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General QuotesEdit

Bored. Get on with it.

V3 - General QuotesEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

Waste of time.


Round WinEdit



Match WinEdit

I'll be going now.

Are you done?

V3 - Versus NexEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

I will claim your power now. Now struggle.

...shall we begin?

Round WinEdit

...You're not at your maximum yet...

All those wanted signs must've been're weaker than I thought...

Match WinEdit

I have some work to do. Shall we go, Nex?

Your power belongs to me now.

Arcade WinEdit

Your desire. Your will. Your power. What great material you are. My work will proceed on schedule. Hm? He escaped? Oh well.

V3 - Versus AkuheiEdit

Intro QuotesEdit

Surely you have better things to do.

This is a waste of energy.

Round WinEdit

...You're weak.

That power could be put to better use.

Match WinEdit

I can always use your power in another way if you're finished.

Hmm, is this the extent of your power?

Arcade WinEdit

If you truly have a death wish, I have some work to do, and your power would go a long way of accomplishing that.

V3 - Versus MiwaEdit

Intro QuotesEdit


Weak. Soft. Pitiful. Shall I go on?

Round WinEdit

...Your azure...

Accomplished victory all too quickly.

Match WinEdit

I lay claim to the power within you.

Struggle some more. Get up if you wish.

Arcade WinEdit

That Azure now belongs to me. Damn. That Bitch took her away before I could do anything.

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