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EvoBlaze (エボブレーズ EboBureizu) is an alternate universe spawned from BlazBlue and has its own timeline and characters while taking place in a world similar to BlazBlue's own using existing elements of Canon but twisting them in a different direction while using completely new elements as well.

It is a collaborative series taking inspiration and spun off of BlazBlue to make its own alternate reality spurred off the failure to defeat the original control mechanism that upholds order, the NOL.

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Not a Hero

"Icy huh…? Well I guess thats nothing new to me… Besides i’m not a hero… I leave that role to you. You're the Azure Prodigy after all, besides you beat me, remember?"

--Siegfried in a future episode of CTS, speaking to Reiga.

-BlazBlue: Control Sequence (Verse 2)-
-Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence-
-Control Sequence Origins-
-Fateful Element-
-Turning Gears-
-Genesis Catastrophe-


What would DRIVE you?
Control or Order (NOS), Desire or Rage (New LS), Justice and Absolution (Council Templar), Redemption or Hope (Rogue Sector), Chaos and Choice (Independent), Destiny or Power (Harbinger, like Zaezel)?

The poll was created at 00:58 on September 14, 2015, and so far 7 people voted.
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