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Cecidit Luxnuimenis: Helel

Owner: N.Seven
Name: Cecidit Luxnuimenis: Helel
Translation: Fell Light Deity: Helel
Form: Kusarigama
Type: Nex Exitium

Cecidit Luxnuimenis: Helel, is a Nex Exitium that has become an extension to N.Seven's body.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Along with the ability to erase life, Helel boasts a brutal ability to reap the natural light from its target's soul and weaken their drives as long as they have uncorrupted drives.


Standby mode In its standby mode, Helel merely takes on the form of a chain wrapped around N.Seven's right arm that faintly pulsates with a white and black glow.

Combat mode When activated, the brutal side of Helel comes out taking the form of the Sickle and Chain part of a Kusarigama with a bright pulsating white and black glow. When Helel successfully reaps light from its target it glows bright white and gains more power for a limited time.