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The Caldus Age is the calendar that was placed after the Fall of Kisaragi's Comet, retroactively put into place by the Caldus Spaera Armatura. This timeline is where BlazBlue Chaos Aggressor takes place.


By Anno Domini 2825, seven centuries since the struggle of mankind began, the world has rebuilt itself after the disasters of its past. Hierarchical cities littered the lands as seithr density lowered to levels safe enough to settle in. Not much is remembered of this time, besides the air of calm that permeated everywhere.

Fall of Kisaragi's CometEdit

Above the Earth, a giant meteor was sighted making its way to the surface. The government of the time attempted to destroy or at least halt the gigantic comet, but to no avail. The only thing that was left was to wait as it made landfall upon a cluster of hierarchical cities. The comet crashed, the impact being the equivalent of millions of nuclear fission reactors exploding all at once. The hierarchical cities that were victim to it were all vaporized, along with their populations.

It didn't end there, as a resulting shockwave spread out across the planet. Large caches of seithr were blown up into the sky, ignited like fire upon the rest of the Earth. Many places on the planet became scorched in black ash and many people were erased like they were nothing. It ended, the hellscape, quickly, leaving behind a ruined civilization in its wake.

The survivors attempted to reconstruct, but it wasn't enough. The world fell to barbarism soon after, with many newly made groups trying to gain control over everyone else. More people died in the rush for supplies and fortifications. More people died from the air, because most areas were now populated by dense clusters of seithr. More people died trying to survive. A year had passed, and it was now 2825 AD, and the first year of the Caldus Age.

Hanged Man ConflictEdit

Often described as the scramble for stability, the Hanged Man Conflict occurred soon after the Fall of Kisaragi's Comet, as it was now called. It lasted for two years, with many of those groups who had thrived in the chaos now being destroyed by more organized and more well-equipped factions. It came down to two large factions, and one was victorious, wiping the other group off the face of the Earth. The victor renamed itself the Caldus Spaera Armatura and set about rebuilding the world. It introduced the new calendar by 0005 CA.

By 0018 CA, the world had taken a major step in recovery, with small villages and the remaining crops of hierarchical cities now inhabitable, the reintroduction of the old age's technology, and the overall attitude positive.

Death Conflict (Chaos Aggressor)Edit


  • Caldus Age literally means New Age.