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Control Sequence

EvoBlaze Logo CTS
Kana: 順序の青制圧
Rōmaji: Junjo no Ao Seiatsu
Director(s): ZeroXEbony
Writer(s): ZeroXEbony
TheKeyofTwilight (Kazu)
Black Rose
Episodes: Verse 1 = 19 Episodes

Verse 2 = 25 Episodes (Current)
Verse 2ex. = 5 Episodes
Verse 3= 25 Episodes
Verse 4 = 25 Episodes
Verse 5 = 25 Episodes
Verse 6 = 25 Episodes
End Verse = TBA

Running Time: Hour
Opening: Ao shinkō "Blue Faith" (Verse 1-2)
Ending: Tamashi no Kenshin "Soul's Devotion"
Premiere Date: October 8th 2013
EvoBlaze - Control Sequence (順序の青制圧 Lit: Sequence of Blue Ascendance) is the main series storyline of EvoBlaze.

The story primarily follows the main protagonist Nex's endeavors to destroy a new System of Order controlled by the NOL's successor. His wish seems to be to bring destruction to the world with the Azure's power before something else does. However their World is bathed in war and lies mixing from the Boundary, and not everything is as it seems.

It also delves into the struggles of the several characters in this world who have their own desires and between all of them truth is slowly unraveled, revealing what happened to their world, their souls, and perhaps changing a cruel fate with the power left in all of them.


Control Sequence takes place several decades in 2400AD after a large scale War known as The Third War of Ars Magus. The current World Power of the NOS was challenged by the Rogue Sectors who challenged them over several controversies surrounding the System successor to Takamagahara, the Azure Interface Primefield and Nex Exitium - ultimately this struggle would end in the NOS's victory and quelled a world-threatening crisis involving the Boundary and Seithr worse than the Black Beast, bringing most to trust them with their lives.

Due to the failure to deconstruct the Order of the World or fix it, it has become an even more powerful influence in the world with a new system of order and several new branches of power like the Sequence Intelligence Agency. The only form of known resistance against them is the remains of the Rogue Sectors: The Liberation Sector who seek to destroy the System of Order.

Seithr is abundant in the world, and the world of today relies heavily on it using it in everyday life. The world of the present has become enveloped in Seithr from the Third War of Armagus, as a remnant of the power that inflicted the Crisis, a form of Seithr capable of making a person corrode in form and mind from exposure.

Mankind still lives in the Hierarchical Cities but relies on the protection of Ars barriers around their cities powered by the System Successor. The System creates the interference fields against the highly concentrating Seithr and serves to help keep the atmosphere livable. Those who don't live within the cities suffer in the region where Ikaruga once stood, now infested by Seithr and unknown humanoid and monstrous nightmares of the substance along with a general gathering place regarding criminals.

The Boundary and its power is maintained by the Government via the System for some time to prevent misuse. Simulants and ideas of its power were taken into account, and those who had abilities o use Drive and sufficient abilities with Ars were most all drafted into the NOS’s power or the LS’s or were otherwise hunted down and deemed threats. It is now a criminal act to not only possess a Grimoire but also Ars of sufficient abilities without the Government’s authorities, leading to a massing of individuals who became outlaws and use their abilities against the world’s authority.

It wasn't until one of these criminals, their largest target since childhood known as Nex Azure 0 surfaces that the world's concern begins once more. Due to having the most destructive potential with Azure carrying its power in the form of the Azure Grimoire he would destroy the System's connection to the city of Yamatsumi via the 'Cauldron' and the NOS would be forced to realize their past was coming to haunt them, as he moved the Wheels of Fate once more in his World.


The world enjoyed peace after the war, but still bares scars that slowly decay it. The struggle for the World's Fate still surges between the LS and NOS as it hungrily consumes the souls and minds of many bringing out the worst in them beyond all control. The pattern of suffering spirals endlessly as the pursuit of the truth continues into calamity.An unseen force consumes the world, the world slowly delving back into insanity and the gears shift back into a scripted position, seemingly for its final time.

The world power of the NOS fights for control and maintains the only semblance of order that separates it from utter chaos as it tries to deny and cut off its bleak fate of being drowned by Seithr and suffering in truth, with very few minds still fighting against their own fates. The means and power they use to do it remains unknown and sparks unrest in the minds of many with feelings of reddening contempt and controversy.

Most have become ignorant of the Third War, and the consequences don't seem to effect the minds of most.

Nex Azure 0, target of the World itself and branded Destroyer of it goes on the offense after running for eight years. He looks for his answers while making progress toward the collapse of their System that maintains their world, and twists 'Truth'. Carrying the Power of the Azure, Nex seeks complete destruction, but his true desire remains hidden from even the prying eye of the System. Nex and his assault causing a wake of unease through the Systems of Order and all souls underneath it. With his appearance, disasters continue to take shape, envoys begin to reappear as a reminder of the forgotten and unforgiving past, and a race to contain that power becomes apparent.

His path brings him to the girl Myri Kukiyona and sets in motion his struggles to keep a form of innocence alive through her and her own wishes for the world before it vanishes into oblivion. His destiny becomes intertwined with several people of the world, as the tale born of an unfortunate ending gives way to this new reality and nightmare which never should have occurred but must be resolved.

Standard CastEdit

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  • Nex - The Main Protagonist who seeks the downfall of the world itself and the government which protects and upholds it. He hates everything indiscriminately on a path of willing destruction, calling himself the "Enemy of the World" but is also incredibly strong-willed and boasts an unshakable resolve like no other. His main goal is known only to him, and he trusts no one. He protects Myri unwillingly after he hears the NOS was looking after her and tries to enter the Restricted Area in Kagusutchi bringing a storm with him.
    • First Appearance: V1E1: Begin Sequence, Breakout Black (20 Episodes
  • Myri Kukiyona - A seemingly gentle girl who is watched over by Lazarith and known for her innocence. She soon discovers her life may be completely false and that she had a strange power within her soul. She then begins to travel with Nex slowly learning bits of truth for herself as others come after her and Nex.
    • First Appearance: V1E2: Sequence's Prodigy (15 Episodes
  • Reiga Sorairo - A Lieutenant of the NOS who dislikes fighting to a high degree, and the heir to the Sorairo family. He's not fond of his title as the Azure Prodigy who his superiors refer to him as. He's able to generate azure energy to a degree without the need of a grimoire which gave him his title and the idea he'd be potent. He's the son of Yyntal Sorairo who is an acclaimed member of the NOS as a Sequence Destroyer.
    • First Appearance: V1E2: Sequence's Prodigy 
  • Akari - Reiga’s partner Azure Interface Primefield, she's very curious about the world and follows Reiga everywhere he goes. She wishes to learn more of the world but Reiga keeps her sheltered until they enter the grounds of battle when they're deployed. She is an "Unstable" unit, however, and incomplete, but her combat abilities are impressive. She is supervised by the Marshal himself.
    • First Appearance: V1E3: Foreshadowing Horizons
  • Kiryos Hikamigawa - A member of the Hikamigawa family, and Assassin from a different district being employed by the NOS to deal with criminals or threats. Though he comes off as cold and uncaring to most, he is willing to listen to others. He's the best friend of Reiga, as their families are friends of each other. He harbors a hidden disdain of his government's systems.
    • First Appearance: V1EP4: Sin and Purity, the colder sides of choice
  • Komyo Amatera- A girl who was sent out to find Nex by Nicaiah for unknown reasons. Is targeted by the NOS due to the situation between the Governments supposedly. She appears to be frail but was highly protected by the LS forces and her guardian, Komyo shows hidden potential. 
  • First Appearance: V1EP8: Embittered Reunions
  • Mujihi Mazio- Leader of Red Thunder investigating actions of Valetha and Fasado on orders from Nicaiah. He's just recently taken his position as leader, and at times can doubt himself, though he is loyal to his cause and thinks of Nicaiah as a mother after he lost his own parents and she took him under her wing in LS.
    • First Appearance: V1EP10: Clash, Thunder and Demons
  • Sylar- Sylar is an S-class criminal coming from Ibukido which he's connected to the disaster of said city. He's one who follows his own agenda, and despises LS though is currently focusing on other matters. While he is willing to work with others, his pride gets the best of him and he can be excessively crude and vicious. Sylar is incredibly power happy and tends to lack restraint as he loathes the idea of control.
    • First Appearance: V1EP10: Clash, Thunder and Demons
  • Miwa Suzuki- A girl found later by Nex and others who is watched by Yumiko Nanaya. She contains an Azure that's considered pure. Miwa is gentle at heart and a kind soul who wishes good to the world around her, though she is a bit lost and feels a strong loneliness. She was sought out by the Higher Ups of the NOS, but later found and joined by Yumiko.
    • First Appearance: V1EP11: Sleeping Purity, Budding Resolves
  • Hiro Yokai - Introduced in Verse 2, Hiro Yokai is an Anomaly who entered the world via the Boundary. 


  • Legna Alucard - One of the few remaining Observers in the World with little power due to the interference of the System's power. She might have a thorny tongue in terms of vernacular and can't seem to stand idiocy, but she tries to guide Nex in subtle mannerisms and desires to help humanity.
  • Nicaiah Metake - The Leader of Liberation Sector's 0th Sector, Nicaiah is one who orders most the soldiers on the battlefield, she can seem rude and unfeeling, but she can't stand the idea of failing those who depend on her. 
  • Koyoto - A Cat Beastkin who is now a spirit being observed and tied to existence by Legna Alucard. He tries to help Nex as per wishes of his former friend Imyo, although their ideas constantly clash.
    • First Appearance: Verse 2 Episode 20


  • Siegfried Schtauffen - The Rival of the series who is known for being anti-social and is extremely arrogant. He has a plotline connection to Nex, and seems to hold a grudge against him. He's currently holding the rank of Brigadier in the NOS in astounding efforts against past rebellions, preventing the world from entering another war. Unlike Nex he doesn't seek to change anything, his goals are kept to himself but he clearly seeks answers. Has power over the Azure but lacks decent control over it. He's deployed with others but is given a specific mission.
    • First Appearance: V1E2: Sequence's Prodigy (10 Episodes
  • Fasado- A Higher up of the NOS who is seeking to end Mujihi and perform other tasks. He is known as the Lt General of the NOS, and works alongside Lukain and Akuhei. He is one to go after his own goals while also working to complete the tasks given to him. Its obvious that he has a bit of a power complex when concerning their government.
    • First Appearance: V1EP9: Three of a Kind
  • Lukain Necaros - The Marshal of the NOS, he admires the power of the Boundary as well as Sorcery and Alchemy. While he's admired and respected for bringing the NOS to its power alongside others during the Third War, it doesn't rid him of an unsettling vibe people receive from him.
  • Yami Akuhei - The General of the NOS and a member of the Sequence Destroyers. He's Nex's nemesis, the two have a long-running history where Akuhei has caused him more than several woes, in compliment to his extremely sadistic nature. Like his compatriots, very little is known about what he really desires.
  • ??? - The barer of the System's power who Nex seeks to destroy to begin the Collapse of the World.

Verses Edit


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New Organizations Edit

  • NOS: Called Novus Orbis Sequentia (New World Sequence) they are the new world power coming to existence from the NOL 200 years ago. It has several sub-factions such as the Sequence Intelligence Agency.
  • LS: The Liberation Sector which is the only sector left after the Third War of Ars Magus and believed to be the last form of resistance against the NOS. They're locked in a war across the world with them currently.






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