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Colton is an odd piece in the moving cogs of the world.


Colton always had a fascination in certain things growing up despite being called a lunatic for doing so.


Colton is cold to other people. Both choosing and refusing to work with others, instead choosing to blaze his own trail.


Colton wears black dress pants with a black belt around his waist. He wears black dress shoes with a red stripe down the back of them. He wears a white button-down dress shirt that is half tucked-in, half not. His sleeves are rolled up and his cuffs are unbuttoned, letting the sleeves dangle off his forearms. He has peach fuzz on his neck and chin and has short black hair. Despite his short black hair, he keeps his front bangs long, going down to his neck. He has brown eyes.


  • Shed What is Unneeded - Colton's Theme (From Touhou: Cemetery of Onbashira - Grave of Being [Metal Cover])


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