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The Azure Core Celestial causality weapons (事件神聖武器野獸之心 Pasākums dievišķais ieroči Beast laikā lit. Events weapon God Beast Hearts) are a set of five core programs infused with the soul energy of the Celestial Beasts. They were created in order to amplify the strength of a persons Armagus during the Dark War.


The Cores were created by the Beasts along with the Master Unit: Amaterasu two years after the creation of the Nox Nyctores. Alone, the Nox Nyctores couldn't fully destroy the Black Beast, so Nine tried to create a "booster system" in order to give them an edge. However, she was unsuccessful. It wasn't until the year 2108, that the destruction caused by the Beast began impacting the Celestial Beasts, causing Byakko to lose control and mortally wounding Seiryū. Suzaku, the great phoenix, contacted Amaterasu and pleaded for help, at the same time, Amaterasu was trying to contact him.

In 2109, using the Azure, along with the 5 elements; Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and Lightning they created the Celestial Weapons and Azure Cores. Each one contains the life force of the Beast that it's named after. Each core has a weapon that is only avaliable when the holder of the Core "awakens" the Celestial Beast.

Like the Nox Nyctores, they come with a risk. The energy in each Core can take control of the that holds it by corrupting them with the soul of the beast. If that happens, they lose all self control, emotional balance, etc. They turn into the beast that is controlling them and go on a rampage, killing anything they see as a threat.

At the end of Rayth's story, Burning Anger, Terumi describes the cores as, "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and states that they "have the power to destroy the Gigant: Take-Mikazuchi".

In the Teach Me, Miss Litchi! episode, Tail Lady has a brother?, Rayth explains the origins and uses of the Cores.

List of Known Celestial Weapons and Azure CoresEdit

Core Name Weapon Name Element Beast Owner Picture
1 Vermillion Phoenix - Fire Azure Core: Suzaku Flügelmessern Fire Suzaku Rayth A. Mercury

Azure Dragon - Lightning Azure Core: Seiryū

Voltaic Partizan Lightning Seiryū Lucas Corin
3 White Tiger - Wind Azure Core: Byakko Bàofēng Fāng Wind Byakko Zephyr
4 Black Tortoise - Water Azure Core: Genbu Tortuga & Cuchilla Water Genbu Maya Prieto

Yellow Dragon - Earth Azure Core: Ōryū

Basilisk Earth Ōryū Coatl

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