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Foreboding Trials

Name: Foreboding Trials
General Information
Episode Number: Episode 15
Opening: Ao Shinko "Blue Faith" Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Ending: Soul Devotion, Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Anime: Control Sequence
Season: Verse 1: Purity and Sin
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: Divides of Vengeance and Understanding
Next Episode: Weights of Sin and Indignation

Foreboding Trials is the fifteenth episode of Control Sequence and is the fifteenth episode in the First Season of the series. 


Preview: Nex faces off with the scarlet demoness Valetha Deumos as he tries to break away to get to the others. While the group tries to deal with the Seithr beings intent on killing off Myri Kukiyona. Meanwhile, Sylar and Siegfried meet up once more to discuss a trial that could give Siegfried some awaited info from the White Demon about Nex. As Yumiko and Miwa remain out of harms way in the safety of Lazarith, the opposite is said to the first to arrive to the 5th city Mujihi and Bitoku of Red Thunder, as it seems as though they wont entirely be welcomed to what many call a "Tragedy" waiting to happen.

Episode Summary Edit