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Catriona Matsumoto
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Catriona Matsumoto
Name: Catriona
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 21 (Fateful Element)
Blood type: A-
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Personal Status
Relatives: Piper Matsumoto (Younger Sister)
Status: Active
Material Collection Information

Catriona is an acquaintance of Tokatsu


Catriona is a bounty hunter who formerly did business with Tokatsu. Despite being human, she is one of few humans to earn Tokatsu's respect for handling her own business without issues. Catriona uses two rapiers and a dagger. She uses her rapiers for full combat, while using her dagger for stealth. She prefers not to walk around with a lot of baggage, so she doesn't carry much on her and prefers to be light for reasons of stealth and spying. She is simply referred to as 'Cat', because of her sneakiness and having a lot of cat-like reflexes. Though even she admits she doesn't always land on her feet. She has a younger sister named Piper that she dotes on.


Catriona is typically nice to strangers. Though when on a mission, she can be incredibly serious. She knows the difference between work and play, and very rarely does she show herself in public. She has been known to be lazy in regards to dressing herself, usually requiring herself to post a reminder for herself in some way so she does so.


Because Catriona prefers only to pack essentials and be light, this is reflected in her appearance. She typically wears brown shorts that have been worn out, She cares little about buttoning them up simply because its 'wasted time' and her shorts stay on anyway. She wears a black shirt of her own design with the top barely covering her chest. She wears a belt around her hips to account for her rapiers. She has the dagger's holder around her leg for her dagger. She wears a pair of black shoes that she can easily slip in and out of. Her hair is dyed black to blend in with the darkness (or that was her reasoning behind it). Lastly, she wears a necklace and earrings that are the only things she has to remember her family by. She never takes them off.


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