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After beating those "Seithr Beings" I ended up having a bit of issues with my grimoire, I wasn't expecting it to stir after such a small contact. An attack is being planned on the 5th area with a guy named Zaezel waitin for me in the 5th area. Apparently Red Thunder is there as well, shit things are unfolding fast. Sieg was dealing with Sylar, looking for info for himself about my own reasons...and now even he's headed there. I gotta get goin before he gets himself into trouble...but it doesn't look like that'll happen anytime soon. Lukain has revealed himself, and I'm not letting him get away, he's gonna answer every question I have, willingly or not.

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"Blue Faith"

Lies that cover our hearts and minds
Nothing but hell hidden in this paradise
Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices
Should we exist in such a world
Where has our purpose gone?
Why does fate make us suffer?
Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself
War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release
But what light can we see in one so dark
Holding all hatred and sorrow
What do you seek but destruction
Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world
Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue
Its what leads to the truth and guides your hand
tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin
Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness
We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?
Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this hell, I believed in this path

Arc 1: Purity and Sin
Episode 16: Concealed Menace

"Kagusutchi, December 24th, Upper Levels "
"Outside Area 4's Borders"

Anna quickly hides behind Kiryos's back to avoid Lukain's gaze. Anxiety and terror fill her as that man is nearby, and she tries not to cry.

Anna: (To herself) S-So... this is the Marshal...

The tall and briefly shadowed figure of Lukain steps out toward the group. Eyes of a cold navy stare at the others.

Lukain: All of you in one place? (quickly glancing around the group, his expression unchanging) I believe you all had missions...last I recall sorting as a group was not in them.

Reiga: S-sir...

Mysteria: apologies...

Kiryos: I apologize for the inconvenience, sir.

All of them hastily reply at the presence of their superior, but Lukain seemed to have interest elsewhere his eyes glancing beyond them deliberately ignoring their very presence, as though they were transparent. His focus keens in on only one individual as he spoke in heavy tone once more.

Lukain: Azure 0...

Nex: ...

Eyes meeting, tension instantly fills the air as the gems of rain continue to pelt down. As Nex feels that stare, his feelings of malice seem to cause even time to halt around the two for a fleeting moment. Despite his condition, he stomps the soaked earth with his palms and leaps to his feet wearing an expression that spoke for itself. A fight waiting to happen, but not the ideal condition. The idea would be placed to the side as once more his look shifts, this time toward a clearly nervous Reiga.

Lukain: (Gazes at Reiga with a firm stare) Lieutenant, don't you have a mission to accomplish?

Saying it in a certain tone that expressed both authority and dominance, Reiga bows out instantly hearing him.

Reiga: (Backs up slightly) I'm sorry sir. You're absolutely correct. (Looks to the side slightly, as Akari remains close to him)

Lukain: Then do not just stand there... go and intercept, Lieutenant. We'll address your lack of proper prioritizing later.

Reiga: (Frowns and then nods) ...Yes sir.

Mysteria: Permission to speak, wasn't --

Lukain: (Looks at her) It can wait.

Her sentence halted with brisk force of word, Mysteria's efforts to defend Reiga fell on deaf ears.

Beginning to slump, Reiga gradually moves past the others and looks back at them with a small frown. After a final glance he straightens, and sprints off toward the 5th area a sullen Akari behind him, Kiryos closing his eyes and releasing a sigh as his friend disappears into the misty night. 

Myri: ... (To herself) It wasn't only Reiga's fault...

The girl looks at Lukain who seemed apathetic in every sense of the word, and yet calculating, every bit as dangerous as she imagined from Lazarith's words. The Marshal was respected for everything he'd done for the NOS, giving them the edge on every war because he spoke to the absolute ones of the NOS, made advances no one would think possible...even so, there was something inhumane and cold surrounding him. The lack of care at all. Perhaps that being the price for his power, his status. Or was there more to it? She didn't know, but looking to the side she noticed Nex's burning gaze of contempt shot from his narrowed two tone eyes. And still the sheer malevolence eminatting from him passed as no threat to the man before them. Myri struggles to speak the next words.

Myri: (To herself) And yet I don't think this man cares about that at all. (Steadily gets out her words as she lifts her gaze) Marshal, why're you here? May I ask...

Lukain: (Steps forward quietly) I was personally asked to speak to you Myri. (Looks at her) By those considered to be "Absolute" the Unknown 5 themselves...but that's of no importance to you.

Nex: (Eyes widen for a moment as he pushes himself back up growling as he thinks to himself) The Unknown it is the Marshal who speaks to them...they who are closest...the "Heart".

Within his eyes, the five spirits of those who Lukain spoke to show up for a moment while the background flashes a blue light within some kind of mechanism before his eyes narrow once more after the images fade.

Nex: (To himself) So...Legna, looks like you were right.

Myri: (Gasps as she brings her hand to her chest) is it really that much of an issue? (turning her gaze downward a frown appears over her expression) Just for me?

Lukain: It is. Lazarith, is also concerned for your safety. You being absent has raised concern among many, including him, the Unknown 5 and myself.

That concerned her, made her sad to know she'd caused so much panic among the government, specifically Lazarith. The last thing she wished was for him to worry. 

Myri: (lowers gaze further) I wasn't trying to cause this much trouble...

Lukain: (turns his gaze at Nex) What made you decide to leave with a man who took you from your home?

Myri: I...

Nex: (Offscreen as Myri quickly looks at him) Why the hell should that matter, it was her choice. She can walk at any damn time. 

Retorting with ferocity, Nex shoots a strong leer toward Lukain though the man doesn't budge displaying incredible composure.  

Lukain: You do realize...this war will only continue to intensify the longer you remain a force of wild destruction, more pain, more death, more violence that harms the peace we've fought so hard for in this world...

Lukain's tone... as professional and genuine as it may of sounded it only puts Nex at odds. Strugling to maintain his own composure, he finds his anger creeping up within him at an alarming speed. 

Nex: Are you screwing with me or what?! As if I give a shit to what I cause to this god damned--

Myri: Nex please--!

Myri's desperate tone piercing his own causes him to close his mouth into a present furious scowl.

Myri: Let me talk to him...please.

Lukain: (closes his navy eyes for a moment) You listen to this girl...? How ironic, when no one could get you to do so, unbroken soul, (opens eyes) and yet you prove it possible as you listen willingly to her.

The rebel merely flashes a disgusted scowl toward the statement while keeping his hand clenched tight around his blade’s pommel.

Kiryos: Do as you please, Miss Kukiyona. If that man is willing to listen to you, of course.

Nex: She can talk to him after I'm done with him, (steps out right past Myri) if I leave anything of him that is... 

Myri: ...But...

Lukain: Yes, I suppose I owe you a conversation. We have other matters to focus on such as those directing their forces on the city itself, we don't exactly have the energy to be expending chasing after her. 

Nex: You’re doing a great job of stopping those “forces” (clenches his hands into fists)

Lukain: ... 

Nex: Like you give a shit what they do in truth, but if you’re out here yourself then it does do one good thing: Gives me an opportunity I’m not about to pass up on.

Tension grips every part of his body through to his fingers gripping his sword tightly, Nex speaking daggers to the man before him, he readies his blade as a dark aura shrouds around him. 

Lukain: Quite clearly you despise us. Though, what is it your soul seeks...Azure 0? An endless road of destruction and suffering? The demise of the worlds protection, the government's end and world's descent into all consuming black chaos as its once been in before? ...or perhaps you seek death...freedom?

Nex: ... (closes his teeth into a slight growl)

Lukain: Alas the final is impossible. The second alludes reality while the NOS stands...and, I suppose that only leaves the first choice of destruction.

Nex: I "Seek" jackass...

Kiryos: (To himself) Answers...? What kind of answers?

Lukain: I suppose you would, Azure 0...I'll tell you anything you wish to know, if you do as I ask, cooperate, and stop causing all this senseless trouble.

Nex: What? (eyes shift as he turns his gaze over in annoyance) Tch, I'm not as stupid to bite that lure as certain "other" people.

Lukain:  Ah, though you no doubt wish to know why that accident occurred to you…

Nex: Yeah I wanna know!

He spat in agroavation, the certain motion of him snapping forward displayed his rope reaching its end.  

Nex: Why wouldn’t I? Its infuriating as hell! Someone purposefully set that up so I’d be infused with this grimoire, the moment it happened it awoke my power over the azure. (scowls gradually as he lowers his sword) There was an AIP there, now last I checked those belonged to the NOS and someone ordered it to do what it did, (squints in slight frusteration) after it was finished with me I swore I died. I went through hell for what felt like eternity, but the next thing I know...I’m alive. Those people are no where to be seen... (closes his eyes with increasing anger) This thing in my body, no idea what the fuck is goin on and the governments are all hauling ass to that spot to catch me.

Lukain: Purposfully? You're either incredibly perceptive or someone told you that...Imyo? Either way, that is right it was no accident for you to be infused with it, it was set up, prepped. Someone desired you specifically to awaken that power, and bring out the full potential of that BlazBlue, for what we don’t know. Someone who knew quite a bit about you, evidently.

Kiryos: Excuse me, sir, (Lukain quietly turns his attention toward him) but you are implying that someone wanted to make Nex utilize his full potential. Could it be that that person is amongst our ranks?

Lukain: Though this has no bearing on you Major, its doubtful that it was someone in our ranks. That would be considered a destructive practice.

He shuts down the conversation swiftly with a stern tone, and even Kiryos took note that continuing the topic was a foolish endeavor. 

Kiryos: But there still is a chance. (closes his eyes) Although I will not press on this topic any further. (To himself) Whoever it was, Marshal knows about it more that he lets us know. All these secrets...

One person wasn't buying into it though, not nearly. There were too many signs the government was involved, the picture of that Azure Interface Primefield's sick grin stuck in his mind along with his own bloodied and near dismembered form before he got the grimoire. 

Nex: So what, you’re just denying the NOS had any involvement in it at all? And that you just played the role of Marshal and sent your forces in after me?

Lukain: The AIP is likely rogue which this person decided to reprogram, after all they needed an AIP to open the gate there and access the power needed for the events that night. Whether we know anything of it is inconsequential to you Azure 0, and a confidential matter.


Accessing the gate itself was considered illegal by today's laws. 

Kiryos: (To himself) The Gate… the place where our world connects to the Boundary. Many thought it to be a conduit for a great power that could change the world, but after witnessing what the extended exposure does to humans, the projects were shut down… at least that is what I heard. (opens his eyes) But they are using AIP to gain access to the Gate?

Myri: (To herself as her eyes shine with a certain concern) This must be what Nex was talking about when he said the government attacked him before he was a threat… but (looks at Lukain as a frown appears on her face) this person who beyond the top government’s notice put the grimoire into Nex... why’d they do it…? I don’t like where this is going...

Lukain: (holds a finger against his head for a moment) Why relate us to such a destructive endeavor...after all there are outside forces challenging the NOS, such as Zaezel. Why not seek your answers from them?

Kiryos: (To himself) The answers… who could possibly have them? The LSZ? Zaezel? I think that they are in the dark as anyone else...

Nex: Tch. (To himself) I doubt it. Where would they have gotten that grimoire. (aloud) Screw that then...were you behind the orders to kill Imyo after I left?

Lukain: Yes.

He answers calmly, assuredly which throws Nex offguard.

Lukain: Why wouldn’t I be? The SIA and in turn myself were wondering where exactly you’d disappeared to. When we approached Imyo about the situation when one of our members had seen you with another azure haired boy, Imyo refused to say anything on the matter. So for both being a pivotal part of the rebel forces and knowing that you left, that was considered an act against the government and he was removed.

Kiryos frowns upon hearing that. Another victim of the regime… rivers of blood flowing down the streets of cities. How many people have to die for the “higher cause”? The Assassin thinks about all the lives that were sacrificed for the System.

Kiryos: (To himself) More and more people die every day for the sake of the regime. When will this end? All this violence and blood… it makes me sick.

Nex: (Trembles angrily as he lowered his gaze for a moment) I was your target, I left...I left trying to make sure they’d get away. (snaps in rage) Why did you have your forces target them?! Couldn’t give them a chance to run before you hunted them down like animals?!

Remaining quiet with carefully hidden interest in Nex's fury, he listens to the criminal's words which pour down like the increasing rain. Fastening a tassle around part of his uniform while Nex angrily continues, his cold navy eyes stay peeled on him and watch him intently. 

Nex: Siegfried had nothing to do with any of it! And he suffered the loss of everything, for no goddamn reason! Why didn’t you just pursue me?!

Myri: ...

Mysteria: ...The Brigadier was raised with the Beast of Sin…?!

Focus broken from the sudeen reaction, the Marshal sighs at the bedlam occurring from the conversation, though he had discerned this would happen eventually. 

Kiryos: Tch. That would explain some of his… deviations.

Lukain: He was raised with you, (lowers his hand as he steps forward toward Nex) who knows what he'd learned. Being raised by an enemy of the NOS didn’t put him in a good position. He either came to us, Azure 0, or we would of come to him he didn’t have many other options. (Stops a short distance from him as Nex quickly readies to draw his blade) Because he wanted to enter our ranks, we obliged. There was no trickery involved. Yes, he was agonized to say the least from the events, but he went down his road, and you yours. 

Nex: …Tch, you…(to himself as his gaze lowers further) you bastards...all you did was take advantage of his helpless state.

Lukain: Back to Imyo, I don’t think you quite understood how much of an influence your caretaker had on the outside mercenary liberation forces Azure 0. He was a pivotal part in their efforts and had every intention of interfering with what we did...he was a leader among them. (glances back to Nex) Raising you, was part of an underlying motive and greater endeavor against us, what that is you don’t need to know.

A look of perplexion plagues Nex, he wasn't expecting to hear that. What exactly was it that Imyo knew? It only served to make the man wish to know more but then swiftly frusterates him upon recalling there was no way to learn info that was erased completely.

Lukain in cold uncarring tone continues. 

Lukain: How do you think he learned everything he told you? Those were archives he and his band decided to help themselves to, he’s been an enemy of ours for quite sometime pursuing in matters best left alone...and he was raising you and that boy to go against us, was he not?

Nex: … So even he was hiding shit. I figured that much when Rau said that Imyo was already prepared to give his life for me. (Closes his eyes with a firm scowl) But before he could tell me anything, you had your forces take him out to keep things quiet. I don’t know what it was he knew about me... (Necros howls, cutting the air as Nex whips his arm out strongly to point his sword forward)

Airs quiver around them, winds of anxiety and unease rule the night as it tosses the pouring rain sidways.

The sudden malevolance from Nex peaks the Marshal's interest, grabbing his full attention instantaneously. For the first time his look changed, now stimulated by the events. Though Nex couldn't care less about something as small as facial expressions, instead he pours his anger and indignation toward this man in every following word with furious passion.

Nex: Its all one big convoluted web that I’ll have to sort through, but for now (squints his two tonned eyes into a fierce glare as Lukain's eyes spark with intriguement) the one who was behind that pain has the audacity to stand in front of me and I’m gonna send you beyond hell, right to oblivion!

Lukain: As you may try, Azure 0. 

"Kagusutchi, Upper levels"
"Entering Area 5"

Siegfried after leaving Sylar and having learned about Nex, returned his focus to the 5th area where he spotted the barrier falling. Coming forward into the area, the first thing he notices is there were no guards, no soldiers at their post, only a bloodied ground and a sense of tension left heavy in the air.

Siegfried: (To himself) What the hell happened here? No soldiers, but a lot of blood… Who the hell did this?

Thoughts buzzing, he keeps himself calm walking in, looking about the area with his hand hovering over the hilt of his blade. Among the dead silence of the area, a voice suddenly catches his attention, and, instinctively, Siegfried draws his trusted sword.

???: Brigadier of the NOS...they've sent you here?

A bit surprised, Siegfried goes on alert snatching tight his weapon as his boots tap the paved ground. Wearing a placid frown, his blade moves through the air gently as he calls toward the voice.

Siegfried: (finally points the tip of his blade towards the sound’s direction) You… how do you know I’m with the NOS?

Slowly the person emerges, they were taller than Siegfried, older but their features were completely obscured by a mantle of long white attire. Though he bared extremely bright eyes that seemed to cast a light on the shadow of his visage from the hood of his cloak. He speaks to Siegfried in a passive tone in effort to avoid conflict.

???: (Walks out quietly in cloak, slowly raising his hand) You don’t need to draw your weapon, I am a soul of peace. I’m a member of the NOS owned Ministry.

Siegfried: (Stares at the person) A soul of peace, huh? Well then you won’t mind if I keep my weapon drawn, i’m not too fond of strangers.

The cloaked man lets off a sigh at his demeanor, radiant eyes looking at the surface of the sword.

???: You will do it regardless of if I ask you not to or not. (Looks around) What possessed you to come here? The death here is only a start.

Siegfried: A start…? (Looks back towards the blood) Listen I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, this area is the source of a lot of trouble… It’s only natural for a NOS soldier to come here.

???: You’re confident… (Closes his eyes) He was confident to, but I believe he was far smarter.

Siegfried: Who’re you talking about? (Frowns shifting slightly) And what the hell do you mean by smarter?

He asks in slight agitation while looking directly at the man's eyes.

???: (Walks forward) You walk a violent road, but so did he, until he learned the truth. (continues moving past Siegfried while speaking) That’s what most people are after in this world.

Ramblings about truth again, Siegfried thinks to himself with a disdained grumble. Though to be fair he did know a lot himself, but couldn't tell if this man was either telling the truth or full of it.

Siegfried: (Clenches his hand tightly against his sword’s hilt) Your excessive ranting is beginning to annoy me. This truth you speak of… What the hell is it and who the hell are you?

Keil: I already said, I am a simple soul of peace from the Ministry. The “Truth” I’m speaking of is something you have to find out in your own way, (Looks back at him) it can’t be explained. Though to see you traverse a road of this...violence is disappointing.

Siegfried: A simple soul of peace…? (Laughs) You’ve said that twice now yet it contradicts everything this world stands for. (Shakes his head gesturing towards the bloodied floor) The “Truth” in my eyes is a world full of violence, in order to gain something in a world like this, one must be willing to use any means necessary. Thus what is there to gain by spouting this senseless nonsense of peace.

Keil: (Looks toward the blood for a moment, blinking) I’m aware that in order for there to ever be a chance of peace in the world there has to be sacrifice with it. However, I don’t agree with how the world is run, needless death, darkness rampant with no one to stop it. The lines between “right” and “wrong” are lost. (Closes his eyes shaking his head, before he looks at Siegfried with a glint of disappointment in his stare) Again your responses have done nothing but disappoint. You’re barely similar to him at all.

Siegfried: (Sighs) Listen… I don’t have a freaking clue of who the hell you’re talking about, but I could care less about who the hell i’m trying to impress. I don’t care if i’m similar to him or not i’m my own being.(Closes his eyes) Yet you talk about me like you know who the hell I am...and exactly how I should be, yet do you even know what the hell I went through?

Those radiant eyes blink once in thought, as though he were debating with himself on what to say.

Keil: (Looks at him) I know you like that man have been treated harshly by the world…and now you both lash at others for it, though his case is different.Though, I find your wording at “everyone being the same” interesting, because a lot of the world sees only one way.

Siegfried: (Shakes his head) Not everyone finds the same world an ideal world… Thus no one can truly see the same world, but I suppose you’re right in everyone seeing the world exactly the same. No one really wants to see a different world… Even though I wish I could just blindly accept the way things are my past won’t let me accept these things without a reason.

Hearing the response seemed to trigger a bit of a concern with Keil, quickly he shifts to the main topic of concern and reason he'd wished to speak with the azure haired man.

Keil: (Sighs) Allow me to ask you this: do you believe you can change the world? What is it that you fight for?

Siegfried: (Laughs) I can change the world? I never once said I was fighting to change this world, all I want is my answers. I fight for answers about the past… I don’t care about changing the way this world is now. I’ll leave that to others that actually care about that crap.

Keil’s expression becomes placid for a moment, as he takes in the man’s rough words. Unable to hide a frown, the man looks visibly let down at the response and level of self-importance Siegfried exuded.

Keil: (To himself) I was hoping he’d be an ally because he has control over azure, but it doesn’t seem like he is going to be. (Sighs quietly, looking at him) All you want is your answers… you certainly are selfish. And yet you can’t control your power, when Nex can command his at will.

Siegfried: (Frowns before glancing towards his sword) My power… I can definitely control it I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. I clearly can control it since I managed to defeat someone who was on equal level as Nex.

Keil: ...I see, (raises his gaze slightly) I must be misjudging then. Still with an attitude like that you’re hardly deserving of that sword which saw countless battles centuries ago.

Siegfried: Ugh… you’re really starting to annoy me. Although I had no clue this thing had seen countless amounts of battles.

Keil: (Turns around once more) Yes it has, and its almost a shame its in your hands. (starts to walk away toward the central part of the area)

Siegfried: A shame? Wait where the heck are you going? (steps in front of him causing Keil to appear slightly disdained) We’re not done with our chat… You still haven’t answered the question of who you’re referring to.

Keil: (Looks down at him for a moment) It wouldn’t matter to you where I’m going, who I refer to is none other than your father. Albrecht Schtauffen.

Siegfried: (A surprised blank look crosses his face) My father...y-you knew my father?

Keil: (Pauses, taking a bit of a breath in as he tries to think of what to say) I did, and you know him to have been one of the most revered in the NOS. I’m assuming to learn more about him, and what he’s done, is part of why you joined them.

Siegfried: (Sighs, pausing slightly shaking his head) That's getting quite irksome… How many people know of my reasoning to join the NOS, seriously its getting quite annoying.

Keil: It was a guess...but any child would want to know of their parents.

A shadowed figure is shown which stood among the ranks of the NOS holding Ettard high to the sky.

Keil: (Offscreen) Albrecht is considered to have been one who paved roads for the NOS, a highly important figure in their reign (looks down at the blade in Siegfried’s hands) holding that very same blade you do. That is what’s believed. But even so, he wasn’t… (closes his eyes trying to find the words, before sighing) he wasn’t one to just take what he wanted and didn’t always accept things as they were.

Siegfried: You speak quite highly of the guy…he must’ve done a lot of good. (Laughs) Yeah its because of him that i’m in the situation I am in now… Because of my ever growing curiosity of him I joined the NOS looking for answers. (Looks down at Ettard) But that doesn't mean I am my father… Unlike him i’ve done things that even you would find dislikable, but I can’t change who I am or why I am the way I am now… Least not until I get what I want.

Keil: (To himself) Too early then I suppose… (Sighs) You could be more than your father, but as you say you aren’t willing for change. (looks back away from him) I’d ask you to be cautious on your path for answers, but you won’t likely do that either.

Siegfried: (Shrugs) I’m not the cautious sort… Besides I don’t really need anyone to tell me to be cautious.

Keil: (To himself) and you say I'm annoying... (sighs at the response) You’d do well to listen to others every once in awhile.

Siegfried: Listening to others isn’t a strong suit of mine… I tend to avoid people whenever I can get the chance…

Keil: (offscreen as Siegfried gains a irksome smirk) You and him don’t listen at all do you...I guess I should have expected that.

Siegfried: (holds his head up in arrogance while the smirk remains) Nope not one bit.

Keil: You’re far more arrogant though… while I don’t agree with him because of the fact he’s chosen a road of sin and destruction, and is connected to an evil power he is at least smarter and knows what’s going on. (Closes his eyes)

Siegfried: (Smirk dips into a frown) Ugh… What the hell is with everyone and saying that, hell how am I supposed to know anything if no one even bothers to tell me what the fuck is going on…?

Keil: (Shakes his head) You can’t expect people to just tell you everything while you make no effort on your part. (Looks back at him) I’m through speaking with you...go on ahead into your fight.

Siegfried: (Folds his arm shaking his head) Why are you assuming I have nothing better to do, but fight? Granted my track record wouldn’t exactly agree with that or what i’ve previously said…but just flat out saying go ahead into a fight?

Keil: That’s what you’re here to do isn’t it? Though if it were up to me, I’d suggest you leave the area, either way I don’t have anymore to speak to you about as you are right now.

Siegfried: You know I can’t just leave the area, that would result in a lot of unwanted trouble… And what do you mean by that anyway? Is something going to happen. or is it your plan to make it happen?

Keil’s eyes blink for a moment as he hears him, the man adjusts his hood slightly. Could Siegfried not take the hint that he was clearly trying to tell him to leave the area?

Keil: My plan? No, I’m trying to warn you which seems to be a futile effort. (Puts his hands to his sides, and quietly responds) A tragedy is about to occur, one you very well could be apart of now that you’re here. As a soul of peace it concerns me.

Siegfried: ...Grand, another tragedy in a world already chalked full of tragedy as it is. (Flourishes his blade sheathing it) I suppose there isn’t much we can do to stop it I take it?

Keil: (Shakes his head) I wouldn’t know, but Nex and others are heading here as well, you being here is only going to cause more turmoil.

Siegfried: (Grits his teeth as he spoke in clear sarcasm) Grand… Just what I wanted... another run in with Nex. Yeah I can never get enough of his nagging and yelling.

Keil: Is he someone more than just an enemy to you Brigadier?

Siegfried: Hey you got your fair of secrets and I have my own… Besides I can’t just go telling anyone I have connections with the “Beast of Sin”.

Keil: I suppose that’s true, it’d put a bad light on the NOS to have an experienced individual in their ranks who has connection to someone who seeks to bring ruin to everything. You being here isn’t going to make things go well for him. (Looks over toward another spot after speaking)

Siegfried: Tch…wouldn’t be the first time me being here wouldn’t make things go well for anyone. (Smirks) Then again I suppose its just part of my natural charms.

The man seemed to be ignoring Siegfried’s words, focusing on the spot.

Keil: This is hardly the time for an immodest remark. (intently looks at the spot then back at Siegfried with a slight frown)

Siegfried: Whatever you say old man… Jeez when I try to be funny it back fires. Well that's fine I suppose you’re right this is no time for jokes.

Keil: (To himself) Old…? (shakes his head with a sigh stepping away) Never mind that you impudent obedient soldier, it seems too late to leave now, get going before you’re killed.

Siegfried: (Shakes his head) I told you I can’t leave just like that… Besides if the beast of sin is indeed coming here its my duty to capture him. (To Himself) Although I highly doubt I could even do that at my current state...

A heavy frown comes across Keil’s face, turning to Siegfried he speaks in a serious tone.

Keil: Have you no reasoning in that thick head of yours? (takes a deep sigh of exasperation) If you wont listen then at least get moving.

They were in the paved streets of the entrance to the area, deeper was the actual interior where Keil referred to with a quick gesture. Faint forms of tall arch like structures could be seen, this being one of the high end parts of the city and most populated, but that also made it a target for assault evident by the soldiers who’d already fallen.

Siegfried: H-hey to say I have no reasoning is kinda… Whatever doesn’t matter. (Sighs out of annoyance) If its as you say then I guess I should be heading out then… My target isn’t even here.

With the last of Keil’s words and a quick glance, the blue haired man takes steady steps along the paveway before breaking into a sprint once more. Though to be honest he’d wondered just how much of the truth that man in the white outfit spoke, seeing he seemed to know quite a lot about his father. There was no time for that though, he thinks to himself pushing out his desire to understand. It’d have to wait.

In truth the sense of tribulation had caused Keil to push Siegfried away, as he knew all too well what was going to show up, and didn’t think the man was ready for it.

Kagusutchi, Upper Levels 

Within Area 5

As two enter into the city where perpetual midnight has blanketed the vicinity, save for a few flickering lights in the fogs grazing the side roads the two beastkin mercenaries both turn attention to their surroundings. The streets empty seemingly, nothing but the looming structures of the city to greet them.

Wondering where the beastkin Zerde had vanished to, they’re soon occupied with a sense of fearful awe as the gate breaks open suddenly with a screeching roar, stunning the two. Seithr and darkness swarms the area in a wispy mist which traverses through the side streets above head level, while a shocked Mujihi and Bitoku cover themselves.

Nicaiah: (To herself) No, they’re already there! (Looks at the two) Get out of there!

Bitoku: ! Right!

A voice which sounded hoarse and ere faintly echoes off the walls of the surrounding buildings just as the duo begins to make way.

???: Time to go...let us make this city bleed with its souls into the very bowels of the other side...

Strangely the ominous voice belonged to an oddly normal man who steps forth from the inky darkness with no visible expression due to the shadow. And even if the person didn’t match the description Serza gave before, Nicaiah recognizes the person the instant she spots him. The device in front of her reveals the actual form of this “man”.

???: Its time to harvest...we need to welcome our guest of honor when he arrives.

Nicaiah: Zaezel...!

The one who was believed to be Zaezel perks up to attention upon hearing the voice, his eyes stare right past the hologram into her flesh. Other shadows pop up beside him, humanoid beings of dark energy and siethr that smile at the duo.

Zaezel: Ah so you are involved, and you see the core of my essence corroded by the seithr… (black infests his eyes as it revealed red irises) nothing less I’d expect of someone from Liberation Sector Zero.

Nicaiah: What do you and those other things want with this area?

Zaezel: l’d believe you’d already know… Kagusutchi contains something we seek. (Looks intently to the others beside him before he gestures) Go, make havoc of this place.

Nicaiah: (To herself) No...he couldn’t mean he intends to…

The shadows bounce off at the orders, causing the eyes of the duo to widen.

Mujihi: ...!

Coldly the man plants attention to the two beastkin with a feral smile of wickedness.

Zaezel: ...are these your pets? (walks forward slightly as he puts his hand down) I wasn't informed you were such a cruel individual.

Nicaiah: So it was you attacking the city, Serza's report was right...Zaezel, who released you from the cryogenic chamber? Were there others released from those areas?!

Zaezel: I’m only interested in seeing this place sucked dry of souls...the energy is essential to what we're after.

Bitoku: Nicaiah! set up a teleport...NOW!

Bitoku frantically calls out, realizing that there was little to no chance they could fight this being. The strange vibe he put off, and the seithr which seems like poison to the mind and soul to breathe in leaves a heavy feeling of trepidation in all of them.

Zaezel: Was the sign of the body in the 3rd area not enough to warn that we were here Nicaiah? Humanity can never outrun their sins. Nor will they.

Nicaiah: The two what is he talking about?

Suddenly the reoccurrence comes to the group. The building that’d been attacked which Sylar showed to them, in the corner Nex had stumbled upon that thing...that “Black Mass” and, in surprise, Mujihi responds to the recollection.

Mujihi: (...body) ...the building! There was a black mass there!

Bitoku: WHAT?!

Nicaiah: You two saw one?! Dammit...that means they’ve been here longer than I thought.

Zaezel: Yes. (Looks at them and gestures wide) Indeed, we have. What you call “Black masses” was in fact a corpse of ourselves. Entities infused by Seithr and the power beyond the gates. We were created by humanity, for a certain purpose...and you'd think after the Black Beast they'd learn, but no.

Nicaiah: Dammit Zaezel...! I swear we'll see you back in the hells you belong in! (to herself as a troubled look comes over her) And where the hell is Nex? He should of caught onto this by now...!

Zaezel: Too late to correct the mistake, humanity has to live with it now and accept the ramification to didn't really believe that someone wouldn't release us eventually did you? (Shakes his head)

Mujihi: ...Should we run Nicaiah?!

Zaezel: What makes you believe I'd let you run...if there is a single thing that makes beastkin and human alike, it’d be that both are souls in the end, right?

Nicaiah: I can't, that seithr is too damn thick I can't get an interference going. Its corrupting the data...I can't even es... (Cuts off)

Bitoku tries to get it back online to no avail.

Bitoku: answer me! ANSWER ME!

Mujihi growls lowly at Zaezel

Zaezel: This seithr will infest the area soon enough. So do you want to die. Rest assured your soul's energy will be put to a greater use and it will be what brings this one step closer to reality. (Looks at Bitoku)

Pure evil, desiring nothing but destruction this man sought to crush these two for some twisted purpose, but Mujihi, if he could help it, wasn't going to let him have his way. Especially not with Bitoku. Feeling a dire sense in the current situation he feels the very vibes of malefic desires course from his entity.

Mujihi: Stay the hell away from her BASTARD!

Mujihi charges toward Zaezel, growling loudly he puts all his anger into an ice infused punch.


Outside Area 5

Nex: Soul Reaper! 

Tension spurs from another area, as a deadly focused Nex springs forward, spinning his body he brings his sword under himself releasing afterimage of a devilish claw that strikes out following his path of attack. Nex releasing a powerful roar in his rage.

Myri: (Extends her hand) Nex, wait!

A shriek is heard as the claw and blade in unison strikes not its target, but the body of Mysteria's polearm instead. Nex's eyes bore into her with unmoved fury, causing her to flinch as he lands in front of her, the body of his sword scraping strongly against her weapon.

Mysteria: (grunts as the blade of her weapon shrieks) Sir ungh, you don't need to fight this man, he's dangerous!

Her breath comes out as she tries to keep steady hold against him.

Lukain: (Staring at the two from behind) I'm aware of it. Though I'm hardly afraid of him, Lt Colonel...let him come. I'd be more than content to break him of his rebellious streak...

Kiryos: Mysteria... please, don't do this.

Mysteria: ...But I...

A crackling sounds as a sheet of ice places itself firmly between Mysteria and Nex to keep her from harm's way, acting as a barrier. Though Nex’s vexed stare doesn’t disperse, the aura around him only darkens deeper into a sheen of violet and red.

Kiryos: If you want to fight Marshal, then go ahead. But do not hurt her. She is my friend.

Nex: (Growls lowly as he generates dark azure energy around himself, stepping closer against the ice) Move...

Myri: Nex stop it...!

Nex doesn't listen, couldn't listen, he was focused into his anger, and he wouldn't stop for anything. With an infuriated roar he swings his body around building the momentum as he brings his wicked blade forth from behind following a yell of his fury.

Nex: Gwoh!!

In an unseen arc of black and energy the ice shatters apart with a loud crack. Powering through it blows back a shocked Mysteria, launching her back past Lukain across the ground, her body sliding across the soil, giving a pained groan until she finally stops cold. Nex almost stomps the earth as he pulls his sword back, eyes glimmering with hatred toward Lukain.

Myri: Mysteria...!

Frantically rushing out to her side, Myri makes her way past him as Lukain meets Nex's furious gaze.

Lukain: As I'd expect of someone like you Azure 0...come then...

Nex: (Throws his hand out sideways pointing the swords edge at him as it glimmers strongly with darkness) Only thing that’s gonna break is your body and soul after I destroy every part of you!

Shells atop his hand open up with a click releasing a rush of power through his veins, Nex releasing a strong slash toward his enemy’s chest, though it misses his target as Lukain dodges the swing after imbuing himself in a pale veil. Some bizarre lightless kind of energy creeps up to the tips of his fingers, and slowly two orbs appear behind him.

Kiryos rushes over to Mysteria and examines her wound, looking over it he covers it with ice and holds her hand.

Kiryos: You'll be alright, just a scratch.

A pale blue energy whips through the ground toward Nex, just as it leaps at him, the man lunges to the side, before charging in swinging. Strongly and fluidly but with immense power and malice behind them Nex releases slash after slash leaving a translucent crimson trail. Roaring through the midnight air, cutting left, right, under, over it didn’t matter which way he swung, he continues trying to break through any way he could to rip his foe apart. Nex's eyes narrow in on his opponent heavily as Lukain moves his hand the orbs become energy which deflects his blows each time with a bursting effect.

But the Marshal’s foe remains undeterred, his deadly determination clear as Necros’s next pass pierces through and pushes Lukain away. Sliding back, the faintest of grins flicker across the Marshal’s expression before those orbs speed forth twisting in a vortex of energy as he swipes his hand forth.

Myri: ...he...didn't listen... (Looks over at Mysteria and Kiryos)

Saying it to herself as the pressure wave blasts by, tossing her sapphire hair a bit along with her blouse, Myri’s golden and azure eyes close tight in concern as she hunkers down. Still advancing, Nex leaps over the energy vortex and readies his sword once more, however just as he does so, Lukain seems unconcerned, causing a bit of concern to go through Nex’s mind.

His enemy lifts his gaze before he shoots his hand up and toward him. One of the orbs shoots forward becoming a small twisting nova of energy that implodes in lightless aura which sucks Nex into a whirling, rending sequence of pain before it breaks apart in a rippling distortion.

Nex: Gaaurgh--!

Emitting a harsh cry of pain and his body blown away, Nex tumbles violently across the ground like a kicked can—his surroundings a shaking blur. But with a fierce growl he flips himself around, his black jacket whipping in front of him he charges azure energy through his blade's blood-colored edge before releasing a forceful swing of Necros. The energy from his blade forming a serpentine manifestation that bursts outward with a cry and crashes forth.

Nex: ...Reaping FANG!!

Both of the orbs fly out as Lukain demands and defends himself as the energy whips around him like a whirlwind. The darkness of the enhanced Reaping Fang consumes it as a roar came from the black mass, the sheer collision makes a maelstrom of forces. Nex’s leering gaze doesn't move from the blast, waiting to see what had occurred with tension thick in his blood. As he expected, Lukain stood hardly fazed as the shield of swarming pale blue auras dropped and vanished.

Lukain: We both know this is hardly what you're capable of Azure 0.

Nex lands on the ground skidding back from momentum as he lets a growl out at the comment.

???: Hey now, Azure whelp. You gonna lose here are ya? Hell no you’re not...activate it dammit. You’re not putting on a good show.

The distorted ere voice demands, as it echoes through the entirety of the world but only Nex hears it seemingly.

Nex: Tch…

???: The Azure Grimoire...let its power rush through you like you did before! (pans around Nex's shoulders where the crystallized formation of seithr infused into him, shut firmly, but exuding energy sat) Stop. holding. BACK. You’re gonna lose here if you don’t, do you want to fail? Do you like that? Do you? Cause while its fun it gets you to hell with your current method, just let yourself go into it already!

Nex: (To himself as he scowls) If I’m boring you then why don’t you shut the fuck up. I don’t need your comments...and there isn’t a way in hell I’ll let myself lose here…

???: Ignore me at your peril. Be boring. Keep detaching yourself from the very power that you wanted. I’m only trying to help you Nex... and you won’t let me… I promise I wont do anything like I did before, you are my favorite after all.

The last words cause Nex's scowl to deepen so far that hatred burns through his thoughts. 

Nex: (To the voice) Shut up. You lost my trust long ago, you can just sit and watch from your own little world. I can do this on my own. (Refocuses on Lukain as he holds out his hand) ...Don't test me… (Straightens out as he lowers his head, sneering) Vow...of Destruction!!

In a bellow of fury, the aura bursts out a single time around Nex as seithr swarms around him violently, he rushes forward with no time wasted and hellish forms spread out through his shoulders unfolding into wings both transparent and solid, otherworldly looking. He sprints imbuing himself in that deep darkness, he swings his blade around himself several times toward his enemy, each pass of the sword generating a flurry of serpentine masses with it in effort to completely overwhelm his opposition.

Nex: I'll rend you to pieces!

Rending and tearing, the hellish masses roar and strike in unison with his sword, Lukain remains calm but Nex doesn't let up for a moment continuing his pressure with severe aggression in his gaze. Sliding back from a hit and then blown away by the others, Lukain hits the floor upon his back before he gets back up now wearing a few wounds. His expression shifts slightly as he sees Nex across from him grimacing in anger as the grimoire's crystalline formation on his shoulders and exuded aura, the entwining form of it around his arms channeled energy through its form as ere veins seep down his arms slightly.

Lukain: ...Vow of Destruction? A Technique which makes you utilize a large sum of your azure’s power in one go, while drawing as little it can from the grimoire to influence the azure’s energy... (shakes his head slight as he wipes the blood from the corner of his mouth and straightens his uniform) Why not just utilize it Azure 0? Do you believe you can win without it?

Nex: ...

Lukain: You were not infused with it for the purpose of never utilizing it, that I’m certain of… (Closes his eyes in dissatisfaction seeing the grimoires formation on Nex remain closed) Self Control only helps for so long, in fact too much will hinder you, if you wont use it...then...

Suddenly one of the orbs appear behind Nex and he realizes too late as the second forms in front of him, in an instant they strike through causing him to stagger. 

Nex: ...ugh! 

Lukain: you've already lost...

Lukain then holds his hand out gathering the light-less aura around it and in unison, A rather creepy formation of a skeletal phantom hand unfolds skinny fingers of energy and crunches down on a struggling Nex with no chance of escape due to the previous blow he'd endured. A harmful wisp like energy surrounds Nex in an outline while he was in the phantom hold, sending almost a shock through his entire body down to his soul it lasts only a second but the pain felt excruciating. Afterwards Lukain un-clenches his hand and the phantom like hand releases Nex who sways a moment before dropping to the floor, feeling his vitality vanish. 

Nex: ...W...what the...gugh...

Myri gasps at the sudden power Lukain displayed that completely put Nex on the floor in seconds.

Lukain: With how much you know...I would think you'd realize I've taken opportunity to master the intricacies of utilizing seithr into the devestatingly powerful energy from the boundary with proper conduit. Countering your Azure at hindered level you have it at...was no issue.

Nex: How...? To utilize that kind of power... you'd have to be directly drawing from--

Lukain: It doesn't matter how I obtained it Azure 0. You clearly are still nervous with your grimoire, as Akuhei believed. I’m also quite well versed in what that grimoire is capable of, and I have to mention that how you utilize it with such restraint now is pitiful, you don’t let its power grow, draw only what you feel is needed from it, keeping it at its lowest potentials possible. (closes his eyes) You couldn’t possibly hope to challenge the NOS with that.

Kiryos gazes in surprise at Lukain's display and starts piecing what he has seen together.

Kiryos: (To hmiself) So the Marshal possesses this kind of power... I always thought he is a sinister person, but I never really knew he is that powerful to crush Nex...)

Nex: Tch, you...--Gaah!

Lukain swipes two fingers commanding the energy once more as it strikes Nex away sending him bouncing swiftly across the ground, Necros flies out of his grasp as Nex comes to a dead halt on his side, bloodied, he coughs, turning his body before the orb now above him releases those threads and keeps him in place on the floor.

Lukain: (Walks over to him looking down with cold intent) And you'll learn your place in this world, walking against your fate is pointless in it. You were designed, for a purpose you don't yet understand. Even the chaos you bring will become a string in your back to be held and manipulated by someone else, your powers of azure a trigger to be pulled by another. If you don't destroy your enemies...they'll destroy you, and utilize you for their own desire. You know that...

Defeated at his enemies feet, Nex could do little except glare at the man who looks at him with a sense of dominance which Nex could hardly stand. His eyes...that cold look of being in control, being able to seize it from any at any moment because of his power over others. But Nex refuses to look him in the eyes, he wouldn't give him the gratification of crushing his spirit, or the acknowledgement that he'd given in—defiance was all he knew. 

Nex: Guhagh...(lifts his head slightly, narrowing his eyes as he spit out blood on Lukain's shoes) Fuck off ...Lukain... ... (drops down again with a grunt

Lukain: ... (Looks at Myri) You see Myri, this is what resistance is met with. Fighting against us, is pointless. Azure 0 is a unique, powerful individual however power like his left wild, its wasted on this trivial fight. It can be utilized to end this war and finally attain peace, but a destructive sort such as himself would rather bring utter chaos.

Nex: ... (Snarls and smashes his hand on the ground in anger thinking to himself) Dammit...I screwed that up...

Myri: ...

Lukain: (turns to the others) Now I ask you to listen to what I have to say in both Lazarith and my own words.

Myri: ...o-okay... (meekly, she comes forward, looking at Nex for a moment) I'll listen...

Meanwhile, from one of the balconies a cat beastkin stares intently toward a street where he spots a tall man with midnight attire casually moving through the area toward the entrance to the area from a distance.

Byakai: Hey that’s the White Demon...That must mean Nex is close by… (Ears twitching as he notices a strange feeling in the air) What’s going on...this feeling of dread ever since people started entering the area...

As he turns his head to another fork of the roads, a girl with ambient, almost glowing hair stumbles, exhaustion apparent in every step as she seems ready to collapse any minute.

???: I cant...go...anymore…

A glistening blade falls out of her hold, next the girl’s legs give way with her body swaying forward as a second later she drops to the ground injuries across her body and bleeding heavily.

Byakai: What the… (Offscreen as it pans to Komyo’s battered body) K-Komyo?!

In the citadel of the ministry the three stood before each other in a room blanketed in white walls and garnished flooring. Windows offered no real light, instead the room seemed to light up itself with its own constant source, Lazarith’s wings seemed to glint in the makeshift light as he stood firmly in front of one of the few statues littered about the room.

Lazarith: (Looks at the two as he folds the wings) Then you have no combat experience Miwa? (Looks to Yumiko) I'm familiar from Myri that you've learned how to fight.

Yumiko: I know a bit yeah (makes a punch in the air making that small white burst from the gauntlet before smiling) I think Miwa doesn't know that much though...I mean she just woke up in a sense.

Lazarith: If she is as you say from 200 years past...then I would of thought her to at least know something... (Rubs his head with a slightly troubled expression)

Miwa: I'm sorry. (Frowns) My mother never taught me how to fight. It...wasn't something I needed to learn back then

Yumiko: (Lowers her hand and sighs) were lucky because you didn't have to see all the war that took over the world.

Lazarith: Yes but she still needs to learn how to defend herself, the enemy won’t much care if she can or not.

Miwa: I have to fight? (She asks with a troubled expression)

Lazarith: ...(lowers his gaze) I regret to say this world is one filled with war Miwa. Even people like me, must fight at times. (lifts it to look at the statue behind him) People fight every day in hopes of protecting what they care for, (looks back at her with a firm gaze) but they also fight to take that feeling away from those weaker than they are.

Yumiko: So sometimes we have to fight to stop the bad people. And protect people we love.

Miwa: (Ponders for a moment before looking back at them) If I have no other choice, I will try.

Lazarith: (Nods) alright then... (puts his hand out)

As he does so, from a hole in the ground that slides open a set of two rods come out, as he takes them in his hands they form a blade of energized seithr.

Lazarith: (Clenches the rods, walking over he hands one to them) These blades wont harm you. The instant they come close to another body they'll phase out. Strictly for training.

Yumiko: (Takes one and holds it) Not what I'm used to, but I know the basics...

Miwa: (Nods and takes one, holds it awkwardly) Like this?

Quietly, Lazarith comes over and fixes her position and gripping of the weapon so it could fit more naturally. With a slightly uneasy expression, Miwa begins to get the feel of things, swinging the weapon about, taking time to let her brain understand each movement.

Lazarith: (Watches her) Once you become comfortable, you'll defend yourself. It'll become natural for you to rely on your sword to protect you and others. I do so with my scythe.

Yumiko: She isn't half bad for someone having just learned... (Watches her as she swings her own practice weapon)

Over time it becomes natural, oddly, this girl who’d never lifted a blade in her life was wielding it with impressive prowess. The blade slices cleanly through the air as Miwa swings elegantly, arcs becoming wider she adds movement to her patterns.

Yumiko: Oh wow. (Smiles and watches) Look at her go!

Lazarith: (To himself) ...She seems to have a sense of combat when she really thinks about it...

The strikes all continue as Miwa seems to go into a kind of trance, focusing only on the blade and what was in front of her. The display brings up a few thoughts in an observing Lazarith.

Lazarith: ... (To himself) It makes me wonder who or what she is, I've never seen someone learn this quickly, save a few... (expression shifts as he goes deep in thought) including myself when I learned to fight. It was natural for me as well (He continues to watch, stepping away as her attacks become broad.)

Yumiko: That's so cool! (Watches with excitement in her eyes as she lowers her weapon)

Shortly after the excited yell from Yumiko, the blade flies out of Miwa’s hands as the violet haired girl tosses it high into the air, quickly she looks around surprised the moment the weapon comes out.

Miwa: Huh? Didn't I-?

With a clack the blade tumbles down and hits Miwa square on the head, the girl reers in surprise from the hit.

Miwa: (She crouches down as she holds her head) Owwwwww

Lazarith: ...

Yumiko: (Chuckles) Hey that was great Miwa! (Goes over to her and smiles) You went into like, a trance or something and were doing all kinds of cool moves. (Checks her head) You okay?

Miwa: I was? (rubs her head with a slightly pained expression) I was doing cool moves? (and turns her head to look at Yumiko with confusion) But I've never even wielded a sword before...

Lazarith: Can were strangely comfortable. (Looks at her) It seemed natural for you, your blows were fast, and fluid as they were strong. It...I've never seen it done by a human before. But, stranger things have happened... (Sighs)

Miwa: (Picks the sword back up and observes it.) Um, maybe we should try practicing against each other? Maybe that will trigger something?

Yumiko: (Offscreen) I bet she's just a natural.

Miwa: (Turns to Yumiko) The two of us?

Yumiko: Sure. (Nods) I'll be happy to spar with you Miwa (Smiles and takes the weapon once more)

Miwa positions her weapon towards Yumiko.

Yumiko lowers and does the same.

Yumiko: Here goes!

She runs forward releasing a straight and simple slash towards Miwa.

Miwa's eyes focus and she easily parries her attack.

Bound back, Yumiko grins and she goes in again, trying to hit with a back hand swing. Lazarith observes the two quietly, as he ponders. Miwa ducks under and uses the hilt of her blade to attempt a strike at her stomach, before swiftly moving away to give herself distance, her eyes again showing her in a trance-like state. Yumiko bends her body to evade the strike, looking at her with slight surprise seeing her eyes.

Yumiko: Whoa...there it is again...

Miwa charges in, thrusting her sword towards her as fast as her arm would let her.

Yumiko makes a slight gasp as she evades, the blade on Miwa's weapon, fizzles out as quickly as it could, but it couldn't keep up with the speed its owner made it go and it cuts Yumiko, just slight to break the skin.

Yumiko: (Pants in slight shock) W-what...

Lazarith quickly steps in and takes the rod from Miwa causing the blade to disappear, his eyes were stern as he looks over at the girl.

Lazarith: I think...that's enough now.

Miwa's eyes return to normal hearing Lazarith's words.

Miwa: Huh? What happened? (Miwa turns and looks over at Yumiko and notices her cut.) (rushes over and focuses her azure again, quickly healing Yumiko's wound)

Miwa: Did...I do that?

Lazarith: (Offscreen as it pans to Yumiko’s cheek where the wound was, a pink light beginning to glimmer on it) Yes, you did...I don't think we need to worry about you being able to defend yourself...

A pink-colored light envelops the wound on slightly nervous Yumiko’s cheek, and slowly the small injury closes as though it’d never even been there.

Lazarith: (Eyes widen in surprise) You have Azure...

Miwa: (Bows respectfully) I'm really sorry Yumiko.

Yumiko: I-I...(To herself) no, it wasn't her fault...she didn't come at me on purpose. (Looks back at her, forcing herself to smile lightly) Its, its okay...I guess you know more than we realized...but that focus… (Looks down) that was like what Nex had. What Reiga had, and the AIP, I wonder if it's like that for people who...are different from others and have powers.

That grabbed Lazarith’s attention.

Lazarith: Like Nex? Yumiko, you've never seen Nex before...

Yumiko: (Looks back at him) Oh, no I mean, uh, well I've heard about him! (Rubs her head with a laugh) I mean he’s strong right so he probably just automatically fits in the category...uh... Either way...Miwa seems pretty strong on the inside.

Lazarith: (Sighs) Yes, she does...

Miwa: But I don't remember any of what I did using the sword. Was I really that dangerous?

Lazarith: You were extremely focused, which made you dangerous. Its like everything else around you no longer matters, you only fought.

Miwa: Oh. Uh, I can't really explain it. I'm not lying when I've said I've never used a sword before.

In understanding Lazarith shook his head, but it still didn’t do anything to quell the thoughts going through his mind.

Lazarith: No, I believe you. I'm just...bewildered how that all occurred. Perhaps you're just special Miwa. (Takes the rods from the two)

Miwa: Well, at least I didn't harm your pretty tail. (She smiles)

Yumiko: You, think its pretty? (smiles) that's nice of you...because its white and I'm a squirrel some people don't' think its pretty at all, they think its freaky...or ugly... (Frowns)

Lazarith: (Listens as he puts the weapons away, thinking to himself) I might have to speak to the Marshal about why this girl needed to be found, something tells me they know something. (Looks back at her) That was unnatural prowess seen only in a few... but, at least she has a friend now.

Miwa: (frowns as she spoke in a rapid pace with disagreement in her tone) But you're so pretty! You should be proud and happy for who and what you are, there is only one of you, that's what my mom used to tell me. (Smiles) You're perfect just the way you are. (Blushes and turns away) (To herself) Whoops, I said that out loud.

Yumiko: (Smiles) No, its okay. I...don't' mind at all.

Lazarith: (Smiles at the two) You two probably want to rest, eat, feel free to use the chamber rooms. No one will bother you here.

Yumiko: (Looks at Lazarith and nods) Thank you, so much Lazarith. It means a lot. 

Miwa: (Face returns to normal) Thank you. 

Lazarith: Think nothing of it Yumiko. You know you're like family here with Myri and myself.

Those words were genuine, evident enough by the kindness in his eyes. the man before her, like an older brother to Yumiko, and he’d known her for quite awhile and would do anything for her as he would Myri. 

Yumiko: Yep. (smiles and nods

Lazarith: Alright, don't get into trouble. (Smiles, before he turns to walk out towards the doors to return to his own chamber

Yumiko: Aw I never get into trouble. I don't know what he's talking about. (Chuckles happily and looks at Miwa) That worked out great though. 

Miwa: I suppose it did, I'm still sorry I hurt you. 

Yumiko: (Shakes her head) No its fine, that power, it healed my cut... (Looks at her arm to see there was no cut then looks back at her) Miwa I think your azure is, something good. Probably because you seem like a good person too. 

Miwa: (Eyes hopeful) You think so? 

Yumiko: (Nods her head) I do. And I think I understand why Nex doesn't want you to be known by the higher ups...The General gives off a very unsettling vibe. But you, you give off a happy vibe (scratches head) I don't know how else to put it...(Looks at her) but I feel like its something we need to protect in you. 

Miwa: Well (Scratches head before folding her arms) There has to be some reason my mom put me in there. Maybe for this? (forcefully smiles as she shook her head) Yeah, maybe not. I doubt even my mom had the foresight for that... 

Yumiko: Maybe someone she knew, or something wanted to make sure you'd be around in the future? Maybe someone foresaw this coming? (Laughs slightly) ...I don't know, that probably seems silly. But either way, I feel like we should be cautious. We can't stay here forever either, but for now, we can relax. (Smiles)

Miwa: Should we be? From the way that (Purposely avoids saying his name), man, talked about, it seems like we should both be fearful. You're taking a huge risk being with me and I don't want you to be put in danger because of me.

Yumiko: (Looks down) Well, I don't want to just abandon you, I, well I know that feeling. (Frowns and then looks at her smiling) so I've already made the choice that I'm going to have you stick with me

Miwa: But, they could kill you! If I have this azure thing people keep telling me I have, then at the worst people will want me alive. I don't want to see you hurt.

Yumiko: I do believe that you having this, azure, is probably why I was asked to find you, but I not going to just leave you to my superiors either. I don't think its the right thing to do. And hey, we're friends now, and friends help each other no matter what.

Miwa: I can't convince you otherwise, can I?

Yumiko: (Smiles) Probably not.

Miwa: (Serious Expression) Well then, at least promise me you won't put yourself in further danger because of me, alright?

Yumiko: (nods) Okay.

Lazarith closes the door quietly behind him, and just as he does so he doesn’t get two steps in the room until he receives a contact.

Lazarith: Head of Ministry speaking… (eyes widen in shock, an expression of concern becoming evident as he listened) They’ve gotten into Area 5--?! (to himself as he lowers his head) Myri...

Mujihi continues his conflict with Zaezel, doing his hardest to break through his foe but the one who called himself Zaezel seemed impossible to damage to any real degree. Each of the hits he’d land were only glancing blows, the beastkin growing frustrated every second passing by, but he maintains focus, refusing to back down.

As the strange being dodges an icy blow, he jumps back and makes a punching action with his hand summoning a swirling mass of fiery black seithr. Out from its swirling inferno spews a large shot looking something like a comet of flame speeding forward in a powerful outward burst.

Zaezel: Let your very essence burn... The blast breaks apart near Mujihi in a splintering flare, the force sending him tumbling back over next to Bitoku with a pronounced groan as he lay on his back. Bitoku’s concerned eyes look down at him.

Bitoku: A-are you alright sir?!

Mujihi: I'm fine…! Gr… (turns himself over with a grunt) Get going!

His response is met with a strong refusal from Bitoku. There wasn’t a snowball’s chance that after everything they’d been through she would leave him to die here.

Bitoku: No...I'm not leaving you! I am not gonna leave the man who saved me to DIE.


The leader cries again in desperation and anger trying to get his partner to listen. If one of them was going to die, he wasn’t going to let it be one under his protection. Her life meant more to him then that, but the one thing he failed to realize was to Bitoku, Mujihi’s life was of great value. Again the fox beastkin’s eyes show refusal, denial and she furiously shook her head, her white hair draped over her face.

Bitoku: to HELL with my orders! I'm bringing you home!

Bitoku quickly tries picking Mujihi from the cold ground, the seithr swarming, the light of the moon wasn’t even visible now only a sheet of endless dark tints that spread for miles. In front of them, Zaezel who still maintained malevolent presence as shadow constantly drapes a side of his body.

Zaezel: (Looks at the two) How quaint, bonds. Something we know nothing of, no we only know destruction. (Extends hand, as it loses its skin tone, becoming darkness with corrupt looking energy seeping into it) we're viruses on this world...

In a flash he slashes with the strange hand, leaving a bursting trail of corrosive flame, in sheer shock the two are unable to dodge and sent tumbling away in a flash of dust. Mujihi, still took the brunt of the damage for Bitoku as he covered her, his body becoming wounded and bits of his clothing vaporized from the energy.

Bitoku: MUJIHI!!!!

Zaezel: So you’re not a simple fleshling… (pulls back his hand as he advances slowly) You have a power. A power that is quite desperate, yet... dark. Chaotic Element, a product of something within you, a product of and I are hardly different. Who knows what it could end up becoming.

Mujihi: You know of it? ...hmph.

Mujihi croaks out despite his injuries. 

Zaezel: You're probably the only one who doesn't. (Scowls as he comes forward) This world adores its pathetic secrets, ignores its issues. (flexes the claw) But it doesn't matter really. You're but a number to be added to the death toll beastkin...

He strikes again at him, Muihi tries to guard himself, firing an elemental burst to blow him away, but his eyes widen in surprise as Zaezel cleaves right through with an unholy power and speed.

Zaezel: Perish...break, fall into damned with the rest of them!

The claw forming itself once more, this time across his entire arm allowing one to see its pitch form with odd markings and strange growth, a studded blade like attachment from the seithr forms rock hard on the side, and he strikes with the makeshift weapon.

Mujihi: GAAAAGH!

Mujihi lands in a bloodied heap away from Bitoku, his entire body in severe pain. In concern Bitoku could do nothing but stare at her leader’s beat body, with a great sense of anger and fear.

Zaezel: Humanity wanted monsters and they got them... (Smiles as the blade vanishes in a flurry of shadowy flakes) and souls become damned to destruction. (Turns back to face them)

Bitoku: You maniac!

Zaezel: No, this is natural for us... (Opens eyes) that's what you don't understand. We're not evil...this is simply what we were made to be. Call it what you like.

???: Well I call it fucking insane.

In a roaring clap, a streamline collection of pale white bolts strike down in unison forming a single blast striking where Zaezel stood. As it vaporizes, the man who fired the attack with energy still dancing around his outstretched hand gives a slight scowl when he notices the demon leap away.

Zaezel: (Eyes fall closed as he sees him from the gate) You again... White Demon. When will you understand?

Twirling the rod off his shoulder, Sylar steps forth from the gate to stare daggers at Zaezel. He advances with certain intent glaring in the irises of his black eyes, one of rarely seen anger. However, he stops quietly as he passes the injured duo.

Sylar: (looks at Zaezel firmly before he taps the rod atop his shoulder) Hey, shouldn't be wasting your time picking on these idiots. I mean you're kind of climbing high on the big bad scale right now, hell I’d put you up there with that other bastard in the government...collecting souls and killing the people here is pretty evil. Sides, I owe you for when you interrupted my fight. (Looks back at the two and gives a wry grin before he returns focus to Zaezel and twirls his weapon) So come on, bring it. 

Though they couldn’t entirely be sure, it seemed as though Sylar was trying to help the his own strange way. The White Demon had every intention of facing this man, but his opponent lacks the same feeling as the red irises meet Sylar’s contemptful glare.

Zaezel: ... (Begins to leave the area) I have no interest in facing one who walks the path you do. It’d be a waste of both our’ll understand in due time. For now, I have preparations in this area... (Vanishes into the seithr)

Like a phantom he vanishes into the fog of darkness, without a single word more leaving an agitated Sylar to protest.

Sylar: Hey! You just ramble on about mysterious statements and then leave?! (stomps the ground with his rod) What kind of deal is that? Tch. (clenches his hands with a growl as the dark lightning branches around him briefly) Never stays in one place. What's up with everyone running from me.

Bitoku: (Offscreen) Sylar...

Sylar: (Composes himself as he back glanced toward the voice) Well that was close for you guys huh... (Looks at Mujihi) Damn, those wounds are bad...

Bitoku: ...yeah....thank you.

Mujihi: ...white...demon....grrgh...I appreciate the he....gah....

Unable to get the words out, Mujihi stumbles on his sentence and falls back to the ground in Bitoku’s embrace.

Sylar: (Shrugs outward) Hah, don't thank me. You guys got lucky...I was planning on coming here anyway, you just happened to be where I was. (opens one of his eyes) ...though I might of saw you and decided to help...maybe. (grins, shifting his position)

Mujihi: no need to be so formal to be honest we got ourselves into this situation on accident...

Sylar: Of course you did. (opens both of his eyes gaining a serious tone) Leave that bastard to Nex and I. (starts to pull away before he glances back) By the way don't tell Nicaiah you talked to me, last thing you want is to be accused for conspiring with a "demon" by your higher ups.

Mujihi: ...yeah, will do, thanks.

Bitoku: I must ask you... Do you know of that man?

Sylar: Zaezel...? (Stops) Zaezel is no longer human, he's a demonic entity that thrives off of seithr that comes from beyond the gates, the shit that now infests parts of this world and is restricted by the government. Beings like that...they're the enemy of everyone, “nightmares of this world” I've heard from Nex.

Mujihi takes a moment to think on it, he’d never heard of anything like that in his entire life. Was this info being withheld from the public for a reason? Or was there something more sinister going on then met the eye? Quickly he perks to attention as Sylar continues.

Sylar: (Grins) So both Nex and I told ourselves that we'd destroy fact, that's how we met. We both knew those things being a source and connective of the “real evil” in the world that either the government is ignoring...or a part of. (scowls once more) and we'll find out which it is. I believe Nex, himself, already knows, but he doesn't exactly talk about it much.

Mujihi: ...I see…

Still deep in thought Mujihi ponders on it all as he lays looking at the White Demon who seemed to almost blend in with this dark veil over the area.

Sylar: (Looks back at him) There's a whole lot more to this world than meets the eye huh? Maybe you'll break free and see for yourself. (Places his weapon on his shoulders and then walks away) As for me, Zaezel seems to know something about me. And I'm not letting him walk without telling me what. (Leaves the area with a hint of determination in his voice)

With the White Demon gone, the two are left on their own, a concerned Nicaiah finally getting a feed to the two as she looks from the room, the screens in front of her observing multiple points in the dimly lit area.

Nicaiah: Nex where the hell are you… this area is going to be consumed dry if you don’t get here soon. And if that happens I don’t know if even you will be able to beat him without… (closes her eyes as she sighs, falling back into her chair with a hand on her forehead) This was bound to happen to us ...wasn’t it…

Unable to move his body to any real degree Nex gives a throaty growl as he looked on, it was all he could do, and he absolutely despised it. The heavy rain continuing to shower down in sheets, his blood mixed with the cool liquid as the man before him began a lengthy conversation with an uneasy Myri. 

Lukain: We are the world power for a reason...Lazarith one of our finest members in the Ministry and your guardian, could give you anything you wanted. Why then did you choose to leave us, and go with Azure 0?

Myri: I only...wanted to know the truth...(Looks at him) he offered what he said the NOS couldn't, he supposedly offers a road to the truth...

Lukain: (blinks) The Truth...?

Myri: He said everything I knew could be false. So, my curiosity got the best of me, I wanted to know if it was true and he told me a power in my soul could help me fight. And... well the NOS never mentioned I even had power in my soul.

Lukain: (pauses for a moment before he replies) Myri, you do realize some things are better left not known...(turning, he approaches Myri who looks up at him) it was at the request of your mother Loraign Kukiyona that it be kept secret so you would not be dragged back into the war, (turns his attention to Nex for a brief moment) which isn't that what Nex is disregarding by dragging you into his own affairs?

Nex: ...

Lukain: Your soul is unique in sense, its one that's an extremely strong source of what I’d call “Pure energy” untouched by corrosion of the world’s seithr or its influences. One of purity, innocence in a world stained by sin and destruction threatening to consume it one day, due to the Third War...thankfully the NOS prevented this crises. 

Myri: (Shakily) P-purity?

Lukain: In fact you utilize the seithr’s most potent energy and turn it into a very unique power...conversion which is common place in this world for those who know how to utilize it. But what's special about you, is you do so without drawing on the seithr's corrosive property that’d harm your own mind, soul, and body. As such you can imagine it was highly coveted in the Third War. For a great many reasons... I’m sure you could think of some.

While the Marshal explains, the scene pans around various war torn areas visibly changed and erroded by the seithr infesting the world, not even a wind blowing by or water dripping down, time itself seems dead. In it all a surprised Myri stood radiating a strange aura which keeps it from touching her.

Lukain: Forgive me for the rest being confidential. Lazarith honored your mother's request and kept your power secret.

Myri: ...So...they were protecting me...? (looks down as she takes it in, her sapphire hair drapes over her eyes)

Lukain: Your parents were in fact against us as members of the Rogue Sectors...what they did wasn't exactly good towards the world in any means. Your power is both potent, but also deadly...but it hasn’t been seen for 200 years...the NOS only wished to keep it from being utilized in war once more.

Myri: (Frowns) My I was right when I believed they might of been involved after finding that info on them discovering a powerful energy that resulted in...

Lukain: You're smart aren't you...yes unfortunately that is the truth. They were enemies and they were killed for their research of this energy. It is not my place to tell you however how the rest of this story goes. It is Lazarith’s of the Ministry, the same place your mother and father were once a part of.

Nex: (Offscreen, in a growling tone) Dammit...wait a second...!

Myri: Lazarith’s…? (Looks up surprised with a slight frown grazing her expression)

Why would Lazarith know anything? These thoughts puts Myri into a pondering state of mind, but it made sense now to the girl why the NOS was so protective of her, if she did as he said, have this power. One thing, she still didn’t understand though.

Lukain: (Offscreen as Myri looks troubled) All of it being kept from you, was in your best interest.

Myri: ...Well...(sighs) Nex said you were going to use that power from my soul.

Lukain: The NOS would only utilize that dormant power should a crisis occur but we'd rather not force you into such a position...(Looks at Nex) on the other hand, do you know why Nex keeps you with him?

Myri: (Surprised, she shakes her head) He’s never said…

Lukain: It is because he fears your power will be utilized against him. While dormant your power is still incredibly potent, the energy you utilize is counteractive to Nex’s own energy... to a degree. It can shut him down entirely albeit only temporarily, but more than long enough to do what’s needed.

With each word, Myri’s frown deepens, eyes growing wider with surprise as her gaze lowers to the wettened grounds.

Myri: It...can stop… (Her tone shifts somber)

Lukain: It’s what your power can become that he fears. And should he be the cause of this crisis, then he already knows that the NOS would utilize you to stop him.

Myri: that explains a few things...

Kiryos twirls a dagger in his hands while he overhears parts of the conversation.

Kiryos: (To himself) So that's why they need her…(stops the dagger) to use her as a living weapon against threats…

Nex: (To himself with visible frustration) God dammit Lukain… you knew! How could they of figured out it was her who was the source of that power?! Did Akuhei tell him? Or does he know more than I think…? Shit… I need to turn this around somehow...

On his stomach he pounds the ground slightly with a fist. By this point Nex had figured out what Lukain was doing, turning everything against him in mere seconds. Truly a testament to his control over situations, but with a growing angered stare, he quickly tries to explain things to try and get things back in control before it slipped into obscurity.

Nex: Just wait a freaking minute...Yeah, that's true, it can stop me. (glances at Myri with narrowed eyes) But I also never had any intention of hurting you or killing you. And if you could stop me, don't you think I would have killed you already? Why would I let you live if--

Myri: (Frowns) I...I don't know Nex...! I don't know right now! (Closes her eyes)

Nex: God dammit, would you calm down and listen to me?! He’s--

Myri: You didn’t listen to me!!

Myri cries out in slight frusteration. 

Nex: (starts to say something, before swiftly stopping) …

Myri: I begged you to stop Nex! To let me talk to the Marshal, and Mysteria got hurt because of you! (shakes her head with sorrow) You never listen, you do what you want, you only know hatred! You wanted to kill everyone who stepped in front of you, how do I know you’re not using me too Nex? (Nex's eyes widen for a moment before he scowls deeply) can I believe you when you would willingy hurt those I cared about?

Nex: ... (Scowls and looks at the ground for a moment)

Myri: When have you once openly showed you cared for who suffers because of your path?

Nex doesn't answer and growls, anything he'd could at the moment say would only be countered. 

Nex: So that’s it huh, you believe him? (Looks at the others growling furiously) and all of you, you're just gonna stay silent?

Kiryos:  (closes his eyes and steps forward with one of his hands behind his back) Miss Kukiyona, I know you had to endure a lot of events while travelling with that man, so I suggest you need some rest. I am sure your guardian is waiting for you.

Myri: I just want to go home at this point... (Looks at Nex) Nex, maybe...maybe its better if you just stop, let them help you maybe they can contain all that hatred. Maybe you'll be happier...

Nex: W-what? (To himself) I knew it god dammit I knew it not one of them will stand to Lukain, not one single one! They won’t believe me, I can't freaking count on ANYONE! (Sneers looking further down at the ground)

Hearing those words was like a bullet fired straight through his soul, to hear someone he was trying to help, say that to him.

Nex: Help?! You have the audacity to say I’d be “happier” with the people--(closes his eyes in sudden agony as waves of pain shoot through him) GAAAH...agh... (cringes as he feels energy debilitate him)

Up until he felt that gruesome twisted pain, his voice cracked with rage but Myri couldn’t listen to him right now. Everything she’d heard was like a bombshell dropped on her mind, and in a frenzy of shock she couldn’t hear anything except what was at the foremost of her thoughts. How she saw Nex as now was nothing better than any who’d they faced. Out for his own goals.

Lukain wore an emotionless gaze as ever, and yet, somehow it could be felt by Nex that deep down the Marshal hid the fact he thoroughly enjoyed the control of the situation backing Nex into a corner which he had no way of escaping from. But he couldn’t acknowledge it.

Lukain: Do not listen to a lie, you know his nature. As for helping him, it is exactly what we intend to then, I believe you wish to return home yes.

Myri: Yes... (Nods)

Lukain: (Looks at her and gestures) Then there is but one thing I ask of you before you return to Lazarith.

Myri: (Looks up at Lukain with a concerned look) What's that...?

Lukain: You have been helping have been willingly staying by his side. But we're willing to overlook it, should you prove that you are no longer against us.

Myri: (uneasy, she replies with a clear you want me to do that?

Lukain: (Points a spread hand toward Nex) Activate your soul's power...and utilize it on Azure 0. It'll quiet him, ensure and allow us to do what we should. (Myri's eyes go to the side as she grows uncomfortable) Once you do so, your part with him is over, you will never see him again, he will no longer trouble your life, and I along with others in the NOS will assure he's... properly handled.

Myri: Y-you want me to use it on Nex...? (Surprised as she lowers her head before glancing at Nex feeling a bit unsure) But...isn't he...he's not a threat can just take him like that can't you?

Lukain: Don't let him fool you Myri...he is hardly as weakened as you believe.

Myri gives a troubled frown, further showing her thoughts on the idea.

Myri: But I don’t know how...or even if I should...

Lukain: (closes his eyes) You do so and he will never hurt another soul again. As for how… while “you” might of not been the one to utilize this power in the third that you’ve acknowledged it you should be able to tap into it slightly. Feel it at the core of your soul and release it...

Myri: ...

She swallows hard, clearly uncomfortable with it. She doesn't wish to hurt Nex, that wasn't her intention, but the Marshal wouldn't let her go back unless she did use this "power" to quell him. She couldn't even be entirely certain if this was right, it was a furious tug of war in her mind, but she'd already decided her answer it seems, because overall at this point... she wished to go back home.

Kiryos shakes his head and crosses his arms.

But in his soul something resonates, something tells him to do something else reather than stand and watch, but Kiryos knew better than to obey it.

Myri: Okay...I'll do it...

She finally spoke, and Nex yells out furiously.

Nex: idiots! All of you are buying into his bullshit! All of you just screwing me more along with him! Don't you see what he's doing?!

Lukain: Throwing accusations around now?

A cold wind blows by, kicking up some ebony strands of long ebony hair tied in two parts and a pair of icy eyes open up in slight surprise as they gaze on the scene from a distant, higher ledge. A figure of a slender women wearing a stylized gothic long dress, comes into view. 

Legna: (gasps slightly) ...this is where...

Suddenly the cold touch of a blade slides up against her as she closes her eyes, her words stopping instantionously with a frown coming over the women’s face. A sinister voice hisses a reply to halt whatever action Legna had been thinking of preforming. 

???: Ah, ah don't intervene in the Sequence. Why not just see how it plays out. If things are meant to end here...then they will. 

Legna: ...Akuhei... (Opens her eyes)

Her tone slips into a rare disgust, as she forces the name from her lips with great disdain. She doesn’t bother to turn and look at the grinning expression of the one behind her.

Legna: So you wish to keep me from intervening. But if they do “end” in the transpiring events here...what do you intend to do?

Akuhei: (Grins slightly) We'll see when we get there...(looks down at the others as he steps just slightly forward, keeping the blade on her) you and I both already know what happens if Nexi boy is caught and contained by the current system of Sequence...

Legna: ...its not what you seek, I assume. Do you intend to end my time in this Sequence?

Akuhei: Oh wouldn’t that be a treat! I can’t deny I’d love to...but nono even I know that isn’t going to work...considering what you took hold of as a member of the Alucard Family, that soul in you what it lets you access and utilize...protects you from even me. For now... (chuckles as he draws blood off her skin mockingly as Legna’s eyes go to the side in annoyance)

Legna: ...You're worse than any demon or beast, Underworld Serpent. So volatile, vulgar, excessively violent, rebrehensible, malevolant in nature. You truly shouldn't exist...the world has no need of something like you who consumes everything to leave nothing, not even death. It never has and it never will. 

Akuhei: Talk about harsh. (Grins darkly as he glances at her) I think the world DOES need me. For its own twisted thoughts and ideas...why else would I be here if I wasn't needed eh? And life just wouldn't be any fun without struggle of humanity against "Despair" "Fear" "Hatred" and all that other enjoyable shit. (Looks at Nex as his eyes narrow, his grin widens to take on an unholy edge) Just look down Nex's road and you find alllll your answers to what this "World" prefers and why people like myself exist here. Hehahaa. 

Legna: Silence...I didn't come to listen to your incohherent hissing. 

Akuhei: But you won’t be utilizing that strong intervention of yours here to help him. Let Nexi boy handle it...see what happens, have a bit of faith in him eh?

Slowly Myri walks to Nex, not able to look him in the eyes, while Nex simply stared, hard toward her. A disdained look, despondent even, and his rage melted away. He couldn't even feel the rain pour on him, everything fell quiet in his mind, even the faintest drip of water could be heard now. 

Lukain had the faintest of grins as he watched her.

Lukain: (to himself) Perhaps we wont even need to do anything at all...Azure 0's spirit is close to completely crushed.

Nex: You, you idiot. (Looks at her with fierce eyes) You dared to ask me why I didn't trust anyone. Why I hated everything. When I'm in a situation like this...when everyone sides with this world.

Myri frowns as she thinks about the power which Lukain talked about, and with that thought, manifests a blue and violet swirling aura with white undertones feintly within her trembling hand.

Myri: ...Please don't...

Despite Myri's pleading tone, Nex continues to speak.

Nex: Dammit, I know I'm destructive...I know I'm "evil" in this world. (Scowls) You don't have to tell me, but the fact is I AM the enemy of the world. I made that choice. And at times, I wish I hadn’t...I don't enjoy doing what I do, but I have to. And I'm sorry I can't explain why right now, but I can't change my road.

Myri remains quiet as she continues to look away.

Nex: (Looks at Kiryos) And then a man who I spared because I saw potential to find more of a life then what he now leads. To break away from what the government laid out for him, to find his own find a reason to live rather than loath his own life and wish he were dead.

Myri: ...Nex...I...

Nex: And Myri, I did nothing to ever harm you...I could have killed you if I really feared you. But I didn't. Hell, I protected you from Akuhei and anyone else who tried to harm you. I almost let myself get caught so you could be free. How the hell is that self-serving? Lukain: (annoyed slightly) ...Little late to explain yourself don't you believe Azure 0...?

Myri's frown deepens, his words held no malice. They held no hatred, they were genuine, and in rare form his eyes, despite being two tonned colors of cold azure and rageful crimsons were human if she would only look at them.

Kiryos: This world is a cruel place. You know that better than anyone else. You must understand: nothing will be as you want it to. No matter how strong is your wish, it won't be fulfilled. (Opens his eyes) Time for you to learn this truth. The most important battle is in one's heart and mind. The battle for your soul.

Nex: (Closes his eyes) You know nothing about this world. Nothing about your soul and mind. You're trapped. You haven't even broken away to find something worth what you claim, you haven’t found purpose, you haven’t looked for your own truth aside what you are now, what the world paints you as. If you did, you'd know what I was talking about, why I let you go.

Lukain: (frowns slightly) Azure 0...I believe you've said enough.

Nex: ...But even though you all can clearly see the fact I'm a foe of this world, that I contain this azure and form that'll likely end everything in ruin. I still made the choice to share that. Now you only prove to me that I really can't trust anyone. (growls as he looks down his words coming out in frusteration and rare sorrow) Nothing is different in this place, how can I count on anyone else to change this, when no one will open their god damn eyes? So, do it. Show me, that there isn't hope in you, in me, or in this world.

Myri: N-n...N...

Myri has tears in her eyes listening to him, she looks at him suddenly and frowns as she shakes her head trembling like a leaf. A transcending roar emits from Nex as he looks right at her eyes down to her soul, the trembling girl's hand sways as the energy glimmers. 

Nex: DO IT!

Myri: I...I'm sorry!!

Nex closes his eyes, as he prepares to let everything go as the last thing he thinks he sees would be that pure light energy enveloping him.

Legna and Akuhei both watch, Legna's eyes widen with uncertainty while Akuhei grins slightly while watching intently.

Akuhei: Heheheh. (To himself as his eyes narrow) Let it all go Nex...! There's nothing left! 

Nex: (To himself) Sorry, I tried. But it looks like things are ending the same again... I'll see you soon then... (scene shows his locket)

End of Concealed Menace
Next time on Control Sequence: Remnants of Sin -Zaezel-

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