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BlazBlue: Paradox Distortion

Developer(s): Arc System Works
Designer(s): ZeroXEbony
Game of: ZeroXEbony with help from MegaSonic55

BlazBlue: Paradox Distortion is the second game in the Iconoclast Saga and introduces the new protagonist Saeth and one of the primary antagonists Ire. The game introduces the main plotline and begins to delve into points that address the adverse effects of negativity on the cast and a clear presence of multiple timelines intertwined.


Three years after the events of Fate Reclamation, the Resistance has been established as a clear threat against the imperial MOR. Its leader, Kaemyn is determined to see his fight to the MOR for their atrocities against the world and their clear abuse of power. On the other side a young man named Saeth is dragged into the conflict the day he turns eighteen, the MOR having launched a massive assault on his home to drag him out. Saeth is targeted by everyone, not just the MOR as he tries to find his way through this thickening mess to find his friend who was taken by the MOR long ago.

Between these two and everyone else stands the MOR's Second in Command Ire, sewing the seeds of destruction once more as he enters the conflict himself. People begin to be taken and targeted for purposes unknown, negativity consuming their hearts, mind and soul.

They're all about to find out that this is no ordinary war, it seems time itself is being effected in the process, is it true a deadly future is being whispered from Saeth's very existence?


Main CharactersEdit

Secondary CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit

Other Characters who appearEdit

  • Kokonoe
  • Tenrai: Tenrai is the mysterious warrior donning the Sapphire and Gold armor and the Soularma named Kikansha. He Seems to be intent on killing off Saeth for some reason, deeming him a threat to everyone and specifically Kaemyn.
  • Cloaked Man: A man who seems to know his info. He is seen giving bits of information to everyone around the area, but what his purpose is no one seems to know. His identity is well hidden, but he seems to know how to fight if he needs to.
  • Koyoto: A mysterious wanderer who came from the boundary. No one seems to know who he is or where he's from. He aided Saeth.


Title Description
Walking into Hell Kaemyn and Rue's story (Complete)
Miracles and Curses Saeth's story (Complete)
Confront Fear Izumi, Kaleena and Akane's story (Complete)
Dividing Relations Matt's story (Complete)
Burning Passions Caliber and Lyre's story (Complete)
Crying Heart Meifeng's story (Complete)
Unforgiving Soul Soliece's story (Complete)
Painstaking Choice Michio and Alexandria's story (Complete)
Revisited Horrors Satoru and Leon's story (Complete)
Bloodlust and Cruelty Vince's story (Complete)
Priming the Souls Tabor's story (Complete)
Darker then Black Ire's story (Complete)
DESPERATION True Ending (Complete)
Miracles from Hell Extra Story 1

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