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The Continuum Error is the term used to describe the temporal error created by Continuum.


Basically, the Continuum Error is a rip through the world system meant to pull all time and space through one point. A side effect of this is that the world the Continuum Error's put into experiences other versions of the same location twisting and amalgamating into one distorted place. Then, when it is done with the amalgamation of worlds, the distorted time held in by it tries to resolve the problem automatically, indirectly causing an implosion within it, completely wiping out every world in the mix and leaving the still distorted time to be absorbed into the Continuum Error.

The external shell of the Continuum Error, due to being a purposely-made error, is virtually unaffected by all man-made weaponry, however it is affected by mystically-forged weaponry. One of its security features is to use the infiltrator's memories against them by personifying specific people powerful enough to kill them. Like a database, the Continuum Error is made up of several protective sections meant to keep any outside force from entering, or at least keep any normal forces from going deeper into the error.

The Continuum Error, due to how it's built, is capable of replicating any mystic power artificially for use by any character, though Continuum is the only one that is capable of performing this ability.


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