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Celeste is the protagonist of Turning Gears


Not much is currently known about the character itself. What is currently known: Celeste is an engineer. Having been adopted by two engineers, she adopted her parents work and continued after they left to sell the wares to other cities besides Kagutsuchi. Sector Seven and the NOL, supposedly, were both known to visit with Celeste's parents in order to examine and potentially hire the duo, but they continuously refused, citing that they did not want to be interfered by 'the red tape of bureaucracy'. On her own, Celeste created her own weapon. Self-describing it as 'buggy' and 'a piece of junk I'm constantly working on', it is alluded that the weapon is still a work in progress. The weapon itself is referred to as 'Celeste Special'. The weapon is supposed to channel seither into a usable form of energy, creating a ball like 'shot' of power. What hinders Celeste's process is parts. Though she is always putting her time and efforts into her weapon for self-defense, and using her mechanical prowess for fixing broken devices around town, she is at a loss for parts. She has a fox friend that helps her find parts wherever he goes, affectionally named 'Search Engine' since Celeste usually asks him to find a certain part, and the fox seemingly finds it. However, this has caused issues, as the fox has been caught stealing and Celeste forced to return the part. Celeste has trained the fox to simply search, find it, and return so he could lead Celeste to the part so she could purchase it. Celeste is currently 19 at the start of the series.


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