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Sleeping Purity, Budding Resolves

Name: Sleeping Purity, Budding Resolves
General Information
Episode Number: Episode 11
Opening: Ao Shinko "Blue Faith" Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Ending: Soul Devotion, Lyrics by ZeroXEbony
Anime: Control Sequence
Season: Verse 1: Purity and Sin
Episode Guide
Previous Episode: Clash, Thunder and Demons
Next Episode: The Innocent and the Insane

Sleeping Purity, Budding Resolves is the eleventh episode of Control Sequence and is the eleventh episode in the First Season of the series. It covered several subjects, and hinted the appearances of Myri's Guardian Lazarith the "Angel of Salvation" and also the "Teal Devil" Gallus




Major EventsEdit

  • Valetha isn’t directly responsible for the attacks on the city, instead she was simply looking for Nex to have him join her in destroying the world and speaking with another she knew.