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Last time on Control Sequence 

A Residential area just ahead of us suffered a huge attack by that netherworm Zaezel for some reason. But a scientist named Nezoku who had information that apparently his own government would confiscate. While that happened I got beat to shit by that bastard Akuhei... the prick's nerve to bring up Sieg and my situation.  Sylar dealt with that crazy red haired girl Valetha, she kept speaking about somethin' called the 'Red' and the scientist. The hell is that about anyway? Speaking of red though, Akuhei pulled a crimson core out... and I was really hopin' I'd never see one of those again... Now I need to figure out how the hell Myri and I are gonna get out of this. 

VERSE 2 "Primordial Awakenings"
-Episode 23: Between Struggles and Freedom-
Control Sequence Logo
"Blue Faith"

Lies that cover our hearts and minds
Nothing but hell hidden in an artificial paradise
Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices
Should we exist in such a world
Where has our purpose gone?
Why does fate make us suffer?

Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself
War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release
But what light can we see in one so dark
Holding within all the hatred and sorrow
What do you seek but destruction

Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world
Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue
It's what leads to the truth and guides your hand
tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin

Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness
We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?

Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this designed hell, I believed in this path

NOS: Victim of CoincidenceEdit

Iwatsuchi, Evening 

West Wing of the Council

A woman walks down the hallway carrying the folder from earlier that had been given to her by Volke. A crack of air sounds along with a wet tear and bits of clothing fly off. A splash of crimson pelts the wall as their knees shake and their eyes become small while they shake from a impact.

With a bloody welt across their body, they teeter and fall to the ground while several holographic files slide onto the ground. A step comes past them, as a plasma like whip of energy retracts itself into the barrel of a gun and the woman who holds it steps out. The metalwork of her boot clacks loud, as she stops and lowers to their level to pluck the file off the floor.

Her figure slim with dull red hair as she pulls it from her eyes. 

Ignato: (Turns her head down to the body and her mouth drops into a frown of indifference) It's nothing personal. You’re a victim of coincidence, you were never meant to stumble on this information.

Someone nearby the hallway turns his eyes over to it and rushes over, before he slows himself to a slow pace from the shock.

Volke: What… what are you doing Ignato? You just killed a member of the NOS in cold blood.

Ignato: (Turns her dull blue eyes to the man) The information was requested by the R&D Department captain, it’s classified as information potentially dangerous, (puts the file under her arm to store it) and I was requested to get rid of it.

Volke: You couldn’t just take it? You had to kill her?

Ignato: Victim of coincidence, and she might of talked. This was authorized - speaking of, Intel is interested to learn where you received this information.

Volke: Given my division it should be obvious. That woman Valetha and that terrorist Zaezel, they’re after what one of our own scientists holds, and was making with that information.

(Conversation Offscreen)

Energy is drawn into a unidentifiable body of sorts, as it struggles more of its container becomes filled with seithr. Soon it consumes its body as well, and the seithr consumes everything until it leaves behind nothing but a mass of inorganic light. The mechanism which held the project in place removes itself as the vital signs stop. The scientist with a normal uniform and lab coat with a name tag that read “Nezoku” seems to be a bit disappointed and disposes of the body as he writes down notes on a screen. 

“Artificial Observation process a failure, subject’s death is both mind, body and soul has corroded. Death by overexposure. Amount of source energy contained and infused to core soul and body: 5% before death. Non resuscitatable.”

Ignato: Is that right? It would explain why that area of the city was attacked- you received this information from one of them?

Volke: That’s right. I was ordered to get information from the site. But that information made us the target of those terrorists. Strange, don't you think? That's why it was so important that it got into the hands of the Council and the Council Templar.

A woman next to him sighs looking at the paper which reads ‘Boundary Infusion Theory’.

The lab station is closed down, the woman walks out of the room and contacts Volke, after an exchange of words she transfers some of the data through. Volke looks over it and he seems troubled while he notices the files contents.

Ignato: All the more reason for it to be disposed of. This doesn’t need to be out to the Council right now.

Volke: ...Why? Its a public threat. That's a documentation of -

Ignato: (Shakes her head) Our duty as members of the NOS is to keep the order of his world, ensuing panic is not in our job description is it? This is not for you, or me, to worry about. I ensure you the SIA already knows about this, and its their job to handle, not yours to give to become public knowledge. They are terrorists and that's finalized word of the Marshal and the Council itself.

Volke: That's a blatant lie though.

Ignato: We're upholders of the law, that's all. Sometimes lies have to be devised to sooth the troubled minds of the masses. 

Volke: Upholders of the law? (Points to the body) So much that its okay for us to just kill someone because they have information? Shouldn't I of been the one to die instead?

Ignato: (eyes go to the body before she turns her head to him again) You were the one to give it to the girl… you’re responsible. (Closes her eyes with indifference as she lets off a sigh) Maybe you should've just given it to the council yourself, but then you’re trained not to be that reckless- you’d be the one with the hole through your heart. Everyone is out for their own skin at the end of the day.

Volke: Our position doesn’t entitle us to do this.

Ignato: I do what is asked of me. If we deviate we only bring more chaos… more death. I will not be one to disappoint Marshal. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a report to hand to my superiors.

She walks by without much of any care, as she does the energy whips out and strikes the body with a crack. 

Ignato: Have someone clean the rest of that before the smell of rot fills the air. (Exits the wing with her weapon vanishing once more and it sliding into her holster

Volke: ...

Volke kneels down to the dead woman and sighs at a loss and in solemn maner

Volke: If we can’t stop this conflict within our own government, how are we expected to stop it out on the field? (takes out the photo of the blackened body) Just what was going through their mind to try and make something like this? 

Another sigh comes from him while he rises back up with a frown of perplexion and doubt. 

Volke: Why would the illegal forces be interested in that… when there’s already Zaezel?

He looks at the chip in his hand Yumiko gave to him.

Volke: (Taps his earpiece) Someone get a place for this woman. (Shakes his head as he turns away and walks again thinking to himself) I should have just informed Colonel Sorairo...

Nex/Akuhei: Immitation Red Edit

An imposing presence and tension weighs down the room as Akuhei stands there on the stained tile with a crude smile. Within his hand is a shimmering core which radiates a crimson energy that violently swarms around its dark body. The sight of the object widens a shocked Nex's eyes and brings him to a severe, troubled scowl. 

Nex: (eyes narrow) How...

The silver haired rebel slouches as he stares, his hand on his more gruesome wound and head held down slightly from exhaustion. 

Akuhei : While a Seithr Core alone is a fragment, and entry to the possibility of the boundary’s power that mankind so ingeniously designed for use with their toys…do you notice anything different Nex? 

Kiryos suddenly feels something inside him violently react to the core. He falls on his knees and clutches his head, trying to mend the headache.

Kiryos : (To himself) No… what’s going on? I don’t… understand…

Nex: Seithr Core... (Holds his head as he feels energy from the grimoire react)

Akuhei : Nono look closer at it… this one is sliiiightly different. (brings it forward as Nex notices the energy) See? (Whispers to him as Nex’s eyes widen) It's one of the experimental red colored cores you saw so long ago... Its just filled with energy that’s destructive, where your own grimoire’s energy is drawn from.

Nex : (Tenses up with a growl) A Red Core-? You son of a bitch—how?!

Akuhei: Losing your shit already? Even these are only an imitation core…

Nex: (glares surprised) Imitation cores of what?

Akuhei: You already know. But anyway, these serve as decent catalyst but one attempt to make it costs oh so many souls. Ah, but, look at this, the highly concentrated and lethal seithr. How does it generate that from its body? Isn’t it interesting?

He lets off a cackle. 

Akuhei: See, when someone has contact with the boundary, it puts strain on the soul. When it goes to their soul, they suffer and struggle... writhe in their wretched misery and it rips their mind apart with anger, sorrow- what have you. All that struggle just fuels this core's power.  

Nex: Why don’t you just god damn shut up…

Akuhei: Now, if you don't behave (moves his finger off of Nex's forehead and points to Myri with a chuckle) I'll make her suffer for it. And I don't think you want that do you?

Nex leers as he watches the knife Akuhei pulls out become infested with the green shadow from hilt to tip. 

Akuhei: (Twirls it with a slight laugh) You seem to value that field of sweet innocence the little bitch has. It's similar isn't it...? To others you've been drawn to. Oh but she's gonna have to learn the ways of this world too you know Nex. Everyone does!

The rebel quickly steps over near her and though wounded to the point of being unable to fight, he stands his ground mentally. His sharp glare watches Akuhei's movement from every possible angle from the cold blade that twirls in the manic man's hands, to each slither of a step he takes. 

Akuhei: (Tilts his head away for a moment as mockingly ponders it) Question is, will it destroy her, or make her a stronger person? Are you scared to risk that idiot who protected her before you is?

He gains a tone of sick glee as he looks right at Nex with a piercing glare and a wide grin and leans in as Nex steps back slightly with a sneer.

Akuhei: Could you imagine it- her killing someone? Making the choices you do? Fighting the world... hating it. Her innocent eyes glazed over with the struggle and sorrow against it all?! Oh I CAN!

Nex: Keep your fucked up thoughts to yoursel -

The knife plunges deep into his side, Akuhei digs down to the bone in his body, then rips the small blade out violently but with enough speed to make up for its small size. The clustering seithr of green auras worms on his wound like a slithering shadow before it vanishes, leaving an agonizing feel. 

Nex: Aahgh! 

He falls back against the wall and holds his side with a groan. 

Akuhei: Watch your language now, you little shit. No more words from you…

He pulls the locket out, and touches the blue metal surface with a maleficient grin.

Akuhei: Its not a very nice way to talk to someone who knows what became of the one you so hopelessly seek... which a few told me explicitly not to tell you about... but we know I don’t give two shits to that request.

Nex: (Eyes widen when he hears the words) What? 

Akuhei: Whoooops did that slip out...Oh, I'm sorry-

The cold knife's tip pokes the skin of his ear almost teasingly, and its enough to send a chill up the spine. With a bit more pressure it suddenly pierces into his ear canal painfully. Nex presses it with the palm of his hand after the blade leaves, and his teeth lock into a sneer of hate while he suppresses a yell.

Akuhei: Pretend you didn't hear that! But yes. I have. Had to keep you away long enough to eh... 'finish'. I love seeing it affect you it makes this so... deliciously divine. So very few things bring you to those desperate looks - Little Blue and that 'lost soul', that's pretty much it... 

Nex: How do you...what do you mean, what'd you do?! 

Akuhei: Hehihhi... Do it again. Do it again! Look at me with that wretched desperation of yours! I LOVE IT!

The black-clad rebel becomes silent after that with a scowl to the demeanor. Akuhei shrugs it off with a sigh of dejection before he looks back to the crimson core. 

Myri slowly comes back to her senses with a small moan. As she holds her head she sits back up, eyes focused upon the core in Akuhei's hand. 

Myri: W-what's going on...? 

Akuhei: This core is already filled with struggling souls. Memories of torment fill them now. They try and try and TRY to escape, but they just can't avoid the despair, the agonizing reality of their situation. Misery… do you know how much of it fills this world Nex? A lot. Course... you probably feel that don't you? Will, melding into a single thing... 

Kiryos tries to stand up, but he falls back to his knees and shakes his head, trying to get rid of this migraine.

Kiryos : What… I can’t do anything… to stop this…

Akuhei : Enough talk then, lets just get to the good part yeah? 

Malefic intent reflects in his serpentine iris as he speaks in a sneer.  Nex growls as his collar is gripped and the serpent pulls him forward roughly. 

Myri : (opens her eyes as she yells it in desperation) No that core—stop…! We don't want that struggle! 

Her cries echo through Nex’s ears but he can’t get himself to break out. He tries to lift his hand to punch Akuhei’s chest and get away, but his hand doesn't move a single inch. The energy around his hand spirals and burns throughout his arm. 

Nex : (To himself) W-why… can’t I…my body isn't listening to me-? 

Akuhei : Well now everyone seems to be having a bit of issues aren’t they? All over such a harmless little core… (Chuckles darkly)

Kiryos : (Closes his eyes and tries to stand up) Stop… I can’t bear it…

Myri : (thinking to herself) Those cores are evil...they… create 'evil'…

Akuhei : (looks at it before forcing Nex to stay put) Hope you’re hungry, Azure 0 (chuckles before he pulls him in and forces him to consume it)

Unable to resist, Nex eats it slowly and undesirably. As his body gets a taste of that energy he finds himself unable to get himself to stop and absorbs it. He continues to eat the orb, it lets out energy down his throat in the forms of those red veins and spreads a wicked vibe through his mind and body.

Nex : (Shudders as he eats it in displeasure) Ugh…

Her breathing returns to normal, but her concern now turns to Nex.

Myri : … (sits back up as she gets to her feet) Let him go!

Akuhei : Or what. What’re you going to do? Jackshit that’s what…! (tilts his head as he scratches his neck) Someone like you standing up to me? That's rich. 

Myri : I… (glances to the floor as her hair sways down in front of her eyes)

The girl steps away from Akuhei and places her hand on the stone wall with a discouraged frown. Akuhei's presence is too much for the girl and brings a tremble to her stature.

Akuhei : Do you want to hurt me? Here... (flashes the knife in his free hand and twirls it) you want a knife? You can slit your own throat with it! End your own life! You’re nothing but a burden to everyone around you, (snickers) always relying on others to save you...

Kiryos’s mind begin to clear as the core has vanished. He draws his blades and twirls them for a second, then conjures a giant icicle and drives it into Akuhei’s back with a powerful kick.

Akuhei cringes for a moment when he feels the ice make contact with a crackle. He swings his arm out as he then tosses Nex to the side. The rebel’s body slams into the side of stonework and he drops on his side with a quick, weak groan.

Akuhei doesn’t even seem to acknowledge the attack beyond a slight groan of annoyance as he adjusts himself and shakes it off with a amused grin. He flips himself sideways and brings his leg into a aerial kick bringing a serpent with its path. A sharp pain fills Kiryos’s chest as the Assassin is blown back and tumbles to the wall with a loud crash. 

Akuhei : What is it with people and their backstabbing attacks? … (blinks as he then shrugs straightening out) … I suppose I’m being a hypocrite there… though why bother? You honestly think you can stop anything?

Kiryos’s head pounds for a moment from impact as he struggles to get back up.

Kiryos : (Winces in pain) I will try…

The Assassin concentrates most of his power in his hands and then unleashes a powerful ice blast, conjuring a thick wall made of ice. Akuhei blinks as he looks at the wall of ice and scratches the side of his temple with the tip of his finger.

Akuhei: (amused) Eh? Fancy technique there ice puppy.

Kiryos : (To Nex) Take her and get out of here.

Nex : (slumps as though he were shot before he groans, his body fighting him) Gaaugh. (raises his head as he turns on his side)

Nex forces his beaten body up and then moves his feet into a sprint. Rushing over to Myri the man pulls her away and turns before he glances back at Kiryos.

Myri: No wait, we can't leave him! 

Akuhei : Ehheehaahaa! Yeah, run away Nexi boy! (drops his tone as he looks right at him with a piercing stare) It’s not going to save you.

Nex : (Growls as he ignores him and looks at Kiryos) What the hell are you doing idiot? 

Kiryos : Do not worry. I do not intend to die here.

Nex: Tch. (To himself) You better not die. That’s nothin but spitting on my choice to let you live.

With those words he quickly rushes out of the building as fast as his body would allow, stumbling on the outside of the paved streets. People continue to walk around in methodical manner, giving him an odd stare as he comes out as wounded as he was. His coat torn and splattered with blood, large gashes into his abdomen and waist, even a few cuts on his face. Nex pays no heed to his status or the people around him, and begins to drag himself along out of the area to a safer place.

He looks at the shell on his hand which cracks slightly as a strong dark radiance leaks out.

Nex : (To himself) This-this isn't good... the hunger...

Nex's body slumps forward and he pulls himself only as far to be out of public eye. The edges of his vision blur as he sways with each step, progressively it becomes worse until he falls forward and loses feeling in his entire body falling into a bed of wet grass by several larger trees which spot the area. 

Myri: Nex? (Goes over to him and shakes him and puts her hand over her mouth seeing the wounds) Oh god his wounds... Nex, you have to get up, you can't stay here like this. Nex...!

A light rain pelts the two, and Nex's hearing fades out last as he falls into the abysmal darkness of his own mind.

 Mujihi: White PeacekeeperEdit

North Block of 13th Higher Residential Areas

A overcast day hangs down over Mujihi and Bitoku, the duo heads out to the city in search of both Sylar and Valetha. Feet moving along the stone and metal paved paths of the upper levels. It had become only more lavish as they moved forward, and now there was synthetic life in the forms of towering trees to the distance near the branch, kept alive only by the NOS.

This place didn’t know the touch of death that befell the 5th area when Zaezel came through.

The Fox Beastkin’s ears twitch as he thinks to himself, this conflict had taken quite the spin, pitting him against people he didn’t really wish to go against, each step they took toward the area that would bring them to the branch fills him with concern.

Mujihi: (to himself) I’m still confused at all this…

Bitoku: Something wrong Mujihi? You seem off in your thoughts.

Mujihi blinks as Bitoku addressed him by surprise, before shaking his head. 

Mujihi: (Nods) I’ll be fine, just some passing thoughts in mind. (waves his hands in reasurance) It’s nothing too big.

Bitoku: Are you sure? You seem as if a lot of things are going on with your mind.

Mujihi: (confused) What gave you that idea?

Bitoku: ...Nothing. I’m likely jumping the gun.

Mujihi: (scratches behind his ears) It’s not gonna be easy though considering we got a higher up watching our every move…

51st Sector the Black Division, Bitoku remains completely quiet remembering what Nicaiah had said to her about them and Mujihi.

Bitoku: (To herself with a concerned frown across her expression) I still can't get it out of my mind. What will happen when Mujihi learns the truth...? We're bound to cross the 51st Sector agent at some point. (dips her head slightly) I just hope its not too soon.

The fox beastkin mercenary had been expecting to see soldiers waiting for him in the town by the large silver line gates as they drew closer to the branch's area, but oddly no one is present.

Mujihi: (To himself) It's too quiet...its never a good sign for it to be this silent. (Ears twitch as his eyes scan the area, body tense and his posture on edge

So quiet that if you dropped a pin needle on the floor you could hear it… a kind of ghostly feeling latched on here.

Mujihi : (Outloud) Bitoku, you may wanna keep your guard up. I get this bad feeling he may be back.

Bitoku : Zerde?

Mujihi : Zaezel, too much seithr to be Zerde. That guy couldn’t make it to the point soldiers wouldn’t be here…and unlike last time I doubt Sylar’d show up to our aid again. (Blinks and sighs) Not that I want him too…

???: (Offscreen as they look over) You two certainly spoke many names that are among the conflict’s center. Though it pains me to see this town devoid of life, when just a few short hours ago it wasn't the case. 

Bitoku: What happened here sir? 

???: (Turns to the two) Illegal forces sought something our government owned. Because no one would talk, they made this place a statement to their ambition. 

Bitoku: (Shocked) That's horrible... what kind of file could justify such a terrible thing?! 

???: One with connections to past ambitions...claiming the impossible to be very possible. 

The person who spoke had a white uniform and a hood hiding radiant eyes he had his hands hidden in sleeves. The voice was subtle, and actually kind it didn’t hold any malice so the duo felt a bit at ease.

Mujihi however still maintains a cautious approach to the man. As they see this, their expression softens.

???: No need to be alarmed, I'm not an enemy. I'm merely curious: What would bring you two here to such a dark marker as this? 

Mujihi: We’re here to investigate things. Namely on two targets, Valetha and Sylar.

Bitoku: Mind if we ask who you are?

Kiel : My name is Kiel, from the Ministry owned by the NOS, a soul of peace. (walks forward toward him and looks) Your eyes have a… warmly familiar conviction and resolve, Mujihi. It's a breath of fresh air compared to what I’ve seen from others.

Bitoku: Care to elaborate?

Mujihi: (Surprised) Wait… how- you knew my name?

Kiel: Mmm…(nods quietly) I know of Red Thunder, and your partner.

Mujihi: Do you perhaps, know a man named Tekina Mazio?

Kiel: I'm aware of your father. Your eyes reminded me of another’s. A conviction to find “Truth”. (frowns) That’s where this conflict began… Zerde, Valetha, Zaezel, they’ve all sought to punish humanity because of the truth they believe in. (Turns and walks down the street as he looks around) This world is filled with the desire to destroy and the fading will of many. 

He stops and looks at the beastkin who follows him taking note of the quiet streets around them. A leaf breaks apart and blows by as Mujihi watches it go with concern still in his eyes.

Kiel: Where do you stand in that Mujihi Mazio…? (stops as his gaze sharpens, and his voice softens) Your opinion on how things are?

Mujihi’s eyes slightly widen upon hearing the question, and with an audible creaking cry of his bones-- he rolls his neck.

Mujihi: I only stand here due to an invisible chain. I am mostly after those you mentioned, (folds over one arm as he gains a complex frown, his eyelids close briefly) but there is only one opponent for me. Fasado is still the one I seek. (opens his eyes as he continues)

Kiel: The Mad Plague Doctor… while it is good to be motivated… (turns his head to him) do you believe its wise to go after such a powerful enemy? A man who you don't yet know the history of? To defeat an enemy like him, you have to understand them completely so nothing can catch you offguard. One mistake is all it takes. 

Mujihi: He’s a bird-faced bastard… (scowls as he balls his hands up into fists) I won’t rest until he suffers for what he did. I still wish to fight for what my father thought was right.

Kiel: Vengeance was not what your father fought for. You'd do well to look after smaller foes before focusing on a man like him. Learn more about him, and strengthen yourself. 

Bitoku: (To herself) That's sorta true, Mujihi can't just focus on Fasado. (Outloud to reassure him) It's okay Kiel, Mujihi isn't consumed with only fighting that man. 

Kiel: That's a relief to hear. 

Mujihi: (To himself in hard thought) He went against the NOS... to end their ways right? The way the NOS has treated everyone else. How is that not some form of vengeance? (Outloud) ...Then again, why ask? Does it really matter in the end of it?

Kiel: It matters most out of anything, (places his hand behind his back as he gestures with the opposite, keeping a firm stare) 'your resolve is what separates you from people like your enemy and places you on a side opposite of that of Zaezel and the like.' (turns and continues to walk at an even pace through the quiet streets) Like Imyo, your father fought for a very good cause, he had the ability to look beyond his fellow man's sins.

Mujihi: Yeah… I honestly wanted to fight for that cause. I’m just smitten with anger seeing that the higher ups look down on that cause and are probably belittling their memories as they roll in their graves.

A kind of frown befalls him hearing that-- it fills the white clad Kiel with concern toward how matters were being handled. While the sectors were none of his buisness, the sheer idea that they would preform so rashly brings a frown to his expression. 

Mujihi: Considering where I am in all this, Dad’s likely pissed at me for having an LSZ project stuck in me against my will..!

As the touch of a hand to his shoulder could be felt, and the beastkin's scowl disappears for a moment as he raises his head up to see Kiel's stare. 

Kiel: There is always a reason for these things to have happened. It is not your fault, and you can't believe it is. Your father knows this was out of your hands. 

Mujihi: I-I hope you're right... 

Kiel: (Puts his hand on under his chin) The LSZ’s views certainly have changed ever since the last of the rogue sectors left its ranks...Were it they still there, they would of never of approved of such dangerous endeavors that they’ve been performing as of late. (Looks at him and gestures) Isn’t it called “Chaotic Element”?

Mujihi: (nodding) Yeah. How’d you know?

Kiel: (Eyes close slightly as he frowns) Ah I... Heard of the event from a friend of mine looking in on the 51st Sector's actions. But you wouldn't know them, you may however know the warrior whose child is looking to finding out the intent behind the SIA that formed after the Third War of Armagus. 

Mujihi: I see. (thinking) Could he be referring to….? (spoken) You mean Byakai?

Kiel: (nods a single time) The Son of Morkuv, leader of the Rogue Sectors, follows in his father’s steps. But his father made links that the rest of the mercenary forces then used to start uncovering what secrets the world hides. (Solemnly) Those actions then ended up sealing many’s fate.

Mujihi: Yeah… I’m aware. The man said something to me that I still have to ask him about…. If I can quote him; “I hope you like working for a tyrant”, was what he said….

Kiel: When I last spoke to him, he was enraged with the government’s antics to kill a family friend for association with their target, Nex- but I’m sure he’d be willing to speak if you approach him with a level head.

Mujihi: I hope I can reach with a level head. Seeing a higher-up is involved with our mission I doubt he’ll keep his yap shut for 5 seconds before shit goes down and my attempt is fucked.

Kiel: (blinks) A higher up…?

Mujihi: Straight from the one closest to ‘em… We got the guy watching our mission. I don’t need or want him interfering with my business, I’m still in an unofficial affiliate to the LSZ despite the superiors’ allegations.

Kiel: (Perplexed) They lack faith in your capability or loyalty it would seem. 

Mujihi’s voice lowered with venomous hate when he said those words.

Mujihi: Do you mind asking why you’re helping me? I know you know my father but, were you connected with the old cause too? I’m curious…

Kiel: (Shakes his head with a slight smile) No questions right now. I choose to help you for my own reasons. (looks to the side as he sighs) Mujihi, your father fought for a great cause, one worth dying for. Do you know what he fought for?

Mujihi: My eyes are opened to that… That’s a foolish question honestly. My father fought for freedom… the NOS fought for control. 

Kiel takes the words in and then turns to him as they stop for another moment. 

Kiel: Do you understand that reason? (Mujihi blinks in confusion for a moment as Kiel continues) He did what others wouldn’t… he chose to challenge this world. He fought to change this world. He fought for what LSZ became blind to.

Mujihi: What does that mean? Can you say it again? Um, in layman’s terms if possible.

Kiel: It will make sense in time. (gives a warm grin) All I can say is to continue on your road—It may involve a deal of fighting and strife, but you seem like the sort who will prevail rather than be consumed. The outcome of this depends on your will to fight. 

Mujihi: (Rubs his head with a grin) Heh...thanks for the compliment…

Bitoku: (Nods in determination) I believe every word you have said Mr. Kiel...I’ll follow Mujihi to the ends of the earth. You can trust me on that…

Kiel glances at Bitoku before he gains a slight sorrow in his tone when returning focus to Mujihi.

Kiel: Well now that you've listened to my banter- Would you come with me further? I might need some help if there are any survivors in this area. 

The two both look to each other for a moment and then nod in willing gesture to help the man. 

Mujihi: It wasn't banter at all, very helpful in fact. We'd be happy to help, right Bitoku?

Bitoku: Yes sir! 


Other: Clashing AmbitionEdit

Right Block of the 13th Higher Residential Area

A contemplative looks comes across Ravan who sits on the stone. His raven-black hair is brushed by the wind while he takes in the damage Zaezel had caused. His palm rests on the stone while he manipulates a burning crystallized form with the other, his braces lit up bright as he does so.

Lutha: (Offscreen) What are you doing Ravan?

Ravan: Huh? (makes it vanish as he hears her and glances to her for a brief moment) Uh, er, nothin'...

Lutha: ...

Ravan: Aha… (rubs the back of his neck) Am I in trouble…? Did ya come to chew my ass out for disobeying the leaders and coming out here on my own?

Lutha: I should be, because you almost alerted the authorities. And you're not supposed to be out here.

Ravan: I didn't give us away...think those two were rookies anyway. (rubs his head) Although, heh, I did kinda lose the core…

Lutha: (rolls her eyes as she puts her hand on her hip) It found its way to Zaezel... But try not to be so clumsy next time alright?

Ravan: (Closes his eyes slightly in disdain) Zaezel...

Lutha: (Looks to him with a perplexed sigh) Why are you out here in this carnage though?

Ravan: ...You know how I feel about these things.

He looks at the black soot on the floor and kicks it a bit to send it into the wind with a subtle scowl.

Ravan: The night in Ogetsu, when all those people died from those Seithr infested beings. What he just did now, turning everything to seithr- (shakes his head and leans back against the broken wall) it really brings back up annoying memories of it, so I hate how we work with Zaezel.

Lutha: … (Quietly as she looks away) I knew you were in Ogetsu, but I didn’t realize you were right in the middle of the conflict that happened that night.

Ravan: Yeah I was. To think I trusted those people... They put me out there in the heat of it to fight against those things, and bein' the usual coward I can be when things heat up I ran, but the seithr was drawn out of my body so fast when I met one...(dips his head and looks at the braces) Never felt that weak or scared before - I thought I woulda died for sure. It's scary ya know? The ideas of death...

He pulls the collar of his shirt down and a discolored deep scar runs further down. 

Ravan: (offscreen) Still left its damn mark. 

Lutha gazes at the permanently infected area and sighs as she sits next to him.

Ravan: And then that’s when they showed up… they saved me from that fate. Turned my weakness to my strength. If I hadn’t met that organization I woulda been lost, dead or worse. They gave me a second chance to fight for freedom. 

Lutha: Yes...I wasn’t aware that you harbored such feelings about the Azure Sin Subject though. I’m sorry for the fact its hard for you to work with them.

Ravan: (Shrugs it off with a surpressed frown) ...Eh, not your fault.

Lutha: (Looks at him warmly and puts her hand on his head) No more pranks, and try to be more careful where you use that Armagus.

Ravan: (tilts his head back and smiles wryly) Yes ma’am. (Sits back up straight and overlooks the area with a hand on his side) So, did we free those people?

Lutha: ... (Looks to the ruin) We freed them from their fate at the hand of the government. They return to the Boundary, and Seithr. That is what our leaders say.

Ravan: (Blinks in thought) Huh... is that right?

Lutha: (turns her eyes back to him and nods) If they're strong enough, they sometimes get a new chance at life as well. The Boundary keeps the memories of the souls. 

Ravan: (Folds his hands behind his head) Well, I'm gonna become stronger so I can end this pointless, annoying control forever. 

Lutha: …

The sound of approaching footsteps echo on the street and turns the woman’s attention. Ravan looks over and then grumbles before he pulls himself to his feet. 

Ravan: Who's buggin’ us now? Man that’s a pain… tell the leaders I’ll be back later, got some stuff to look into here.

Lutha: (To herself as Ravan leaves the area quickly) I'm too soft with him sometimes... (Looks over to source of the sound and follows after it

Kiel and Mujihi along with Bitoku move through to the middle of the eastern block of the residential area. The carnage still spreads to even here and the scenery isn't any less dreary save for a few budding trees.

The man slows his advance as he senses the presence of another and looks to see a woman ahead who doesn't seem phazed by the damage around her.

Lutha: Survivors- or are you simply wanderers...?  

Kiel: I suppose you could call us wanderers, (Sighs as he spots them) I assume you’re responsible for the tragedy in this part of the town?

Lutha: …(Places her hand on her hip and shakes her head once) Not directly, though I may of been involved. Though, it's all in orders. Energy from the souls is needed for it. 

Kiel: Energy of souls... 

Mujihi takes note of the woman's presence and looks at her, a slightly confused expression plagues his face. 

Mujihi: (Scratches his ears in puzzled manner) Erm...what was that just now…?

Lutha: (points to the two) Maggots of LSZ I assume? You're not with the 51st Sector... Are you looking to interfere with the process…? You all seem to have a streak for that.

Mujihi: Tell that to our higher up… we’re not in the LSZ officially, but yes.

Lutha: (Tilts her head to the side with a frown) I would of thought them to know better than to send people to interfere in our affairs. (closes her eyes as she puts a hand on her hat) Given what part they had in all this. They’ll suffer dearly.

Kiel: (sternly) Talk of suffering is not welcome here.

Mujihi: ...okay, yeah now you’re at least better than Zaezel…. (shakes head) who the hell are you with, anyways?

Lutha: My presence here is nothing in the war, focus on your problems at hand, Beastkin, or you’ll perish. (Glares at Mujihi) We despise the force you work with. 

Mujihi: Tell that to the guys that forced me to work for them… I myself don’t like being a ‘forced branch’...

Mujihi glares just slightly at Lutha, showcasing his irritation. 

Mujihi: I am exactly just fine with your mutual dislike.

Lutha: You misunderstand… it's not just LSZ, but the group your father was in which came from it. Though the efforts which took after the Rogue Sectors were for nothing.

Mujihi: What did my father and the Rogue Sector have to do with your crazy antics? I'm gonna just assume it was nothing good. 

Lutha: (turns her head away) That isn't your concern, Beastkin.

Mujihi: ...Don’t push our buttons… (angrily points to her with a strong scowl) we may be Beastkin but don’t think we’re just pathetic tools. (marches up to her with a sneer with his hand to his armagus) Last person who tried that nearly had a feral Bitoku on her ass.

Lutha: (unfazed with a sigh) I am sick of the Beastkin pity. It's nothing more than an excuse for violence in this world. (turns her gaze back to him with a equal glare) Violence will end violence...I don’t care if you’re Beastkin or human. This world has one path which we’ll take it down.

Kiel: (To himself) … So even they're becoming involved in Kagutsuchi now. Is it because of Nex or another reason? The Demon perhaps...?

The fox beastkin slowly takes his steps back, ears still pinned back and a frown of caution evident. 

Mujihi: Tch, at least you got a legitimate reason to fight us rather than outright hatred or vengeance… (Disdainfully) or if you’re Fasado…. a superiority complex.

Lutha: Zaezel seeks destruction, and, by proxy we do as well though not on such a scale. The government will fall, and we of the new world will change it. Destruction must occur for there to be change… and changing this world is what I wish, which is why I stand where I do with my leaders.

Kiel: (sighs) Such a violent resort will bring only more harm upon it. True that destruction is a form of a change but child you’re horribly misguided at the type of 'change' they desire.

Lutha: (coldly) Silence, (shakes her head and looks to Kiel) the time for talk passed this world by century ago. Where the Mercenary forces failed we’ll succeed. We will bring change through force and end the stagnation of this war.

Kiel: That is disappointing, you’ve turned your back on your own kind. But for one who has no alliance but to the ways of violence and force, I suppose it is to be expected. You can’t hope to bring a good change like that.

Lutha: Whether the change is good or not doesn’t matter anymore.

Mujihi: Tch… that’s what you think ya damn egotist… you’re no better than Zerde with words like that!

Lutha: (Puts her hands out as energy generates around it) Well that isn’t surprising to say the least—he’s a member of our cause. 

Kiel: (Sighs) Their words they give you are false.

She growls slightly as she shoots a cold glare to Kiel. Her hand raises up to face level as she generates a bright ring of energy around her hand and takes a single step forward almost in a daring maner. 

Lutha: And exactly what right do you have to say if they are or not? (Narrows her eyes in pain and anger) Have you had to live outside of the government? Our organizations give us hope and fight for freedom, and that's more than this accursed world of control could ever give any! 

Kiel: (Eyes widen) ...Hope... (Closes his eyes) What you think might be a righteous cause is anything but… look around you, Lutha, is this truly the results of hope? This death...? 

Lutha: They were under the government, there is no helping them. Death freed them in the end.

Kiel: (Sighs) I see... is that what you believe?

Bitoku crosses her gauntleted arms, with a look if disdain towards Lutha. Mujihi lowly growls as he restrains his rage.

Mujihi: Ya think after hearing that I’d trust her Kiel? After dealing with Zerde anyone who speaks like him is on my kill list…

As she narrows her eyes once more and then with a flick of her wrist, Lutha releases a magical burst toward the duo which they nimbly dodge and slide away from. In a bright and deafening flash the concentrated burst breaks the ground mere inches from them. Ears back from tension now, Mujihi quickly straightens and places his hand on the armagus, but just before he draws it out- Kiel places his hand out sideways in front of him. 

The beastkin blinks and twitches with brief confusion before he puts his eyes on a stern Kiel. 

Kiel: … Mujihi, go on ahead, I’m going to speak with her. (Glances at him slightly) You’re still under LSZ’s command, involving yourself in these affairs of outside forces… its not time for you to do so yet. And violence isn’t something I’ll tolerate in a city that has had its life drained from it.

His words were strong as his eyes gleam before he steps out.

Lutha: He knows nothing as it is, and doesn’t even contain a clue on how to stop us.

Mujihi: (Steps away with a quiet growl) Be certain of this. When this is over, you’ll be begging for mercy… (turns away and looks to his partner, tail still twitching with agitation) Come on Bitoku, we have to get going before we pick unneeded fights.

Bitoku: (concerned) Are you sure that’s a good idea sir?

Mujihi: (Frowns) Do ya want the higher up yapping their lip off getting on our tailed asses about unnecessary battles?

Bitoku: (sighs)

Mujihi: (motions with his hand) Then let’s get going… Kiel, I trust you can hold your own in battle.

Kiel: I won’t need to fight. If you find any survivors in the area try and help them, I was going to but I imagine I’m going to be a bit busy.

Mujihi: Heh… I’ll honor that request.

Kiel nods in gesture for him to go, and the beastkin quickly takes steps into a sprint away from the area. Lutha doesn’t bother to stop them as she watches them go, her medium emerald curled hair lifted by the breeze. 

Lutha: Do you intend to fight?

Kiel: ...I'd rather not. I suggest you leave though, as I said... talk of suffering is not welcome here. 

It remains off screen and behind Kiel who makes a sigil with his hand and a incantation opens beneath him.

Lutha: (In disbelief) Y-you...? That's impossible... The leaders didn't inform us of have you-

Kiel: (Offscreen) They can't 'see' me. My connections I once had, aren't completely gone...thanks to a bit of aid, they were preserved. The Boundary forgets nothing of every soul inside it. I will make sure the past mistakes those architects made won't occur again. So I ask again... leave.

Hiro/Byakai: MisfortuneEdit

A cloud drifts through the sky as Byakai spoke to Hiro and Ellie explaining what had gone on in their world until they’d enter the occupied area up ahead. Despite these areas of Kagutsuchi being owned by the military completely, there were still civilians who hadn’t paid heed to the recent attack.

Walking along the metallic platforms toward the large building which seemed small from their position, Byakai sighs as he continues his explanation. Most of the buildings they passed kept their doors closed in.

Byakai: So that’s basically what’s been going on… (Folds his arms as his ears twitch)

The small group walks through the streets while looking around, Byakai had been explaining the situation to the two.

Byakai: I’ve been trying to figure out more about those things… (closes his eyes) and why the government is hiding them. Its probably to keep panic down—but that doesn’t justify the fear and death they bring due to no one knowing.

A cool breezes of the city pass him by when the air begins to feel crisp.

Ellie: So they were fighting a war against each other and then those Seither Beings showed up? That just seems suspicious…

Hiro: Or just plain dumb unfortunate luck.

Byakai picks up on Ellies words with keen attention.

Byakai: I think its odd… (scratches his ears while continuing to move along) how two governments could be at war for years and not a sound heard about those things coming near the cities. Yet suddenly now they appear, things turn upside down—and no one knows anything about them. I’m willing to bet my tails on the fact the government knows more than they let on.

His voice rings with a certain disgust as he turns his head up and his tails begin to twitch furiously while he steps along.

Ellie: (sighs) I just hope I can do something to the Seithr beings when we run into them again...I don't want to have Hiro fight them all the time.

Hiro: (Shrugs with a sigh) Hey...I’ll eventually figure out how that blasted sword works...

Byakai: Fighting them… (looks up in thought) That would prove an issue to humanity for sure. (Blinks) They aren’t human… they can eat attacks from Armagus all day. (Ears pin back slightly)

Ellie: I know you said Hiro has a vantage against those things - But he’s only one person! He can’t fight forever.

Hiro: Ellie...It’s fine. I just need to figure out how to summon it and fight with it.

Byakai: (Looks at Ellie sensing the concern in her voice) I don’t think its fair to ask anyone to fight a battle like that on their own… I was just relieved someone has the strength to do it. Aside Nex... and Nex won't help at all. 

Ellie: (sighs) I just don't like feeling like I cant fight them…

Hiro: You don’t know for sure yet. For all we know your lightning could do something to them.

Byakai: It’s Zaezel I’m most concerned about... but no, I wouldn’t expect anything out of Hiro. He seems like a good sort who wants to help us (a smile flashes on his expression before he sighs) but right now finding info on his brother is more important.

Ellie: (huffs) I know, I know…

Hiro: (to Byakai) Don’t worry about her...She gets a bit frustrated when she thinks she can’t fight.

Byakai: (To Hiro) No kidding? Well that’s a valid reason to be frustrated... (tilts his head slightly) By the way what’s your two’s connection…?

Hiro: Uh...Well you could say she is my “teacher”... and the only other person considered family.

Byakai: Your teacher huh? That’s interesting… if she came through with you, I guess your bond must be pretty strong. (frowns for a moment) Hopefully you can go back after things calm down.

Hiro: Yea hopefully… (shakes his head) Nothing we can do about it right now though.

As the group continues forward through the innermost part of the city a slight frown of unease comes over Hiro, he couldn’t even imagine why they’d of separated the two but Hiro cared a great deal for his brother. He was the only family he had left, and he wasn’t about to let him slip away because of a governmental intervention. The unease evaporates into a look of determination in a split second after.

Hiro: (clenches his fists) If they did anything to my brother they are going to pay.

Byakai: You care a lot about him sounds like, I have a sibling too. (ears droop) The pain of not knowing where someone you care for might be… I can relate to that. For many years... I wondered where my father was, and what he was doing after he left the core of the Liberation Sector. He said he was going to fight to keep the ideals of the original sector alive. Freedom... but... I later received word that he was killed. (Shakes his head) And then I couldn't bring myself to stay idle in LSZ. 

Hiro: Yea... I just hate not knowing. I’m sure he can handle himself but...

Byakai: But doesn’t do anything for the worry, right? Even when we know that people we care about can handle themselves, it doesn’t do anything for that gnawing sense… that something terrible might of happened. Especially if… you’ve already experienced loss before. 

Hiro: You’re right...Let’s just hope for the best then. 

Byakai: That’s why I want to be sure that you and your brother see each other again.

Hiro: (smiles slightly) Thanks.

The group enters the portion of the town and are immediately stopped at the gates with a abrupt warning by a brisk voice. Byakai’s fuzzy ears twitch as he looks to the side to spot individuals in uniform.

Soldier: Halt, under whose authority do you have to enter the area? You’re a beastkin at that, and beastkin don’t come to the upper levels... are you with the military to fight?

Holding back a slight scowl at the comment, the beastkin warrior sighs.

Byakai: No… (Ears twitch as he reaches into the side of his coat) I’m employed as a vigilante though. (shows the ID, handing it to them)

A low growl is heard from behind Hiro and the young man's eyes widen slightly in concern. 

Hiro: (whispering harshly) Not the time Ellie... do you want everyone to realize something’s up!?

The soldier looks it up, successfully matching it and he hands it to the cat beastkin with a slight frown.

Byakai: And some of the most highly desired criminals are here. I wouldn’t miss it for a moment.

Soldier: (Offscreen as Byakai puts the ID Away) What could a beastkin possibly hope to accomplish against those kinds of criminals… the standards must have lowered substantially.

Byakai: (To himself) I could flay you in five seconds arrogant governmental-- (Outloud) Well I’m someone who's willing to still pursue them at least… most people backed out I heard when that “Terrorist” showed up and the Beast of Sin caused all that havoc in the Fifth Area.

Hiro: (under his breath) Judgemental pricks.

Ellie: Can I please show them what a Beastkin can do?

Byakai: (scratches his head) Be my guest… (scowls) Considering the fact most of you all turned tail and ran when that terrorist showed up. I don’t think one person lost is going to do much to their grand imperial armies.

Ellie: (walks straight up to the soldier, scowl evident on her face) Would you mind repeating what you just said to Byakai here? I didn’t quite catch that.

With Ellie’s fierce eyes and a feral growl to match, the soldier quickly shrinks away like a child. Quickly regaining composure he makes a silent swallow before his arms go back to his sides and he stares at the group.

Soldier: … T-that’s not necessary. (Steps quietly aside with slightly widened eyes of surprise, but still maintains a rather disdainful frown) You can pass through, just be warned there’s been sightings of activity here from strange beings and individuals.

Ellie: Well, thank you for the information...

In a flash Ellie thrusts her palm forward directly into the soldier's chest before releasing a bolt of lightning, leaving a gaping hole in the center of his chest.

Ellie: But apology not accepted.

The soldier slumps down and lands on the ground, his expression frozen in surprise at death. The two look at the soldier with grimaces.

Ellie: (growls) I cant stand racist governmental bastards.

Hiro: (flinches slightly) That wasn’t really necessary…

Byakai: …Note to self never make her angry. (Blinks and sighs) Well that would have just destroyed my small amount of cover… good thing there wasn’t that many of them.

Hiro: Yea…

Ellie: (looks over her shoulder at them) What was that?

Hiro: (face blanks) N-nothing.

Byakai: (Laughs nervously) Not a thing. We were just commenting on how strong you were. (Rubs his head) Anyway… hopefully no one cares about this incident.

As the group draws away a woman in the crowd of people looks over to their location, slowly she approaches the body of the soldier and looks down to the face. 

Ignato: Brazen and foolish. 

(Ignato's Memory) 

Ignato gives a folder of files to a man at the desk who sits with his legs up on the surface of the table and a expression of interest as he overlooks the files. 

Ignato: These were the files they were after. 

Faulheir: Well now... haven't seen these in awhile... Good job Ignato, this will certainly please the Marshal. (puts his hands on the desk and taps a knife to his teeth while he looks through) I guess this is what Marshal and General Rychia were going to talk about... 

Ignato: The scientist Nezoku’s assistant is meeting with them there?

Faulheir: Yeeeah... (sighs) where was I...? He's dropped me a message to you... so those illegal operatives didn't seem to get rid of that man what the hell is his name- Hiro? Yeah him... Marshal's orders are to end him... I'd do it myself, and just erase him... but... well, Council says we can't intervene right now.

Ignato: ...Yes... they don't see a need for the SD Division right now. 

Faulheir: Yes yes. Believe me its annoying, and dear fucking god... all the other Sequence Destroyers are restless. Have you seen a bored group of near psychopaths? (Shakes his head and leans back looking up to the ceiling) Not a good place to be...And then General here, just stealing the limelight... haha (spins the knife)

His tone of boredom and annoyance could be heard throughout the room as he turns his head back down and then looks to Ignato in front of him and runs his hand through his hair. 

Faulheir: (Puts a finger up and taps his fingers on the surface of the table) Ah... but the Council wouldn't bother him too much I suppose...not when he's their ultimatum to Azure 0... (smiles falsly) how's he by the way? Its been too long, last time I saw him he was nothing more than a brat. 

Ignato: Azure 0 was fighting General Akuhei, last I heard. I'm not positive how it ended. 

Faulheir: Now, that's no surprise... That guy sure looooves to crush the spirit, especially the kid's. He never finishes though, its like he's waiting for something...  He should be cautious, or he'll push that kid toooo far, and he'll bite back one day. (Puts his temple against his palm as he leans to the side) Or does he want that...?

Ignato: Sir?

Faulheir: Don't mind my slow rambling... I'm just so SO... bored.

Ignato: (Comes back to attention) So find the man Hiro, and end him? 

Faulheir: (gives a long sigh) Essentially... 

(Back on screen)

Ignato: What problem could Hiro present to the SIA? No matter I suppose. Orders are orders. It’s best to make sure Azure 0 and he never meet.

Nex/Myri II: Between Realities of the BlueEdit

Unknown Area 

A black space surrounds him, slowly his eyes open and the darkness vanishes into a crystal clear night sky.

Over him is a girl with jade and blue eyes who stood into a lean and looks at him with a curious smile.  

Nex doesn't have time to place the features. With a grunt he holds the top of his head and sits up from the grass to notice he took on a younger appearance, he had a crimson shirt with black seams and pants which stop to his anckles- oddly no shoes and his arms and hands are bare. His collar isn't present around his throat either, and as he looks in the reflection within the water he notices his silver-white hair.

Nex: (To himself) This is before-? 

The small hand continues to prod and poke him as he looks at her with surprise. The girl is slightly younger then him, and wears a white set of clothing. Her hair is platinnum blonde and frayed out. 

Nex: Huh…?  (Touches the locket around her neck and frowns in perplexion) Y-Yura?

Yura: You're acting funny! (Tugs on his sleeve) Hurry up, you said we could go today. 

Nex: (To himself in disbelief) Was... Kagutsuchi a dream? Am I still here in reality? 

Yura: (Blinks suddenly in concern) Is something wrong? Are you okay? 

Nex: (Shakes his head to reassure her) ...No, it's fine. I know where you wanted to go. (takes her hand and walks ahead) Come on, I'll take you, I promised I would after all. 

The duo walks to a new area, as they come up a long flight of spiraling stairs they step onto a tiled ground of  a wide and large man-made cathedral. They're like ants compared to its size- Pillars stood which tower around the room and on occassion neon blue energy flickers through their body. Carved out of the ground sat a large abysmal hole that cradles inside it a structure that holds a large blue light. 

Nex releases Yura's hand. The young girl goes over to it with a large smile and with her small feet and quick steps she sits and looks down at the light. Nex isn't far behind as he comes to join her side and also turns his attention to the source of the azure-colored ball of ethereal energy. 

Yura: Isn't it nice how it keeps us safe from the rest of the world...? As long as it isn't removed from the Boundary. They said that pretty blue light has to return to the Boundary or it can cause bad things to happen even outside of here. To the whole world. I don't want that. 

Nex: (Looks at it) It doesn't belong in the outside world. So... neither do the people connected to it. 

Yura: (Frowns as she dips her head a moment) But don't you wonder sometimes what it might be like outside? 

Nex doesn't answer her and sighs slightly. 

Yura: I guess it's okay. Besides, (smiles as she looks at him) I have you here! (takes his hand) So I'm not lonely. You're my protector. The protector of the Azure!

Nex: Well I don't think I'm that but... yeah you do have me. Besides, in this place there's also no Seithr corrosion... and no-

Suddenly the area distorts and falls apart, and they're no longer in the cathedral.

Nex: H-huh?! 

Nex stood outside, alone with the locket now around his neck. Its body of blue shimmers while the boy seems confused and nervous as he watches structures and trees vanish as particles of seithr blow off by an unseen force. Everything falls apart before his eyes and in shock, Nex whips his head to look back to the gate and notices the blue light shoot itself as a pillar to cut the sky above it.

Something starts to come from the gate in the distance, and Nex runs immediately away from it as fast as he could. 

Nex: (scowls in unease) No... not again dammit... (Looks around as he ran through the area) Yura?! Yura, dammit where are you?! 

While he moves with a strong sprint he slides to a stop as he comes across several blacked out individuals that approach him. 

"Show us to it, show us the Azure. The path to change this world." 

No one in particular said it, instead it seemed to be a joint order from those individuals.

Nex: I don't have it--!

One of them puts a hand over him and lifts him off the ground. Their bodies were covered in different armors but the rest of the features are blacked out though the symbol of the government could be seen on the armor. Although some were also human looking, Nex worms and flails in desperate mannerism. 

Nex: God dammit what do you want- why did you do this?! 

They bring the girl forward and she looks at Nex in concern. Her eyes are now a bright blue, but its still Yura. Nex could feel something inside him snap and react, a violet and crimson darkness shrouds around him. 

Yura: I'm the one you came after! Let him go!

"Embryo that creates the 'End'" 

Nex: I won’t do it… I refuse… I won’t I won’t I won’t not again, I don’t want to do it again!

One of the blacked out individuals comes forward with a smile. Pair of deep red serpentine eyes look at him behind black scelera as the smile becomes wide. 

???: (Sinisterly) You don't have a choice!

A forceful green and crimson clouds his vision and nearly chokes him out, Nex claws at the figure's hand that wraps around his throat- and then watches Yura's body become mangled by the seithr. The shinning blue radiance drains from her eyes that still stare at Nex. 


Nex growls into a yell as his eyes jolt open, he sits up breathing heavy as he looks to see his hands are engulfed in darkness and both shifted into onyx and scarlet claws. The grass is gone, only a cushioned surrface sits beneath him now and his forhead is hot and sweaty. Small dew like beads of it drop down his cheeks. Nex's teeth grind into a scowl while he feels his chest continue to heave strongly as crimson energy squirms up his blackened claws. 

Myri:--?! N-Nex? 

He reacts violently as he hears a voice near him, Nex jumps to his feet and approaches her with a sneer. As she tries to touch him, the man angrily flings her off to the side. 

Nex: I don't want to do it...get the fuck off me damn you! 

Myri blinks in surprise and then comes back over to see Nex's blade pointed at her head.  


He pushes her back each strong step, until she falls back to the ground and looks at him in shock. 

Myri: (Frightened) N-Nex calm down-! Please, you're scaring me! 

Nex's eyes return to normal when he realizes what's happening around him. As he notices the girl in front of him is Myri, the images his head might of been placing around him all vanish. The cot is all he sees, and a huff of surprise comes from the rebel, as the sword lowers to the ground and then drops on its side with a loud metallic clang.

Myri looks up and frowns, still at a loss and shaken by the event. 

Nex: I... sorry- I wasn't thinking straight. (turns and walks back to the couch) I didn't know where I was. 

Myri: Didn't know whe- (Gets back up with a uneasy frown) Nex, what just happened to you? I've never seen you that scared. 

Nex: (Shakes his head slowly) Just… a nightmare that’s all…

Myri: You mean like before? When you grabbed your locket to calm yourself down?  

Nex: (holds his head a moment) I guess…

With a tremble to her touch she brushes the mans forehead, he seemed to be too deep into thought to react to the touch, or care for that matter. 

Myri: (pulls her hand back) You’re so warm… (frowns as she looks at him again) do you have a fever?

Nex's tired eyes glance to her and he looks away.

Myri goes over to wet a rag in the room within a sink, and then hands the soaked cloth to Nex. Upon the notice that the girl's eyes stare at him with concern, Nex gives off a sigh before with another hard stare to it, he finally takes the rag. With a subtle scowl, Nex starts to pad it over his head to cool himself off. 

A steaming cup of something is placed next to him on the end table while the man fixes his mangled coat. 

Myri: I made it earlier when we got out of the rain. The place was empty…b ut its not much I know...

Nex’s eyes look at the cup and he looks at the label, “Instant Ramen”.

Nex: (Frowns and shakes his head) You didn't have to do that. (eyes the cup for a moment until the girl speaks again)

Myri: I'm assuming you don't want to talk about your nightmare? Was it the girl with the locket again? 

Nex: ...Her name was Yura. And yeah, it was. And no, I don't want to talk about it. 

Myri: Okay, well, (sits on one of the chairs and looks at him with a slight sorrow) I'll just ask this... why did you suffer so many injuries just to protect me? 

Nex: Because I said I would. I promised I'd help you this time, and I'm going to. 

Myri: For what though? Why me? Do I remind you of that girl?

Nex: (closes his eyes slightly) No. The world needs you, just like it needed her. And, that's all I can say. 

Myri: Needs me? That makes no sense- Doesn't it need you more than me? I can't do anything. All I've done is get you hurt. 

Nex: The world doesn't god damn need me, not for anything good. 

Myri: You're not going to tell me... (sighs and dips her head down) You know Nex, (frowns in earnest) it makes me feel terrible to watch you get hurt like that, (closes her eyes) you can be a shallow, cruel jerk, and kind of insensitive... but you still help me anyway. 

Nex: (narrows his eyes) You trust me? 

Myri: No… how can I trust someone I know nothing about? You came into my life, took me from the only life that I did know. You told me you’d help me see the truth- and for now I have to believe that.

Nex remains silent as she continues, he looks at the cup of ramen and then brings it up and starts to eat some of it.

Myri: Part of me wants to care about you, understand you. (watches him eat the noodles and fidgets with her hands) You seem... human in some ways. Even if you say you aren't. And yet... part of me wants to get away from you- part of you scares me. It's an odd feeling…

Nex: Tch. 

Myri: If I understood more about you then it might be different. But you never say anything, so how can you be the one who leads to the truth, if you never tell me the truth about yourself?

Nex: You don't need or want to understand me, Myri. I'm just preparin' you for what lies ahead. You have to decide if what you find will free, or destroy you. I'm trying to keep it from destroying you. (brings the cup up and eats the rest of the noodles

Myri: (Confused) How could you know my truth?

Nex: I know all kinds of shit I’d rather not know. It's easy for what you know to become a fragmented mess that tears at your mind each day and you lose yourself in it...forget some things, remember some you didn’t want to... you lose what’s real and what isn’t. You don’t want to know the truth. No one does. It's easier to accept what fate decides for you.

Myri: But no part of me accepts seeing you hurt, and because of me at that.

Nex: (Shrugs it off as he puts the noodles down) I’m gonna get hurt anyway. What’s important is that you don’t give up, because that… that’ll make my time here truly god damn meaningless. (Narrows his eyes sternly and leans his head in) People need you. (Shakes his head once) They don’t need me.

Myri: I think people do need you Nex… 

Nex: ...

Myri: ... (Sighs) I'm going to go look for something to fix your injuries with at least. (Gets off the chair and starts to walk toward the exit

Nex: Just don't get killed. 

Myri stops for a moment and then sighs and walks out the door of the small cot. Nex leans back against the wall and frowns in thought. 

Nex recalls a conversation with Akuhei when he first recieved his Grimoire. 

(In his head) 

Nex: Did you do that, make that thing?! Cause it to appear from the gate?!

Akuhei: ...What ARE you rambling about, what thing?

Nex: That god damn thing that appeared and ruined everything, took everything from me! This is all I have left because of it! She gave it to me before-

Akuhei: The sentient Unit? You saw it...? Ah... I get how that happened now. You were close to that brat weren't you Lil' Nex? 

Nex: Did you or not?!

Akuhei: It was ours to control, yeah. But, did I do it? No. It wasn't my choice to ruin your little haven. I could go no where near it anyway... But to lose that girl, you hated that didn't you? Suddenly that makes a lot more sense...

Nex: ...If you didn't then who did?! 

Akuhei: Someone in higher authority then me no shit. To be honest I have no idea what happened to that soul...I'm only here to deal with you, since you awakened the Azure and made contact with a certain something in the gate. But anyway, guess you'll have to find out for yourself one day what happened to the soul eh? 


Nex: (To himself) Why would they have that damn thing take her soul… she and I knew about the Azure but… (gains a solemn frown thinking) I don’t understand…You sacrificed your freedom for my own. Why didn’t you let it take me too? Why'd you leave me in this world...only so I would learn to hate it? (Holds the locket and curls his head down)

He looks at the gleaming red and dark radiance coming from the shell. 

Nex: Dammit... (Punches the side of the wall with his opposite hand) Why did you save me? 

 ==Mujihi II: A Chance by Yellow==

Mujihi: (Offscreen) Anyone around?! (shouting as he looks around for survivors) Anyone alive?!

Bitoku: (Offscreen) Hello?!

Their voices boom through the seemingly empty streets, and they hear nothing return their call in the ghostly and vast area. They hide grimaces as they pass remains of some bodies, left over traces of the blackened seithr corpses.

The stenches of decay fill the air and Bitoku stays close to Mujihi with each step they take, the feeling she gets brings a chill up her spine. Residue seithr still floats about in a concentrated murky and blackened fog. 

Mujihi: Damn. This is... just damn wrong. (Ears droop slightly) I have my doubts there's any survivors at all out here.

Bitoku: (Angered as she clenches her fists) Who the hell would do this over one piece of information?! I swear if that skank was involved I'm gonna-

Mujihi: (Holds his head with a sigh) Not now Bitoku, please! I highly doubt Valetha did this! Let's stay focused!

When the two pull a little further, an image comes to view in the fog. A shape of a person, laid out on the ground flat on their stomach. Bitoku's eyes widen as she points out to the woman with a loud shout. 

Bitoku: Mujihi... look! 

Seemingly the girl isn’t breathing, but her hand twitches as she gives a soft moan of pain. Mujihi's keen hearing draws him over and he quickly comes by her side to overlook the wounds. 

Mujihi: ?! Thank god someone is alive- we can figure out what happened now!

Bitoku: Sir, we need to get her wounds closed first before that!

Mujihi: Right...(Looks at her as he turns her slightly) Ma’am! Are you alright?!

Mujihi's tone carries a sense of distress as he tries getting her attention, but the woman's body is cold and her breaths are nill. 

Mujihi: (puts his hand over one of the wounds and frowns in slight distress) Bitoku, (turns a serious glance to her before he focuses on the girl again) get the first aid ready! We might have to bandage this one up if we can get her to breathe!

Bitoku: Yes, sir!

With a sense of urgency, the beastkin shuffles through her bag to search for some bandages and medicine. 

Mujihi: (tries to get a breath from her) Come on... wake up! 

Bitoku: (Offscreen) I got the first aid sir...any luck?

Mujihi: Nothing yet… I may have to do CPR..!

Her body is covered in wounds are strange in design- they gleam over with a cold dark tint to cover her arms and chest, also part of her face. How she managed to hang on in itself was incredible, her opposite hand clenches something within it, but Mujihi couldn’t see that right now.

While Mujihi continues, Bitoku begins to wrap the wounds as fast as she could and squats down next to the two with a look of determination and concern in her strong eyes.

Mujihi: You alright there?

Bitoku: I’m fine sir, ...(looks over the wounds) Just...who could have done this to her?

Mujihi: Those cuts aren’t exactly ‘normal’... just keep tending to her wounds. When she wakes up I’ll ask her some questions…

Komyo: The Willing CauseEdit

Komyo: This is so horrible... 

Serza stands on the side of the building against a half broken wall of stone and metalwork while Komyo walks around looking through the interior and its desolate contents. Her hand sweeps the cracked ground and holds some of the dust and debris. 

Komyo: (Turns her sorrowful glance to Serza) How can you not even care about what happened here? 

Serza: Because I don't. It's really a simple concept even you can understand. (Turns and tips the brim of his hat) Just because I stopped being a Sequence Destroyer doesn't mean I care about the lives of others - I just want to see the structure of the government collapse...

Komyo: But all these lives... (Sighs as she looks away a moment) Why do so many people not care? 

Serza: (Tilts his head up and to the side as he looks over) People are tired of the struggle and they give into despair. They don't want to accept the truth around them, so they hide from it, and eventually it kills them. 

Komyo: Why would they give in? I don't understand. 

She turns and sends the report to Nicaiah in a flash of data before she walks out of the building, the frown on her face still hasn't left. Her superior casually turns and then follows her out only to pull ahead of her as he plants his hands in his uniform's pockets. 

Serza: This fight for every soul boils down to one thing only… and that’s freedom and control - chaos and order. Everything else in between is the struggle, kiddo. 

Komyo: Struggle… for freedom? (Confused) But, aren't people free? 

Serza remains quiet with a look of false thought, and then gives his cuffs a brush with a subtle smile. The girl looks up to him and then the man speaks once more as the two officials walk through the quiet streets. 

Serza: Without freedom you can’t make that oh so important choice of doing right or wrong in the world...because someone else makes it for you, or it simply doesn't matter in the end. (Smiles in amusement) The hilarious part is I think they’ve all forgotten what they were fighting for in the first place.

Komyo: …

Serza: What's there to really enjoy about being human, though? Other than the free will. (Gestures out with a shrug) We kill each other, maim each other, betray each other over such stupid matters that it all just brings more suffering in this self-destructive spiral. (Pockets his hands again

Komyo: Still, (sighs) I want to end the suffering Serza…

Serza: Do you-? I think that’s wishful thinking, personally. 

Komyo: It might be… but, that's how I was raised. To never give up on people... I have things I care about in this world, people I don't want to see in despair. (Closes her eyes slightly and puts her hand on her wrist) In the Liberation Sector, I’ve seen how despair and struggling can change people. And it-it's scary how much it changed us from inside.

Serza: (Offscreen) Oh, but sometimes struggle is needed… keeps matters interesting. Drives people to become stronger. 

Komyo: And it also drives people to turn on each other,  I don’t want to see that kind of thing happen to anyone. If no one tries to change it, then we're giving up on ourselves and I guess we wouldn't deserve to live. But Serza, that's something I don't want to accept. I just have a feeling that somewhere there's a hope that hasn't died yet, a hope for all of us. 

Serza: (Gives a blank look before he looks up and to the side) Is your job to chase after a figment of the imagination now? (leans in to the side to shoot a look to her) We're supposed to locate Nex, and letting personal belief slide into things just tends to get in the way. Besides... (straightens out and continues) hope is a fickle little thing. It can tear someone apart just as good as any fear can. The line between them is thin. The good Liberation Sector was already falling apart after they lost the war, you can't exactly change anything for them now. 

Komyo's eyes close as she thinks over the words, a unsure feeling dips her expression to a frown and she turns her gaze up to the shadow beneath the brim of Serza's hat to his beady emerald eyes. 

Komyo: ...I can try cant I? I want to help stop this war. 

Serza: (twists his head to glance to her once more) Your intention is pure, but you know terrible things happen to the nicest of people when they worry themselves over others. (sighs while he closes his eyes) And, people don't often change unless they want to or it benefits them. Why do you think no one in this world fights anything and just lets someone else fight for them? 

Komyo: ...I try to trust you because you said you changed- and now you fight those people who want to harm others lives. But I'm not- I still remember, how badly you hurt Nex and Cerea. 

Serza: (Blinks) Still hold that against me huh? Isn't that funny how now you need me around to keep someone else from hurting you? I was only following orders. Besides what I did was pale in comparison to what I heard the 51st Sector pulled. Still, my SIA days are behind me- (Looks to her with amused curiosity) no room in your kind heart for forgiveness? 

Komyo: (Sighs) I do forgive you, its just I can't forget it either so it makes it hard to trust you. I know you're helping us now, but still, its hard to just look past those horrible things you did do. You can't just pretend they didn't happen. 

A quick and honeyed chuckle comes out of him as he opens his mouth, and his words slur together with it. 

Serza: You might be right there- very few trust me. Your naivete is hilarious… you don’t have an ounce of malice in that little head of yours do you? 

The two come out further along the block, the clouds part to reveal the red skies of the evening above them. Serza remains somewhat attentive to his surroundings while Komyo follows quietly alongside him holding her arms over her uniform in a hug to keep herself warm. The man's steps slow to a halt as he spots a elegantly dressed young woman who sits at the stone over a field of of withered life with a cup of tea in one of her hands. Komyo remains quiet as she stays a distance away. 

Serza: Ah... you. 

Legna: My affairs have nothing to do with you, I'm awaiting a certain individual. (Sips the tea) Did you come to try and 'kill' me? 

Serza: Now now no need to be nasty. (Looks around) Sipping tea in the middle of a dead town...though I'm surprised Nex isn't with you. 

Legna: I am not so cruel to always hold his leash. 

Serza: (Chuckles) Cute. Though we were looking for him actually.

Legna: (Puts the tea down and turns her eyes to the hilt of his weapon) I see you still carry this infernal weapon… have you no mind to the consequences? Surely you’ve heard about Ophius's effect, child. 

Serza: Ouch. You cut so deep with your words… (raises his brow mockingly) A man has to be able to defend himself. And although I’m not too good at fighting- if I have to… (puts the tip of his finger on the hilt of his weapon with a small grin) may as well do it right.

Kiel: (Offscreen) There will be no fighting here, Eye of Yamaorochi. That will solve nothing.

As the pleasant yet stern tone sounds, Kiel walks out of the darkened fog. The instant he does Serza's eyes move to the man and he puts his hand out to a shrug. 

Serza: Mm? (Looks over to Kiel and blinks) Oh I’m sorry… should the people here of tried words of peace to save themselves from Zaezel? I’ll try offering him a muffin with some kind words next time I see him and see if it keeps him from ripping the head off of an innocent civilian.

Kiel: …Your humor is less than pleasing or amusing. 

Serza: I wasn't aiming to please you. Its been awhile since I've seen you though...(pats the crown of his hat and smiles) I'm the Jade Viper now, get that right, m'kay? (frowns) Besides, I hate being reminded of my past association with the system it was aggravating. Even Akuhei knew that.  

Kiel: You always did say you'd break away...but isn't that considered nearly impossible to do?  

Serza's voice grinds slightly. 

Serza: Yes, but I told everyone I would. All the secrecy just kills you inside- especially when you realize you were being used for someone else's goal. I don't need their system to get what I want... I'm close to breaking off forever from that life. 

Kiel: Don't for a moment think it means I trust you- what you've done in the past, that's unforgivable. The sins of the Destroyers is no more forgivable then that of the Azure Sin Subjects existence. 

Serza: Oh, I wouldn't expect you to forgive me so easily, or at all for that matter. Then again - I'm not really asking for forgiveness am I? (Smiles) Unlike a certain someone laced with guilt in their every word. 

Legna sits herself in a chair and brings up a white rose and sets it next to the tea with a frown as she listens to the conversation between the two. She brushes a hand through the golden locks of her hair and lets a sigh escape. 

Legna: Keep your quarrels to yourselves, (drinks some of her tea) those words are nauseating. There's no point in focusing on an unknown problem that has yet to rear its head. (stirs a golden magic with her finger into the tea) As long as this Viper's brazen way doesn't lead him to slither into my affairs, I see no venom to worry over. 

Serza: (cocks his head to the side and then sighs) Although I never cared for vampires- (shrugs outward and shakes his head) I wouldn't dream of stepping in your way when you keep Nex so focused so he doesn't screw up... it's admirable, or something, I guess. 

Komyo: (Offscreen) Um...

Komyo squeaks in intervention, her quiet voice sounds from a bit behind Serza who looks at her and the girl comes a bit forward with a nervous look. Legna's eyes draw onto her as her gold hair lifts from a slight breeze. 

Legna: ... And you must be the child that Nicaiah and Ange watched over. I must say I expected more...but at least you arent a case like Nex. Your faith in this world hasn't been shattered. 

Komyo: (Eyes widen with curiosity as she approaches her) No... but, who are you, Miss?

Legna: You may call me Legna, child. It would seem your growth is quite… stunted. In more ways then one at that. Such a frail will can not survive… Just as Lazarith had sheltered that other frail girl.

The girl's confidence shrinks a moment along with her looking toward the ground briefly. 

Kiel: (Defensively) Don’t bring Lazarith into matters, it was a direct order to protect Myri in all ways. You could stand to be a bit more firm with Nex couldn’t you?

Legna: I won't comment on him following orders right now. However, I don’t believe you’re one to be telling me anything on how to raise others, peacekeeper. I tell Nex what he needs to hear and nothing more- if a puppy needs training I will give it, but he is not behaving out of line. I don’t use shock collars unless I need them… especially on a dog who has been beaten enough already. 

Serza: (Leans back into the wall and smiles as he rolls his finger on his hat) Oh what's a few more kicks to him really? It's not like he'll change... kind of hard, with the Grimoire and all. 

Legna shoots a subtle leer to Serza and the man turns his eyes away. 

Kiel: Still, you shouldn't be so hard on this girl… she isn't-

Legna: (Focuses to Kiel after a sigh) This world waits for no one. She will have to improve faster if she wants to survive and help anyone, let alone herself, or Nex for that matter.

Her words were harsh, and Komyo stutters trying to speak back to her. 

Komyo: H-huh? How did you know I was-

The vampire shakes her head in a disappointed mannerism at the girl. 

Legna: (Sighs as she turns slightly) Both you and Myri...are completely unprepared. 

Serza: Oh… but she has such a good nature to her. Kind, a ditz, and completely unaware. She doesn’t need to be anything else. And Myri, well...

Komyo: (Lowers her head in a shy sorrow) Y-you guys realize I'm standing right here don't you? 

Legna: ...Good natures go to rot if they aren’t put to use. Her will is weak at best, and it's a terrible shame with such a willing cause to her mind. But she won't be prepared for what lies ahead. (Looks right to Komyo) Yet you're the wielder of that sword... and you have no idea of the importance of any of it. 

Komy: ... (Lowers her head further as she touches the blade) I don't you're right but... still I...

Kiel: ... (Sighs

Legna: (in warning) Take care someone does not take advantage of that. I imagine some in the 51st Sector already have tried. Ange and Nicaiah can not protect you from such people forever. (closes her eyes slightly) Nor will Nex help you now. He has changed since then and grown out of his naivete. 

Komyo: I-I know...

Serza: (Offscreen) Well thank you for your kind words...

He walks over and moves Komyo along by a tug of her arm, and the girl doesn't say a word toward it. Legna's eyes turn down for a moment as she thinks over her situation. 

Serza: (Walks off with Komyo) But we have to be going. Was a pleasure, both of you... I'll try not to bore you next time. 

Legna: (To herself) Become stronger than this world, child. 

Kiel: ...Was it necessary to be so harsh? It was difficult for me to stand here through that display.  

Legna: (Offscreen) It was your choice to remain idle for all these years to maintain your position, I assume you didn't give yourself away to anyone yet?

Kiel: ...No. (Shakes his head once) I wouldn't be that bold...however I believe the illegal forces here are linked to a more influential group though. (Walks over to her as Legna turns her eyes back forward) That girl Lutha had spoke of leaders.  

Legna: ...It's too early to tell yet Kiel if it's truly them. (Looks to Kiel) I'd ask you a favor. 

Kiel: (cautiously curious) What is it? 

Legna: I need you to accompany me, as I require your aid to enter the lower levels of your City. I believe something that can become of use in this fight is within... and I so despise it being left to rot. 

Kiel: (Surprised) You've heard of that then? (Turns his head away and sighs) But it is more than dangerous, if the System's eyes see you or what's within, they will certainly pursue you. 

Legna doesn't seem concerned as she brushes her fingers along her attire to rid it of the dirt. 

Legna: (smiles into a small giggle and then sighs) I'm flattered, but do not concern yourself over me. Are you willing to be a bit risky toward your current situation, for the sake of a chance? I can't promise we'll escape unscathed, but it will certainly be interesting. 

While Legna keeps her expecting gaze to him Kiel looks at her in heavy thought over the idea and lets out another sigh before he puts his hand to his temple. 

Kiryos: Emerald StruggleEdit

General and former Major clash after the serpent’s prey had eluded him thanks to a slightly unexpected interference… But his eyes don’t show annoyance, only entertainment gleams behind his stare. A hungry and vicious malevolence sneers through his every word while he clearly enjoys an advantage over his foe. 

Akuhei: Oh I’m gonna have so much fun disemboweling you…(lowers his tone slightly as he speaks through his teeth) your family has been more a pain than its ever been worth.

A loud hiss is heard as Akuhei’s hand comes forward bringing with it his blade, sending Kiryos into another pillar of the circular white military room as a sharp edge razors into him by pieces. The general pulls it back while the edges of his jacket flatten out once more when the pressure wave subsides.

The Assassin drops to the ground and gives a grunt as he pulls himself back to his feet. 

Akuhei: (Smiles in a wicked and cruel way) Its such a shame the dog doesn’t know his actual breed might lead to something more than a mutt. And Reiga… (chuckles) well he’s about as hopeless as it gets…

Kiryos: (Freezes his wound) You dare to speak like that? (Closes his eyes) After all, you don’t care who is before you… as long as you get to torment them.

Akuhei: Come on now give me more credit… (Leans back with a sigh) I’ve been under the watch of those noble and proud idiots far longer than I cared for. This whole system of balance within the NOS is just annoying… at least a bit of winnowing and chaos adds some more enjoyment in it.

Kiryos: Chaos… chaos isn’t a toy to be played with. But my words fall on your deaf ears. Chaos would be a perfect opportunity for you to instill fear in people’s hearts.

Akuhei: Ah… I don’t really care if the “People” are scared or not. (Looks back to him and tilts his head down slightly) No, I just want to hear them make a symphony of lament when their world falls apart on them. Because believe me, it's gonna happen… the government—even with me in it—can’t keep the truth from being revealed. Hell they can’t even fucking get it together to stop Zaezel…

Leviathan’s spear head shoots forward, a blur of fangs appears to Kiryos mid-dodge when he avoids the serpentine assault of a shadowy snake. A second after--Bladed fangs rip through leaving a burning wound which glimmers with green veins for a moment.

Kiryos manages to pull the blade out of his body and then throws a volley of daggers at Akuhei, some of them crash into walls and ceiling, creating glyphs.

He slips off into shadow and leaps off to the side and onto one of the pillars. The General lowers himself slightly as a glint of metal flashes in front of him in his fingers, with a grin he envelops himself in a darkening aura.

Akuhei: (Spins the daggers which gain a green vein through them) You’re gonna end up regretting the choice to let Azure 0 slip away. Nex’s actions are going to be why this world goes plummeting into your so called chaos.

Without second thought he quickly dives at his foe in a veil of emerald shadow then releases the vicious strike in a upward acrobatic slash leaving a trail of energy and a serpent’s image. Akuhei smiles in a twisted thrill as he lands back away from Kiryos, his hand outstretched to re summon Leviathan.

Kiryos manages to block the strike with his arm covered in a thick layer of ice but the pressure plants him to the ground for a moment on his stomach, before he jumps away from the serpentine chain that bites through the floor. As the Assassin flips back away, he then snaps his fingers. Suddenly razor-sharp wires emerge from the glyphs all around Akuhei and strike the Destroyer to attempt and pierce his body. 

Kiryos: (Raises his brow) If he knows how to change the world, perhaps I will be a witness to it. But if you are going to alter it for the worse, I will be more than glad to see your demise.

Akuhei: Cursed Coil!

Akuhei launches his hand up and over his head a second earlier and on command Leviathan gyrates around the outside of Akuhei and the blades deflect the wires with ease in high pitched cries. Akuhei motions to the floor and then the chain sinks into the ground.

Akuhei: You may see it...though he’ll fall victim to the world’s desire. I’m not being arrogant here but that’s the truth. He’s still eh …”growing”? As he is right now- he’ll just lose his fight.

Akuhei dodges the rest of the wires as he comes back around with that shroud and strikes Kiryos’s head with the edge of his foot, a hard thud against his body is heard as Akuhei steps on him hard before he launches the Assassin in a bounce across the floor with a sweeping kick. Kiryos's  slides further and before he could stand a hiss fills his ears. The metallic blur of the chain-spearhead of Leviathan launches from underneath the ground and it springs up from a dark void snaring him tight. 

Kiryos lets off a surprised grunt as he tries to break free with a look of cold defiance, but the chains don’t break even slightly, and only tighten their agonizing grip.

“Memento mori… remember that you will die one day.”

The Assassin’s look melts as the words ring in his mind, before he stares at Akuhei with disdain.

Kiryos: Maybe… maybe not. That is something… we have to figure out on our own. (Speaks in a sarcastic tone) By the way… I always loved that insanity of yours… it’s very inspiring.

Akuhei: Sarcastic quips will get you nowhere now, ice puppy. Hehehe. You won’t see anything more- I’m ending your “Sequence” here!

Akuhei’s expression darkens into sheer manic glee as Leviathan’s blades drive into Kiryos and lock into place keeping him still while they deliver a highly corrosive and debilitating energized seithr into him.

Akuhei: Now...SCREAM! Embrace the hell that awaits you! I'll leave nothing of your mind, body or SOUL! (out spreads a hand as he gathers a green veil of energy

Cold insanity evident in every syllable, his hunger to kill ring in his cracking yell Akuhei places his hands outward. Several blobs of pure black masses form around Leviathan as it centers in and then some of the smaller ones lunge in as individual strange serpents of that seithr and energy. Each time they pass their fangs rip through and strike in a hungry frenzy of darkness as they hit the core of body, mind and soul, and after Kiryos stops his cry as blood spills from him, Akuhei's eyes stay small with insanity as the blood covers him. 

Akuhei: (Gestures out sideways with his hands open and throws his head back) Oh it feels so GOOD! AM I RIGHT?! 

His voice returns to a cold mocking sneer momentarily as he brings the knife up and spins it through his free hand. 

Akuhei: (Returns to a normal stance) Ahhhah... for entertaining me, I’ll let you in on a little secret- I’m an agent of the System itself. And I was given explicit instructions to kill you if you got in their way or got out of hand... (Smiles) Now, you didn’t get out of hand, no, but you did get in MY way. 

With a final fast and unrestrained chuckle bursting outward, Akuhei’s hand cuts the air and the central green darkness masses together into three defined forms before it creepily lunges with its mouths open. Its serpentine heads which had distorted form a shade of blackened emeralds pulsing through its body flies out toward Kiryos with a hiss.

Akuhei: KeehihihiAHAAHAHAAA! Now DIE! Witness the perfection and instrument of divine despair, death that consumes ALL! Leviathan, awaken your core and destroy… devour!!

As the thing comes speeding forth, Kiryos closes his eyes to envelop himself in a dark surrounding away from the manic man- and readies himself as he bitterly accepts his fate. 

Kiryos: (To himself with a frown) Izanami... my hands are stained with the blood of many, but please, forgive me... 

End of Episode 23

To be continued in Episode 24: Inner Demons 

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