON DESIRE rejected long ago...
Verse 2: Primordial Awakenings

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