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Club Tolerance

Name: Club Tolerance
Description: You either fit in, or you get out
Hierarchical City: 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi
Stage of: Forte (Queen of Braves Era)

Club Tolerance is the bar owned by Forte after the events of the King of Braves Trilogy. It is located within the slums of Kagutsuchi.


The bar opened up a few years after the NOL Remnants had finally been fully disbanded. Now ordinary civilians and rank-less, they had to now live in the world, trying to find employment. Ex-NOL officer Forte took a few of the other ex-officers and started up a business within the slums of Kagutsuchi.

At some point, these former NOL members salvaged a single LS-098 Daikoku-class airship and began to modify it within a dug out cavern placed within the mountainside that the bar sits upon. This ship would be renamed the Avalon.