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Celestial Beast Suzaku
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Kana: サザッカ
Rōmaji: Sazakka
Alias: The Vermillion Phoenix
Kanji: ジー ベミリュン フィーニックス
Rōmaji: Zî Bemiryun Huqînikkusu
Gender: Male
Race: Phoenix
Age: Immortal
Date of Birth: Unknown
Birthplace: Phoenix Mountain
Height: 304.8cm
Weight: 210 kg
Blood type: Unknown
Weapon: Talons, Beak, Power of Fire
Personal Status
Relatives: Byakko
Status: Awakened
Affiliation Status
Material Collection Information
Values: Human Life
Likes: Rayth
His siblings
Dislikes: Black Beast
Game(s): BlazBlue: Azure Revelations
BlazBlue: Catastrophe Discord
BlazBlue: Core Corruption
BlazBlue: Celestial Apocalypse
Japanese Voice: Shuuichirou Moriyama
English Voice: Steve Blum

The Legendary Bird of Fire, Suzaku is one of the Five Celestial Beasts who helped create the Azure Cores and Celestial Weapons. He was awkened by Rayth and now serves as his loyal friend and guardian.


Before the creation of the Cores, Suzaku lived with his brothers in The Realm of Gods, a place much like The Boundary, except that it is a place of light not darkness. Suzaku was appointed leader of the Wu Xing, and made his brother, Ōryū, his second in command. They kept watch over the balance of elements in the world, bringing both prosperity and destruction when fit. Thunderstorms were Conjured up by Seiryū, the Azure Dragon, as a way of teaching humans bravery as well as helping bring families closer together. Tornados, hurricanes, and wind storms were the result of Byakko teaching humans that you can't tame the wind. Tsunami's, whirlpools, rouge waves, anything that happened on the water, was a new lesson from The Black Tortoise, Genbu. Humans learned how to make stronger and better ships for future events. Ōryū is the one who creates earthquakes, rockslides, and other rocky situations, in order for humans to expect the unexpected, you may think you're safe, but next thing you know, you're under a pile of rubble. Suzaku's lesson to humans was brought in the form of destruction, and rebirth. Volcanoes, forest fires, all things fire related, were his lessons.

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