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Remnants of Sin and Powers of Azure Pt 2

Name: Remnants of Sin and Powers of Azure Pt 2
General Information
Episode Number: Episode 17
Opening: Ao Shinko "Blue Faith" Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Ending: Soul Devotion, Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Anime: Control Sequence
Season: Verse 1: Purity and Sin
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: Remnants of Sin and Powers of Azure Pt 1
Next Episode: Remnants of Sin and Powers of Azure Conclusion

Remnants of Sin and Powers of Azure is the eighteenth episode of Control Sequence and is the eighteenth episode in the First Season of the series. It marks the second part of the Verse 1 Finale and is concluded in its follow up.


Preview: The confrontation with Zaezel begins between the three Nex, Siegfried and Reiga. Meanwhile, while Byakai and Komyo have their own visitors, the area begins to suffer various attacks from other directions forcing those idle to fight while trying to find the intent behind it. Even those in safe vicinity feel a bit uneasy as things begin to take a maleficent turn.

Episode Summary Edit




Others Cameos

Major EventsEdit

  • Gallus receives a strange object from Lukain that is apparently stronger then the normal Siethr core which he utilized to make the weapon Gallus holds. 
  • Akuhei hadn't sent Siegfried to Zaezel to die, in fact he put him there in the hopes of Nex coming as well though why isn't said. 
  • Miwa meets a young AIP named Iilia "Beta Twelve" who shows her the Ministry's secret by accident which are a collection of two strange black crystallized objects radiating deadly seithr. 
  • Sylar while looking for Nex and his target is found by Fasado who comes to him at the NOS's orders, apparently the NOS lacks info on Sylar compared to how much they have on Nex. He challenges the White Demon.
  • During their drawn out conflict its said Siegfried has apparently given up on changing the world, which made Nex annoyed because it seems like he gave up on what Imyo raised them for in the first place, working for the NOS is apparently at the risk of "Selling ones soul".
  • Nex became desperate when Siegfried was in danger of being killed by Zaezel and he releases his dormant Grimoire unveiling the “Soul Harvester” a strange property of the Grimoire Akuhei seems to know about which is an advanced form of the soul eater to make it more efficient as a cauldron to react with the gates and gather power into its owner. This was also seen in his Origin Story. The Grimoire changes Nex into a different form afterward.


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