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Last time on Control Sequence.

After facing Zaezel, I fell into a dormant state, guess I wasn't ready for an overflow of power like that. After I woke up Sieg immediately started in on asking me about my Grimoire-- that seemed to be the topic of the damn day. Meanwhile everyone else was figuring out how they'd handle Zaezel... that kid Reiga got visited by Mysteria, and Sieg apparently had to meet with that bastard Akuhei. Everyone seemed to be badgering me about my Grimoire changing me--including some new guy who Legna found named Koyoto. Whatever, I know what I'm doin'. I just hope that girl Myri actually listens to me this time and stops getting into trouble, 'cause I really don't need anymore of it. Enough resting, its time to head back into this fight.

VERSE 2 "Primordial Awakenings"
-Episode 21: Shards of Sin and Surfacing Hope-
Control Sequence Logo
"Blue Faith":Lies that cover our hearts and minds:Nothing but hell hidden in this paradise:Control we can't see, the invisible eye that guides our choices:Should we exist in such a world:Where has our purpose gone?:Why does fate make us suffer?:Life is nothing in a world of unending death and suffering waiting to end itself:War and damnation, lies and false truths our souls desire release:But what light can we see in one so dark:Holding all hatred and sorrow:What do you seek but destruction:Lost your ways, the truth is cruel and leads you to hold the thread of fate in this world:Do you still believe in what you fight for, the faith of the deep blue:Its what leads to the truth and guides your hand:tests your resolve to soar on wings stained in black sin:Can you break through and reach for that light hidden in darkness:We must show there's a way of living beyond their truth and their lies
There's power is in all our hands, we must be the change we all wish for
Restore what we've been robbed of by their corrupt sanctions
Powers of destruction that promises to free our world, but will it free our souls?
Soar now on darkness, prevail over fear
Only through hell and the ends of despair
Will we find blue faith and reclaim freedom
We can not rely on gods or fate
We write our own destiny with our choice
Everything never as it seems, our souls soar now on broken wings to promised destruction
To find our blue light in this hell, I believed in this path

Akuhei I: Methodical ApproachesEdit

While Akuhei walks down the path he chuckles to himself.

Akuhei: (To himself) Well that was enjoyable... i suppose its time that I move ahead. (Takes out a core and looks at it) Hmm...a regular seithr core isn't good enough. You'd think when I ask for something they'd get it right.

Footsteps follow over to him and Akuhei doesn’t bother to turn, already knowing who stood with him. His eyes don't leave the spherical lump of strange seithr in his hand while the other remains stuffed within his pocket.

Akuhei: Ah Lt General, how’d your encounter go…? Well I trust…?

Fasado: You could say that… Why ask? You seem as if your end hasn’t done so well.

Akuhei: No, it’s gone fine. I did what I was supposed to, and the Marshal’s test in the city ended up being successful. The Grimoire awakened, and Zaezel squeaked by alive... (sighs dejectedly) the only annoying part is the girl with Nex.

Fasado: Yes, Myri was it…? Anyways, did anything interrupt you in the process? You seem as if you were displeased with being unable to find Myri and eliminate her.

Akuhei: (Turns his gaze in an uncaring, yet his expression crumples in a slight perturbed way) Too many damned problems would happen…besides, she hasn't even come to grips with the power I've noticed in her.

Fasado: ...Power? (Looks at him

Akuhei: Yes, you see while I was watching the Marshal deal with Azure 0, he had her trying to use that ability of hers to shut Nex down. But she didn't do it. (Blinks) I felt it though, that someone else saw what was going to happen. And when she knew her actions would push Nex to kill her... she stopped.

Fasado listens intently to the conversation as he adjusts the mask, Akuhei continues walking as he reflects on the previous scenario he witnessed. 

Nex is shown in front of Myri, Myri's hand trembling as she struggles to release the energy. Nex's eyes turn to her and his expression grows dark when he draws his sword, pulling his hand back it becomes a claw and the girl struggles before she drops to the ground in front of him. 

Akuhei: It was altered. In other words, she can see Nex's event sequence before it happens—and then alter it. She is becoming one of the veeeerrrry few who can change his outcomes. Only the eyes of the system can see his events, and she isn't an Eye to my knowledge. 

Fasado: She's an anomaly that effects Azure 0 then... one the system doesn't know about. She must be connected to him somehow. 

Akuhei: Correct. Something in her is strong enough to interfere, but only with Nex in specific... not only that but her power is extremely pure. It calmed Nex's Azure down considerably, nullifying the grimoire.

Fasado: That's always been the intent though with her, hasn't it? Acting as a counter measure to the destructive properties of Azure and Seithr. After all Lukain did mention that she had power from the Third War of Armagus. But, the ability to effect Azure 0 directly as if she were a direct part of the system...that is something that is puzzling.

Meanwhile Nex and Myri sit at an outside table of the residential area they just arrived to. Nex stirs a steaming bowl of ramen with a usual scowl and his opposite palm against his chin in impatient manner. 

Myri's eyes widen as she suddenly pictures a shadow of someone behind Nex, and Nex instead was fighting rather then spending his boredom stirring the meal in front of him. Inky forms of Seithr beings were all around them as well, her eyes return to normal before she glances to her own bowl with a concern filled frown on her face.

Nex's sharp and fierce eyes immediately notice it, but he returns to stirring his food in indifference and picks some up with the chopsticks. 

Myri: (Quietly)...I just noticed...

Nex: Noticed what... (slurps the noodles before he sighs with a puff of steam) dammit you asked me to stop to get you food 'cause you haven't eaten "in days" and now you're just starin' off into space. 

Myri: Something isn't right...(puts her hand to her chest as she glances around) are there Seithr Beings here with you Nex? 

Nex: (Confused as he picks more up and then looks at her) Huh...? No... just people. 

The people walk around them, and most don't care that the black clad rebel is right in so close by. Strands of his silver-white hair are brushed by the breeze as his grim eyes stare at Myri. 

Myri: (To herself) I could of sworn, that there was that shadow...and Nex has a concealing ars. But it still saw him... (Outloud nervously) Um... maybe we should just continue on ahead... I can't explain it but I have a bad feeling about staying here. 

Nex: So... you ask me to stop... and then want to leave again? I really don't freaking get you, but, whatever. 

A blackened pile of seithr and shadow slithers away after Myri and Nex leave the area. Nex closes his eyes slightly as he continues to walk with her. 

Nex: ... (To himself) She sure has been actin' weird ever since the events of me fighting Lukain where she heard more about her power. I guess... maybe things are different this time with her. I'll know when we get to the gate. 

It returns to Akuhei as he continues explaining to Fasado what he'd learned recently. 

Akuhei: I believe she's... the vessel of something that was created specifically for Nex's situation. Something about that girl changed—Her role was altered, because as you and I already know that girl wasn't what she is now. 

Fasado: Interesting... someone or something, saw fit to alter her course of very existence. Hmm... a grasp for a new hope it sounds as. 

Akuhei: And Nex is choosing to help her survive... probably because the Observer, that annoying vampire saw need to tell him of this "Change" that occurred. (Smiles in thought) Which would explain... why he even helped her escape the NOS to begin with. 

Fasado: Azure 0 must be noticing things are different then, but he can't tell her I presume. 

Akuhei: (Eyes narrow) Exactly. (Grins afterward as he looks at the core in his hand) But all this, also means she has something very strong inside of her, something connects her to the infinitesimal power of the boundary—and I think that might be useful in the future...

Fasado: (Interested) Do we need it?  

Akuhei: Not right now... I need to find more out first...

Fasado: Alright, keep me informed, that's an interesting observation you've made. What’s our status on ‘him’. If you know who I’m referring to.

Akuhei: The Red Thunder brat? He’s alive.

He replies flatly while turning back around.

Akuhei: I’m assuming the Marshal sent you here. So I guess that must mean he’s about ready to go through with things. (Turns his gaze at him) In that case while I go handle my own matters, I have a task for you so we can make sure this all will work. Provided it folds out it should even get you an opportunity to kill off Tekina’s son.

Fasado, in response soon removes his plague mask, as if to show Akuhei his reaction. His piercing red eyes compliment a sinister grin.

Fasado: I look forward to it…

Akuhei: (Grins) Excellent. I’ll tell you everything you need to know…

Akuhei then turns and continues down the path as he takes out a core of black and holds it in his hand.

Akuhei: All centered around this. The “Seithr Core”.

??? I: A Dim LightEdit

Kagutsuchi Outskirts, Restricted Zones,

December 29th Morning

Wandering through an expansive wasteland, a young man clad in a dark scarlet coat trudges on. He didn’t remember much, wearing a unusual scowl hoping for any sign of life. He’d been dealing with everything except people, strange black humanoid beings would pop up on occasion and the man was normally forced to run with no weapon.

???: (To himself) Its all a blur now... my brother and I were trying to stop that thing, it appeared in the world and none of us stood any chance against it. Felt like a nightmare... what was that thing after-- and where is my brother? 

All those questions bog the young man’s mind as his feet dig through cracked pavement and dust.

To the west stood a large building pointing to the sky its form a shadow, but it was all he had to go off of and so he followed it. Before he can catch a breath, something pitch leaps out at him, one of those things, he thinks with a scowl.

He had no weapon, no time to run… the thing reaches toward him with inky claws of seithr ready to gouge him.

???: Dammit. (throws his arms up to block the attack but instead a blade appears in a flash of light) What the…?

Rather than striking his arm, the claw makes contact with the blade of light and a loud shriek is heard as the seithr that made it up dissolves into flakes.

The being of evil energy and seithr hisses in its anger as it moves away from the bright sword which took appearance of a knight sword, nothing especially fancy but its defining feature hid inside and around it. The extremely luminescent blade glimmers with what appeared to be light as it gathered seithr for its strength yet repelled the being. The expression its new owner had is one of pure shock.

???: ( holds the sword sideways looking at the shine it gave off ) The hell did I just do…( re-enters a combat stance holding the blade in a firm one-handed grip ) Guess I don’t have much time to think about that anyways.

Seithr Being: How is that possible. ( looks at its hand as it reforms with seithr, before leering at Hiro with gleaming eyes against its pitch face ) Did you obtain a source of the boundaries energy? Who are you?

Seithr Being 2: Doesn’t matter… we need to kill it while its weak.

Without giving time for the man to answer, the being lunges once more at him bringing its own weapon forth from a darkening glyph. The sword of light comes up in act of the man defending himself, however it abruptly stops as something else pierces his attacker’s body.

A flurry of shadows explodes from its body onto the man-- and with a distorted crunch, shadows of fangs which were blades rip through and stop right in front of the young man’s widened eyes.

That being vanishes into flakes of seithr and darkness, before it leaves a diamond shaped red shard sparking with energy behind. The spectacle was just long enough for him to see the weapon’s “eyes” glint with malevolence, before the spear head fashioned like a snake of sorts of energy and some kind of metal vanishes. Seithr Being 2: The Underworld Snake...  

The second being quickly retreats upon seeing it, sensing the person who brought its allies demise to be something far worse than the young man they tried to kill.

???: ( to himself) What the Hell...out of the frying pan and into the fire…

Stealing a glance at the one who “saved” him, he doesn’t exactly feel comfortable as one should after being rescued.

The strange person walks over to him, the black uniform he wore boasts a imposing look, not even trying to hide the intended feel of imminent danger as serpentine designs coil around the front into a pattern the runs down along the shoulders. He wears a grin but it doesn’t exactly seem to be of good intent, his coat is ravaged by the strangely cold wind in the wasteland until he stops a few feet away from the young man who had no idea of the one who stands in front of him.

With even the collar flared out like a cobra, that unmistakable serpent motif led to only one possibility, Akuhei himself. But, the younger dusty haired man had no idea of his identity or the danger he presents.

Akuhei: Aren’t you the odd one…(his fingers slide into his jacket as he stares at the man with his now visible serpent eyes) not a lot of people survive out here, yet I have to say you handle the environment decently. I mean we are in a field of very deadly seithr... 

???: (holds his defensive stance) … (to himself) Something about this guy is really off. 

The young man chooses to remain defensive, keeps that blade out, it shakes a bit as Akuhei’s finger brushes its edge without a single care. The serpentine grin he has subtly widens. 

Akuhei: ...Nice blade. (pinches it with his fingers) Isn’t exactly a normal weapon is it? (tilts his head down and looks at it before he pushes the blade away slightly as a scowl appears) But I’m just curious about one thing… Who are you?

His question comes out in a sharp and imposing tone, and sensing the irritation lined deep in his voice, the young man feels a bit uneasy.

???: (Defensively) You almost take my head off with that attack and you wonder why I don’t feel like talking.

Akuhei: Hmm, yeah I suppose that would leave you a bit nervous. Still I promise it was completely unintentional…(shrugs outward, before he glances about for something) from my standpoint it looked like I helped you. (Offscreen as the diamond core sparks with remaining energy) But whatever, can’t get an ounce of gratitude from people these days eh?

He approaches the remains of the being, stepping on the glazed wasteland with metal sole and he looks down to the strange diamond core with a returning smile.

Akuhei: Ah.

He reaches down and picks it up while his opposite hand removes a dark core of what appeared to be seithr and strange energy from his jacket. 

Akuhei: (Looks at it, twisting it in his fingers) Mmm...this will do I suppose. (To the man) By the way, I was attracted by the light show…

???: What the heck did you just do to that thing anyways…?

Akuhei: What did I do?

He places the shard into the core and the shard is slowly absorbed into it, making the core’s energy within turn violent as Akuhei puts his hand over it and a sigil forms in it, the energy converts into a deepened red. 

Akuhei: Not a thing. (Looks at the core as he smiles) A shiny new core of destructive energy from the boundary...sealed up tight in a ball. (sighs) Sadly it's not the strongest or most refined it could be. But it’ll do—think I’ll feed it to my adorable pet snake.

???: (To himself as he frowns to the words) He isn't going to answer me is he. 

Akuhei places the odd core away returning his full attention to him.

???: (scoffs as he rolls his eyes) Cute…

Akuhei: What? You sure as hell wouldn’t give it to a person… it’d kill them, if they couldn’t handle the energy direct from the boundary. And its odd, I sense some on you... but never mind that.

He smiles as he looks back at where the man came from in this wasteland of seithr outside of Kagutsuchi. 

Akuhei: Those “things” are known as Seithr beings, beings of seithr and negative energy somehow given life. They’re very small remnants of created destruction and “sin” and they thrive on the seithr out here in the outer boundaries of these restricted areas...hell no one is supposed to be out here. You’re lucky to be alive…

???: Not like I had a choice...waking up out here…

Akuhei: So you just… woke up out here? (Chuckles in amused fashion) Some story… you’re nearby a facility once occupied by the government. I find it difficult to believe you simply ended up here. And you defeated a Seithr Being with that…(Eyes the light blade again with a keen stare) blade of yours.

???: (shrugs) That’s the story.

Akuhei: (nods in unconvinced manner) Right... so where exactly are you heading then…?

???: (looks over his shoulder) Towards that large structure that we can see from here. I feel that's the place I'm supposed to be... and its the only thing in sight... 

Akuhei turns to look at the building and then glances back at him.

Akuhei: The government’s branch in the city… interesting. I said you’re not supposed to be out here, so I ask again, who are you? (walks a bit closer to him as he puts his hand out) Soon as you tell me, I’ll be on my way. (Furls his brow and scowls subtly) Don’t need a damn life’s story just a name.

???: ...Hiro...

Akuhei: (To himself) Hiro...that name... why am I hearing that name when he should be dead

The instant he hears the name, his eyes narrow in aroused perplexity as though that was a name he didn’t want to hear. It threw him off and places a sense of annoyance in his gaze.

Akuhei: Hiro… Hiro Yokai? (To himself) This must be that other brat’s brother then...leaving him alive was a mistake on their part they’ll get a fitting ramification for.

Hiro: (stance strengthens) Now who the hell told you my last name?

Akuhei: No one really. To confirm, you must be the brother of Cyril Yokai… I must say I wasn’t expecting to even see you.

As Hiro hears this man utter his brother’s name, he immediately becomes emotionally upset. 

Hiro: (points the blade forward anger laced in his features) Where is he!? Where is my brother goddammit!?

Akuhei’s gaze darkens as he gains a wicked look in his eyes while re-summoning his weapon, its fangs gleaming before it coils around and awaits with a hunger for death in its shimmering eyes.

Akuhei: Ah, so you did survive your trip! That explains the remains of the boundary's energy on you... A bit annoying and a snag… but easily fixed.

Closes his eyes before he opens them and moves his hand motioning along Leviathan. On his face is a wicked grin and a devilish hunger in his eyes. 

Akuhei: I’m a Sequence Destroyer, (puts his hands out to the side as he tilts his posture to Hiro with a chuckle) ending the time of lives on this “wonderful” world of ours, erasing them when they’re no longer needed. (Straightens with his hand pointed palm up, and ready to launch something from a sigil) Now you, fit in into that category to be a sacrifice—my lucky victim!

With the end of his words, Akuhei’s tone cracks with insanity, his eyes widen to flash his golden snake irises in a sudden malicious excitement.

The snake like weapon launches in an unorthodox fashion before snapping in a blur at Hiro with a distorted hiss. While he tries to halt the advance, it was far too fast, like a swift shadow of evil emerald which breaks through the defense easily and strikes Hiro on his shoulder. On impact it forces him to drop his weapon with a shrill cry, crimson dripping from the gash while a painful throbbing begins, crawling down his arm and up his neck leaving the impressions of a kind of green vein that is barely visible.

Hiro thinks while grinding his teeth in pain.

Hiro: (To himself) The hell, that's no ordinary weapon! (holds his shoulder in pain breathing heavily) D-dammit...

Akuhei: Nothing personal ok? Its just I don’t want you becoming an… uncertain factor in things. I only like surprises that work in my favor after all! (moves his hand around before he swipes the air sending the snake like spearhead out of sight) And you don’t need to worry about finding him there’s use to be had out of him. You on the other hand? You being here is a mistake…now scream in your wretched woes!

He says it with a grin the whole time, joyous malice and amusement at Hiro’s misfortune laced in every word. 

That strange sword Hiro tries to reach for, but it simply dissolves into flakes of light and seithr dust. Why now of all times, he just got here, and now this abhorrent person sought to end him for a reason he wouldn’t even get to understand.

Pain grips his chest as though someone punched the wind out of him, Hiro’s eyes held shut as he is stricken a second time from the opposite side, a horrid wet tear is heard as he’s tossed down to the ground by the blow of shredding fangs of Leviathan. 

Hiro: (struggles to try and stand back up) D-damn my luck...

Akuhei: Doesn’t seem to favor you today now does it? (tilts his head and whips his hands out with a laugh) Kihihihehaahahaa! Oh but you ARE pathetic, I can’t resist the urge to completely destroy you…you're so god damned weak!! (Puts his hand forward as the energy coils in front of him) Leviathan, fangs and blade of the underworld serpent… leave nothing!

Just as he speaks the sinister phrase as though to unlock Leviathan’s purpose, the weapon begins to shift as it gathers energy and manifests a different form, shaping into something malificient that opens a jaw of emerald and pitch, deep as the abyss. Energy runs through its body as its eyes focus on Hiro, who could do nothing but stare at it in disdain. Right before that thing could lunge--A loud crash that sounds like thunder and a bright flash envelops the ground. 

???: Sorry “Sequence Destroyer” but I’m not going to allow that.

Akuhei: Eh? Course... (scowls unamused before he grins) Flashy. (To himself as he pulls back the weapon and glances at the newcomer) Another one…?

The crackling and lightning’s energy slowly fades out, allowing Akuhei to make out the person who stood in front of Hiro holding a naginata.

Hiro: (to himself) My teacher...?! She always seems to find me at the right times... (coughs) E-Ellie…? H-how did you…

Ellie: (twirls her naginata electricity crackling around it) I’ll tell you later. (looks towards Akuhei anger present in her eyes) Now that's not how you should greet someone, snake.

Akuhei: I can greet you the same way if you’d like, annoying, useless beastkin. (Frowns as he glances back at her) You know I hate beastkin, they always meddle... so many got in my way and they ended up dead! (flickers back into a grin) One was so bold, kinda like how you’re protecting (points to Hiro in mocking gesture) that kid there, the other beastkin protected another brat I was after... long enough for him to grow up and get away.

Ellie's eyes narrow with anger while Akuhei finishes, dropping his tone to a sinister and venmous level. 

Akuhei: But let me tell you something “Protecting” people from me? That shit will get you killed.

Ellie: (growls as lightning strikes the ground in the area) Good job attacking someone who is no where near your own level of strength.

Akuhei: On my level? (Lowers his head and snickers before bursting out with a fullblown laugh of amusement) Eheheh. KAhahaahaaha! (Fades out to normal speech as he prepares the weapon again) Why should I care if he’s strong or not? Strong, weak, doesn’t matter to me I’ll kill them anyway! They’re all just victims to sacrfice anyway… and if you’re weak you stand no chance of survival in this world, no hope to change it! You can die with him…!

Just as he says it however, almost in a glimmer of a chance being presented to Ellie and Hiro… Akuhei stops. Seemingly distracted by something else as he hears a transmission contact him.

Akuhei: (To himself) Of all the damned-- (his words halt as he hears a transmission cut in) …What is it.

Lukain: Did you manage to design a core?

Akuhei: Yeah I made one, (scowls in annoyance as he answers) listen I’m kinda in the middle of something.

Lukain: Then what’re you still doing there in that area? We need to locate Azure 0.

Akuhei: I’ll happily do that… but it “might” help if I knew where the little bastard was. (rolls his eyes as he looks away) Last I checked he--

While Akuhei seems distracted, Ellie sees the opportunity arise and quickly makes use of her lightning speed to get Hiro and herself away from the area. Akuhei only catches the glint of the two before he sharply turns and fires Leviathan at air, the serpent chain bites on nothing before it vanishes. 

Akuhei: …Hey what the--! (Growls as he watches and then sharply turns around) Oh forget it. Doesn’t matter if I kill him now or later.

Lukain: Kill whom? What exactly were you doing?

Akuhei: A kid I found out here while looking for a shard of the boundaries power. We have a bit of an issue that just popped up because of him... But I’ll tell you about that later, for now I’m going to try and locate Azure 0. (Cuts the transmission as he scowls beginning to walk toward the city again) Tch, all these damned unknown factors in this Sequence... doesn't matter though.

He removes the core from his coat and looks at its red depths, a grin slithers into his expression once again as he walks.

Akuhei: (To himself) Alright Nex... where are you? I expect you to use your Grimoire this time, 'cause otherwise your road is over. 

Sylar I: An Unwelcome Visitor Edit

Sylar: (Offscreen while people walk outside) Hellspawn everywhere since Zaezel rolled on in…still no sign of the bastard himself though. Their barriers are down now though so even if they put em back up that isn’t going to help with the ones already in the city. I wonder if they came from the remains of Ikaruga—Taoreta...

The demon turns his head away from the glass pane slightly and focuses his white irises elsewhere, cupping the side of his head in his claw's palm with a small sigh. 

Sylar: Speaking of Taoreta... I miss the old days traveling with Nex and—ah...right... (Frowns) It's only been half a year but Nex has really changed since then, and not in a good way—sure he's stronger, and maybe that's a good thing. After all Nex is back up against Akuhei and is dealing with Zaezel's bullshit at the same time. He could really use support but he doesn't want it now. 

He puts his sleeves on the table and then lowers his head down in one of his arms with a troubled expression to his gaze. 

Sylar: Wonder if those past days have effected me at all, I guess I'd be lying if I said it didn't. After the bullshit the Liberation Sector pulled on us out there—after everything we did for them. (Sighs in annoyance) Doesn't give much credence to trust anyone out there... 

The Demon's white irises go away from the window and to a cylinder in front of him when he hears the glass hit the marble. The glass itself is filled with a frozen drink of sorts, a malt beverage, filled with sugars which Sylar really didn't need with his already hyper attitude. 

Sylar: Took long enough, so (looks at him and holds out his claw in a shrug) how much do I owe--?

Their eyes go to the claw Sylar held out, seeing it they gain a shake to their stature. 

Waiter: (Nervously as he held the pen) You’re a D-Demon…

Sylar puts his claw on the table and sips the drink tasting the contents with a satisfied grin. 

Sylar: Damn that's good. (confused as he rubs his head) What's with the look? (flashes a toothy grin mischievously as he messes with him) You think I'm gonna reduce your flesh and bones to seithr and eat your sooooul? 

Waiter: Nono! D-don't kill me, just take the drink! 

Sylar: (Returns to normal) Wow chill, it was just a joke... I wouldn't do that, I mean that's just disgusting. No one eats sou—oh... sorry Nex.  

The waiter rushes off away from him dropping his pad and Sylar scowls as his eyes follow the man down the hall.

Sylar: (Yells after him) Hey, the hell, there’s no cherry on this! That’s the best part, a shiny round cherry! (Slouches back to the cushioned booth) Damn can’t get quality service these days… ah well, (shrugs and picks up the glass) free drink.

A sphere of red suddenly flies toward him, and two of Sylar's digits on his free claw catch it. The Demon wears a smirk as he begins to play with it, rolling it along on the table by the tip of his digit. 

Sylar: That’s more like it. To who do I owe my gratitude? 

???: (Offscreen) You’re the White Demon, aren’t you?

Sylar: (Spins the cherry) I guess by this point that’s pretty obvious. (Flips his hood off and then looks at the person with his white irises

???: To see a being of your caliber spinning a cherry on the tip of his claw is... odd.

Sylar: I fucking love cherries. Its my dream to collect a million one day... (Flicks it off and it lands in his drink) Alright not really... actually I love anything that’s round and shiny, I’m not one for an attention span.

???: I never would've guessed. (Sits on one of the stools and looks at him)

Sylar: (Looks over and cocks his head, as the strange individual shows themselves) And who’re you exactly? Someone trying to gather info on me?

???: No. But, have you seen these before? (Opens his hand and shows a red shard within it laced with seithr)

Sylar's eyes keenly glance to it as he sips another bit of his drink, he closes his eyes afterward with thought. 

Sylar: (To himself) ...That’s a Seithr Shard… last time I saw one was when I showed Nex the hellspawn were here in the city. (Outloud as he puts the drink down and rests his claw on his temple) Ah, some kinda gem of seithr?

???: Its a Seithr Shard, also called Shards of Sin, given what they were used for. You’ve seen these before White Demon, don’t lie to someone who knows their facts.

Sylar: Alright fine, didn’t realize you knew so much—Why show them to me…?

???: They're laced in your history. 

Sylar: Those things? (Skeptically as he sighs) Well, whatever you say buddy...  I destroy em, along with the beings that have those things inside of their seithr infested corpses. 

Sylar takes another drink out of the malt with a satisfied sigh after. He then begins to twirl a tail of his coat's midnight blue cloth in boredom while he listens to the person aside from him on the stool. The person kept themselves concealed in a cloak, so Sylar had difficulty telling who or what he was speaking to. 

???: I was wondering if you’d be interested in joining a venture.

Sylar: (swipes his claw down in a dismissive fashion as he chugs the rest of the malt) Take a hike, (puts it down) all the cherries in the world aren’t going to get you my help.

The demon twirls it by the stem and drops it in his mouth with a grin as he stands up from the booth, turning his head at the person directly.

Sylar: I don’t work with anyone. I already told the NOS to beat it, not afraid to verbally—or physically—toss your ass out either. (Turns and takes a soda out from his coat)

???: Don’t be so... dismissive, Demon. There's ways we could help each other.

Sylar: (Glances back at him) Yeah, I know where this is going... you want something don’t you? Is it Nex?

???: The Destroyer? No… I’m not his enemy, and I don’t have to be yours. We share a common foe, the so-called government.

Sylar: (Eyes widen) You’re a force of your own design huh. Well that's impressive but it's funny, you look like a...sorta normal guy to me. If you count the whole cloak shit being normal... (Looks at his own coat) I'm not one to talk i guess...

???: I can answer many of your questions, if you decide to agree to a brief partnership.

A crack sounds as the White Demon's digit slides in the metal tab of the soda, he pulls it off nonchalently turning the can to his mouth and guzzles the contents. 

Sylar: Ah… sorry what was that? (gestures in slight annoyance) What part of: I don’t do partnerships idiot, I'm just solo—do you not understand? 

???: You’re with the Destroyer. Aren’t you?

Sylar’s eyes glance to them in interest, and he crushes the can in his claw with a slight smirk. 

Sylar: Who the hell told you that hmm?

???: Your actions in the city might be different then his but it doesn’t change that you’ve done in the past. You met him in the 10th Hierarchical city, tracked him down from the signature on his Grimoire to your own “White Darkness”. You then were captive by an unknown group, breaking out shortly after, and after some time you decided to make allies with the Destroyer involving him in your personal fight with the Liberation Sector. Leading to the events of (spins the shard) the 16th city of Kanyama and the incidents occurring there with a certain 51st Sector Lord. After which you went to a Ruined City in Taoreta with him, didn't you? 

Sylar: Well now…(folds his arms in mock impressed manner) someone has done their homework on my history with him huh? You want a medal for good research? 

???: You also had contact of an “unknown emerald shard” inserted into your body bringing out the power of your White Darkness.

Sylar: I guess that’s why you brought the seithr shard...but it isn’t the one that was in me. The one that was in me was green and red.

???: What if I told you I knew how that shard got in you? And what it did to you, and how to possibly make those effects permanent for you to command. Giving you the strength to annihilate Liberation Sector Zero, 51st Sector and all.

Sylar: (Smirks as he's impressed by the offer) You drive a hard bargain… (gives his head a quick shakes and shrugs in indifference) but, no thanks. I’d rather see things out on my own.

???: So be it, if you decide to change your mind, I’ll keep in touch around the city. I’ve got some business of my own.

Sylar: Yeah yeah, so long as you don't get in my way we'll be spice as dandy. 

The person leaves from the stool and walks out the sliding doors of the establishment into the streets of Kagutsuchi's upper residential areas—on the side were two other individuals.

A beastkin who stood against the side of the building with his arms over eachother and a helmet over the top of his skull and hair, where the ears popped out to the side of the holes in the metallic decorated headpiece. His wolf tail sways slightly as his hand rests on the back of a polearm halberd armagus. 

Zerde: I guess we should get moving ourselves. 

The women a bit away from him in her mid to late 20's who had black hair and a slim build with a hat over her long but tied back hair sat on the railing with her gold eyes staring at him. The same symbol that adorned the beastkin's headpiece and vest sat on the top left side of her somewhat revealing uniform which was sleeveless. She had sleek gloves on and knee high boots to match. 

Zerde: (Looks over to Lutha) Lutha, where is the core? 

Lutha: As far as I know he hasn't returned with it, but he isn't even supposed to be in Kagutsuchi. It's a risk. Both he and Valetha for that matter. 

Zerde: Valetha isn't our problem, she isn't part of our forces. 

Lutha: I know that Zerde. 

Zerde: I'm moving back into the city grounds, (looks back at her tilting his head down slightly) you go find him and get that core back, we'll never hear the ends of it if we don't. Seithr cores might be more common now, but each of those things hold soul energy and they need it. 

Lutha: Understood... I'll go and track him back down. 

Zerde watches Sylar leave the establishment and his eyes close slightly in interest at the sight. 

Zerde: The White Demon. 

Lutha: Isn't he the one our leaders wanted to talk with? 

Zerde: Yes, and he's more a challenge then the disappointment that was LSZ's "Red Thunder", but we're ordered not to bother Sylar or Nex, so leave them be.  

Sylar's eyes glance over but he huffs and continues moving. 

Sylar: Man, (frowns in annoyance as he walks into the crowd and flips his hood back up and puts his sleeves on again) is there a single soul that doesn't know who we are? 

Reiga II: A Core of Oddity among Familiarity Edit

Reiga walks along the side of the buildings of an emptied street that was blocked off due to the recent events.

No one in sight around the duo of Reiga and Akari, the young man hadn't taken his eyes off the blue charm Mysteria had trusted to him. His azure eyes see Akari's face reflected in the sphere, and he looks over to her when she speaks. 

Akari: (Smiles as she puts her hands behind her back) You look like you're really happy Reiga. 

Reiga: Huh? Well I am of course, I never thought she'd actually well... see anything in me. But, you know... its a mixed sort of feeling actually...

Akari: (Blinks in wonder as she looks at him) Mixed feeling? Hmm... is it like a fruit drink where you put lots of stuff in it? 

Reiga: (Laughs slightly as he runs his hand through his crimson hair) Aha... not exactly. Mixed feelings are a...well, ever felt happy, or sad, but at the same time?

Akari: Um...(tilts her head) maybe?

Reiga: Well, that's a mixed feeling. Or mixed emotions. (tilts his head up and to the side, running his hand down his neck in uncertainty) One hand I'm happy that she trusts me again, on the other hand though I don't want to let her down. (Sighs quietly) Its... just more pressure. But I'll deal with it. 

Akari looks away and frowns for a moment before she looks back at him with concern in her eyes. 

Akari: Just don', hurt yourself too much, ok? I care about you too Reiga. 

Reiga: Oh I know that. (Looks at her and smiles as he puts his hand on her head in caring gesture) I promised I'd protect you after all since the day you were assigned to me as a partner.

Akari: (eyes look up at him and she nods with a smile) That's right.

Reiga: And, (Closes his eyes) honestly that's the greatest part of even being involved in any of this is that I get to help you. 

Akari: Reiga helps me more than he knows! 

Reiga: I just wish the others could see that I'm not perfect... people like my superiors for example—all of what they expect from me it just is sometimes unreasonable. I mean fighting Zaezel? I didn't even know anything like him existed. 

Akari: Reiga doesn’t need to be perfect. (Smiles as she hugs him tight) Even though everyone says you’re not strong, I think you are. I think your strength comes from something else… that even the Brigadier doesn’t have.

Reiga: Huh? And what’s that?

Akari puts her hand on his chest and holds it there for a moment.

Reiga looks down at her hand and wonders why she'd done so, before he realizes what she meant as he looks at her gentle expression. 

Reiga: (To himself) She means my strength comes from inside of me, from the will to protect others…I guess. Even if it didn’t seem strong, Akari seems to think it is still strength... 

Akari: In here. You always think about others… and that’s something that the others don’t have. So Reiga is special.

Reiga: Akari…

The air is suddenly split as Reiga is sent spinning from surprise as someone comes crashing into him at high speed. Coming across the intersection of the road the two collide with a pained grunt.

Reiga: Guh!

???: W-whoa!

Something which looked like a strange core flies out of their hands and rolls along the street the person quickly hurries after it while Reiga rubs his head, now on the ground on his back. Akari quickly goes over to him in surprise. 

Reiga: Ow… my head…

Akari: Reiga…!

Reiga: (Offscreen as the person frantically looks for the core) I’m fine Akari…

???: Where did that dang thing go… ugh this is a pain… I worked hard to find that one too…

Reiga: Uh…(pushes himself up with his hand still on his head) excuse me but what exactly are you looking for…?

The person turns around who had raven black hair and waves his arms in annoyance. He wore nothing particularly special aside street clothes, but his eyes were bright violet.

???: Hey you! Watch where you’re walkin’ next time! Because of you I lost that… uh, that thing. First that dang warrior cat guy and now you, a guy can’t get some peace in this city or what?

They spoke in a fast, sharp tone of annoyance as they quickly scour the street for the strange core they’d dropped on impact. An extremely confused Reiga blinks at the situation as he watches the frantic young man.

Reiga: (Sweatdrops) Hey calm down, you were the one who came charging in like that…

???: (to himself) Oh she’s gonna kill me if I can’t find that core, tch why do I care anyway? (Frowns) You governmental jerks are insensitive, walking around like you own the place.

Reiga: ...We do own the place.

???: …(Stops for a moment) Not the point… I can’t walk without someone else breathing down my neck. And now that gem thing is gone…

Reiga: (Frowns puzzled) Uh, “Gem thing”…?

Akari: Are you… not from the government?

???: (Walks around looking for the core) Do I look like I’m from the government?

Reiga: If you aren’t then why are you here…? Don’t you know this area might be the next target of a terrorist attack?

A shard of energy is tossed at Reiga’s feet and it sparks strongly in an act of warning, the raven haired man didn’t seem to be in the mood for questions.

???: Shut up! I don’t need to listen to you idiots, now let me be, move along nothing to see, I need to find that thing.

Reiga: (looks down at the shard) H-hey that’s an armagus and it isn’t issued by the government, (Glances back over to the person) where the heck did you get that?

???: Huh? (Swirls around the shards of crystallized energy with his finger) you mean these? I just found it…

Reiga: You just found it…?

??? : Yes I just found it, you and your questions, lay off with em will ya—sheesh. Sick of that.

It then explodes in a purple flare forcing Reiga to think fast as he rolls away with a scowl as the person dashes off abandoning the search for the object. Now suspicious about the person, Reiga quickly gives chase with Akari following.

Echos of the footsteps behind him the raven haired man leaps from spot to spot sending shards of the energy out at them.

??? : (Running as he looks behind his shoulder) Would you back off already?

Reiga draws his blades, defending himself from the blasts cutting through with various slashes while he continues to make way down the linear path after them. The winds tossing his white coat, his azure eyes focus on the person before they widen in slight surprise as he feels the presence of another. Dropping down from one of the archways in front of the man, the form of Kiryos comes to view.

Ravan : (stops with a placid expression) You know today just isn’t my day… (closes his eyes as he shakes his head) I mean seriously, where do all you people keep coming from?

Reiga : Kiryos!

NOS II: Peace Keepers Edit

Nier : First and foremost, the beings that have escaped from the cryogenic chambers in those ruins within Taoreta… why exactly did that even happen? We risk so much with one like Zaezel successfully entering Kagutsuchi.

Lazarith: Wasn’t it the SD Division’s job to make sure that didn’t occur? (Looks at Yyntal) Our division only aids with the problem after the fact. But they're not even supposed to be anywhere near the NOS owned cities. 

Yyntal : Yes, our division was sent to those areas to keep breakouts from occurring and none did save that one place which is where Zaezel came from… (frowns as he places his hand on the table in thought) How it slipped their notice… is beyond me. I wasn’t told which members were even there. (sighs dejectedly) Apologies, but we don’t exactly know how its occurred sir.

Marina : Nobody could know for certain. Those attacks were sudden, so our military couldn’t respond to them properly.

Rychia : Its not as though its this large unsolvable issue you make it out to be… (holds her hand out as she straightens her self and shakes her head) Zaezel will be dealt with soon enough. Be thankful that only one escaped… those beings are filled with energy from the other side—we’d be lucky to save any cities if there were more.

Lazarith : The only one—that costed lives and caused a considerable amount of damage on the city already. Not to mention that “one” can cause a landslide of problems…

Marina : (Closes her eyes) Zaezel is not the only threat… the Beast of Sin was spotted near Kagutsuchi. I assume this matter is much more complicated than it seemed to be.

Nier : The previous head’s wishes for a world of peace, we are protectors first before anything. Azure 0 is our priority, but Zaezel isn’t to be ignored either.

Lukain closes his eyes, listening to the words of the other members, obviously, he didn’t wish to be here.

Lukain : Regarding both of those threats... I did ask for the aid of the SD Division in the matters in Kagutsuchi but you obviously saw fit to keep them in their current position—letting Zaezel slip by. (fixes his uniform) I may be the Marshal of the NOS but I can’t win a war with miracles and no decent soldiers aside General Akuhei who isn’t even there on deployment, but of his own whim.

Yyntal’s eyes glint with slight disapproval as he speaks out placing his hand on the table.

Yyntal : (Frowns in heavy disagreement) My own son is deployed on your word sir, along with others, they are every bit “decent”. (shakes his head once before casting his hard stare) I would understand deployment of the Destroyers if the war fell out of hand, but it hasn’t. In fact Reiga is key to stopping beings like Zaezel and restoring peace of mind in this turmoil.

Marina : (Frowns and gazes at Yyntal with indignation) Reiga is still a boy, Yyntal. He doesn’t yet know how to defeat these beings, and you expect him to take on Zaezel on his own? I do not know if we should send the Destroyers to Kagutsuchi, but one man can’t repel the attack alone… even if he is the Azure Prodigy.

Nier : The beings only fan flames of war, and really none of them should be out, it was vital to make sure it didn’t happen—and we failed in that. If they reach the branch’s restricted area then we’ll be looking at a much larger problem. Reiga is the one with that strength to stop them.

Lukain : (Sighs as he rubs his temple) Yes however the Azure Prodigy lost against Zaezel, and you expect him to win and stop this? (lowers his hand)

Yyntal : Why would you send him on his own? To test his strength? Of course he’s going to lose, Reiga hasn’t seen war Marshal. He doesn’t even know of his power’s potential.

His words come strongly, but to the Marshal who held no empathy or sympathy-- he merely shakes his head at the Colonel’s words.

Lukain : And whose fault is that? Is it mine? I don't believe so... (strengthens his gaze) if you know something surrounding Reiga—please say so. If not stop speaking now.

Yyntal : …

Lukain : It isn’t my fault that you raised him poorly… focusing on giving him a childhood instead of what should have been refined in his potentials with the Azure. Neglecting that… and your choice to leave him as he is, has made him into what he is now. And because of that he isn't even close to ready to fight this war. 

Yyntal grinds his teeth at the statement but keeps his calm as he blows it off with a near silent huff and growl.

Lukain: Reiga should be standing at the spearhead of my forces but he isn’t, he is a child of a lieutenant whose potential is rotting away in meaningless ideals. Fear wins war, not this faith in one boy.

Marina : (Places her hand on the table and leans towards Lukain) With all due respect, Marshal, I have to say that fear is good only for intimidation. To win a war we have to be swift and able to cooperate. And besides… your view on raising children is not the best one I have heard. But you have no family of your own, so that is why you don’t know whether the Colonel is right or wrong.

Lukain: I could spend so much time picking that logic of yours apart but I simply just don't have the time. 

Rychia : A child that can’t fight properly or win is useless in today’s world Colonel. By fear… the Marshal meant weapons and instruments to direct it. The Exitium…the AIP... the Azure… hate me for saying this as I don’t care—but even the Cores.

Nier : Do not speak of them!

He thunders strongly in disdain toward the very mention of the cores.

Nier : (places his hands back down keeping a strong frown) We are to move toward peace. There is nothing in those cores that lead us to anything but “Sin”. We have enough of a problem as is that’s coming to haunt us—our foremost job is to keep from bringing another conflict like the Third War and its World Crisis. 

Rychia : You can’t deny they were the reason we “won” that war or stopped that Crisis. 

Marina : They were the catalyst to creation of creatures like Zaezel. Do you not understand? We are digging our own grave ever since the Third War.

Nier : And we’ll prevail out of that predicament. Humanity will continue, that’s what our last head left us with—now enough talk of the cores. Those “Beings” serve as the ones who wish to bring destruction from the “truth” which can not be allowed—just as Azure 0 will unless he’s contained.

Lukain : I’d like to see a “Diplomatic” decision here concerning Nex Azure 0 and these beings, its no secret that the NOS is in truth, Dogmatic. Treat it as such.

Yyntal : (Sighs) I will not. I’d like to believe we are the last strings keeping our late head’s vision for peace alive.

Lukain : Regardless of you refusing fact...

Rychia : Oh that finely made ruinous young man… he’ll probably end Zaezel for us, he’s such a destructive sort.

Lukain: I will deal with Azure 0. Give the consent for me to return to the field, Head of Council, and I will deal with him. I have methods that will assure his capture.

Marina : Marshal, I ask you to make sure these methods are not as expensive as the previous ones. After all, we finance all of your endeavors, and our investments keep a part of your army afloat.

Lukain : I’m positive that if push came to shove Colonel that the SIA would simply give me what I need...therefore I’m really not concerned.

Nier : Your “Methods” and advancements may have been part of what’s given us our place as world government, but the morality highly questionable. What we stand for, is a vision of peace as the system was built and intended to allow in pursuit of perfection of our world.

Lukain: (To himself) Do they never stop rambling about "Peace"? Or the cost of lives? Or the humanity of our actions? That vision died long ago when the first head left, and only was driven further down when Azure 0 awakened his power.  

Lukain thinks to himself as he watches the others bounce opinions off one another, his expression remains unchanged the entire time. 

Lukain: (To himself) Control and Fear that is the new age—with the Exitium, the Azure Interface Primefield, the unit the Genesis Destroyers used... all of it I had hand in and all of it led to our victory. ...but the Council clings to this pointless vision of peace like stench on a carcass—only because our new age is often seen as too "Domineering".

Yyntal: I agree with the head of Council, we are peace bringers above all else Marshal. 

Lukain: (To himself as he straightens out in his chair and hardens his stare) It doesn't matter, only the strong who are willing to do anything will survive this world and see it change. And in this world... Peace is dying. (Outloud as turns his gaze back to them) Of course... that is who we are

Hiro II: In a City of Turmoil Edit

Ellie and Hiro manage to get a safe distance from the area, and the matter becomes helping the young man recover from his injury. No normal injury, deep and debilitating as strange green auras bulge around its surface-- but luckily it wasn’t fatal.

She immediately notices the strange look of the wound, but still tries to mend it the best she can. Kneeling in front of him, the wolf beastkin took his arm gently and begins to apply a type of gauze around it to keep it from bleeding. 

Ellie: Damn this injury looks terrible. (starts to wrap Hiro’s wound) How are you holding up?

Drops of residue crimson pelt the cracked grounds. 

Hiro: (winces in pain) It hurts like hell but I’ll live. But how exactly did you find me?

Around Hiro’s neck was a locket and Ellie points directly at it to answer his question.

Ellie: The locket you are wearing has some residue of my energy on it so it was as simple as following my own energy.

Hiro: (To himself) The Locket does have energy on it... doesn't surprise me Ellie used it to track me down. 

He pictures the massive blackness that he was sucked into like a devouring abyss, and Ellie standing there trying to help him and his brother...there was another man there too, one who had a wicked presence among them all as he stood watching--almost with a sense of amusement-- the two brothers fight to keep from being pulled into that abyss.

As quick as it came Hiro snaps back to the current time with a frown of unease. 

Still, hoping that the man they’d seen had finally moved on Hiro turns his attention back to the building. His brother had to be somewhere in that city if that man knew so much about him.

Hiro: Hopefully that city can give us some answers about where we are.

Ellie: (looks at Hiro) Don’t push yourself (moves to support him) come on lets go.

The duo heads out following the massive structure that was the NOS’s base in Kagustuchi stretching high above.

Hiro: (To himself) Well I feel a bit more comfortable now that Ellie is around... but (holds locket and frowns thinking of his brother) 'That strange man knew something... but now isn't the time to worry about it. 

With the thought in his mind they move forward. What felt like hours was only thirty minutes but they finally reach the inland of the city’s main area only to see...that it had been, well damaged to say the least. It looks a bit desolate aside the few military soldiers coming in and out of buildings trying to help calm things down. Very few places were left open, and the streets seem void of life and Hiro realizes that this definitely wasn’t anything like their world.

Hiro: (looks around with a frown evident on his face) What the hell happened here...It looks nothing like any city I have ever seen.

Ellie: All of this looks too recent. Something terrible has happened and everyone is trying to clean up.

The only thing they can think of is to look around this place. As they walk along the sideways they hear a report come from around them on a large screen which immediately takes their attention.

Report: We bring you breaking intel from Kagutsuchi’s fifth area. A mere day ago the area was the target of a terrorist assault and the sought out Beast of Sin himself. The Beast of Sin seemed to antagonize the terrorist and consumed the souls of those within it to fight them.

A picture is shown of the Terrorist who appears completely human, while the other person shown has a wicked imposing presence as he stood clad in a sleeveless black coat adorned with sharp and thin red designs on its ends. 'Scarlet veins cover the entirety of his body and his eyes were black with burning crimson eyes of hate. His hands were black as night claws, arms were encased in solid layering crimson and black metallic seithr like a thin organic armor design, highlighted by the patterns of veins—the seithr ran all the way up to his shoulders and seems to creep further as it tries to appear on other parts of his body. 

Hiro: (turns to look at the picture with surprise in his eyes) Damn that guy looks intense. And a bit messed up…

Ellie: (cocks her head to the side) Wait...Kagutsuchi? That doesn’t make any sense.

Report: The sequence of the Beast of Sin utilizing the energy to change himself into this strange form was pictured by intel, which the Marshal himself has described as an act of fusing himself into that strange BlazBlue. The government is racing to stop him from sucking another area dry of its souls and it seems that the Beast of Sin and the Terrorist may be connected. Both were handled by one of the most renowned members of the NOS’s militia, the Hero of Azure Flame Siegfried Schtauffen and the Azure Prodigy, Reiga Sorairo who both seem to be beacons of hope in these dark times for the city. However both of the suspects remain at large.

The report then ends, alot didn’t add up. The person they showed as the “Terrorist” didn’t look like he stood a chance against the person referred to as this “Beast of Sin”.

Report: We close wth the reminder of the NOS’s request to contact authorities if either are spotted. Contact is not recommended. A special message from the Marshal earlier today himself.

Lukain: (At his desk) Kagutsuchi has indeed been the unfortunate target of an terrorist operation. We have reason to believe that the Terrorist Zaezel’s actions are connected with the Beast of Sin, Azure 0. Avoid contact or conversation, and rest assured that the situation with Zaezel will be handled within days, and Nex driven out of Kagutsuchi if not captured. But we remind you... no one is to capture him except us. Remember, we of the World Protectors and the new world order are here to quell the chaos.

Hiro: (sighs lowering his head running his hand through his hair) Just my luck that we stumble onto a huge problem.

Ellie: Hopefully we can find someone that could shed some light on this situation.

???: Bah. (Offscreen) Nothing but a bunch of press garbage… that’s not what Zaezel looked like.

A full cat beastkin against the wall looks away from the screen, wearing a fierce frown while he mutters and shifts his paw like sleeves over each other.  

Byakai: But they painted the Beast of Sin to be more of a monster then he is, nor is he connected to that “Terrorist”... and if it wasn’t for him this place would have been deader than it already is. Damned government…

The disgusted tone of a beastkin sounds, who had his head turned up at the screen before he turns away with his tails twitching angrily.

Ellie: (ears twitch as she hears the mans voice) So what exactly happened then…?

The cat beastkin turns his gaze at them and sighs quietly. Though the beastkin was smaller then both of them, something about him seemed strong at heart. 

Byakai: Are you both wanderers or something? This isn’t exactly the best time in the world to be touring the city. For one its in the middle of a war like the rest of the world and like the report just so “accurately” put was the target of an assault by an outside force.

While his tone was somewhat strong it held no malice like that other man’s did, simply seemed that this man was weary of the two.

Ellie: That's one way to think of us. But we both woke up somewhere out there (motions towards the outskirts)

Hiro: And we are looking for someone...Notably my brother…

The tone is carried with a twinge of sorrow, something the cat beastkin picks up on right away. 

Byakai: (Ears twitch as he hears that) you’re looking for your brother…? And you woke up on the outskirts where people don’t ever go?

Hiro: (shrugs) I don’t quite understand it myself, but its the truth.

Ellie: But I have a question. Is this city really Kagutsuchi? Because it looks nothing like what I remember it looking like.

Byakai: Yeah, this is Kagutsuchi… I know it may look a little worse for wear because of the war but it is the city.

Ellie: Then that would explain why I have had this strange feeling. (turns to Hiro) This isn’t “our” Kagutsuchi.

Hiro: That must be why my memory is foggy…

Byakai: Wait hold on… what do you mean it isn’t “your” Kagutsuchi?

Ellie: What I’m saying is that the Kagutsuchi I lived in looked nothing like this. Also I was the only remaining Beastkin in the area for as long as I can remember.

Byakai: In other words… this man woke up in the zone outside of the city limit, and you two don’t recognize Kagutsuchi, and seemingly have memories of another Kagutsuchi… (rubs his head as his ears twitch) Forgive me for being skeptical but that’s a really far out there story…

Hiro: Believe it or not its true. I don’t quite understand it myself.

Ellie: Well that creepy snake mentioned something about Hiro here surviving the “trip” and knew his last name just from his first name.

Byakai: Snake…? (To himself) Its a story no one would believe—but it makes some sense to why this man would have been out in those limits. 

With the rugged, worn and dusty appearance it certainly looked like they’d been traveling. The cat beastkin folds his arms with a sigh.

Byakai: If you did come from those areas, how did you manage to survive? Those restricted zones have extremely thick seithr where the beings that got into this part of the city came from. And I don’t see an armagus on you…

Hiro: (chuckles nervously) I...Uh somehow summoned a blade from thin air that glowed with light. That apparently destroyed one of those...THINGS...

Byakai: Those things are called Seithr beings, but hardly anyone even knows about them. The fact you managed to defeat one is impressive feat that almost seems fantasy, considering normal people don’t have the power to stand to the Seithr Beings. (looks back at Hiro with interest in his cat eyes) So then you must be used to fighting?

Hiro: (sighs) I don’t really enjoy fighting. Sparring yes, but fighting not really.

Byakai: Well this place is in the middle of a war, and you guys don’t exactly seem to be the sort with ill intent—as strange as your story may be. Do you believe the governmental establishment over our world called the NOS might have anything to do with the disappearance of your brother and your own—if the story is true—surfacing in our world?

Ellie: Well if the “Sequence Destroyers” are a part of the government then yes. Because the guy who attacked Hiro called himself one of them.

Byakai: (Scowls in disdain as his ears twitch) The Sequence Destroyers… yeah, they’re part of the government, and they’re considered some of the worst individuals in it. They handle secret operations... 

He stops as he realizes what that could put together. 

Byakai: (To himself) Wait if the SIA really was involved then their story might be true after all—as I'd highly doubt that they would want anyone knowing about them messing with time or alternate worlds. It all fits. (Sighs) Alright then… since you two are heading into a conflict with the NOS, I’ll help that out as well by guiding you there. I’m following an... acquaintance of mine there anyway.

Hiro: Great more surprises…I just hope my brother is ok...(smiles at the gesture of aid) Thanks though.

Ellie: We’ll find him Hiro don’t worry.

Byakai: I’ll be more than willing to aid you on that as well, however before I completely commit to it, I only ask one thing. I’m the type to have to see to believe, I’m aware its difficult to show and kind of “proof” for your story of being from a different timeline. However, if its true that you’ve defeated a Seithr being with this “blade of light” then I wish to see it for myself.

Hiro: I uh...don’t really know how to call the blade at will yet...It just kinda appeared right before those things attacked me.

Byakai: (Closes his eyes in thought) It appeared when they attacked you huh… (To himself) So he doesn't have the capability to summon it... but maybe I can do it another way. I wanna believe him, but I need to see it for myself. 

Byakai leads the two away from the building and into a clearing around the outside, his tails twitch as the air brush their fuzzy tips and he turns himself away from the man when the pads of his feet hit the soil. 

Byakai: Then there’s only one way to do it. 

He keeps his back to Hiro while his ears adjust and then looks up. He slides his foot back, lowers himself then in a agile motion is facing Hiro once more with his claws out pointed at Hiro. The blades gleam strongly as the light of the sky glints off of them. Byakai's expression one to test the man in front of him. 

Byakai: I want you to think of me as an enemy who's out for your life—just like that seithr being. (Narrows his cat eyes with focus) Its life and death now. 

Hiro: (takes a basic unarmed fighting stance with a sigh of uncertainty) Lets get this over with then. (To himself) I hope that sword shows up, because I really don't want to get hit by those claws of his... 

Kiryos : (Twirls a dagger in his hand and points it at the man’s throat, speaking with a formal British accent) What do we have here? Tell me: are you out of your mind, attacking people just because they ask you questions?

Ravan : …(glances at the dagger and nervously chuckled) Alright alright “sorry”. (sighs as he glances to the side) I guess I was just frustrated with the fact I’ve been stopped twice, no three times now.

Reiga : (Sighs as he rubs his head placing his blades away) I was just walking… I wasn’t even trying to stop you from anything. Just was curious what you were doing here…

Ravan : Well ya accused me of lying for one thing and it kind of ticked me off, I really did find this Armagus, I’m not lying.

Reiga : Its just its… highly advanced, it doesn't look like a normal armagus. You do that on your own? 

Reiga points to the the energy that Ravan manipulated, he holds it turns into another violet shard and he sighs twirling it away from them. 

Ravan: I told you it just appeared to me. (Sighs as he explains to them) I was out mindin' my own business, not causin' any troubles—next thing I know, I'm attacked by a bunch of thugs from the government and this thing showed up in front of me. 

He shows the wrist brands laced with odd designs and the same energy through it. 

Reiga: Just appeared to you...? 

Ravan: Works off of seithr and energy or somethin I guess, I dunno? (gestures outward at a loss) I can shape it into those explosive shards with it. (Looks around spotting a cargo container) Then all I do is form em... (forms a set of shards in front of him) and then... (raises his hand and the braces glimmer)  

He points and they swarm the object piercing it in a violet energy and then Ravan motions-- it explodes in a destructive violet burst. Reiga is surprised by the results and blinks. 

Ravan: Boom. So yeah, I used it to play a bit of jokes around here, but its not like I'm out to kill anyone with it. 

Reiga: I didn’t know what you were doing… this place has been filled with all kinds of activity. I told you there was a large conflict here, and it still is going on so we had to be careful.

Kiryos : (Melts the dagger and sighs) Still, that was very reckless of you. Innocent people could be injured… and you would become another person in my list. Keep your temper in check next time.

Ravan : Yeah fine I get it.

Reiga : Still, unless you have a reason for being here, you probably should head back into a safe vicinity. (Ravan turns back to look at him) We’re only here because of the fact we were deployed, but citizens shouldn’t be out here after the terrorist strike.

Ravan : (Rolls his eyes listening to all of it with a silent sigh) Yeah yeah I got it. I’ll head out, sorry officers.

He then walks past the two without another word, and Reiga lets off a long sigh.

Reiga : Never a dull moment these days. (Looks back at Kiryos) Glad to see you’re okay… I guess you were focusing on your mission throughout the “Terrorist attack” huh?

They both knew it wasn’t a terrorist attack but that is how they were to refer to it as officials to avoid Zaezel’s actual form as a Nefas, a “Blue Sin Subject”.

Kiryos : (Switches his accent to a more informal one) Yes. But I decided to put my mission on hold for the time being. Right now there are other matters that I am concerned about. (Folds his arms) I assume that you had your fun along with the Brigadier.

Reiga: Fun? (rolls his eyes) If you count nearly dying as fun, yeah, I had tons of it...I lost horribly, that wasn’t even a fair fight.

Akari: (blinks as she moves back to Reiga’s side) Kir Kir must know about the strange things happening here too.

Reiga: …would make sense why he put his mission on hold.

Kiryos: Yes, I am aware of these events. And I suppose that was just the beginning. Just a part of a grand scheme.

Reiga: Grand scheme? Well I don’t know, all I know is there’s definitely something strange happening. But at least you didn’t have to kill anyone, I saw quite a bit more death than I would have liked in that mess in the 5th area…

Kiryos: Zaezel… (puts his hand on his chin) something tells me he is not the only threat we should be afraid of. His “Lord”... there will be more of those creatures.

Reiga: M-more? (Eyes widen before he tilts his head back down) We can’t even stop Zaezel, how the hell are we supposed to deal with more like him? Nex said they use destructive power from the boundary.

Kiryos closes his eyes as he imagines the hordes of beings infused with seithr roaming across burning cities. The destruction is imminent.

Kiryos: We will find a way. Don’t worry about it… everything is going to be fine… I hope.

Reiga: I mean, the government might not even be able to stop them since the SD Division isn’t around in this city.

Reiga sighs as he walks back out and starts moving back toward the branch to the northwest, both where Mysteria went and where he believed Zaezel would head to.

Reiga: Well except the General himself...but he seems focused on other things while Zaezel goes along and prepares to punish humanity for their “sins” with the Seithr Cores.

Kiryos: (Sighs) Do not rely only on the Destroyers, Reiga. After all, you can stand a chance against them.

Reiga: But they’re the strongest members of the SIA… and my father is one of them.

He sighs as he looks down for a moment stopping as he sits down on a stone structure against the building.

Reiga: You’re a good friend Kiryos and I know you’re trying to encourage me, (looks at him as he puts his head to his palm) but I don’t know “how” I can stop them. If the SIA was here, even if it was just my father, this would have been handled already. Fact is I’m just not as strong as he is, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to do what I can. (Looks at Akari) I already said I’d do that much.

Kiryos: Hm… (leans against the wall) that’s good enough. I will try to aid you as much as I can, but don’t expect me to come to your aid every time you get in danger.

Reiga: (runs a hand through his scarlet hair) We're not kids anymore Kiryos... I can handle myself. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy hanging out but I need to be able to learn on my own to.

Kiryos: (Nods in agreement before he blinks) And about your father… you shouldn’t try to live in his shadow. Yes, he is stronger than you right now, but you can surpass him eventually. Children usually surpass their parents.

Reiga: I know I’ll be able to surpass my dad one day, but for now its just, the pressure is difficult sometimes. (looks up for a moment) And I just don’t like disappointing people.

Kiryos: Disappointing people? Why would you care about that?

Reiga: Why wouldn't I care?

Kiryos: You’re the Azure Prodigy, (turns his gaze serious) that’s more than enough to make people respect you.

Reiga: I don't really want that Kiryos, I couldn't care less about it. It just puts too much expectation on me. 

Kiryos: ...Peer pressure… that’s the problem. I usually do not care what people think of me, and that allows me to do my job. (Sighs) Reiga, you need to stop worrying about it.

Reiga: Easy for you to say, you’re an Assassin you don’t really have to know anyone. I’m the so-called “Azure Prodigy”, and the son of a highly respected member of a secret government so people by default look to me to fix things, even when I'm incapable. 

He then gains a slight frown as he recalls his encounter with Akuhei.

Reiga: Others like General Akuhei and the Brigadier resent me for no reason. Sometimes I don’t even want to be in this position (frowns) heck I don’t even completely understand it. (Looks back at Kiryos) But hey, I guess both of us have that in common, we’re where we are and we don’t completely understand why.

Kiryos : Yes. But I guess there’s more than that… we’ve known each other for a very long time, so that people consider us to be birds of a feather… especially our parents. You are forced to live up to the people’s expectations, (scowls) while I am forced to spill blood because of some agreement I don’t entirely understand.

Reiga : (Folds his arms as he frowns slightly) You know I never did agree with that… why did you have to go? Nothing was wrong and one day you just… had to go train to be an assassin, you didn’t even want that. (Voice shifts slightly with anger) And that was the last I saw of you for a while until your training was done—now you have to kill people? None of that is even fair.

Akari : (frowns) Reiga was really sad when that happened.

Kiryos : I know… I wasn’t happy about that either. To lose the only friend I had for such a long time… even though Corvin said I am able to learn everything I need exceptionally fast, it did take a while for me… almost eighteen months. And during these eighteen months I was constantly in pain… although I was able to return to Torifune afterwards.

The tale of his friend’s own struggles makes a frown across Reiga’s expression that has a slight hint of anger hidden in it. He lets it off with a last sigh before he continues to speak.

Reiga : Tch. … I have a slight grudge against them for that after all they changed you quite a bit… but… enough of that. (Shakes his head as he straightens back out) I’m gonna get going…

Kiryos watches Reiga leave from his side and the assassin moves himself as well.

Reiga: I noticed that you seem to talk to Nex, and I won't get in between that, you seem to know what you’re doing. He’s out with Myri right now heading to the branch…so I’m sure you’ll see him again.

Kiryos : (Nods) So am I. Well then, good luck. Our paths will cross again later.

Reiga sighs as the Assassin leaves and he then continues on his way as well.

Reiga: I wonder why he's talking to Nex so much lately... Nex might be strong but he is still the enemy. I hope he isn't influencing Kiryos any. Then again, he can take care of himself... 

Akari looks over and watches Kiryos disappear into the alleyways and then sighs. 

Nex III: A Howl of WarningEdit

A indifferent Nex conitnues on his way through the residential streets, unconcerned with people around him. His coat tossed by the light breeze of the up coming peers, the rebel lets off a subtle huff while driving his hands down to his black coat's pockets.

By his side Myri's sapphire hair sways, and her kind gaze is plagued by a glaze of uncertainty. 

Nex: (Sighs while turning his head around) So how long are you going to just stare with that dumbfounded, overly complex look to you?

Myri: ...What? (Looks at him and then snaps to normal) That was uncalled for...

Nex: (Closes his eyes in thought as he shrugs) You're never silent—yet you've been doin' it since we left. (Opens his eyes) I'm not a master at empathy but I can tell somethin' is on your mind.

Myri: Ah... (Looks away from his sharp eyes with a frown as she sighs thinking) Am I really that easy to read into? (Outloud as she puffs and folds her arms) Well stop looking into things.

Nex: Oh bullshit, you're one to talk about that, how many times now have you pried me for info?

Myri: ...You never say anything anyway, so why does something like that matter to you?

Nex: (Scowls as he sighs and tilts his head away in dismissive attitude while gesturing with a hand) It doesn't-- not like I care. I stopped talking to people a long time ago, but its nothin' personal to you.

Myri: ...Well, why did you stop?

Nex: 'Cause. (Continues walking along as he puts his gaze in front of him once more) Its easier that way.

Myri: Easier? So you don't have to care, so you don't have anyone get in your way of this big insane plan of yours?

Nex: I wouldn't even bring you along if I had a choice in the matter. 

Myri: I thought you wanted me to learn the truth and what about stopping the government? (Chases after him with a frusterated look) Didn't you say you needed me for that too? I fail to see how though. 

Nex: Why would I want to expose you to that shit? If I don't do anything, then Sequence will—but I'm not a damn hero rescuing you from them. Don't ever think I am or you'll be severely disappointed. What I expose you to—this "Truth" it'll destroy you, forever.

Myri: ...H-huh? Whats that mean...?

Nex: (Frowns angrily) ...It doesn't matter. To give up everything to go down a road like mine, who am I to say that's what you want? You should walk away, you really should. 

Myri: ...Nex... why are you doing this? This, truth searching and fighting the government. Why me?

Nex: My existence and what I've done in this world can't be changed now, I'm known in every corner of it. People know me who... this world doesn't even know exist yet. I know shit no one should know, so that's information I don't exactly want thrown around carelessly on the breath of the bastards I meet every day. The man who took care of me was a member of an organized resistance who toppled tiers of secrecy no one even knows exists... so I'm an evil fighting another kind of evil that no one knows about. 

Myri: ... (blinks as she stops) Are you scared of someone Nex?

Nex: No, but if I'm not careful those people, will be exposed due to my carelessness and I'd rather that not happen. 

Myri: Who are these "people"? People like Akuhei? 

Nex's steps halt in his advance suddenly and looks to the side as he feels the presence of energy in the air, a stagnent and decaying wave washes over him. Nex's hand immediately goes to the hilt of his blade and he spots the shadow and source of it. 

Nex: (Coldly while he turns his head to it) What do you want nether worm? 

After Nex hisses, a pair of beady glimmering eyes behind a pitch complexion stare at him as it worms into existence from a shadow of seithr. 

Seithr Being: Destroyer, your actions to protect that girl confuse us. 

Nex: ...Its a personal choice, I really don't care what you all think of it either. 

Seithr Being: You of all people know what must happen to that girl...

Nex: (Growls slightly) She's staying with me until I say god damn otherwise, if Zaezel or anyone else has anything to say to me because of it then have em come down and say it to my face. Not send a god damn envoy whose a scrawny piece of seithr shit like you. 

Seithr Being : ...Are you trying to stop it? Her clock begins to wind down when our lord arrives, she wont be allowed to interfere with the Road to Destruction and even you can’t stop us from ending her.

Nex: Understand one thing, you worm. 

Nex walks over to it and looks at it with his sharp stare for a moment, the crimson in his eyes burn with a certain hate before he raises his hand up and tears it apart with his hand which becomes a claw. It rips through its inky body leaving nothing but flakes of seithr.

Nex’s hand whips back to his side as he growls as clearly the things words left a sour taste in Nex’s mouth and he looks at its remains with great scorn.

That black shard reflects his expression, one of pure hate.

Nex : Absolutely no one,' not a god damn soul will kill her while I stand between it.

He stomps the shard underneath the metal sole of his boot and it shatters into many reflective pieces.

Nex: I’ll find you Zaezel and I’ll send you to the Abyss for interfering in my shit. (Clenches his hand as darkness swarms around his hand) You wanna play, I’ll play.

Myri : N-Nex? What was that? What did that thing mean?

Nex : (turns back around and looks around the area for anymore) I’m sick of those things…don't worry about it, don't whine about it—I’m not gonna let them kill you.

Myri : ...But how do they know me? What do they want from me?

Nex : Stop worrying about it. 

Myri : Nex…(holds a hand to her chest as she looks down) I feel odd around those things… I still feel strange right now in fact…

Nex : Huh? Not gonna pass out on me are you…?

Myri: N-no… I just… I don’t know… I felt it around Zaezel too…

He turns and starts walking again through the streets unconcerned of who might see him. After a Seithr being appeared, it caused everyone to flock to safety so Nex wasn’t exactly concerned.

Nex: (To himself as he turns back around) Tch those things have an effect on her that I don't have time to be concerned with. I need to keep movin'.  

Rubbing his head which pounded, the strands of his white hair lift by a cool wind breeze and Nex’s eyes open once more. With a slick fluid motion he draws his sword once more and points it to the direction he felt it.

Nex : Tryin’ to sneak up on me? … Assassin.

A gust of wind blows by them as Kiryos emerges behind Nex and brushes his hair down.

Kiryos : I didn’t have to try. I just do what I have to.

Nex : Yeah well you can’t do it on me so don’t bother trying. (places his sword away after a quick flourish) You figure anything out? You look like you have.

Kiryos : The NOS try to cover these events up as a terrorist attack. It seems like they are going to send their cavalry in…

Nex : A… Terrorist attack? Zaezel? (Shakes his head) So they’re still keeping it quiet… must be easy to just blame me for all that.

Myri : That’s so unfair…the one time Nex did something to stop a worse threat... (Frowns as she speaks) if it wasn’t for Nex, Zaezel could have done so much more the area might of been destroyed completely.

Kiryos : Perhaps. But the destruction you and the Brigadier caused during your skirmish isn’t small either. (Sighs) They can easily blame anyone for that. The media work for this exact purpose.

Nex : Tch, whatever. I don’t care what they think… if they wanna hide shit that’s clear as day, like the Seithr beings that just showed up, let em. They’re digging their own grave.

Kiryos : Obviously. But still… there are a lot of questions that do not have answers yet… and I suppose some of them will never be solved.

Myri : … (eyes close slightly in sorrow before she looks back at them) Did you at least find out why the NOS was trying to kill people and why you were sent after them?

Nex : I would assume Byakai talked to him by this point… since Kiryos is looking for the truth of his own soul’s path now and Byakai has been piecing things together for himself…

Kiryos : Yes. Although I started piecing the full picture together even before that. Those people I’ve been sent after… they knew something nobody else did. If they start talking, Sequence will eliminate them. (frowns) my mother was also forced to keep silent after what she had seen during the Third War.

Nex : The Third War… where the majority of the “Truth” can be found and where humanities unforgiven sins occurred, and our current world that hides it all for this joke of “life”. (eyes glance to the side as he folds his arms) Those things like Zaezel knew about it…

Myri : (Frowns as she recalls Zaezel) Those things...they come from an evil source that gave me a feeling of familiarity, and I don’t like it…

Nex : (frowns disdainfully) Evil source huh.

Kiryos : Yes… I have a similar reaction as well… something inside me apparently reacts to these beings.

Nex : (Eyes go to the side) … Probably cause they’re from the boundary and use power from beyond the gates. Same place my grimoire’s power comes from.

Myri : Nex… do you know something? Why it’d be reacting like that to me?

Nex : (Blinks before he looks to the side)

Myri : You do don’t you. (Frowns as she walks over and looks up at him) What is it?

Nex : Tch. (Tilts his head away) I can’t say anything.

Myri : Why? Nex I want to know…! I deserve to know don’t I? Why all these strange things are happening in my life, why those beings are saying those things, please if you know something tell me.

Nex : I can’t.

Kiryos: (Looks at Myri) Myri, there are some things we have to figure out on your own… but perhaps the Marshal has given you a clue.

Myri: (Sighs dejectedly) My life has gone topsy turvy ever since this entire thing started… that Seithr being just said I was going to die! Don’t I deserve to know why?!

Her sharp tone of a frantic mind makes a frown appear on Nex’s expression as he moves them into a building so they’d stop making noise in the streets which some people had begun to stare with all the noise. 

NOS III: The Decisions of Power Edit

A voice cuts air through the room once more as Lukain's eyes focus back on the main speaker.  Nier : We can NOT risk having his Azure slip into a fit of hate and destruction in the process. I fear your method would do just that and push him too far.

Lukain : (Amused) Push him too far? What is “Too far” with something like him—if you don’t mind me questioning. (shakes his head and sighs) As I recall I’m where I am for the fact I’ve led this organization to a many victories over our opponents.

Nier : Nex is capable of destroying an entire city, wiping it clean of life and summoning power from beyond the gates. Or have you forgotten what occurred that night in the city where the Commander was stationed? If not for the SD Division he would have destroyed everything.

Lukain : A most unfortunate occurrence, yes…

Marina : That was the most interesting coincidence, Marshal… since the Blood Reaver was in the city at the exact moment of the attack. But is it possible that the SIA somehow predicted this attack?

Lukain: A beast whose cornered becomes violent, and he turned a bit more violent then they anticipated. That's all that happened that night.

Marina : (Puts her hand on her chin) I see… an interesting coincidence, as I have said. (To herself) He is obviously lying. I am aware that the Blood Reaver was there along with Nex. Akuhei planned this attack to punish Commander Shirogane… but why?

Yyntal : (To himself) I doubt it… that much damage, that much death was allowed before the SD Division intervened? He consumed all those souls, just like he did in the 5th area and it empowers that accursed artifact every time he does it. Something tells me there was a lot more to Commander Shirogane’s flee of the city then what we know. (Outloud) Perhaps the General… would know more about that after all he is among the top in the SIA.

Lukain : It isn’t really a topic that’s needed to address. If you’re so concerned about something like it occurring again, I assure you it wont.

Rychia : Ah yes I remember hearing of that, to be able to destroy an entire city. That is quite the weapon of a young man, whoever designed him had impressive taste. (twirls the flower on the desk as she closes her eyes in thought) Imagine the damage he’d do now… drop him into LSZ’s top levels and watch him consume everything. A million thorns removed… (plucks it) Just like that.

Nier: I do not want a repeat of that…

Rychia:  Its not as though the SIA wouldn't cover it up—But he’s so wild. Why not instead allow the Marshal to utilize one of our… “pets”—the AIP. That will calm him down efficiently… a weaponized AIP.

Lazarith listening ot the conversation has an extremely confused expression come over him hearing that statement.

Lazarith: P-pets? What? General, AIP aren’t pets…

Marina : The AIPs are living beings, General, and I would refrain from calling them “pets”. They are much more human than you think. I personally know the AIP that is currently partners with Lieutenant Sorairo, and I would assure you that they are fragile.

Lukain: Fragile… I almost have to laugh at that. The power the AIP possess is immense, they can become stronger then you could imagine. They are fragile until they become a living weapon when their soul unleashes its potentials.

Yyntal: Do not speak of such immorality in the Council. We are protectors and do not rely on such “weapons”.

Rychia shoots a look at Yyntal, eying his blade behind him.

Rychia: So speaks the one with a weapon capable of destroying existence slung on his back, designed as imitation of the Genesis Destroyers’ weapons—the original Exitium. Do you, “no longer use” those weapons?

Yyntal: That is completely different, the Nex themselves are not alive, AIP are. They are not “Pets” they are beings that were probably one of or lesser successes as a government we sought to be. It was a SIN to do as we tried.

Lukain: In your eyes, perhaps, however in mine they were far more useful in the war then could be imagined.

Marina : Then let us see you fighting on the front lines, Marshal. I am sure you understand that the AIPs are more valuable than these weapons. It takes a titanic amount of soul energy to create one.

Lukain : I’d be more than happy to fight in the front lines, were it the Council would allow me to but I can barely get away from my desk these days without having to explain every little detail.

Rychia : Actually… the AIP and the Nex are similar to each other in more ways then one. The core of their existence for one…both come from the boundary both draw their power from it. Depends on the AIP or the Nex Exitium really to determine their value… some AIP are trash like the replicas. Others are near the levels of “Gods”. We know of what we speak. After all both the Marshal and I are where we stand because of the mere fact we’ve advanced the NOS. That is the truth, you can’t deny it.

Yyntal : (Stands) And it is those same thoughts of AIP being mere weapons, of people with power being tools, that put it into others heads that we can simply capture that man and expect him to willingly do as we wish.

Rychia : You’re horribly uneducated, we won the Third War not on diplomacy but dominance and utilized every bit of power we had. That perfected young man is key to everything whether you wish to swallow your peace loving words or not it will never change that its the truth.

Marina : Dominance, you say? That was not dominance, but terror. You decimated those people, you ruined lives, and you erased everyone in your way. I was there, Marshal. I saw the terrors of war personally, as a young girl.

Marina’s azure eyes burn with fires of sorrow as she remembers the events of the Third War. Witnessing her friends die in a conflict she did not understand had changed her inside. She lowers her gaze and tries to hold her tears back.

Yyntal : (Frowns as he looks down)

Lazarith : That war was nothing to be proud of…

Lukain : ...And? 

His deep voice cuts the silence once more with a stern uncaring tone as he looks at her. 

Lukain : I utilized what I saw fit to put the NOS where it is now… at the TOP of this “world”. This system, this entire government would be nothing if not for the advancements I allowed it. Everything in that war I had a hand in with the aid of the other architects… everything that allows this government to enjoy its superiority as the world power to this day. 

Rychia : All the system lacks is the awakened power of the “True Azure”  and a new mind to replace the corroding one from the war. 

Yyntal: I still don't agree with that idea...

Lukain : Without them, even the wish for peace that the previous head spoke for will never come to light. If you want the world to be as you wish, you need the Azure. Be it a reality of complete destruction or as we seek, one of “everlasting prosperity and peace”... neither will come to be without him. So if you want your peace… you had better be willing to stain your hands in sin once more to get it.

Marina : The world is already decaying, Marshal. There is not much left for it.

Lukain : Exactly, so why do we even bother? Why hold on to these meaningless ideals? This world is dying… either change with it or you’ll perish. Like most of this world has already. These ideals we hold up in the Council, this idea of “Peace” it died, long long ago.

Marina : That is not what I meant. We have to do something to somehow prolong our existence. Perhaps holding onto these ideals will allow us to live another day.

Yyntal : … For those of us who have a reason to fight for the world we do. I still believe in the idea of a peaceful world… that may be where Reiga gets his so-called childish ideals. But they’re ideals I will die for Marshal.

Lukain: Yes Colonel I'm make this clear every meeting. But I'm the speaker and body of the Overseers who directly protect this world's security. 

Yyntal: I’m a father, I will not let my child’s world fall apart due to the mistakes of the past. (Looks around at the others) Marina, Lazarith, myself… even the Head of Council we have reasons to try and help this world. Even if we are never redeemable… our children and those we care for—don’t they deserve a world as well? One that isn’t destroyed?

Lukain : You’re entitled to think whatever you wish Colonel… I would sooner end this war properly instead of worrying about such trivial things.

Marina : You have your own concerns, Marshal, we have ours. (Stands up and holds her hand out) So let us concentrate on quelling this chaos, for we may never know what tomorrow brings us.

Nier: We are trying to end the war. That man who has the Azure, he’s our priority, with him that is when our vision can come to light, that is perhaps the only thing I agree with you on. I do not justify utilizing weaponized AIP like such.

Lukain: If you will not give me the support of the SIA’s SD Division then at least spare me use of one of our more...reliable weapons. It will stop Zaezel...and Nex alike. We would collect Myri and Azure 0, stop Zaezel all in one fell clean sweep…

Nier: ...

Rychia: It would get results…

Nier: Utilizing one of them now, is completely out of the question, they are a last resort not something to be used freely without concern.

Lukain: I have a Four on the field partnered with Colonel Sorairo’s son, and because she was designed by myself among others, I ultimately have the say on what to do with her. If I think she can be of use stopping Azure 0, then why would I not seize that opportunity?

Yyntal: The reasoning for her being with him wasn’t to be utilized as a weapon. That Four, Akari, is special and she has a bond with my son, what if Nex destroys her? You can’t risk that.

Marina: (Takes her seat) Indeed, that AIP is unique. She is meant to empower Reiga, not hunt after Azure 0. If you want to catch him, you can send stock models.

Lukain: You must be joking… he destroys stock models with ease, that is nothing but a waste of development. Not only is the Four one of the most efficient of the designs, but she has a reaction with Azure 0. Testing that interaction with the Azure has its benefits, and this Four is extremely “special” indeed in ways that you wouldn’t know.

Marina: (Sighs, realizing that it’s pointless to argue with Lukain) You are the Marshal here.

Yyntal: (sighs quietly) And should it work, if you apprehend Azure 0 what do you intend to do?

Lukain: (Looks toward Yyntal) What kind of a question is that to me—Colonel. I’d bring him to the System’s core, what else would I do?

Marina: (Folds her arms as she recognizes what Lukain is talking about) The System’s Core… I assume you want to extract his Grimoire.

Rychia : …

Lukain : It isn’t my decision what will be done with him. (Holds out his hand in a dismissive manner as he tilts his head away) If that's what the Councill and the top wishes to do with him… then it’ll be done.

Nier: Our previous heads wishes on the use of the system didn't include the use of Destruction, we don't need the Grimoire for the world we envision. 

Lukain: If you believe that is the best course of action...  his Grimoire will be removed so he wont cause any damage during the infusion. Although I wonder how you intend to get him to use his power after that point. Considering the Grimoire is a key to-- 

Nier : That infernal artfiact has no place in our agendas. Surely someone of your caliber can make something less destructive to pull out the Azure's power after he's under control.

Lukain: (Sighs) I never once said I couldn't. It doesn't mean I agree with it, removing the Grimoire could end up triggering a violent self-defense just as easily.

Rychia: That Grimoire is a part of him and it protects that young man... and to try to remove it in the core of our system that seems overly risky doesn't it? 

Nier: Remember I have the say in this Council, Marshal. I can suspend you from that field, do not forget that. If I deem you so much as trying to harm the NOS I have the authority to keep you here until I say otherwise.

Lukain: You can, but then who would handle the threats presenting themselves? You? I’m afraid you’ve never once experienced war. I don’t believe the SIA or the Overseers would find that a very smart choice either sir. Our forces, our actions, our strategies, our advances...that is where it really counts, yes?

Nier: …

Lukain: The Head of Council is a mere figure, the only reason the previous was any different was because he was also the head of the SIA. It comes down to this: Do words win our battles, or do actions? You can suspend me, but you will NEVER even have a chance at seizing Azure 0 if you do. For obvious reasons, I know how to stop him, you do not.

Nier: … (Closes his eyes with a slight look of detest, backed into a corner he sighs) Very as you will, Marshal. But Nex had better be in our hold by the end of this, Zaezel stopped and do it all without use of the Weaponized AIP.

Lukain: Yes. sir.

Nier: So long as I have my word here I don’t believe you to be so brazenly foolish to challenge the counsel’s authority at such a crucial time.

Lukain: I would never dream to. I was simply trying to reason my actions, and make my point crystal clear so we can handle this in the quickest and most efficient way.

Nier: … Very well, you have permission to return to the field Marshal. When you get Azure 0, he’ll go to the Council’s custody.

Lukain : Yes, of course... (Closes his eyes as he then sits back) Understood Head of Council.

Marina : Right now our main problem is Zaezel. (Looks at Nier) And about Kagutsuchi, sir... the Amanohokosaka clan will make sure that the destroyed parts of the city will be restored. Our money will serve a good purpose in this case.

Lukain : Yes well…you handle those matters as you wish. I’ll stop the threat of Zaezel and capture Azure 0. If you’ve nothing more to say, sir, I would ask to take leave.

Nier : … (Offscreen) You’re dismissed Marshal.

Rychia : I will leave as well, there is nothing more to discuss now that main objectives have been handled. I must be returning to my own department for now… Its been a pleasure.

Lukain swiftly turns, and leaves the room without a second thought, Rychia does the same following after him as the rest of them stay behind for a moment.

Marina : (Sighs) Marshal Necaros in his usual repertoire…

Yyntal: I’m not certain if that was an efficient meeting or not.

Lazarith: Sir… I wish to speak with you about a request. After hearing everything the others have had to say.

Nier: What is it Minister.

Lazarith: I want to go out to Kagutsuchi… in order to bring back Myri. (Frowns as concern gleams in his eyes, drifting to the corner of his sight) I don’t want to take any chances, with people like General Akuhei there, and Zaezel...I’m not there to protect her like I was in the past.

Nier’s eyes become wide with the idea of sending someone from the Ministry into the conflict, let alone Lazarith.

Nier: Perhaps that can be arranged... If you agree to utilize your strength for something I'd ask of you once more. 

Lazarith: (Closes his eyes) If it's what you wish, sir. My life is to the Councill. My power to the peace of a new tomorrow. If I must stain my wings by dipping into those strengths once more to help redeem us I shall. 

He flourishes a single blade scythe of energized hard light and then stands to attention while putting his wings out and kneeling to the man with a sense of loyalty. 

Various I: Those who Fight and those who DieEdit

The cat beastkin runs forward right at Hiro with an impressive speed as he suddenly lowers to the ground and swipes at his feet with his twin tails like a whip.

Hiro takes the low strike from Byakai grunting slightly in pain but quickly recovers after landing on his back. 

Hiro: Damn you’re fast.

Just as he got those words out, Byakai jumps into the air launching himself again toward Hiro, this time with a diagonal slash of his claws.

Byakai: (To himself) He's having a difficult time, I'm the more experienced fighter here... he's having trouble keeping the pace. But if he doesn't figure out how to summon that sword of his this'll be a reminder our world doesn't favor the weak willed.

As Byakai zig zags in a blaze of fur, feet moving lightning quick, the blur of blades flash in front of Hiro's eyes and gives him little time to think. Hiro's expression is that of concentration as he puts his arms up to block. 

Hiro: (to himself) It’s now or never…(a slight burst of light making the blade appear in his hands again)

When the set of claws come crashing down in an arc, time seems to stop in Hiro’s mind as it triggers a thought, a thought which sent strength through his soul.

A loud metallic clang sounds as the blade appears in Hiro’s hands parrying Byakai’s claws pulsing with light. Byakai flips back away on impact, a look of surprise etched in his features as he stares at the blade in Hiro’s hands.

That blade took Seithr and made it into “light” it was something he’d only heard of in tales of the Third war centuries ago.

Byakai: So its true… (Blinks in awe and inspiration as he straightens himself, sheathing the claws) You’re able to utilize this seithr in a manner I never imagined seeing.

Hiro lowers the blade with a slightly surprised look himself as his eyes gaze upon the light-encased blade.

Byakai: (ears twitch as a smile comes over his muzzle) All doubts in my mind have been removed… I’m truly impressed wanderer.

Hiro: Huh so it worked (twirls the blade watching the light dance off of it) I really don't know how it works (laughs slightly) but this is it.

Byakai: (Shakes his head) I suppose how it works doesn’t matter right now, the important thing is that it is truly a weapon capable of defeating Seithr Beings. That certainly is no ordinary weapon, however its a perplexing thought to what kind of weapon it may be, considering it just seems to respond to you. I’ve only seen a few weapons like that.

Hiro: (rests the blade on his shoulder) Yeah.

After a moment, Hiro turns and swings the blade in a small diagonal arc with a slight grin in expecting manner-- until nothing comes. He raises his hand to his head with a embaressed look. 

Byakai: Were you expecting it to do something--? 

Hiro: Huh I guess it doesn’t always launch energy I--

The hilt slips from his hand as it became hard to grip as air-- and suddenly the blade vanishes into light seithr dust.

Hiro: What the—Ok that's new...

Byakai: (Blinks) And its gone… perhaps its because you’re no longer in combat.

Hiro: A warning would have been nice…

Ellie: Just be glad you have a weapon that answers to you.

Byakai: You certainly are a puzzle though… but I’ll keep my word, you’re welcome to travel with me and I’ll do whatever I can to reunite you with your brother. Family should be a foremost important matter.

Hiro: (nods) Yea...I’m just worried that’s all.

Byakai: Well then, we should get going, have a bit of ground to cover before we’ll be at the branch. It isn’t safe to hand around these kinds of places anyway.

Ellie: Agreed, lets get moving then.

The group walks across the quiet street leaving the shadows of the ruined areas behind them, but a shadow of a figure moves to the side as a voice speaks crudely to themselves with a imposing message left on the night air.

???: Another Unknown factor... one from the boundary huh? They lived, that's an issue, and they must not be allowed to interfere in these affairs or the events might not play in our favor. (Tosses a shard into the air and then looks over to others) Notify them.

Akuhei opens a small display in front of himself with a touch as he continues walking along. On the other side, Lukain and Rychia stood on the outsides of the large hallways. The Serpent General flashes an indifferent look of acknowledgement to it as he looks at the camera. 

Akuhei: Ah, was wondering how long it was gonna take before you'd get back to me, how'd the meeting go--? 

Lukain: I only got a brief intermission to speak with you that one moment you looked for a core... the meeting ended. I'm returning to Kagutsuchi, however I didn't obtain permission to utilize the unit. 

Akuhei: (gives a quick chuckle of amusement) As if you really need permission. (Grins with a shrug of his open hand) But fine, we'll just have to make the good consuel see they need it if they want to stop the chaos. I need one of those damned things if everything is to go correctly. 

Lukain: I'm aware. 

Rychia: Oh, (looks at the screen with a dark smile) is that you General Akuhei? I wasn't even aware you decided to go to Kagutsuchi... how very maverik-like of you. 

Akuhei: Pleasure is mine General Rychia of Engineering, someone has to keep all the pawns in place after all so they don't get lost. (Looks back forward) And, if not for you or Lukain I wouldn't even be standing here. (To Rychia) How is the prototype coming along? The Lt General will need it once I get everything. 

Rychia: On track... it should be ready in a day or two once I return to the Research Sector. Our friend there also has a key we might be able to make use of with the boundary. 

Lukain: That reminds me...Akuhei you made mention that you encountered someone in the restricted vicinity of Kagutsuchi's borderline. 

Akuhei: Ah... yes, I did. The brother. Someone or something intervened and made sure he'd live. 

The Marshal goes quiet with thought for a moment and Akuhei spots someone on the road walking along, just a normal person who looked to be coming home from work. Akuhei's serpent eyes glint for a moment and then hide themselves again as he decides to steadily approach. 

Lukain: Hmm...perhaps instead of killing him, observation would allow us to learn what saved him. We do after all know the location of his younger sibling. (Folds his arms as he looks to the side) And he poses a major threat to the system so the Overseers won't have any objection to anything we do. 

Akuhei: Excuse me a moment Marshal...

The connection closes without much warning, Lukain sighs. 

Rychia: And there he goes—He must of found something of interest...

Lukain: It would appear so. Come, we should depart for the Research Sector in Kagutsuchi. But first I want to see if I can't deploy someone to deal with that young man...So I'll join you in a bit. 

Rychia: Understood... don't keep me waiting too long now. 

She turns and leaves the Marshal walking down one of the hallways, Lukain then looks over and notices that the others hadn't come back out of the meeting room yet. 

Lukain: Intrigues...

Akuhei: (Looks to the person) You.

Citizen: ?

Akuhei: You wouldn't happen to know where I could find a young man would you? (Gestures subtly) Has spikey silver-white hair with the oddest patterns of crimson highlights in it, is wearing a black coat, looks really standoffish and not friendly at all... 

The person seems to go white as a sheet as they lay eyes on the General's presence and stop in their advance almost immediately taking a step back hitting one of the streetlamps. Akuhei laughs at the reaction and then speaks in his faux tone once more. 

Akuhei: (Flashes a grin of ill intent as he puts his hand out and generates a serpentine shadow) Look you've got about five seconds before I take the information I'm looking for. 

Person: S-sir—G-General—I have no idea... I'm just trying to get home. 

Akuhei: Home--? (Eyes glance to the side in disinterest) Ah to the people who care about you... (returns focus to him with a subtle scowl of disgust) you realize that the government is responsible for every ounce of peace you enjoy?

The frown twists back into a grin as he puts the tip of his skeletal finger on the man's head who shakes like a leaf in response while his fear filled eyes watch the energy coil about. 

Akuhei: Yeah... your soul is so worthless to us that we just keep you together like cattle and play your minds to our advantage... hehehe. It's really quite entertaining how... stupid and soft the population is. Because after all we want everything we "care" about... to be assured safe in this shit-filled world of ours, so why care about the prices we don't know about to assure it eh? (Puts his opposite hand over his head an laughs to himself) Kehehaahahaa! about a perfect formula! Oh its so damn funny don't you think?! 

Person: I...

Akuhei swipes the card and looks at it for a moment, flipping it over to see the symbol of the NOS on the back along with the SIA's issue. The person remains stationary with a look of fear plastered to them, Akuhei's amusement at it all shines in his hollow gaze and on the surface of a wide toothy grin. 

Akuhei: Ah the ID! A citizen protected by our glorious government. (Walks over to him and waves the card in front of him) You sold your soul... your life, your fate and your will... Everything belongs to us, and, I bet you didn't even know that.

Person: What are you--?

Akuhei: See... I already know you're not going to return home. Because your Sequence—your worthless Sequence—comes to an end at this very event here. When you met me. 

A hiss sounds as Leviathan pierces and punches their body several times in seconds making crimson shower down and splash the street as the corpse of the person drops at his feet. Leviathan exits their body with a sickening pop, and Akuhei thinks about what the last thing on their mind was.

On their mind were three people in the area they'd spotted not too long ago.

Akuhei: (blinks as he looks down at them) Looks like you did know something... 

Akuhei grins and then stands back up straight after having his Exitium devour the remains. Energy solidifies into a light blue crystalline object of weak energy from the person, and looks at it with a smile. 

Akuhei: (Offscreen) This is all you pathetic souls are worth. A shard, a crystal of seithr...the most fruit of your soul to design much stronger. (Twists it in his view frowning at the color) And this is just a damn imitation because you didn't even have a drive and no strength at all. (Crushes it in his hand as he turns and then continues walking) You're not even worth the trouble to assimilate to anything... no...cattle just deserves to disappear forever... 

Leviathan destroys the rest of the remains in a glowing green seithr that pulls it into a devouring darkness. He fixes the coat by brushing a single hand against its side, lowering his head with a smile he continues walking. 

Akuhei: Well at least I got what I was looking for... 

Ending: SinisterEdit

Elsewhere, Nex tries to get Myri to calm down after the scare of the Seithr Being earlier. The frustrated rebel's eyes narrow with his annoyance. 

Nex : (Grimaces for a moment before he sighs) ...Listen I wont let you die. I told you, I’d protect you until you learned the truth for yourself. (Frowns in annoyance before he stops on the tiling) That road isn’t easy you knew that already, so would you just calm down? Don’t even listen to em, they’re just a bunch of damn nether worms.

Myri : … (Looks down) Nex, even if they don't scare you—they scare me, that’s why I don’t like not knowing. I don’t even know how to fight, and yet I know I’m connected to all this. Its… frustrating…

Nex : Complainin’ and whining isn’t gonna help.

Myri : How could you know how I feel? (Frowns) You’re being insensitive.

Nex : Well no shit, probably cause I am insensitive. (Glares as he turns his head) Hell I don’t have an ounce of compassion left in me. I’ve dealt with loss greater than you could imagine, I’m living with a weight of “sin”, I’m apathetic as hell, I can’t help it, sorry.

Myri: (Closes her eyes with a saddened frown) I just want to understand...! Why is that so much to ask? 

Nex: You think I don’t know what it was like to be scared, or frustrated?

Myri: Why would you be? (Shakes her head) You're one of the most powerful people in this world, you don't get scared. You know everything, you know exactly what you're doing... you have purpose and I don't even know mine!  

Nex: Listen. I know exactly what its like to want answers, I know those feelings of the unknown and damn doubt far too well. Just 'cause I'm a force against this world doesn't mean I don't fear like you or anyone else. 

Myri : …

Nex: The things I fear, I just don't talk about. 

Kiryos : My lady, listen to me. This world is a cruel place where the weak are purged and the strong thrive upon their victims. All of us are afraid of something. Some are scared by thunder, and some by the sight of their loved ones dying. Fear is a natural reaction to anything that can hurt us or those close by.

Myri remains quiet and lowers her head. 

Kiryos: (Closes his eyes) But we all strive to overcome our weaknesses and fears. You have to face your fears. You have to find courage in your heart, my lady… then you will learn answers to your questions.

Myri: But I don’t have anything to fight with… that’s what I’m saying. Nex is strong and I’m…(looks down again as her blue hair covers her eyes) I can’t even help him.

Nex: (Rolls his eyes) I swear if you continue to complain I’m gonna leave you here. If you hadn’t shown up in the 5th area to stop my fight, much as I hate to say it I would have caused a lot more damage than I did. You already know deep down inside of you there is power, power that can even stop me, so it is there.

Myri seems to understand that, but it still didn’t help to ease her mind any. She didn’t know how to reach or bring out that strength, the fact she knew it was there only served to frustrate the young girl more.

Myri: Alright… I’ll try and keep myself in better spirit. (sits down on a cushion as she holds her head) Its just hard, ever since we saw Zaezel and those things I feel like my energy has just been sapped…

Kiryos: Perhaps you should learn to fight using your power… but you should fully embrace it. 

Nex : Hers is somethin of a counter effect to the energy that those beings give off.

She watches Nex drop to the ground near unconscious bleeding heavily, as a core is flashed by the unknown visitor. Kiryos as well lay slumped on the floor.

Myri:' K-Kiryos! Nex! What... what's going on?

She calls out to them from the spot where she looks out through her own eyes at the scene, and feels the weakness she felt there bleeding into her here.

Nex stood a bit away, perfectly healthy, not a blood stain on his pitch black coat or cut to his skin. Kiryos stood without injury as well, but its Nex's eyes that catch her strange behavior. 

Myri: (To herself as she struggles on light feet) Ah... A-again... Nex is in trouble...rhey're going to get hurt and I can't do anything my body is so weak... (outloud) Nex... we have to leave...

Nex: I wasn't planning on staying here. Hey the hell is wrong? You look pale, your eyes are glazed...

Myri: There's something doing that here...I feel exhausted...

Nex: Then just sit down a minute. 

Myri suddenly feels her head become light and she makes a slightly pained noise, her body sways. With a certain feeling of unease coming over her-- it soon overwhelms her and her body shuts down completely without warning as darkness clouds her vision.

She sees the glimpse of Nex and Kiryos trying break her fall and then they put her on the cushioned bench in the room. 

Myri : (to herself) … Despair…

The rebel quickly glances over and seems a bit confused though he immediately becomes alert and on edge.

Nex : (Eyes widen for a moment) The hell is going on? (Glances at Myri, before he looks around the room) Why’d she pass out like that…? Was the effect from those things really that strong on her or what?

Nothing appeared to be with them, the building was abandoned long ago. A ceiling over them served for no possible drop in, there was a pale white stairwell behind them, small pillars to its side but Nex didn’t think anyone was here in this little military structure.

Kiryos : Huh… people have abandoned this place...I wonder why?

??? : Oh that’s an easy one, everyone in it died.

Someone else walks into the building, but it wasn’t exactly someone who Nex smiled to see, instead he swiftly transitions into a strong malignant scowl. With a form that was a bit deceiving to his power, a voice that carried a chill up the spine, Akuhei walks forth stopping in front of the others.  

Clad in the black as night jacket with a serpentine pattern of ominous emerald plastered on the front, hollow eyes that flash snake like irises stare toward them before he glanced at the comatose Myri.

Akuhei : (To himself) She saw me...? Amusing, but it doesn't matter because she couldn't change anything, this outcome is decided. (gestures out with a hand and smiles) You know its a little annoying how that bitch is always sleeping when I show up.

Nex : --!

Nex growls angrily as he clenches his hands tight and the Azure's energy swirls around his arms in crimson and azure colored darkness.  

Nex: (Drops the name in a growling, low and hateful tone) Akuhei...

Next Time on Control Sequence: Episode 22: The Core of Ambition and Hate

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