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The Caldus Age is the calendar that was placed after the Fall of Kisaragi's Comet. This timeline is where Owari no Nai Konpeki: BlazBlue Chaos Aggressor and Chaos Aggressor take place.




Hanged Man ConflictEdit

Death Conflict (Chaos Aggressor)Edit


  • AD2825 - Kisaragi's Comet is sighted nearing the atmosphere of Earth. Novus Orbis Librarium puts in place thousands of Ars Magus and pure Magic users to redirect the comet away. The attempt fails, destroyed ten Hierarchical Cities either through direct impact or by the shockwave afterwards.
  • AD2825 - Kisaragi's Comet fell onto the Earth, causing a collapse in organized civilization to happen. Novus Orbis Librarium collapse as a result.
  • CA1- The Caldus Age begins after the formation of Caldus Spaera Armatura and takes over in the NOL's place.


  • Caldus Age literally means New Age.


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