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Embittered by nothing but angered thoughts after fighting the Brigadier...swearing that he'd make me pay, Nex headed further into the upper levels with resolve. While that bit—Myri... found some interesting info on her parents, the Lt General arrived to town and decided to give Nex a greeting and a fight...of course before things get good, Myri intervened and stopped Nex from fighting any further warning him of how dangerous the Lt General really was. Thoughts of him behind, he left, a core in my hand, not too far off I watch it all as I plan to pay the Azure Prodigy a visit...Hoping for rest? Don't think you're gonna get it. Man Nexi boy your days just suck don't they?

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"Blue Faith"

Lies that cover our hearts and minds
Nothing but hell hidden in this paradise
Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices
Should we exist in such a world
Where has our purpose gone?
Why does fate make us suffer?
Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself
War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release
But what light can we see in one so dark
Holding all hatred and sorrow
What do you seek but destruction
Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world
Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue
Its what leads to the truth and guides your hand
tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin
Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness
We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?
Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this hell, I believed in this path

Verse 1 Episode 10: Thunder and Demons

"Kagusutchi, December 23rd 9:12pm "
"Upper levels outside a ruined NOS establishment"

  • ???: ...

A young man with short black-violet hair stares quietly. Before him a crackling of glass and broken tiles lining the floor, metal struggling to keep up their structures and ceilings. The building busted into and heavily damaged within, bodies still being taken out, the ones that weren't eaten away by seithr, anyhow. Taking overview of it with observant eyes, he frowns. Only a few hours ago did it stand tall as a statement to the NOS's power, a military owned establishment. Ruin was the only company for it now.

It wasn't long ago that Volke, a friend of Reiga's in the NOS had been relaxing in this same building and going over the happenings in the city, and the next thing he'd know the entire place was being evacuated, the alarm of an intruder sounded.

  • Volke: That man...

He began to paint the events in his mind as he looked into the reflections of the metal and windows stained in blood and seithr.

  • Volke: ...So many people deployed...then again I wasn't, guess I should be thankful.

Lok leaned back in a chair as he looked over holograms of data in front of him, trying to get himself caught up on what they'd figured out so far. Fiddling with a pen in his hands, the tapping of it against his table suddenly stops as his eyes catch sight of a particular report.

  • Volke: Azure prodigy fends off attacker in the middle levels of the city...? ...Azure...

His eyes open wide.

  • Volke: That's Reiga...Why on earth are they sending him to fight in this battle? Reiga doesn't even enjoy fighting... --huh?

Volke's attention is taken by the sounding voice of a member of the squadron in the building, he swiftly stands to his feet.

  • Soldier: Evacuate the premise, arm up! We have an intruder in block—ngh!

A ear piercing boom echoes and shakes them as it hits the side of a wall.

  • Volke: What the--!

He reaches for the support bar to keep himself on his feet, then moves away, quickly making his way through the halls following the rest of the squadron.

  • Soldier 2: Move, move!

Patter and rattle of metal to the ground of their boots, they hold the line as the attacker comes forth from the inky blackness of night. The small one story building's doors shatter apart as a shadow bursts in when they come through, another following it.

A bright aura came as Armagus seals cast to hold the being back, stream of concentrated seithr fired toward it from weapons to evaporate its body, nothing worked. What they had access to in their arsenal simply wasn't enough, this being was used to all of it, in fact, it seemed to grin when it was hit. The same couldn't be said for the other companion being though as it was destroyed and flew into the side of the wall, its body turning pitch and dying out.

This act only served to annoy the grinning being as its face changed to a disgusted grimace.

  • Volke: (That's... not Nex... That's not even the White Demon, what the HELL is he?!)

People tossed on their back by the energy wave that smashed its way through, Volke bounces back before he can even grab his blade. Rattled by the blow he holds himself off the ground as he steadies his fuzzy vision. A body shields him as an otherworldly claw rips through their body. Volke cries out in horror as his face is splattered with his superior's blood.

  • Volke: --Takia!
  • Takia: ...Ugh...Volke, get out... that's an order!

That was all he remembered.

A field of energy that pushed him out of the building, generated from Takima's weapon, before the shadowed being rends through their forces with ease—a force of inhuman energy.

His friend and superior lost in the battle for sure, he hid a sorrowful glint in his eyes as he looks away from the remnants of the carnage. This was however, only the first of many attacks to come he felt.

  • Volke: (...why send Reiga after these people though? Its far too dangerous if they're capable of this much damage. More importantly though...)

Volke releases a long held in sigh as he walks away from it all.

  • Volke: (What is this person after...? Why do this, and how the heck are we going to stop them?)


"Kagusutchi, December 23rd 9:31pm"
"Upper levels, in the perimeter"

As Nex and Myri came into the next part of the city inching closer to the branch each step, the night hung over them with an ominous vibe. The streets, expected to be empty, were the very opposite. Whispers fill the night air as the scenery becomes filled with people chatting gossip of the recent events.

  • Bystander: Is the NOS moving to stop this before it gets out of hand...?
  • Bystander 2: They said it was a terrorist attack...but they can't figure out who the perpetrator was. Its between the LSZ, the Beast of Sin and the White Demon. They completely wiped out them out.
  • Bystander: I thought this place was supposed to be the safest in Kagusutuchi...

Nex stood to the side leaned against a part of a metal formation near a store, his eyes shut as he listened to the conversation from afar. Tired and exhausted from the long day he scowled towards their conversing.

  • Nex: (...Idiots...)

Opening them he notices Myri walking forward as she nibbled on a sandwich from the store she'd walked into, she held a bag of food and put it away into a compressible storage. Nex shifts from his position restlessly as she spoke to him.

  • Myri: People sure are in a fuss about something...I'm just glad we got away from that man.
  • Nex: They wont shut up about it...
  • Myri: Someone in that store was talking about an attack that happened close to the time that you ran into the Lt General.

She mentions as she digs around for something in the portable storage unit, and pulls it out quietly.

  • Nex: Yeah well I'm being blamed for it apparently. I suggest you eat that damn thing so we can get goin...I don't want any trouble from the upper levels.
  • Myri: ...Hey you should eat something to...
  • Nex: I'm fine. I don't need anything.

To his rough reply, Myri shakes her head and hands him a cup that's filled with noodles. Eyes glancing down at it, Nex snatches the cup and rolls his eyes all at once. He knew she wouldn't stop bothering him until he did take it. He dumps it down his throat rather nonchalantly, crushes the cup and then tosses it into a metal trash bin nearby. Myri simply stares at him wide eyed.

  • Myri: ...that was...ridiculously fast...doesn't that burn?
  • Nex: When you've dealt with pain for your entire, scalding hot noodles don't tend to really bother you.

He begins to walk off, steering away from the gossiping crowd.

  • Myri: W-wait, what about those people? Aren't we going to see if they need help? What if the attacker shows up again?
  • Nex: Not my problem.

He replies coldly as he continues moving without a glance back.

  • Myri: But...This place is being ravaged by war, and apparently forces that the government can't handle. If they can't fight them, whose going to help these people?
  • Nex: Lets get one thing straight. I'm not here to be the hero, I'm not here to help the masses that can't even help their god damn selves. These people mean nothing to me, and if you think they do, you'd be lying to yourself. The Governments could do something about it, but they'd rather go at each other's throats.

Her footsteps stop as she hears his words and she makes a frown.

  • Myri: So you just turn a blind eye to the world around you? How can you be that way and live with yourself? Are you just out for yourself? Have you never once cared for anyone except—

Nex's look he shoots her, stops her dead in her sentence. A malevolent stare, hardened by sorrow, pierces her as she looks into those two toned glimmering eyes of bitter power.

  • Nex: I don't know how to make this clear to you. I. Don't. Care. about this world, its people, its ways, none of it. And I'd appreciate it, if you stopped cramming ideals down my damn throat. This world turned a blind eye to ME long before I paid it in kind.

He takes hold around his locket.

  • Nex: And even though I don't share my reason for doing this, doesn't mean I don't have one.
  • Myri: Then what reason is that Nex?

Not a word comes from Nex as he continues on his way, pulling himself further away from the crowds behind. Though he wouldn't admit it, Nex did feel fatigue welling up within him and all he really wanted to do was locate a place to recuperate. The man's eyes quickly shift to the side to catch a glint of a bright energy coming from the side at a rapid pace of approach. Speed of lightning, he's struck unaware. Feet sliding back as he takes the hit of an electric pilebunker to his chest, Nex regains his ground and emits a quick irate growl.

  • Nex: (Can't get a damn break.)

Vexed, he pulls back his leg, and like a whip, throws his foot out into a powerful kick deep into his attacker's sternum. The male fox beastkin bends as he goes flying back and into the side of one of the nearby walls with a pronounced crash.

There's more than one.

Nex's eyesight is unable to catch the next attack—a feeling of bitter cold against his back accompanies the pain from a burst of frigid energy. A female beastkin, also a fox, hurrying after him with her gauntlets alit in a soft light blue aura. The ice over parts of his body shatters to pieces as Nex flexes a dark wispy mantle of bloody reds and violets. His eyes narrow to focus on the two before him while the energy creeps into his blade which he swings effortlessly down to the ground, its heavy tip digging into the ground.

  • Nex: Freaking hell...Ruin Burst!

A swollen black burst follows his yell, erupting forth.

Vigilante or perhaps just bounty hunters, he didn't care. He wasn't in any kind of mood to deal with their games.

A blast traverses the ground as it swells from the gun the male beastkin held. The shot meant to counter Nex's dark bursting blow, however he's sent back in pained surprise. Caught by the female beastkin companion, he regains his footing as he stares down Nex for a brief moment.

  • Nex: What the hell is your problem?

Growls out an angered Nex as he recoils his massive sword Necros and lunges forth hastily. His hand swarmed with seithr morphs into a demons claw of raw darkness as he strikes vertically to rend the beastkin apart; intent on ending it with one strike. To no surprise was the Beastkin agile enough to dodge as he swiftly turns, fluidly transitioning into another pilebunker strike imbued in a sparking energy.

  • ???: More like what's YOURS?!

They were no vigilantes, Nex quickly discerned. They were trained to say the least. A crash of the strike against the body of a blade is heard as Nex easily deflects his attempted strike. No longer taken unaware, he flares anger through his glare as though preparing himself to completely annihilate the pair... his patience ebbing.

  • Nex: I didn't have one, until you freaking ambushed me out of nowhere you damn idiot.

The Beastkin flinches for a moment from the malevolent leer, Nex forces him away as he thrusts the blunt edge of Necros straight into the beastkin's gut. Only serving to boil the beastkin's pot, he lets off his own growl before leaping to strike again.

Necros coils back as Nex readies to thrust it through the beastkin's body, tiring of the ordeal.

  • Nex: (Moron.)

However, neither of them complete their actions.

In desperation, Myri yells out at Nex as she latches her arm around Nex's, and in sync, the female companion of the male beastkin reaches out to snare his fox tail.

  • Myri: No!
  • Nex: The hell?!
  • ???: ...?! H-Hey! Let go of me Bitoku!

The female beastkin, Bitoku, sighs heavily keeping a firm hold on the squirming tail.

  • Bitoku: I don't think going in there like an idiots' gonna solve anything.

Nex rapidly rips away from Myri, miffed by her action with a coinciding frown. The yell would have worked fine, he thinks. He hated being touched. Without a second thought he returns focus to the two who attacked him out of the blue.

  • Nex: Better start talking...cause you picked the absolute worst time to--
  • Myri: Nex dangit, just hold on a minute!

Afraid of matters growing out of hand, she puts in, stepping past him to see the two for herself. Nex gives a gruff huff of annoyance, as he in stern fashion, crosses his arms. Again here she was, stepping into his affairs.

  • Myri: I'm sorry, why were you attacking us?
  • Bitoku: It was more my friend's tendency to attack for one, the other thing was there was a sighting of a man we seek from the NOS here according to a higher up...
  • Nex: And that's a reason to attack me? Did you think I caused this mess in the upper levels? Cause I didn't.
  • Bitoku: ...well that, and my friend assumed you were that man...but seeing you don't wear the plague mask he's mistaken.

Nex's look shoots up from his bloodied attire as he hears the words. Stupefied by the very thoughts, he returns to a normal stance rubbing his head trying to understand how they even got that idea.

  • Nex: What...?! the hell do you mistake ME for someone else? Let alone someone in god damn Sequence? Shit what is it, my personality? Cause I sure as sin don't LOOK like em!
  • Myri: You could stand to act a bit nicer at times Nex...

The pair simply blinks at him, and Nex lets off an inward sigh as he rolls his eyes.

  • Nex: Tch, whatever. Put the gun away, you don't need to try and be all "cool" and attack the "bad guy".
  • Myri: almost killed that man. If I hadn't stopped you.
  • Nex: No shit. I thought they were random vigilantes, and dammit I'm not in the mood to deal with any of it right now. ...But sounds like they were just looking for someone in the NOS. ...Still don't understand how I'm somehow...mistaken for those bastards...

He twirls and slides Necros into the crossing belt as he spoke, releasing the tension from his gaze for now. Slowly, the beastkin pockets his handgun, grumbling at Bitoku still holding at his tail.

  • Myri: ...Ignoring his hotblooded nature, would you tell us who you are?
  • Bitoku: I'm Bitoku...second in command to this idiot, Mujihi...we're the leaders of Red Thunder.
  • Nex: (Red Thunder--? Wait...)
  • Mujihi: and I apologize for not making note of this sooner...but could you LET GO OF MY—

Bitoku soon lets go of his tail, causing him to pratfall into the ground, his tail limply falls with him. Nex's and Myri's eyes follow him to the ground as a muffled response emits from the downed Mujihi.

  • Mujihi: ...tail....
  • Myri: Are you okay...?
  • Mujihi: aside my butt feeling like I got spanked...yes.
  • Bitoku: He can be a brat at times but then again, he lost his parents...

Nex takes in what he just heard and his eyes open wider for a moment. Everything lined up, he was the one who that man Fasado was seeking out to kill. Nex's eyes gradually return to normal as he comes to this realization and loses his scowl.

Mujihi steadily returns to his feet and Myri's eyes become filled with a strong sympathy and sorrow hearing Bitoku's heavy words. Nex's lacked any sense of the feelings, which in all truth offset her a bit.

  • Myri: (Does Nex just not care about anything?) He...lost his parents...?
  • Nex: ...Mujihi Mazio...just got done "talking" to someone who was out for you.
  • Mujihi: met that damn bastard Fasado!?

Mujihi shoots himself to his feet with a sense of seriousness his eyes wearing a face of bitter anger. Nex doesn't flinch as his eyes corner off to the side, knowing now this man would want to hear what he had to say. Nex knew as well that he might be able to learn something from a brief conversation with these two, despite being in Liberation Sector Zero, and decides to take a chance.

  • Nex: ...Why don't we talk about it away from the public. I'd feel a bit more comfortable away from them.

The two Bitoku and Mujihi seem to contemplate on it for a moment, before they both nod in unison.


"Kagusutchi, 10: 21pm"
"Upper levels, outside the perimeters"

A figure clad in black stalks through the night, his silver eyes survey everything around him. Fangs raised across and overlayed on his collar glimmer in the moonlight. A women by his side remains quiet as her superior, Akuhei moves them closer to the city to meet up with another of their members Reiga Sorairo the Azure Prodigy. He veers away as a contact catches his attention.

  • Akuhei: Just a moment Lt. Colonel...
  • Mysteria: ...Oh, of course.

Akuhei steps out and answers the contact, on the other end comes a strong voice that he instantly recongnized.

  • Lukain: ...Akuhei, where are you?
  • Akuhei: Well hello Marshal. I'm in the upper levels alongside the Lt Colonel and approaching the central area...going to go check up on the "Azure Pridogy".
  • Lukain: I've sent someone to look for the pod within the facility nearby as you requested of me.
  • Akuhei: Good...hopefully when they find the pod it'll nip a problem in the bud.
  • Lukain: If you're approaching the central area, Fasado located Azure 0 and the Divine Vessel but a few hours prior. Nex is beyond the entry area and its likely he'll go into the facility to seek any info possible.
  • Akuhei:'d the Lt General fare against him? Rather, how did Nex fare...
  • Lukain: The grimoire wasn't utilized...and he fled after the Divine Vessel intervened.

His expression dips into a scowl.

  • Akuhei: Worthless purity...though her power is a necessity, that I realize. Doesn't make me despise the bitch any less, plus she doesn't know a damn thing right now.

He truly did hate that women, but he seemed to lose his brief anger as he chuckles slightly. Holding tightly a crystallized organic crimson core in his hand, his eyes focused on the center of pure black.

  • Akuhei: Speaking of Purity... You get a chance to look at the crystallized seithr core I sent you? I'm oh so interested in knowing if what he have is the real deal...
  • Lukain: Yes that would be a benefit...sadly I've had no opportunity, I will once I finish my meeting with the Unknown Five.
  • Akuhei: Eh...have fun with that...You want me to go play with Nexi boy until the pod is extracted?
  • Lukain: No need...there are plenty of others in the field to try and catch him...
  • Akuhei: Don't you ever feel bad? ...considering none of them will ever be able to do it...who the hell am I kidding, you don't care.
  • Lukain: I prefer to give them fair chances.

Akuhei fights a laugh, almost coughing up the egg he slipped down his throat—while Lukain simply continues to speak to him. Something about that statement of his just didn't fit.

  • Lukain: Aside Azure 0...I've sent Fasado to meet the elusive "White Demon". He despises LSZ more so then the Brigadier even, and I wish to understand why. Perhaps it'd be of use.
  • Akuhei: Okay okay really? Why does Fasado get all the cool crap, while I get stuck with part-time babysitting this bitch? I mean I understand your guys' situation and all but why all the favor towards him? I have feelings and they've been hurt.

Changing his tone towards the end to add a genuine touch to his words, rather more like twisting them, he awaited Lukain's response with a devilish smile.

A brief pause before Lukain answers him.

Akuhei's smirk present that just screamed how much he loved to screw with others, even his closer allies.

  • Lukain: That was almost genuine enough for me to believe you...

Akuhei laughs as he slips a deviled egg into his mouth and swallows abruptly.

  • Akuhei: Ehehehaa! aaah...hah, anyway...yeah fine. Be sure to tell me about it, the White demon is interesting in his own right, simply because we know nothing about him...
  • Lukain: I'll do then would you mind doing me a favor when you see Reiga?
  • Akuhei: Not at all...tell me all about it.

His eyes narrow as his grin slithers wide and a wicked intent fills his mind once more.


"Kagusutchi, 10: 35pm"
"Upper levels, within a warehouse"

In a warehouse off to the side near the outskirts of the central town, the four discussed situations concerning Nex's encounter with Fasado as promised. Nex rested up against a crate stood to Mujihi's side as he spoke. Myri and Bitoku both sat down looking toward the two as they conversed seriously.

  • Nex: ...More like he met me. In fact, he came right up to me, not a lot of people have the guts or nerve to do that. Then again, the bastard is the Lt. General of the NOS.
  • Mujihi: ...I only wanna say thanks for not killing him...because he's mine...but I must ask you... Where is he now?

He didn't have any desire to know where he was, and simply gives a shake of his head.

  • Nex: Don't know that jackass's location really, don't even care. Way he was acting when I utilized the azure, and calling me a labrat, I don't exactly want to run into him again...have at him.
  • Myri: He's in the same department as Lukain Necaros and Akuhei, the three of them are higher ups. I've heard from Lazarith, that those three were rumored to have done horrible things...
  • Bitoku: adds to the things he needs to answer for...
  • Nex: No kidding. Why want you and your family dead though...?
  • Mujihi: They've wanted them dead since the Third War of Armagus apparently, NOS had em' and my sister erased, and well... they were targets since they were in some kind of resistance...that's all I know.

Nex thinks on that for a minute as he pieces things together for himself, rather, tries to.

  • Nex: ...They were targets huh. And they got erased...
  • Myri: That's horrible...why would they do that? I don't get it sometimes...why they'd have to do that.
  • Nex: I doubt they "had" to...I think they wanted to.

Myri frowns hearing his words, it saddened her to think they'd do something so terrible on purpose, no there had to be a reason for the family's deletion...but even so it hurt her to think about it.

  • Nex: But you probably were supposed to be erased to. And if Fasado did it then it was likely orders by Lukain and Akuhei. I wouldn't be surprised if they were behind it.
  • Mujihi: ...well if someone didn't decide to stick some sort of energy into me...I would have died.

...Those words caused Nex's eyes to flare with a sudden anger as they widen.

  • Nex: Stick some kind of energy into you? ...Like what?
  • Myri: Infusing people with energy...? That seems...kind of dangerous...
  • Mujihi: ...well I was told it was a project they were working on, but whoever saw the good in me thought it could help. I was out of it before he even put it in yet. What I do remember was the name of it after I awakened...
  • Nex: ...

Damned of the fact that everyone he probably could have talked to was now dead. Nex almost could be certain that there was some kind of connection between the mercenary forces. Normally Nex wouldn't be interested in hearing any of this, however, this was another case because it involved the NOS. And seemed to be covered up for a reason. Mujihi: it's name was...chaotic element I believe Nex's anger returned, wearing an angry frown on his face as he took in those words. He kept whatever he was thinking about to himself though.

  • Nex: (Freaking...The hell are they even thinking?) If it saved you I guess Fasado is just trying to finish what was started. So I assume you're going after him because of revenge and to learn why your parents were killed.
  • Mujihi: Hell yeah that's why I'm after him!
  • Nex: Okay, and how do you plan to win against the Lt General of the NOS?

Nex asks bluntly toward Mujihi's reply. Sure he had resolve, but did he have the power to back it? He doubted it personally.

  • Mujihi: ...what do I look like a one-man army? I'm not gonna take him on alone.

Nex looks at him, then at Bitoku, and then sighs. The lack of a plan, disappointed him slightly. They didn't have any idea of how to tackle him and if they weren't careful, he was almost completely assured they'd end up just like that family.

  • Nex: Yeah...I don't know if that's gonna make much of a difference. But whatever, you guys do what you want. You'd be doing me a favor by getting rid of him, even though I doubt you can at the moment...

Nex clearly didn't have much faith in him. But it wasn't personal, Nex never really felt like he could count on anyone in the world to do anything except screw things over more.

  • Mujihi: Well if anything it'd at least help you go for those bastards your friend spoke about...Lukain and Akuhei I believe?
  • Nex: Tch, yeah, those two were likely behind a lot of shit to. If you see them do yourself a favor and avoid fighting them, wont end well.
  • Myri: all three of them are considered really dangerous.
  • Nex: That aside I have more important things to do, but I do have a few questions for that bastard Lukain.

Nex's blood boils, his hands clench into fists with simple thought of the man.

  • Nex: I know he was behind what happened that night. Just like I'm almost positive he was behind what happened to your family. He does whatever the hell he wants, and so does Akuhei. Everything they did, I'll figure it out before I tear the NOS to the floor.
  • Mujihi: Well I wish you luck with that...and if I ever run into any of the big three of douchebaggery...I'll tell you what I know.
  • Bitoku: much as I agree I am wondering who Lukain is..

Nex frowns at the statement, he was with LSZ in a way being a division that worked for them. He certainly didn't trust them enough to divulge info concerning Lukain either.

  • Nex: I don't need you to tell me anything, don't need you getting involved in—

A blast is heard as the windows across gives a slight shake. Nex closes his eyes with a strong frown.

  • Nex: --ngh. Now what...
  • Myri: That was loud...!
  • Mujihi: ...dammit, looks like someone caught onto us...

Mujihi soon grabbed his handgun from his pocket as he rushes out of the small warehouse. Bitoku, swiftly follows suit with a worried Myri behind her. Nex blinks as he watches all of them rush off, Nex clearly disdaining the very thought of becoming involved in this.

  • Nex: ...What the hell? All I want to do is rest...dammit, that girl is going to be the death of me.

He follows after them catching up in no time at all.

  • Myri: ...Decided to come with?
  • Nex: More like I need to make sure you don't screw me over by getting your idiot self killed.

He remarks bluntly as he moves past her bringing his sword out just in case. Myri rolls her eyes at his comment.

  • Myri: ...and for a moment I thought he cared.

A gate that stands to the side of the surrounding city area sat busted off its hinges slightly with sizable gaps in its stature. Before the small group could even catch full sight of the events, an unorthodox hail of crimson bullets of raw energy speed through the premises. Scathing the surface of large sword, Nex shields himself and Myri. The shots bounding off in high pitched wains as Nex slashes outward.

  • Nex: Shit, what the hell is her problem...!
  • Mujihi: That's just... unsettling.
  • Nex: Freaking war is causing all hell to break loose...I'm outta here.

Nex turns away and drags Myri with him, the girl grabs his arm and tries to break away, unsupportive of his decision.

  • Myri: We can't just leave!
  • Nex: Watch me, whoever that is its not my problem...let those feuding governmental dogs take care of it.

The shots sound and blast out as the scarlet eyed women yells something.

  • ???: Where is he?!

Soldiers and guards pour fourth to try and settle it down.

  • Guard: Breach on the upper levels, I repeat breach! Inform higher ups there's a breach!
  • Nex: (And yet they somehow missed me...course thanks to the crazy bitch they'll know I'm here.)

Mujihi looks to bitoku, and back to Nex.

  • Mujihi: ...we need to get out of here...! NOW!

Deciding to fire back at the source of the gunfire as if to throw them off, his eyes widen seeing the Soldiers mowed down like cattle by dark shots that scream forward.

  • Myri: Nex, what is that...?!
  • Nex: Those shots are concentrated and converted Seithr...

Nex growls as he hastily dodges stray shots, soon the remaining soldiers voices fade out as they're forced to back away hoping for back up, that likely never would come soon enough to help them. With her previous opponents backing off, the women looks at the group directly from the corners of her blood tinted eyes. Her scarlet hair brushed to the side as she pulled herself toward them.

  • ???: And who are you? More government lackeys?

She says it while looking away from them, pointing her guns at them however. Nex narrows his stare at the audacity of the comment.

  • Nex: What was that...?
  • Mujihi: hey screw you I'm out for a government lackey, don't group me with the murderous plague doctor!
  • Valetha: ...You're with the LSZ? Then you're in the government. I don't care which you're in. You're part of humanity, part of the filth. Beastkin or human.
  • Myri: Why say something so cruel...?

Again, Mujihi fires a bolt of energy from his weapon toward the women. His anger apparent at the women's dialect.

  • Mujihi: I find it funny how discriminatory you are despite grouping humans and beastkin as one in the same...I applaud you for you're so-called "creativity" you bitch.

She turns to look at them and pulls the trigger on the gun releasing a swollen fiery dark flare to collide with the one bolt Mujihi had unleashed.

  • Valetha: Iblisa...Bloody Flare Shot.

Her eyes open wide when she sees Nex more distinctly, after the shots disperse.

  • Valetha: (Wait he's...)
  • Nex: Filth? I don't know if I'd call it that, what the hell are you doin here? And those weapons...

Valetha steps on a corpse and fires another shot into it.

  • Valetha: They are. But, you, you don't care about that. Nor do you care that I kill these people, or am against the government. You're on your own road... you're "Nex" aren't you?

Giving a diluted sigh, Nex simply shakes his head as he looks away.

  • Nex: ...You know I don't even care anymore...I've gotten my cover blown so many times today...
  • Valetha: An meet one who holds a genuine power of destruction.

A bit puzzled at her response, Nex looks back at her and tilts his head slight while folding his arms.

  • Nex: ...An honor...? Hah...can't say the same. I don't even know who the hell you are.
  • Valetha: Pardon me, Beast of Sin. I'm Valetha, the Scarlet Demoness. I've been looking for you, the one who wishes destruction on the NOS, and everything with it.
  • Nex: ...Get in line...there's a lot of people lookin for me.

Nex didn't seem to care about what she wanted with him, the scarlet demoness shoots a look towards Mujihi and Bitoku after hearing him. Her tone, swiftly returning to its cold disgust.

  • Valetha: And why waste time speaking with this filth?

More bolts come as they narrowly miss her, intentionally fired by an unamused Mujihi.

  • Mujihi: screw off.
  • Valetha: How you scum poison the very air. Humanity is weak...and so are beastkin.
  • Nex: Look... I have nothing to say, except maybe screw you because you just alerted the entire damn part of this city to my presence.
  • Mujihi: And, to be honest it was only a matter of time before Bitoku and I get caught by the murderous plague doctor.

Valetha scrunches her brow as she closes her eyes.

  • Valetha: Muderous Plague Doctor...? Are you referring to Fasado...? There's a name and face I care to never hear or see again...though, that's beside the point. I want you to meet someone, Nex.

Hearing that, Nex gives her a dumbfounded stare as he returns his hands to his side.

  • Nex: Wow. Meet someone. That's real damn specific...tell me why the HELL I'd treat you any different then anyone else who bothers me.
  • Valetha: Because, you wouldn't have to worry about the government pestering you at all. Once the objective is completed within Kagusutchi.
  • Nex: Are you insane...? You think I'd go with you just because you say the government wont come after me? Am I not speaking friggin English? Do I need to change my vernacular to something you can comprehend bitch? I stand alone.

His reply ringing of undaunted recalcitrance, Valetha smiles slightly.

  • Valetha: You are defiant, I admire that. But we're all after the same thing, and that's destruction.
  • Nex: Then you have fun doing it yourself because I'm doing things my way. I don't care what anyone else says. Choice is the one thing I have left in this god forsaken world and I'm sure as hell not making it to help someone like you.
  • Valetha: Cold as ice. You're everything I'd thought you'd be. What you don't understand is you're a revered force of destruction, I couldn't hate you if you wanted me to.

Nex cocks his head down slightly with a firm malignant glare.

  • Nex: Yeah. Don't think you'd like me much if I rammed my sword through your pencil thin body and then destroyed whatever passes for a soul.
  • Valetha: Please, don't waste your energy...all of what you see, this death, this ruin, was done in the mission of finding you. And only more will follow.
  • Nex: Tch...crazy bitch.

She wasn't even threatened in the slightest, Nex seemed a bit surprised at her persistence. Mujihi rolls his eyes at the entire thing, however.

  • Mujihi: (this girl is a total skank if she's acting like that toward him.)

She then looks at Myri and scowls definitively.

  • Valetha: Speaking of destroying the soul, there's you...the one who holds that power within your soul. "The Foe" that is the Divine Vessel. You need to represent everything I loathe in humanity.
  • Myri: W-what...?

A face of surprise that twists to terror, a flurry of darkness swells and bursts out in a crimson shot speeding forth toward her. Rather than hit its target, it impacts nothing but the edge of Nex's outstretched blade. Valetha's face is one of indifference as she lowers the barrels of Iblissa.

  • Nex: Don't care why you want her dead, its not happening while I have a word to say about it. I need her to be alive.

Her face as white as a ghost, Myri simply stared at Nex who stood protectively with his sword still poised in the air. That blade lowers gradually as Nex firms a stance. To see him actually protect her, Myri hadn't been expecting it.

  • Valetha: I have to admit seeing you protect someone like that is surprising. But, I don't think it would really matter to you in the end of have your power that's all you need to please.
  • Nex: ... (Why do I attract the complete psychos...why.)

Bitoku soon growls and points at Valetha as if she were angered.

  • Bitoku: Just BACK OFF you skanky hag!
  • Valetha: I'm sorry if I angered the fox filth there.

She points her guns out again with a slight smile.

  • Valetha: Why don't you see how fast I can shoot all three of them down, or perhaps cut...I could use Lilethal, should it please you.

Nex rubs his head with a scowl of disdain and annoyance.

  • Nex: think I enjoy torture? Hardly. I'm not sticking around to watch you get your sick want me to go with, come take me down. Otherwise...don't waste my damn time.
  • Valetha: I suppose force is at times needed. Pleasure is all mine. Allow me to show you how quickly Iblisa removes this filth, and what powers of destruction can truly do.
  • Nex: Come on, I'll give you a first hand taste of what I can do "Scarlet Bitch".

As Nex settles into a fighting position, Valetha wears a grin twirling her riffle like weapons before pointing them forward.

  • Mujihi: Bitoku, contact our higher-ups...we need back-up. A lot of it.

Bitoku acknowledges the request as she quickly attempts to contact the higher ups, Mujihi then returns focus to the others and keeps his own weapon drawn just in case.

  • Mujihi: Need any help Nex? or are ya willing to put this whiny ass child in her place on your own?
  • Nex: I don't need help, but I sure as hell don't expect you to just sit on your ass and eat popcorn either.

Mujihi: ... (Makes me want popcorn. Thanks Nex for revitalizing my appetite.) He takes his sword in hand and throws it to his side holding it by the hilt tightly, to the side Mujihi readies his handgun, energy swelling from its barrel.

  • Mujihi: bitoku...get somewhere safe with guys need the cover.

One dire look from Nex was enough to convince Myri to stay beside Bitoku.

  • Valetha: Iblisa...!

She moves into a stance and then fires off a hail of energy that bursts in several chained dark blasts. Nex strafes away and gathers energy in his hand and around his blade as he moves nimbly. Mujihi quickly goes the opposite direction, deciding to fire back a large,rapid barrage of electric bolts. Valetha jumps as Nex comes in with a swing of his blade in a tail of energy, coming right over his assault. Not taking eyes from him for a second, she fires a round to the ground and it bursts in a black flare and loud shock. Nex quickly slides away with a slight growl.

  • Valetha: You shouldn't hold back.
  • Nex: And you should mind your own damn business. You don't warrant me using anymore then this.
  • Valetha: Then you underestimate what these weapons can do...

She counters his remark. Valetha: you're not the only one whose able to utilize the powers of destruction. These weapons live and breath it. She gathers the seithr into the body of the gun and fires a fanning shot that converges into one, smashing into the side of a building and busting out the windows. Nex again dodges as he jumps in with an upper swing slash. Valetha evades by twisting her body. A signal cuts in as Bitoku tries to connect through.

  • Bitoku: !
  • Nicaiah: ...what is it?

A voice comes through as it answers the contact. Valetha shoots her guns once more firing twin volleys of black novas. The black masses converging on him, Nex brings his blade and cuts through one using Necros, before twisting through to smash a blackened and emblazoned claw into her. Valetha lets off a groan as she hits one of the metallic arch pillars in the street with a pronounced thud.

  • Nex: And you underestimate what I can do "holding back".
  • Bitoku: it's bitoku...we...need back-up. Mujihi's under fire from this Valetha skank...and we found Nex too.
  • Mujihi: and you also underestimate our true strength! Mujihi quickly follows up with an ice-imbued uppercut, in sync, Nex comes over with his sword set to strike through.

Valetha bounds off the wall to evade both incoming blows. Nex's blade impaling the surface of the building instead of her body. In haste Nex spins himself around to strike her back once more but an abrupt flash of darkened crimsons crackling infront of him is all he sees, stunned he tries to shake it off.

Launching to the air from the small pressure wave she created, Valetha twists, points one of the rifles forward, and preps to release an assault toward Mujihi. Valetha's eyes glimmering of disgust, the seithr swells violently around her weapon's barrel till the force bursts forth in the form of a ray of darkness. Howling as it rippled through the air, the projectile impacts the ground and explodes in a much larger black sphere that forcibly blows Mujihi away.

  • Valetha: Child's play. You're no better than the rest, and your face will look beautiful on the cold hard ground along with your corpse, beastkin filth.

She hisses as she fires off another set of shots toward him. Nex moves in again as he brings his sword around for another hit, extending reach in a crimson spike.

  • Mujihi: Gaaagh!
  • Nicaiah: Valetha and Nex...?! (Why would she be there? Either way I can't let either her or Nex go to that area...) Keep Nex there then, I'll try and work on something...along with your previous objectives I have to add to keep eye on her.

Valtha rolls across the ground with force after Nex's sword impacted her. She jumps to her feet, feeling the pain through her body along with a certain drive to keep going.

  • Valetha: Strong...then again a force of destruction would be.
  • Bitoku: right..I want valetha dead though, she's more a skank than anything, I'm keeping one of Nex's acquaintances safe with me...

Mujihi quickly strikes the ground with his armagus, causing a large tornado-like flame to go toard Valetha Valetha hears Nicaiah's voice and turns her attention toward it.

  • Valetha: You...hiding behind all your little soldiers fun for you? Hiding like a coward, afraid to face the truth? You bitch.

Nex doesn't say a word as he hears Nicaiah, and Valetha fires her guns at the tornado. A loud ear piercing boom sounds as the dark energy collides with the tornado.

  • Nicaiah: Valetha what do you hope to accomplish from this? You're nothing but a demon for the road you've chosen.
  • Valetha: What do I hope to accomplish? I hope to see the resulting demise humanity deserves. They're the only true "demons".

She frowns while saying it.

  • Mujihi: Nicaiah, just get back-up here...we need all the help we can get over here, this skank just wants Nex! Whatever connection you have with her I'll ask about later
  • Nicaiah: I'm trying, they're not responding right away. Take her out if you have to dammit. Just don't let her kill Myri or take Nex.

She closes the connection with those last peeved words.

  • Mujihi: heh...well Nex, looks like we got a common goal after all with this skank of a demon
  • Valetha: War games...nothing more. A game of the fake versus the fake, in a pointless conflict. Its sickening.
  • Nex: You're not exactly helpin it by doing this either.
  • Valetha: You'll see for yourself eventually, Nex. Until then...

She releases a volley of energy which bursts outward, Nex unexpecting of the action being so swift. A crackling boom is all that sounds, and he notices the hail of crimson didn't come anywhere near the group. Valetha, also appeared completely taken aback.

  • Valetha: Huh? (How did Iblisa's shot get overpowered?)
  • ???: Whoa, whoa no one invited me?

A voice comes from a bit away, catching the groups attention. Nex has a troubled look for a moment seeing the man across from them who stood atop the post of the gate. Carefree he had a single hand held outward, lightning melded from seithr squirmed around freely. His face contorted into a wry grin, but his eyes devilish in every sense of the word as black consumed his scelara, save two white irises. Emitting a presence of power dangerous as the sparking darkness around him, the man jumps down and steps forward brushing off the sides of his long flowing midnight blue coat. Sitting low past his neck, a cross screaming ironic symbolism could be seen attached to a silver chain necklace.

  • ???: Hey what gives Nex. Didn't tell me you were in town... did you cause all this? Damn, you've got a track record that's impossible to keep up with.
  • Nex: ...Isn't your timing just impeccable. ...wan't expecting to see you here of all places.
  • ???: Stranger things have happened.

He looks at the others, and his grin vanishes briefly as the man lets off a sigh. Tapping an intricate yet strange rod across his shoulder. The rod glimmered with the same black energy bolts twisting all around him.

  • ???: ...I'll just...overlook the fact you're with people from LSZ...
  • Mujihi: thanks for not being discriminative mystery person who I have no idea of identity.
  • Bitoku: yeah, really appreciate the respect after the skank's disrespect
  • ???: No, no that doesn't change the fact I still disdain your very presence...but not for a stupid reason like discrimination.

He remarks with a roll of his eyes, somewhat bluntly. Moving his hand to the top of his black, save a blue streak on the sides, spiked forward hair, he introduces himself.

  • Sylar: Names' Sylar, also known as The White Demon. Here to help....sort of.
  • Nex: What the hell. I was doing just fine on my own.

Nex barked annoyed.

  • Sylar: Says the one who looks like hell.

With a grin, Sylar replied as he proded Nex provocatively with the butt end of the rod. Nex simply grasps the rod and pushes Sylar away with it.

  • Nex: Because I haven't gotten a damn second to breathe ever since I left after fighting that bastard Akuhei. With my immeasurable luck, I ran into the freaking Lt General soon after that.
  • Sylar: Nex you've gotta work on who you pick fights with...the General? Seriously? I get you have a vendetta against the guy but...

Nex gains a sly grin himself.

  • Nex: You're not one to talk, fight happy, hellspawn dumbass who tried to get into the heart of LSZ and nearly got himself screwed over in the process by--
  • Sylar: Hey, hey easy. I have feelings...

The two both shot glares but shared a subtle smirk.

  • Nex: Screw your feelings.

Myri looked completely lost, the two seemed to be okay with each other...perhaps. She didn't know, but Nex didn't seem threatened by the man, even though Myri didn't care for the vibe he gave off. Feeling a strong force, dark and overwhelming, laying within him.

  • Myri: Um...
  • Valetha: The White Demon... (This changes things...I'll have to leave for now.)

Sylar looks at her and holds the ominous rod to his side, twirling it a bit before pointing it toward her. The rod's body aglow with a strong lightning coursing through it.

  • Sylar: You must be the so-called Scarlet Demoness. You know where I can find the guy who is causing trouble in the city? ...besides me I mean.
  • Valetha: I have no idea who you're talking about, and while I can respect your endeavors White Demon... I don't wish to engage you in combat.
  • Sylar: Aw, you scared of Apollexon? I figured Iblisa might be a good match for it. Give me a reason to wake it up.
  • Valetha: ...You're horribly uniformed...I don't wish to fight someone who is... ...its difficult to explain.
  • Sylar: Difficult to explain?

Valetha turns away and looks at Nex.

  • Valetha: I only desired to find you, but circumstances have changed with this man's presence in the city as well. You win this round, and I hope for you to see my side eventually. I'll see you again, hopefully not among this filth.

Valetha turns away from the others and leaves without another word.

  • Nex: ... (The hell is she anyway?)
  • Sylar: Oh sure, leave when I get here...never get any of the action.
  • Mujihi: ...sorry about that "white demon" (looks like Nicaiah's gonna be PISSED)

Sylar folds his arms and returns the rod to his shoulder as he turns his glance to Nex once more.

  • Sylar: Shit you're popular. Not in a good way either. Wonder what she wanted with you, although gotta say she had some power behind her if she caused all this singlehadedly.

Referring to the bodies around them from the soldiers, he prods one with the rod.

  • Mujihi: She was hitting on him practically speaking.
  • Bitoku: you shoulda seen her though mister...

Sylar's eyes shift towards the two as he manipulates a black dark lightning squirming and crackling through his hands. His tone, also takes on a much more threatening vibe to it.

  • Sylar: You guys are in LSZ huh?
  • Nex: Come on Sylar, stuff it. Not right now.

Taking note of his sudden push towards aggression, Nex swiftly steps in.

  • Sylar: What's wrong with you now? Since when did you care?
  • Nex: I don't, but, we just got through fighting, cut them a break. Not like they really pose a threat to you.

Sylar rolls his eyes and shrugs with a huff.

  • Sylar: ...I don't get in your way in your fights...but fine, I'll behave.
  • Mujihi: ...Thanks.

Even though the White Demon bit his tongue and held back his rage, it could be felt emanating from him towards the very idea of LSZ. As their enemy, he had difficulty being civil to any in their ranks, channeling the white and black colored lighting formed entirely of darkness and concentrated seithr particles. Watching him flick it about in annoyance, Myri seemed a bit intimidated by the presence of Sylar.

  • Myri: You have some uhm...nice friends...
  • Bitoku; he's...kinda scary
  • Sylar: Scary? Easy there... I take offense to that. I appreciate what Nex is doing. Fact I'm not that much different, I just hate the LSZ, he hates the NOS, and together I think we'll tear the governments apart.
  • Myri: two share a dislike of the governments...
  • Mujihi: I honestly say you look tame compared to the murderous plague doctor.

He forms a crystallized white gauntlet unholy claw around his hands with black veins like lightning coursing through.

  • Sylar: Who? Sorry uh, I have no idea who you're talking about.

Myri looks at the claw and shudders feeling immense darkness from it despite its coloring of pure white.

  • Mujihi: ...well...for one he's a guy from the NOS, he killed my family in cold blood.
  • Sylar: Uh-huh...

Not entirely paying attention, his hand flexes inside the surrounding energy claw and fiddles with the lightning.

  • Sylar: Mmm...killing isn't that big of a deal.... Now mass genocide that's a big one.
  • Nex: ...Really. Really Sylar? And you expect me to believe that you're not insane when you spew shit like that out?
  • Sylar: What? ...For a villain it would be an improvement, have to admit.
  • Mujihi: let him be Nex... I must ask you Sylar... do you hate LSZ as a whole or it's main branch? as red thunder is not an "oficial" end in my's my way of compensating for holding a project of theirs in me to stay alive.

Sylar gains a certain glowering look as he answers him.

  • Sylar: I hate LSZ as a whole...for a lot of reasons. But that explains what I sensed in you. Some kind of familiar energy, can't really put my finger on it. Anyway, I'm actually here for a reason, and I'd appreciate it if LSZ didn't screw around with me right now.
  • Nex: As if they'd listen...
  • Mujihi: well for one we got back up assuming that bitch was still apologies ahead of time...and no need to worry about red thunder...I don't call my family an official part of it
  • Sylar: Liberation Sector Zero considers me an enemy, and for good reason. But right now, I'm not interested in dealing with them. So as long as you don't bother with me, I wont you.
  • Mujihi: ...good. I'm not losing my family again.

Mujihi soon huffs, contemplating to himself. Sylar raises his brow towards the remark.

  • Sylar: ...Again?
  • Nex: He's in it more because he has to be, I guess he was to be erased by the Sequence Destroyers. His family was erased, But he survived, thanks to the LSZ...
  • Sylar: Thanks to the LS--...oh, I get it. Using the fact they saved him as a way to get him to do what they want? Hah...nothing surprises me in this world...
  • Mujihi: hmph, possibly...but the guy that was nice enough to give me my life I owe them the most. Though I admit this as compensation hurts a bit...I do my tasks to an end...If anything I await the day I split off with red thunder as their own group...

Sylar rubs the side of his head with the claw. It went against every fiber of his being to let someone walk free who was part of that government. But he reminds himself that he had other matters to look into and shelves the malevolent feelings. After all, he was known to brutally kill any who were in LSZ. Sporting a track record of taking out their stronger members.

  • Sylar: Yeah? Well normally I'd be inclined to kill anyone remotely related to them, but since you're good in Nex's book...and since I'm trying to figure out what exactly is behind these attacks in Kagusutchi...I'll put it aside.
  • Nex: What do you mean anyway? There's a war, of course there's attacks.
  • Sylar: Nex lets be honest here, the government is covering up a lot of the attacks with the war sure, just like this one will be covered up. You know that girl Valetha who just attacked you? She struck in another part of the middle level looking for you. The Government has already declared the damage a cause of the war.
  • Nex: ...So?

Sylar makes a disgruntled stare at him, and then looks around spotting a building that was busted into not too long ago, looking a bit worse for the ware.

  • Sylar: Let me show you something Nex. ...And you guys, you can come to, I don't really care...

He walks away from them and intently approaches the destroyed form of the military establishment which the soldiers had been gathered around earlier. Nex, Mujihi and Bitoku follow, each taking the sight in.

  • Sylar: Crap like this. This wasn't her doing. There's someone else, or something else that's doing it. I doubt the government can ignore this one, although I'm almost positive that intel is already saying it was a result of scuffles between the two forces.
  • Nex: ...It was a military owned building. The NOS in specific...but holy shit it looks like someone had a field day in it.

Nex remarks as he approaches the building's doors, hitting a barrier made from armagus seals, he simply scoffs and smashes the barrier imbuing his hand in the azure's energy. Myri, feeling a bit nervous as he does so, follows him and walks in to get a closer look.

  • Nex: ...Traces of huge amount of seithr. Place is blocked off cause of that alone.
  • Sylar: I've got my own theory on who struck this place. At first, I thought it was you, but you don't normally attack places like this. This place was connected to the ministry I believe.
  • Nex: The ministry...? They're not even involved in fighting are they? 
  • Bitoku: Well who do you assume Sylar?
  • Mujihi: if it's the LSZ I don't blame you...

Sylar shakes his head.

  • Sylar: If its who I think it is, this guy isn't with anyone. Ask Nex and you'd know that I don't care about the war really. Let the governments tear each other apart. But...when outside forces that I don't care about start to interfere in my shit that's when I get ticked.
  • Nex: An outside force interfered...?

Myri feels a malevolent force sticking to the place like glue, she shied away from it staying by the others. Nex goes forward undaunted while Bitoku and Mujihi also glance over the place. Stopping in front of a corpse that wasn't taken out of the building, completely unrecognizable with seithr eroding its form.

  • Sylar: They appeared and attacked when I was destroying a LSZ sector stationed in a nearby city. This guy just came by and killed everyone making a huge statement out of their bodies and blood. "Humanity will never outrun their demons, HE will waken again"

Sylar scowls as he cocks his head recalling the event.

  • Nex: ...Well this guy did make a statement. He left nothing and was brazen or idiot enough to screw with an entire base. But...this wasn't even a damn contest. Rules out LSZ if they struck a base owned by them...
  • Myri: What happened to that person...

Myri quietly remarks in a shaky voice as she spots the body and points to its lopsided form.

  • Nex: Huh?
  • Mujihi: ...what's wrong Myri?

The body was humanoid, but it had strange blackened skin and seithr swelled around it. Nex goes over for a moment, Myri refusing to even go close as she stayed at a distance with a shaky stature. He feels a bit uneasy as he looks at its form.

  • Bitoku: that's....just unsettling
  • Nex: ... (What the hell...this is one of those...those things.)

The residue energy around this being tugged at him for an odd reason, attracted something inside him. Heart pounding he pushes it aside and smashes the glimmering red mass of seithr inside of the body with the tip of his blade. Myri cringes as she watches as Nex drives it in completely, wanting to make sure the remnants of that gleaming red shard were destroyed.

  • Nex: Sylar...did that guy look any different from normal people?
  • Sylar: Had strange veins encrusted in his body...and I've never seen someone so resilient to the seithr, save us, but he attacked so fast. The damned bastard took my thunder before I even got there. Told me I was fighting the wrong person, talking like I had some connection to him.

Nex pulls away from the thing afterwards scowling at it even in death.

  • Nex: ... (How the hell...)

He'd truly been spooked by it all. But he'd seen one of those things before, not only did he know about them but he'd run into one of these beings when he was younger. He believed them to be all out of the picture, but this clearly proved otherwise. A troubling factor to the man.

  • Myri: I don't like doesn't feel feels evil.
  • Mujihi: I ain't so scared of it....
  • Nex: Reason you're getting those feelings is because its true. I destroyed it because it tugged at me with that energy. You can't feel it, but I could...didn't like the feelings at all.
  • Sylar: I did...just didn't say anything. Doesn't really bother me, even though it probably should. I feel strangely natural with it.

Sylar remains firm as he continues his explanation of the man and his encounter.

  • Sylar: That jackass said he was going to go to Kagusutchi next to make his statement. So I followed him...but I haven't found him since. I know for a fact though that he's the one causing this.

The black lightning of seithr swarms violently around him for a moment. A low growl emits from him.

  • Nex: ...I guess that pretty much confirms you're here for more than just a shot at wreaking havoc on LSZ...

Mujihi lets out a small huff, before looking to Bitoku, who's shaking like a leaf

  • Mujihi: you okay?
  • Bitoku; does it look like it?!
  • Nex: ... I guess the NOS took one out before they were annihilated by that guy...wasn't expecting to see one of these things...
  • Myri: I don't like it, can we please leave? The NOS left it here so people wouldn't be freaked out, and for good reason! Its not natural!
  • Nex: ...How do you think it got here though. No one even knows about the--
  • Myri: Does it matter?! I don't want to be anywhere near it!

Nex closes his eyes at the sheer volume of her complaints and yelling. He lets off a sigh and then moves out from the building a hand atop his head. Sylar makes a crooked frown as he cleans out his ear.

  • Sylar: Jesus christ, loud enough for you?
  • Nex: Okay, okay god damn...just stop yelling...
  • Mujihi: c'mon bitoku, I'm sure if you were Myri you'd be the same

Bitoku nervously nods, before she and Mujihi walk after Nex.

Sylar takes a moment to look at the blackened body, feeling a certain desire to destroy it further. That glimmering red shard that was there before...he felt almost disappointed when Nex smashed it to pieces. The dark energy didn't repel him like it did Myri either...Sylar found himself staring at it for sometime.

  • Sylar: ...Huh? What am I even doing...?

He shakes his head, deciding to not look into it anymore, and soon leaves with the others. Coming out, he watches as Myri pounds on Nex's arm and yells in protest. Nex rolls his eyes, the hits didn't exactly hurt, but they were bothersome.

  • Myri: Why did you take me to something like that?!
  • Nex: ...Because you one said you had to come with...
  • Sylar: You know I never pinned you for having a companion...let alone one so uh...flimsy and whinny.
  • Nex: ...Not like I want to...
  • Mujihi: you and me both...but I have reason to keep bitoku around...

Myri puffs her cheeks at both of the two.

  • Myri: I'm only with him to learn about this so-called "truth". But I don't exactly have a stomach of iron like you two. That thing was unsettling...
  • Sylar: Yeah yeah.

Sylar grins at her response teasingly. Nex returns focus to more important matters however.

  • Nex: I don't really have time to worry about this though...if anything this might of gotten some heat off of me, if it wasn't for the fact intel blamed both you, and I for this.

Lacking shock in his tone, Sylar simply shrugs it off as he gives Nex permission to leave these matters to him.

  • Sylar: Go figure...but yeah focus on your own thing, I can handle myself.
  • Mujihi: heh...we can all say that for ourselves I guess
  • Myri: I don't mean to sound rude, but you also make me feel uneasy...its probably just because of the energy you give off with all that seithr.

Feeling she had to put that in, she'd expected Sylar to lash out at her, but he doesn't do anything of the sort. The White Demon, Sylar returns his hands to normal and the dark lightning quells, Only having a few words to say to hers.

  • Sylar: Not the first time I've heard that.
  • Myri: Why are you like that though? That really dark energy. Like Nex's almost...or that man's...Akuhei's.
  • Sylar: ...I don't know. Just am...

He seemed a bit annoyed for a brief moment and then looks at Nex.

  • Sylar: Like a lot of people I'm looking for this "Truth" my own way...
  • Mujihi: all we can really "do" in this world... I'm looking for the man who killed my family. and you guys your own reasons to fight...all we can "do" is keep moving forward'
  • Sylar: Either that or be stuck never knowing a damn thing while the world government holds all the answers. And personally I don't like the idea. Anyway, should be going, you have crap to do, so do I.
  • Mujihi: don't we all?

Mujhii lets off a small laugh.

  • Mujihi: if we meet again in a circumstance where we're not enemies Sylar...I look forward to being an ally at the very least

Sylar gestures one of his hands into a casual shrug.

  • Sylar: Never know...not gonna happen while you're with them though.
  • Nex: I'd rather stand alone in my fight. Easier for me that way, less pain, less trouble. I don't have faith in anyone in this world enough to trust them as any real ally.

He remarks bluntly as he turns away from the group and leaves. The only thing he wanted to do at this point was find someplace to rest. To be fair however, it did genuinely worry him who Sylar ran into, and with the black humanoid being that was offed by the NOS...things could of just became a lot more complex if it lined up with any of his ideas. Myri looks after him and then follows.

  • Myri: H-hey wait up!

Sylar rubs his head and shakes it.

  • Sylar: Thanks Nex. Nice seeing you to. ...Ah well, Its easier for him that way apparently...
  • Mujihi: heh, I guess I can live with that.

Sylar's eyes lose their edge and he sighs.

  • Sylar: It'll take a lot to get him to have a reason to put faith in anyone, hell I'm not far off from that way of thinking either but...since I've met people that I believe genuinely give a damn it tends to keep you open, if just slightly.
  • Mujihi: I could say the same...then again you don't like the LSZ in general, and in hence, don't like me, so I'll avoid my comparison.
  • Sylar: Don't take it personally...I'm jaded to despise them...but like I said, if Nex is fine with you, just don't interfere in what I'm doing, and I'll be fine with you.
  • Mujihi: I'll keep that in mind.

Sylar knowing that he had to find the one who'd been leaving this trail of carnage departs after those words. Shooting a single back handed wave he vanishes from their sight toward his own concerns. Mujihi hoped that he could see the two again on better circumstances.

  • Mujihi: heh...come on bitoku.
  • Bitoku: ...yes sir.
  • Mujihi: don't have to call me sir all of the time.
  • Bitoku: but it's---
  • Mujihi: just because I'm your superior doesn't mean you can't be informal towards me...I'm more than a leader to you Bitoku...

The two members of Red thunder, also depart alongside each other. Having report to give, and objectives to see through.


A bit of time passes them, and a tired, edgy Nex begins to find a spot to relax away from the populace. Sitting down as they return to the abandoned warehouse. He wedges himself up on a crate and begins to let his body loose tension.

Nex finds himself able to breathe at last.

  • Nex: (Finally...)

He closes his eyes as he shifts into a comfortable position, utilizing his coat as a cover.

Just as he drifts...

  • Myri: ...Hey Nex...

A voice pierces the serenity his mind began to settle into. God what now, is all he can think as her voice like nails to a chalkboard shoots him aware. But, he doesn't open his tired eyes for her, and simply groans out.

  • Nex: ...Ugh, what...
  • Myri: ...That girl...Valetha...Why did she call me "The Foe"? ...her eyes...she was going to kill me if she had her way.
  • Nex: ...Its because you're a threat to her cause...those weapons she holds norai stigma...filled with the sins of the world and are weapons of pure destruction...contain...converted energy from seithr retrieved from beyond the gates...probably should never have......been made....

A solid response fades further into groggy garbled nonsense as Nex feels exhaustion pulling him back down into slumber.

  • Myri: am I a threat to anyone? I don't get it...

No reply comes from Nex, and she figured, maybe he didn't want to answer that. She still had plenty more to ask though.

  • Myri: Okay well...What're these weapons, Norai Stigma? Why shouldn't they have been mad—She looks up to see Nex out on the crate, his fatigue had overtaken him. Snoring, quietly. Myri gives a slight smile, for some reason he looked relaxed.
  • Myri: ...I guess even you need to sleep...

Slowly, she curls up herself.

  • Myri: (...I wonder where Lazi is...and they even know I'm gone yet...?)

As night continues to pass, A pair of violet eyes look over to the empty streets as he stands on the top of a metallic post of a ministry. A shadowy veil keeps him hidden aside a long and thin demonic tail and fingers of claws, the tail flickers with a serpentine movement as he gazed on looking towards the upper levels with a certain intent in his eyes. They narrow and become infested with a black glaze in his scelara. His short white hair contrasted to the darkness as did a tribal vein marking glimmer across certain points of his physique.

  • ???: Only a bit longer...

"Soul Devotion"

The road ahead is one of dark desire
Destruction and sin you've tread
Repeating Spiral of emotion, when does darkness release your soul
You've been damned, how do you still survive
The pressure continues to rise, its too late, there is no way around it
you have seen it all once too many times
in the end will you give up the fight, despair inescapable
Losing hope, you live in the world of their lies and you can't wake up
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in the blue light
Are you dead inside
Where is the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in the blue light of your soul somehow survives
You struggle in despair, nightmare of lies, you must help them realize
Its a rule, what you live by and die for
Its wild a taste of freedom you can't deny
even if you know the price for power was certain
Was your damnation justified
There is so much you have to live for
never change who you are
there is no one that can hold you
your blue light untouchable
Edge of your truth and their lies
you must remember
You don't want to know what you are
Don't run yourself into hatred
Around you is the answer to success
Where does their devotion lye
How does their hope survive
You can't walk away from destiny
You will never give in
Where does your darkness and light intertwine in your blue light
Hope keeps your soul true
They are the light of your deepest devotion
I pray that forgiveness in that blue light is still alive