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Soon after having met, Matt and Orie were at the latter's residence to discuss matters of the nox nyctores revival project. Matt was settling in as Orie had a commlink open.

Orie: He should be responding soon. Be ready, Matt

Matt: I got ya, but if it's who I think it is don't be surprised if he knows me well enough as if we were clothes.

Soon the commlink opens, a figure shrouded in black was on the other side

Chief: Oh, Orie... I'm glad to see you're well...

Orie: Indeed, chief. I wanted to inform you of our leads with the project.

Chief: Good... And who's the boy?

Matt: Matt Maragi, sir... I'm in Mizuha for training my elemental azure. *tensing up nervously*

Chief: Heh, well good... I always wanted to see a kid of one of the heroes from back in the day!

Matt: .... *dryly* I'm very flattered sir.

Chief: Enough on that. I want you both to investigate tomorrow, find me anything you know. And report back when you are done.

Orie: Yes sir!

Matt only nodded in response, the commlink ending. On the other side a voice, similar to Matt's but quite deeper was on the other end of the communications...

???: I didn't think you'd get involved with this...

After a night's rest, Matt and Orie were already back on the sidewalks of Mizuha. Up early in the morning, the two were among only a few other beastkin that morning. Soon another rabbit beastkin walks up to them

Beastkin: Orie, what's going on? Is that human your prisoner?

Orie: He's a friend of mine, sorry.

Beastkin: I see. *turns to Matt* And you are?

Matt: Matt Maragi, I'm staying with Orie for the course of my training in Mizuha

Beastkin: ....Oh! THAT Matt...! It's quite nice to meet you!

Matt: Thanks... Likewise.

Matt smiles warmly as the young beastkin shook his hand excitedly, they soon run off. Orie giggling at Matt's dumbfounded expression.

Matt: I feel like I died and gone to heaven...

Orie: But you're alive! You can't be in Heaven! I guess it could be that way for a human who's pro-beastkin.

Matt: Like I am, so yeah I can understand that... Though I think there's only one out there for me

Orie: Do you know any beastkin where you come from?

Matt: I know a few, friends of mine you can say. Though I admit I should've learned that staring at a girl's tail equals being hit on and getting a black eye a lot sooner than I did!

Orie: when did this...happen??

Matt: too personal. Let's move on. She, along with two others I actually know better than others. One of them being who I really don't know how to go about talking about without stumbling on my words. And the other one being a stubborn mentor who really needs a chill pill sometimes.

Matt soon felt a cold sweat in his back, realizing what he just said.

Matt: ....That last statement about my mentor goes NOWHERE out of Mizuha... Ya got it?

Orie: Yeah.. *giggles uncontrollably* What did you do?

Matt: I pissed him off, long story short. Now every time his name is mentioned or he shows up I feel as if my heartbeat is lowered and my gut is full of fear... But that aside, he really means well. Though he can be very stubborn... I get the fear he reads minds though.

Orie: I see, and who's the other beastkin you mentioned?

Matt: A friend of mine I honestly...really like. There's no better way to describe it without having you laugh at me even harder.

Orie: Oh don't be that way... I'm sure whatever you got to say I'll be able to handle it.

Matt: Well the other beastkin is also a friend of mine, I initially liked her... Before said incident with the black eye... Her sister got into a laughing fit when my sister, thanks to her ex-friend, made me apologize for it.

Orie: Well still, you made up. Right?

Matt: We did... But I doubt her view of me has changed at all.

Matt sighs to himself, soon after, a redhead beastkin quickly dashes by the two, her tail swaying as right behind her were uniformed soldiers.

Matt: ! Orie, get to the girl! I'll handle this!

Orie: Right! Get out alive all right?!

Orie soon hurries after the beastkin, Matt grins as he takes a stance.

Matt: All right, who's first?!

As Matt began fighting the soldiers chasing after the beastkin, Orie was busy hurrying after her. Her momentum carried over as she finally catches up

Orie: WAIT! I'm not an enemy!

Soon the beastkin stops, her ears twitch as she turns around

???: Oh... It's just you again.

Orie: What happened? Did you get into trouble with the military again?!

???: Something like that... I don't think you haven't heard of the Nox Nyctores Revival project?

Orie: I have... Are you planning to stop it?

???: Woulda blown the joint up right now before I got caught. I'm finding my friends now so we can discuss what I know... Who was that human kid with you?

Orie: He's a kid from Yabiko, his name's Matt Maragi

???: Oh? How interesting. We'll meet with you both at your residence tonight to get introductions done.

Orie: Thank you, Flamme.

Flamme smirks, she gives a thumbs up as she soon readies her armagus, which took form of a flaming rapier. Taking a stance she soon lowers it.

Matt had finally caught up to Orie, a bruise on his face and tatters in his coat.

Matt: I'll be fine... Turns out they wanted her for trying to blow up the joint.

Flamme: ....Right here.

Matt: Oh, my bad... *looks at Flamme intently* Fox?

Flamme: Red Panda. We look similar.

Matt: I see. I guess I'm meeting new kinds here.

Orie: Yep! Matt, we should get going... We'll meet with Flamme and her friends tonight!

Matt: I see, and Flamme's a nice name

Flamme: You flatter me, kid. You look quite like I imagined his kid would be?

Matt: his?

Flamme: I'll tell you my story later... Get going before reinforcements come.

Matt and Orie nod, soon parting ways with Flamme. The night now poised for partnership.

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