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Extra Stories
Azure Origins

Three OriginsEdit

"Fate's authority rules over every single world in this universe...and not even I know how far that goes. But we're the ones that "keep the peace" "keep the balance" but lets face it, not every god like group is destined to stay buddy buddy forever.
Hmm? No gods? Well since hardly anyone knows of our presence I guess that's something of the truth...we make the worlds set on a pre ordained path. But damn can it get boring sometimes.
These Designs, they're pretty much one even knows they're there. They simply are like transparent chains around the world. Keeping it in harmony.
Keeping it in complete bullshit as of now.
I'm a member of Fate's authority...a member who can't understand why we have the ability to make the strongest powers, strongest souls...and we do nothing with them.
And our Soul codex...we make some cool shit from that with souls. Weapons, souls capable of leveling space and time, of causing a rift to distort reality. Really the sky is the limit, souls are incredible, and even more so when powered and refined by the codex.
And what do we do with all this power?
We mostly let it sit there and watch it develop and see what kind of a world is born...and we keep the balance silently through a design.
Yeah. I got tired of that crap REALLY fast.
I want to design a power that can get me out of this stupid rule under him. He does nothing with these Origins we make from the codex and...that other thing.
Everyday I see potential and he just...keeps them there like pets, growing a world...making them human...they're weapons!
I see them as weapons. As swords, as energy, as power.
As tools.
So, I decided one day to try and take one of these souls and make something that could help me do this. I made...the Azure.
In order to do this, I needed the strongest origin for the Azure to be complete, I needed...Izanagi Ragnar.
But I couldn't come down myself and get him...hehehe, no. That would only lead into huge problems. There's a certain code Fate's Authority needs to follow...and in order to break it, I needed to find loopholes...which I'm quite good at.
And where this show starts.
It all began with three siblings, three origins."
A massive tree shrouded in light sprouts out from the garden, a sanctuary of sorts, a young teenage girl with hair of silver comes running across the field with an older young man following her.
She hurries across the field with a smile on her face. In contrast to this white aura around the tree, just on the other side was the "Edge".
  • ???: Come on Susano'o look, the tree is in bloom!
  • Susano'o: I see.
She picks off a flower from the tree and hands it to him with a smile.
Susano'o takes it and looks at its radiant petals which gleam bright like a silver line river.
"That brat with the silver hair...that's Izanami. And that's the second strongest to Izanagi, Susano'o. Although I guess right now he was pretty much useless to anyone...anyway both of those kids would be vital to bigger things."
  • Susano'o: Thank you. This flower is as beautiful as you.
Izanami blushes and lets off a quick happy laugh.
  • Izanami: Why haven't you told my brother about that yet? I'm sure he'd approve.
  • Susano'o: I do not know.
"In truth, Susano'o felt a bit nervous around that subject. And speaking to Izanagi about it was something he felt would end up going awkwardly."
Izanami sees his expression and sighs.
  • Susano'o: What is wrong? Are you worried about something?
  • Izanami: No I'm not worried, I just...wish he knew.
  • Susano'o: If you want, I will tell him.
To this Izanami lightens right back up, but they hear approaching footsteps and a curt voice comes from the side of them.
  • ???: Tell me what...?
Susano'o looks frightened by the tone, and out walks a taller young man in a long white and black jacket. He had a very dominant presence about him.
His spiked wild hair was also silver.
"And that...that's Izanagi himself. The soul that would become the Azure later."
  • Susano'o: Izanagi...Um... I did not expect to see you here.
Izanagi appears indifferent to the statement and quickly gets straight to the point.
  • Izanagi: Izanami left on her own...I didn't know why she disappeared without telling me.
  • Izanami: Brother you don't have to worry about me all the time...I just wanted to come to the tree. Its in full bloom. I ran into Susano'o here on the way...and wanted to show it to him.
Izanami looks over to Susano'o who is still somewhat intimidated, while Izanagi keeps his firm gaze.
  • Izanami: Right Susano'o?
  • Susano'o: Yes.
  • Izanagi: ...You're always running off on your own to this tree...what's so special about it? Considering it's--
Izanami gives him a flower off of it and puts it in his right hand.
  • Izanami: Look how beautiful the blossom is.
It was radiant as a dawn from a child's fantasy and beautiful, the color matched their hair as well. Izanagi takes a look at it for a minute and is taken by its color before he shakes his head and puts it down.
  • Izanagi: We don't have time for this...
  • Susano'o: But why?
  • Izanagi: You and Susano'o BOTH know that we're the three strongest here...we're not even supposed to be outside of the celestial tower. Yet you always make me have to leave and get you.
Izanami frowns, seeming saddened by Izanagi's disapproval.
  • Susano'o: Why are you so harsh, brother? We just wanted to enjoy the beauty of this tree.
The young man shakes his head and sighs, leaning against one of the other trunks of the tree with his arms folded.
  • Izanagi: I'm not being harsh. I have to make sure everyone is protected here that's my job. I care about Izanami's safety. Her running out constantly, even if it is to get out of the tower, only will make fate's authority angered.
"Hahaehaha! Oh sorry, but that line he says..."Protectors" are exactly as they sound...they keep the peace in the world and maintain it, standing against any and all threats. Usually they're the "strongest" of the world, But this kid? He'll end up protecting absolutely jack shit..."
  • Izanami: Brother we've been in that tower for so long though...I like to get out sometimes...
  • Susano'o: What could be dangerous about it? She is not a child.
  • Izanagi: Because the Hellions and the Yomi, if something jumps out and grabs one of you...I'll never forgive myself for it.
Susano'o sighs at his explanation. Izanagi always was so concerned about the two.
  • Izanagi: This "tree" you both know is extremely close to the edge.
"Yep, over protective brother. Gee, apropos to nothing but who does THAT sound like? But Susano'o would eventually get tired of things. The seed of negativity would begin to take its corrupting roots in this very spot. Sad considering Nagi wasn't really doing any harm...he had every right to worry."
Izanami sighs as well and sits by the tree, trying to let its beauty drown out her thoughts. No one speaks for a few moments until Izanagi speaks up once more.
  • Izanagi: Look, I just don't want anything to happen alright? Susano'o why do you encourage this?
  • Susano'o: You can understand us. Being in the tower all time is boring, and we just decided to have some fun.We can take care of ourselves, you do not have to worry about us all the time.
  • Izanagi: No. Clearly you can't, I've gotten you two out of more trouble then I can count. Honestly I'm getting tired of it...
Izanagi seemed to be getting agitated with the conversation, he steps off from the base of the tree's massive trunk and Izanami grows timid.
  • Izanami: Brother...please don't be mad...
  • Susano'o: Calm down, Izanagi. I know you care about us, but you do not have to be so overprotective.
  • Izanagi: Yes I do! That's what you don't get... Origins get taken every day by the Yomi. Things that pop out from the gates for sacrificial souls... what if its one of you that's taken? I know it's part of the balance guys need to stop being so careless...
"Sort of like a sacrifice to the gods or some bullshit like that, the system here would collect an origin's soul to give back to the casket. It was completely random, whoever was near the edge at the random time of collection would be taken..."
  • Izanami: Sometimes I wish we weren't the strongest...then we wouldn't have all these rules. You're always so stubborn about things like this...
  • Izanagi: Yeah well, Susano'o should be more strict with you. Cause I'm tired of always having to be the one to do it. He spoils you.
  • Susano'o: Izanagi...I know that I am not the best example to follow, but--
Izanagi takes a single step forward, and Izanami attempts to calm him.
  • Izanami: Its not like that brother...
  • Izanagi: Yeah it's EXACTLY like that. I'm off protecting people, and stopping Hellions, while you shirk off the work and coddle Izanami all day.
The comment was clearly directed at Susano'o.
  • Susano'o: I am doing my best, brother...
  • Izanagi: You two are both SO dependent on me. You need to understand, with who I am, I can't be there to be your older brother all hours of every day. I have duties and so do you, Susano'o.
Its time you started owning up to them.
  • Susano'o: I know.
What appeared to be a thorough scolding is given while Susano'o held his head down, gaze to the ground, knowing he disappointed Izanagi.
  • Izanami: Brother please, you don't need to be so harsh...
  • Izanagi: Yes, I do. If I don't he'll never learn. What if something came right now? Would he be able to protect you?
  • Izanami: He--
  • Izanagi: No. I would have to do it. If he paid more attention he would be able to protect you.
  • Susano'o: That is not true. I can protect her...
  • Izanagi: Because you did so well with the hellion that broke through the edge...I had to pull you both out of there and explain why the hell I can't keep track of my two siblings.
He lets off an audible sigh as he contemplates on something. Izanami and Susano'o can both only think of what it was.
  • Izanagi: Until you can protect her, I don't want you two messing around like this. So no more of this. Whatever "this" is, it needs to end.
  • Izanami: ...
Susano'o sighs, clearly in disagreement with his choice.
  • Susano'o: If you say so...
  • Izanami: But I like being with Susano'o...
  • Izanagi: then tell him to start getting things done, and stop goofing around. Until then I don't want you two anywhere near each other. I can't keep doing all this on my own, I just cant. What would you do if one day I didn't come back? Susano'o you need to think about these things.
  • Susano'o: All right. I understand...
Izanagi lets off another heavy sigh, he seems to have calmed and his gaze softens.
  • Izanagi: what were going to tell me earlier?
Susano'o knows that this is not the best time to mention his feelings for Izanami. Not with Izanagi like this.
  • Susano'o: Nothing at all. I mean I wanted to tell you that we are going to be fine.
  • Izanagi: Little know I just want what's best for both of you. I don't like being the bad guy all the time, you two can come back once Susano'o starts getting things done.
  • Susano'o: All right.
Izanami just sighs.
She puts the flower by the trunk of the tree and goes over to Izanagi, Susano'o follows and they :return to the tower.
"And that is our first lovely little scene with these siblings, but things would only get worse for them...Susano'o began paying more attention to his job, and Izanami began to feel...well neglected. Susano'o became so absolved in improvement, hell he even was able to knock Izanagi down a few notches. He was...changing."


Izanami walks up to Susano'o who is busy as ever improving his swordplay and cuts down a shadow that comes from the ground. He stands firm and focused, stronger and faster.
Izanami tries to get his attention.
  • Susano'o: Too easy.
  • Izanami: Susano'o? Are you still busy?
He turns around and notices her.
  • Susano'o: Oh, it is you. I did not notice you.
He smiles at her before going back to training, but her voice keeps him turned around.
  • Izanami: Protecting this area still...?
  • Susano'o: Yes, but it isn't as easy as I thought.
  • Izanami: I've been at it for hours...
Susano'o sighs at the tone in her voice.
  • Susano'o: Yes. But, I am still glad that you have decided to come.
Izanami attempts to change the conversation from the training to take his mind off of it.
  • Izanami: I found a flower earlier, it was really pretty.
A shadow seeps from the ground and Susano'o turns to strike it down swiftly, blade howling through the air.
Izanami sighs, and Susano'o swiftly apologizes for ignoring her.
  • Susano'o: Sorry...
  • Izanami: Its okay...Its just brother is never here and then you're always busy now...
  • Susano'o: I know. But I have to work.
  • Izanami: I know...You've gotten strong I guess...
  • Susano'o: Yes. This is a very valuable experience for me, but I still miss our trips.
  • Izanami: I do to...we haven't gone in so long.
Susano'o continues to hone his blade against the darkness, and Izanami notices he's trying awfully hard.
  • Izanami: Are you...trying to become stronger then brother though? You're at it more than he is now...
  • Susano'o: I am just trying to be stronger to protect you, it has nothing to do with Izanagi.
  • Izanami: You two have been distant is the only reason why I asked...
Susano'o pauses for a slight moment as though in thought, and then continues.
Izanami sighs as Susano'o turns around and slashes through another shadow.
He continues to do so.
The sounds of footsteps pattering across the hall echo and Izanagi walks in through one of the nearby doors. The instant Izanami sees him, she runs over to him happily, while Susano'o remains focused.
  • Izanami: Brother!
  • Izanagi: Whoa, hey Izanami, you're awfully excited.
  • Susano'o: Welcome back, Izanagi.
He smiles and then returns to his fight. Izanagi had been satisfied with his progress for awhile now.
  • Izanagi: I was just checking on you. You've been at this for a while now.
  • Susano'o: I know. But they keep coming.
  • Izanagi: Well yeah, but you don't need to stay here night and day like you have been...not even I do that.
  • Susano'o: Well, you told me that I should work harder.
His tone bothered Izanagi somewhat, and he swiftly retorts.
  • Izanagi: I didn't mean work yourself to death idiot...I meant try harder...
Izanami just watches the two, and Susano'o turns around and slashes another shade.
  • Susano'o: I wish that they stop eventually.
  • Izanagi: Come on, Susano'o, you need a break.
Susano'o refuses however and continues to swing his blade.
  • Susano'o: I do not need it, I am fine.
  • Izanagi: Being a try hard doesn't make you smart... Susano'o just take a break. There will always be more shades to cut down.
But he would not stop, as Susano'o felt that as long as there were things for his blade to cut, for him to become stronger, he'd stay here.
  • Susano'o: Sorry, but I cannot stop, so no.
  • Izanagi: Is this some childish way of getting back at me for asking you to work harder?
Izanami just sighs as Izanagi becomes annoyed. Hearing the two begin to bicker like this wasn't what she wanted. Susano'o finds himself becoming slightly agitated with the conversation.
  • Susano'o: Well, I am doing my best, and you tell me to stop.
  • Izanagi: Because your "best" is freaking crazy. You're at this for way to long.
  • Susano'o: I am not even tired.
  • Izanami: I'm going to go to the garden outside of the tower...
Izanagi and Susano'o are to busy to even notice as she leaves quietly.
  • Izanagi: Stop. Just stop. You're being an idiot. Look at you. You need to rest. You took my request WAY to far.
  • Susano'o: No. I know what I am doing.
He pauses for a moment.
  • Susano'o: I can even do it better than you.
Izanagi's eyes firm themselves into an icy glare at Susano'o's sudden antagonism.
  • Izanagi: ...What was that? Who even cares. You're the only one here who seems to think this is a competition.nAnd for the record no, sorry you can't.
  • Susano'o: Do you think so? You know, even you can be surpassed.
  • Izanagi: Yes I think so. What the hell is with your attitude these days. Surpassed? I'm the strongest Origin here, moron...
  • Susano'o: Well, perhaps you are wrong.
  • Izanagi: No, I'm not, and I'm getting tired of you acting this way. Every time we see each other it has to turn into some stupid argument. You think Izanami likes hearing that?
Susano'o sighs at Izanagi's mentioning of that.
  • Susano'o: Perhaps you are right...
With the mention of her, he looks around for her to apologize, and he notices that Izanami has disappeared.
  • Susano'o: Wait... where is she?
Izanagi looks behind him and sees she isn't there.
  • Izanagi: Huh? Where did she go off to...?
He becomes a bit concerned.
  • Susano'o: She went to the garden...She might be in danger...
  • Izanagi: Oh no...she went by herself!? God dammit!
Izanagi abandons the quarrel and runs off through the door. He spins around and yells towards Susano'o before taking off once more.
  • Izanagi: Hey, forget your stupid post and help me find her!
Susano'o swiftly nods and follows Izanagi out the room.
"Ah yes that time that shit gets real...all arguments dropped, the two brothers swiftly run to the garden in hopes of finding Izanami. Oh but they wouldn't, no matter how hard they tried. Nope I saw my opportunity and took it here...and then things would get into motion!"
Izanagi and Susano'o both rush to the garden, it's night time by the time they reach it. The tree sits there quietly as always, but there is no sign of Izanami.
Izanagi frantically searches, looking for her, but she is nowhere in the garden.
Susano'o has no luck either.
However, a small silver blossom from the tree sat next to the trunk signaling that she had been here.
A patrol of origins comes up to the two. Izanagi and Susano'o quickly turn focus to them.
  • Origin: Good evening Milord Izanagi and Lord Susano'o.
They notice that something is amiss with the two right away, and Izanagi asks the two if they'd seen their younger sister.
  • Izanagi: Have you seen her? Izanami?
  • Origin: ...she was out here...?
He suddenly becomes quiet.
  • Izanagi: ...Yes, she came on her own. Have you seen her or not?
  • Origin: ... Milord the sacrifice was taken earlier from the garden...please tell me you're joking when you say she came here.
Izanagi's eyes grow wide in shock and disbelief. The one time he wasn't there...this happened.
  • Susano'o: No...! I hope it wasn't Izanami...
  • Izanagi: No...god dammit no...was anyone else here?! Or was it just her...?
  • Origin: As far as we know everyone left the garden at this hour...if she came...I...I'm sorry milord.
Susano'o lowers his head as Izanagi just falls into anger.
  • Susano'o: This is all my fault.
  • Izanagi: God dammit!! DAMMIT!! Why did they let this happen, why did fate take my sister?! I've done nothing but please them!
"And this is where the cracks in their family REALLY show. Susano'o blames himself only once, but then immediately turns rage on his dear brother. Because after all, it was because of HIM that he was away from her, as far as he was concerned anyway..."
  • Izanagi: I can't believe this, I can't freaking believe this.
  • Susano'o: I should have never listened to you, but now it is too late.
Izanagi feels like a dagger just pierced him with those words coming from his own brother. He swiftly turns to face him.
  • Izanagi: What did you just say?! Our sister is gone and you blame ME?
  • Susano'o: Yes. It is because of you that I could not pay attention to her! You were the one who separated us!
  • Izanagi: YOU'RE the one that took it this far. I told you a long time ago that you could take a break and see her, but no you were to damned focused on improving. For what? Being better than me? That's what it seemed like! And because of our freaking bickering she paid the price! So don't you DARE blame this on me!
Izanagi's words came down like a barrage of bullets, but Susano'o's anger edged him on.
  • Susano'o: Silence! You are responsible for this! If you did not tell me to work harder, everything could be different!
Izanagi glares.
  • Izanagi: "Silence" You're telling your own brother that? You don't speak to family like that! I have done NOTHING but try to protect you two!
  • Susano'o: But I did not ask you for this!
  • Izanagi: Oh so now you're saying you could have protected yourself. You're a real piece of work sometimes.
Izanagi walks back and forth, annoyed with Susano'o, his blood was boiling already.
  • Izanagi: You are so damn unappreciative its not even funny. You just pin the blame on me. I didn't even try to direct this on you did I?!
  • Susano'o: Well, I was with her all the time! I was able to protect her! And you did not ever pay attention to her!
Izanagi's eyes grow wide and he steps forward turning to him with a fierce glare.
  • Izanagi: Shut up. You have NO RIGHT to speak to me that way. I paid attention to both of you, I raised both of you, I tried to be the best brother I could to you and this is what you return to me...?
Susano'o returns the glare.
  • Susano'o: You ARE responsible for this!!
As the air clearly thickens with the brother's tension, Susano'o lunges at him with his sword. :Izanagi is to shocked by his action to move and is cut across his shoulder, and Susano'o quickly realizes his mistake as Izanagi just looks at him. His eyes are wide in shock at what he'd done.
  • Izanagi: You...
  • Susano'o: Ugh...
  • Izanagi: I can't believe just attacked me. I'm your older knew I wouldn't strike back...and you still struck at me! I would NEVER raise my blade at you...
  • Susano'o: Is that so?
  • Izanagi: Idiot...why would you even ASK that?
Izanagi is hurt by his words and shakes his head in disbelief.
  • Izanagi: Family doesn't turn their blades on each other...
  • Susano'o: Family...
  • Izanagi: If you raise your blade me, then you aren't part of that family.
Susano'o doesn't seem to be listening.
  • Susano'o: Do you even know what "family" is?
  • Izanagi: Yes I do, and you clearly don't. Family stays by each other's side no matter what. Last I recall I was ALWAYS here. I might not of been able to do what you both wanted, but I tried.
  • Susano'o: Yes. And because of that things just got worse.
Izanagi just closes his eyes as he comes to an ultimatum.
  • Izanagi: Get out. You're banished. I'm not listening to this from you.
Susano'o is taken back by his words.
  • Susano'o: What?
  • Izanagi: You don't want to be a part of this family, you wanna blame me, fine. Get out. Raise your blade and you'll find yourself in a world of trouble.
Susano'o sighs in disappointment.
  • Susano'o: Fine. Then I go look for her alone.
He turns around and begins to walk, to where he didn't know.
  • Susano'o: I loved you, brother.
Izanagi just heals his shoulder and looks over at him, the first cut is truly the deepest.
  • Izanagi: I loved you too, but I wont take that kind of crap from anyone. Let alone one who I called my younger brother.
He turns and walks away back to the tower without another word.
Susano'o is left by himself to wander, and he doesn't look back. He eventually goes into the edge, through to the Yomi itself.
  • Susano'o: (I will find her even without his help.)
"Oh ho, no, no he wouldn't, but, he would find something..."

Heart of BlackEdit

"This is where things really get good... Susano'o was taken by the hurt from everything, he loathed Izanagi, he let his negativity begin to take hold of him. The Yomi an endless maze... the poor kid wandered around forever it seemed... and then one fateful day... he found help, well a place he could speak to someone anyway..."
"Boy had he changed..."
Susano'o wanders around endlessly, until eventually he comes to a section of the earth that was filled with darkness, more so then usual. Something about this place...intrigued him. There was a massive gate in front of him.
  • Susano'o: What is this thing?
"He'd grown accustom to the Yomi, the darkness did little to phase him. He was a hardened merciless killer. Everything about him in the past was now completely gone... perfect for me to sink in and expose..."
  • "All that wonderful negativity, and he had no idea... I'd used what he wanted to get what I wanted."
Susano'o senses a presence at the gate, and he tries to get it to speak to him.
  • Susano'o: So I'm not alone here. Who are you?
A snide voice echoes through the area to answer his call.
  • ???: Ah, Susano'o, been wandering around for quite awhile haven't you?
There isn't anyone to claim the voice, but its there. Susano'o isn't amused by the tone.
  • Susano'o: I'm not in the right mood for jokes. Show yourself!
  • ???: I can't... see, I'm behind those gates in another place entirely. Kind of have to stay on the other side...
  • ???: But tell me, Susano'o... what brings the second strongest origin down to my level?
  • Susano'o: That's none of your business.
  • ???: Oh, come come now... I'm friendly, promise. Was it Izanagi who kicked you out? Threw you out like a piece of trash eh? Some brother...
  • Susano'o: Silence!
  • ???: Anger, I like it. Come on... tell me, do you hate him?
  • Susano'o: Does it really matter?
  • ???: Well... think of it like this. I'm trying to help you, you've been wandering in circles for months now to no avail. I can change things for you.
Susano'o is suddenly intrigued by the offer.
  • Susano'o: Well, that actually sounds interesting. Go on.
  • ???: Very good then. I'll even make it possible for you and Izanami to be together, that sound good? I know this place in and out, so, you help me...I help you.
  • Susano'o: All right. I will help you. Tell me what to do.
  • ???: Ah, there's really nothin' to it, just you and I make a pact. A pact of the soul...and in turn I will give you power from your soul. Your anguish you've suffered... you will be stronger then even Izanagi.
  • Susano'o: A pact, huh?
  • ???: That's right... just wish an ill fate on him in my name, offer your soul as a bind, and I will grant you power. Power to take back what was stolen from you.
Susano'o still doubts. He still respects Izanagi, but his wish to be together with Izanami was stronger. He contemplates on it for a moment.
  • Susano'o: Alright, I agree.
  • ???: Ah... very good then. My name is Ophion... this is to be strictly kept between us m'k? Hush hush stuff, you know? I can't come out in my actual form... so I'll stick with you and give you that power.
  • Susano'o: What should I say?
  • Ophion: Just repeat this phrase: In the name of Susano'o, I call upon the serpent of fate Ophion, by your chains I command an ill fate to befall the one whose name I speak. In return I offer you my eternal soul.
Susano'o sighs, feeling a bit nervous, then starts chanting.
  • Susano'o: In the name of Susano'o, I call upon the serpent of fate Ophion, by your chains I command an ill fate to befall the one whose name I speak. In return I offer you my eternal soul...
  • Ophion: Origin Susano'o, whose name do you speak this ill fate upon?
  • Susano'o: Izanagi.
"Sealed the deal right there...oh hell yes that was where shit got awesome. Thanks to this idiot opening and exposing his soul to me, I could wreak havoc and slowly but surely establish an existence through him, but that wasn't for a bit I needed to go find Izanagi and kill him through Susano'o."
  • Ophion: Very well.
Energy flows from both the gate, and Susano'o's blue light of Azureium exposes itself, the blue swiftly converts to black, and goes back into him.
  • Ophion: Hatred, Malice, Despair, give this soul the power he seeks, and bind us.
The energy becomes one with his soul, and Ophion can be heard in his head now.
  • Ophion: Feels good don't it? All that power?
  • Susano'o: Yes, I can feel it.
  • Ophion: Good, I imagine it does. serpents have already caught Izanagi's attention, So he should down here any seal them away.
  • Susano'o: I'm ready.
  • Ophion: Leave this place so we can greet him properly, I'll get us right through this maze.
  • Susano'o: All right.
Susano'o listens and leaves the room, he walks out and sees Izanagi right away. To Izanagi it appeared as though Susano'o stepped right out of the shadows, he is both surprised and confused to see him, not seeing him in months.
  • Izanagi: Susano' that you?
Susano'o looks towards Izanagi with a firm gaze. Izanagi can't sense anything malicious about him, and he relaxes, seeing the brother he'd not seen in months.
  • Susano'o: Yes, it is I... brother.
  • Ophion: this guy is gonna ask if we're here to stop the serpents, say yes.
  • Izanagi: ...Did you come here to stop the serpents or have you been down here this entire time?
  • Susano'o: I have come to stop the serpents, that is my duty as second strongest, to fight alongside you in times of crisis.
  • Ophion: Tell him how sorry you are for acting that way so many months ago.
  • Izanagi: ...Is that so?
  • Susano'o: Yes. Also, I want to apologize for the events that happened many months ago.
Izanagi's eyes soften suddenly, and then he finds himself in a bit of regret.
  • Izanagi: ...Really? ...To tell the honest truth I was worried about you...I was probably to hard on you. For so long I wondered where you went, I'm sorry I let my anger get the better of me that night.
  • Susano'o: It's okay...
  • Izanagi: You've...changed quite a bit...But I guess that doesn't matter, we need to stop those things before they cause anymore damage. And I can think of no better ally.
  • Susano'o: Yes, it's good to fight by your side once again.
Something inside Susano'o didn't feel this was such a great idea anymore, but Ophion continues to buzz thoughts and actions through his mind.
"And so they fight the serpents, which was completely staged by the way, and this is where it gets fun...this is where I start taking over this kid through his emotions. This is where "Dark Susano'o" comes in. This is my favorite part, where I make Susano'o's hands red with his own brother's blood..."

Blood Runs RedEdit

"Izanagi finished sealing the gate with his power, creating a ring and sealing it around the gate once more. Both he and Izanami kept watch over this gate since the time she'd received that...damned Amaterasu from him. Fate's authority could break through with ease however...if they really had to."
  • Izanagi: There...that should keep them from breaking out again. Wonder where the heck that kind of power came felt like darkness itself.
  • Susano'o: I don't know, But I have a bad feeling about this.
  • Izanagi: ...Yeah so do I. But it looks like its done now.
  • Ophion: Alright...feel that power coursing through you? Let it sink in, let your negativity run wild...against this man who took everything from you, claim your vengeance, take his life and ENJOY killing him!
Susano'o is shocked having heard Ophion's tone suddenly change into that of a malevolent hunger.
  • Susano'o: What? But I don't want to kill him. I just hate him, but I don't want him to die. He is my brother, after all.
  • Ophion: Wasn't part of the deal kid...come on let your negativity control you.
  • Izanagi: Huh? Who are you talking to?
Susano'o tries to push out Ophion's words as Izanagi looks at him wondering why he spoke that.
  • Susano'o: It's... it's nothing.
  • Ophion: Come on, your hatred, your malice, your despair is a wonderful thing, let it control you. Let it manifest in you as power.
  • Susano'o: No... I can't...
  • Ophion: DON'T try to fight it...its you, its in you, its becoming part of you!!
  • Izanagi: Can't what? What the heck are you talking about?
Izanagi becomes frustrated, unable to understand what was going on.
  • Susano'o: Izanagi... stay away from me...
  • Ophion: No, no, no. That's not how this works. You'll play whether you like it or not.
  • Izanagi: Stay away...? Okay now I'm completely lost...
  • Susano'o: Ugh...
He falls on his knees, and seeing this, Izanagi is concerned immediately and kneels down next to him. Susano'o's face is contorted in pain, Izanagi doesn't know how to help, or what to do about the situation.
  • Izanagi: Brother? Hey, what's wrong?
  • Susano'o: Please... leave me alone...
  • Ophion: Oh come on, that's not good enough. Lets see some good ol fashioned desires to kill, to maim, to destroy. Let his pain be your JOY.
  • Izanagi: ...Leave you alone? But we just started talking again...
  • Susano'o: Izanagi... do as I say...
He clutches his head and winces in pain.
  • Ophion: Oh stop. Just fall into it, its a wonderful ride, I promise! EHEHAHAHAHAHA!
  • Izanagi: ...I don't understand any of this...but if you want to be left alone...
  • Susano'o: I am lost... in the darkness...
Izanagi gets up, confused.
  • Izanagi: I think you've been in here a bit to long or something...
  • Ophion: Let go of it all but the desire to kill! Don't fear it, embrace it!
  • Susano'o: I...cannot fight it...
  • Izanagi: What ARE you talking about?
  • Susano'o: The voice in my head...
  • Ophion: Come on, kid I'm tired of waiting!! Paint the ground red with his blood, rip him to shreds, crush his bones, KILL HIM!!! KILL, KILL, KILL, KILL HIM DEAD! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAA!
  • Izanagi: ...
Izanagi isn't sure what to even make of those words. He just continues to stare at him.
  • Susano'o: I'm sorry, Nami... I have failed...
Ophion was getting annoyed clearly.
  • Izanagi: ...Failed?
Susano'o wails as he loses control over his body, with Izanagi taking a single step back, unsure of what was going on.
  • Izanagi: Huh?! Hey, what the hell is goin on?!
Susano'o starts laughing maniacally, making Izanagi fall into unease.
  • Izanagi: What?! What's gotten into you?!
  • Susano'o: Yes... I like this power...
  • Izanagi: Power...?
Izanagi feels a malevolent force that sends a chill up his spine.
  • Susano'o: Ah, it feels so good...
This power was sheer darkness, pure evil, Izanagi isn't sure what to make of the situation.
  • Izanagi: What the hell is this feeling? What did you do?
Susano'o stands up.
  • Susano'o: Oh, nothing special.
  • Izanagi: (Something... isn't right about this...)
  • Susano'o: I just let this power to bind itself with my soul. "Dark Susano'o"... yes, that is what I am.
His eyes grow wide in horror hearing his answer. He sharply yells at him for his choice, Izanagi knew that this would consume his brother in the end.
  • Izanagi: What?! idiot!
  • Susano'o: I had no other choice.
  • Izanagi: ...Whose power was it? Who was it, Susano'o?! Who the hell did you ask for this from?!
  • Susano'o: Does it really matter?
  • Izanagi: I'll hunt them down and send them to the Abyss for this!! Who was it?!
  • Susano'o: The name's...
He suddenly feels pain.
  • Ophion: No. We don't need to tell him that.
  • Susano'o: I can't tell you...
Izanagi growls.
  • Susano'o: Stop it...Stop it! Leave me alone!
  • Ophion: You can't resist it not now, you already sealed the deal! AhahAHAHAAHAHAA!
He screams in pain as Ophion tortures his mind, the wicked laughter echoes in his head. Izanagi tries to figure out what's going on, but only finds himself getting flustered.
  • Izanagi: Damn it...what the hell is going on?! God damned idiot! Who did this? WHO?!
  • Susano'o: I can't tell you...
  • Ophion: GAZE INTO THE BLACKEST DARKNESS. By my influence, Let it envelop your very SOUL!
  • Izanagi: Hey! Susano'o!
Izanagi's anger turns into concern as Susano'o wails.
  • Ophion: Wakey wakey, kid, it's SHOWTIME!
Susano'o stops wailing and looks at Izanagi.
  • Susano'o: Izanagi!
There are no signs of sanity in his eyes, and his armor changes its color to jet black.
  • Izanagi: ...What, Susano'o don't let it do this!
  • Susano'o: I... I know what I want. I want to see you dead!
He twirls his blade and then lunges at Izanagi.
He has a grin on his face, a grin that is not of warmth but a sickening cold edge. Izanagi jumps away from the blade in shock.
  • Izanagi: What the hell is this...?! What are you, insane?!
He pulls out his own blade, Rebelluia, only for the purpose of defending himself.
  • Susano'o: Come on! Don't hold back!
He speeds up and unleashes a barrage of attacks at Izanagi.
Izanagi's eyes grow wide and he quickly brings up his blade to knock Susano'o away after exchanging slashes with him.
Susano'o quickly catches his ground and grins before he leaps in the air and swings his blade downward at Izanagi.
Izanagi growls and swings his blade in a wide arc to knock him to the ground with his own sword's edge. In a trail of light he swings the blade down with incredible force and sends a wave of energy forward.
  • Izanagi: You're gonna tick me off, Susano'o! Stop!
Susano'o rolls away and counters the wave by sending a surge of darkness against it.
They cancel each other out and Izanagi just growls.
  • Izanagi: What the hell kind of power did you sink into...
  • Susano'o: It doesn't matter. I just want to KILL you!
He drives his blade into the ground, and a black circle appears beneath Izanagi.
  • Susano'o: This is your death! Styx!
A black void starts sucking Izanagi inside and forces Izanagi to fight seriously.
  • Izanagi: Dammit...release Lux!
Izanagi throws his hand out and opens the white shell on his hand, from it comes an aura of bright colors that surround himself and form into a blinding light as he charges straight at Susano'o. He stops halfway before throwing forward his scythe in a powerful wide swing knocking him away.
  • Susano'o: Ugh!
He falls on the ground and quickly rises to his feet.
  • Susano'o: Damn! Come at me!
He makes a hand motion taunting Izanagi
Izanagi lunges forward, still surrounded by the light energy and he swings the scythe toward him summoning an arc of lights.
  • Izanagi: I don't know what the hell has gotten into you, but its pissing me off!
  • Susano'o: Gotcha!
He creates a barrier before himself, and when Izanagi's blade hits it, he dashes forward and cuts through him.
Izanagi takes the hit and is sent across the ground, he quickly gets back to his feet.
  • Izanagi: Tch...
  • Susano'o: So how did it feel, "brother"?
The energy around him forms into wings briefly and he jumps high, then throws the blade down creating an implosion of light in white and azure colors to hit Susano'o.
  • Izanagi: Shut up!
Susano'o leaps away from the blast.
  • Susano'o: Damn you!
  • Izanagi: I'll knock the darkness right out of you!
He lands and grabs his blade, the wings disappear.
  • Susano'o: My turn!
He rushes forward and swings his blade in a wide arc with a trail of darkness following it.
Izanagi tries to block the hit, but Susano'o powers through and cuts clean across, leaving a wound just bellow his collar bone drenched in blood.
  • Izanagi: Agh!!
Susano'o laughs as he hears Izanagi's growls of pain.
  • Susano'o: What's the matter, Nagi? Looks like I'm stronger than you.
He just scowls and swings his blue tinted blade to knock him away in a flash of light.
Susano'o takes the hit and falls on the ground.
  • Izanagi: I don't care about that anymore! Stop!
  • Susano'o: No way!
  • Izanagi: You'll let it consume you, idiot!
He rises to his feet and lunges at Izanagi in a wild blood lust once again. Izanagi leaps away and swings his scythe in defense as he does so, in case Susano'o tried to hit him down.
  • Susano'o: Damn!
His blade misses his target and Izanagi lands safely back on the ground. He raises his blade back up and sends a surge of energy forward in a gleaming flash of light and aura.
  • Izanagi: Then I'll just knock you out and figure this out myself!
Susano'o quickly reacts and swings his sword sending a wave of darkness.
  • Susano'o: Don't get so cocky!
  • Ophion: Ooooh this is a damn good match, he's gonna be fun to kill!! Ehahahahaaa!
  • Izanagi: I don't know what compelled you to do this, and right now I don't care, I wont let this happen!
He swings his blade in a tail of light auras, trying to hit Susano'o with a rapid barrage of slashes as he heads into a clash.
  • Susano'o: Shut up!
Susano'o blocks most of the strikes, but still gets hit.
  • Izanagi: You hear me?! Whoever the hell gave you this power...I'll DESTROY them for it!!
He swings his scythe down and creates an blast of energy, shaking the earth bellow. Darkness and light continues to clash in a brilliant display of power. Susano'o is knocked away by the power of the blast.
  • Susano'o: Damn!
  • Izanagi: They had the NERVE to use you to get to me, and I'm NOT gonna let them think they can get away with it!
He rushes right back in and brings the blade down.
Susano'o rises to his feet and catches Izanagi's blade with his bare hands.
  • Susano'o: Surprise!
  • Izanagi: What the--
  • Susano'o: Whoa, that's actually pretty impressive.
Izanagi growls and tries to toss Susano'o away while he's holding the edge of his blade.
Susano'o releases the blade and punches him in the stomach. Having swung the blade, leaving himself open, the impact hit him hard.
  • Izanagi: Gah...!
He performs a roundhouse kick and tries to hit Izanagi in the face. Izanagi moves away, but the kick hits him in the shoulder, and the momentum sends him in a half circle. Izanagi shakes it off, a bit dazed from the strike. He gathers the light and sends it forward in the form of a blade.
  • Izanagi: (Something is making him stronger...Is it that darkness I feel? Its blacker then night...)
Susano'o avoids the attack and hits Izanagi with the hilt of his sword.
  • Ophion: That's it, that's it FEEL my power course through you. Its stronger then his could ever HOPE to be...Hehehehe!
Invigorated by the voice, Susano'o puts force to kill behind the strike, but Izanagi evades it; albeit just barely.
  • Susano'o: Not bad.
He spreads that creepy grin, while Izanagi just tries to hold back his growing contempt. Susano'o moves in and wildly slashes at Izanagi several times.
Izanagi attempts to do so but takes the last few which end up ripping two gruesome wounds across his body.
  • Izanagi: GAAH!
  • Susano'o: Does it hurt?
  • Izanagi: You, twisted—Agh..!
Izanagi reels in pain from agony his wounds are causing. Susano'o continues to try and bait him to get him to fight despite his clear worsening condition.
  • Susano'o: Come on! Is that all you can do?
Izanagi growls in anger and swings forward with his blade, creating a rupture of light energy.
  • Susano'o: And here we go...
Susano'o ducks under the blade and knocks it out of his hands. Rebelluia bounds across the floor and then slides away, Izanagi growls.
  • Susano'o: And now... you...
He thrusts his sword forward to stab Izanagi and pierce his heart.
  • Susano'o: DIE!
  • Izanagi: AAAGH...! G..gah...
The blade pierces through, its blade stained red. However Izanagi looks straight up at Susano'o with blood from his mouth, his blue eyes locked in a glare. Origins didn't die easy, neither would Izanagi, he pulls the blade out and knocks Susano'o away forcefully with the fading light around his body, now mixing with the blood pouring from his wound.
  • Susano'o: Damn you!
In a weakening and pained voice Izanagi speaks. His eyes stare straight through Susano'o, not at his brother but at the darkness behind him, which was consuming him entirely.
  • Izanagi: You...what the HELL are you...where is my brother...
Susano'o bursts out into a laugh with the same insanity as Ophion himself before he looks back at Izanagi, returning his gaze with equal intensity.
  • Susano'o: He's gone. He's lone gone.
  • Izanagi: Bast—GAUGH...!
His voice fades into a gasp of pain as he coughs out a huge clot of blood.
  • Susano'o: So... think you're going to die...?
  • Izanagi: Son of a bitch...I'm not dead yet...
He picks up his sword again with one hand and forces his soul energy to release a wave of light.
Susano'o rolls away and avoids it.
  • Susano'o: Damn, you're persistent.
Izanagi pants and raises the blade again to send another burst of light forward, a voice cuts off his progress.
  • Ophion: Isn't this fun Izanagi? Lost your sister, now your own brother is about to kill you. I just love these scenes!! Gets me right here y'know?? EHEHAHAHAHA!
  • Izanagi: Ugh...Huh? What...Are you...
  • Ophion: Bingo! That power he has is from me. He's gonna kill you cause of me. Like this.
Even more darkness envelops Susano'o and he lungs forward in a blood-thirsty psychotic rage.
  • Susano'o: DIE!
Susano'o's blade runs across with the speed of a hail of bullets, darkness rips across as he passes sending Izanagi flying and bouncing along the ground bloodied. Susano'o doesn't stop though and pins him to the ground.
  • Susano'o: I'll kill you!
He continues to crush him underneath the pressure of the attack, Izanagi cries out in agony while Ophion's laughter echoes across the area.
  • Izanagi: Uagh! God dammit, Susano'o...Aaaugh! Stop...
Susano'o himself laughs as well, while Ophion's fades into speech once more.
  • Ophion: Awwh too bad, he can't hear you! in fact he's pretty much a way I'm using to get into this place...since we can't come down ourselves. So both he and I are killing you, isn't that FUN?!
  • Izanagi: Why...why did you...take him...why not me...damned snake...
By this point Izanagi was completely torn open by his injuries, he wouldn't make it even if he had to. Blood drenches his coat and the floor red.
  • Ophion: A Snake am I? I kinda like that...but anyway it couldn't be you, that's why...oooh you're bleeding a lot aren't you? That's WONDERFUL!! HEHEHEHEHAHA!
  • Izanagi: Susano'o... Wake up... please... I... can't...
  • Susano'o: I told you, your brother is gone.
  • Izanagi: can't die...all the Origins...I have to...protect that place...
He struggles underneath the pressure of Susano'os attack pinning him to the floor. But his struggle gradually weakens.
  • Izanagi: God damn you...I wont ever...forgive you for this...serpent...
  • Ophion: Oh, don't worry, your role is FAR from over... but I think your brother is juuuuust about ready to be tossed in the garbage bin, as for your sister... I've got plans for her as well, rest assured. Now please, DIE.
As he speaks the words, Susano'o delivers the final strike. Izanagi lets off a last cry that weakens into groan and then fades to silence. In a flash the darkness leaves Susano'o only temporarily to let him see what he did. As he clears his vision, Susano'o's head pounds, feeling like someone was hitting a large gong in his mind.
The wind howls with Ophion's laughter as Susano'o lays eyes on his brother who laid in a bloody heap in front of him, his silver hair splashed with his blood, his body horribly mauled and pierced by his own strikes.
  • Susano'o: No... what have I done?!
"Success feels oh so sweet, as did the cries of agony, music to my ears! Ah, but I still needed to do a few more things before I could commence with making the Azure from Izanagi's soul...Needed a new form..."

The Serpent's RiseEdit

Susano'o quickly rushes over to his brother, and tries desperately to get him to wake, but Izanagi doesn't budge from his crumpled form.
  • Susano'o: Izanagi! Wake up, please!
Tears run down his face.
  • Susano'o: Please, do not leave me alone, brother! You have to live! Izanagi! IZANAGI!
Izanagi doesn't open his eyes, he remains motionless on the ground in a pool of blood. For the first time, Ophion presents himself to Susano'o as some kind of sick reward.
His form is human, but his eyes are wickedly demon like, slit like a serpents. He keeps the shroud of dark hazes over himself to as he comes over.
  • Ophion: Good job, kid.
Ophion wears a wicked grin as he approaches Susano'o. Susano'o returns his grin with a icy and pained glare. The one who was standing before him is the man who made him murder his own brother.
  • Susano'o: You bastard!
  • Ophion: Ah-ah-ah. My existence isn't even complete right now. So attacking me does nothing...besides we're bound in a sense...remember?
  • Susano'o: Damn you!
Ophion grins with malice before he looks over at Izanagi.
  • Ophion: You made quite a mess didn't you? Well I guess I did...still. Couldn't of done it without you! Hehehehahaha!
  • Susano'o: So you just needed me to kill him...
  • Ophion: That's right, cant come here on my own...I needed a link of sorts. I can't use the one I want as the link...that'd be pointless. I'd be killing myself in the end, so I used you.
Susano'o suddenly realizes that everything that happened was a part of Ophion's plan.
  • Susano'o: You were planning this all along, weren't you?
  • Ophion: Yeah in a sense...and since you know to much...I'm gonna erase your memory and send you to the abyss, well this part of you. maybe the others will find some use for you, I dunno.
  • Susano'o: Where is she? Where is my sister?!
  • Ophion: Oh that brat...? Eh...I don't know.
Even speaking in question, he smiles still. Susano'o sees right through it, though it was clear enough that Ophion was lying through his teeth.
  • Susano'o: You are lying!
While Susano'o becomes enraged, Ophion just rolls his eyes.
  • Ophion: Oh shut up...
He knocks him away with several chains of energy, they come forward like a wave of squirming serpentine darkness.
  • Susano'o: GAAAH!
As Susano'o is knocked backwards, Ophion walks over to Izanagi and lifts him from the ground.
Susano'o gets back up, injured, but fury still hot like a white blade.
  • Susano'o: You will pay for this!
  • Ophion: Hush, kid, or I'll kill you...
Susano'o charges at Ophion and wildly swings his sword trying to hit him. Ophion lets off a sigh and raises more of the chains to keep him away. They all pounce and bound him against the wall as they come forward like vicious serpents.
  • Susano'o: Ugh!
  • Ophion: Now...leave me be okay? I'm busy. I finally have what I need, and I really don't want to deal with a pissy kid who just lost his brother because of his own stupidity.
Susano'o tries to break away from the chains.
  • Susano'o: I will make you pay! I swear I will make you pay!
Ophion ignores Susano'o's threat, bathes his hand in dark green and black energy, then drives it into Izanagi and straight into him. He feels around past his flesh for something.
  • Ophion: Where is it... ah.
Susano'o just growls in anger. Ophion grasps and pulls out a blue light from Izanagi's body.
  • Ophion: An Azureium of the strongest Origin... I finally can make it now... Hehehehehe...HEHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!
  • Susano'o: So this is why you needed him...
The blue light swirls with light, with purity, as Ophion holds it it shifts into black darker then pitch energy almost instantaneously.
  • Ophion: Yeah...I needed his soul. I'm gonna make him into a weapon...
  • Susano'o: A weapon?
  • Ophion: Yes, this soul is one of the strongest the codex has so far created. Imagine his potential with the souls of EVERY origin here stuffed into it as energy...
  • Susano'o: No... you are insane!
  • Ophion: I'll call it...the "Azure". Has a nice ring to it.
  • Susano'o: The Azure...
Ophion tosses Izanagi's body away and keeps the soul.
  • Ophion: Yes, that's a perfect name for it. To bad you wont get to see him again...
  • Susano'o: Damn you...
  • Ophion: Or her. Your entire family just got busted apart!! Doesn't that just make you so damn happy? And all this negativity I've given Nagi will manifest in the Azure...He wont be anything like he used to be!
Ophion laughs and binds Susano'o in chains of energy, they bind themselves around his limbs and Ophion drags him over.
  • Susano'o: Ugh! Let me go!
  • Ophion: Oh I will...but first...I'm gonna need to borrow that existence to manifest myself. I mean come on you're the second strongest're a pretty good catch in your own right.
  • Susano'o: So... you are going to use me as a weapon...
  • Ophion: I'll use your negativity, and throw out the rest.
His smile turns wicked.
  • Ophion: Just like I'll do with your brother eventually, and maybe even your sister.
  • Susano'o: No! Do not even try to do it with her!
Ophion just laughs.
  • Ophion: Maybe I already have...there is nothing I WONT do.
Susano'o growls at his comment, he prayed that Izanami didn't or wouldn't fall victim to this insane being.
  • Ophion: Now...let's see what I can make from your negativity, and your existence.
Ophion returns to him in the form of darkness and begins trying to take over completely, surrounding themselves in an aura of pitch black.
  • Susano'o: Ugh! No... stop it!
  • Ophion: You can't fight it, I'm FAR stronger then you, you cant escape the chains of fate!! AHAHAHAHAHAA!
  • Susano'o: GAAAAAHHH!
The black aura explodes in a flurry of darkness, Susano'o is knocked out of his existence and finds himself watching it all now. He sees himself, Ophion having fully manifested using his souls negativity. He wears armor of sorts, a snake pauldron sits on his shoulder and he sports golden eyes and green spiked up hair. Red, Green and Violet auras shroud around him.
Susano'o is now the voice in the air yelling at him.
  • Susano'o: Damn you!
  • Ophion: Not bad, I like it. Not exactly how it is, but hey, what works works. Hmm...I need something new to go by...
He pauses as he shifts through ideas in his mind.
  • Ophion: ...Terumi, that's the first thing that came to mind. Yuuki Terumi. As far as everyone's concerned...that's who I'll be. Besides...Ophion is who I was with those idiots and well I'm not gonna be with them anymore.
Susano'o can do nothing but watch. He's chained, locked away. Only to be released by fate if they ever deemed it necessary.
  • Terumi: Ugh...I don't need this though. Days like these it pays to be a member of Fate's authority...what to do with this...
He removes the blue light that was Susano'o's soul, now combined with his own. He then looks at it, contemplating on what to do with it. It was combined with his power already, but since he had access to the codex, he could make something even stronger.
  • Terumi: Restrictions lifted. Fate's soul identified, Accessing Soul Codex. Power: Azureium. Break through, and empower this soul with darkness and black!
A black light envelops him and he manipulates it around himself.
  • Terumi: This power will actually help me to counter the Azure if it ever gets out of hand...with it I can corrupt energy and create it as something new that uses this "Black Azure". This is the "Kaiser" essentially, a prototype personal soul codex in its own right. Feeding it the souls of the origins will corrupt them instantly to the will of destruction and pour all that energy right into your dear brother's soul...making him into the Azure.
  • Susano'o: Terumi...!
  • Terumi: Heh, you like that idea right? Now, time to get this show started huh? Fate's authority will never see this coming till its too damn late!! Thanks for your hard work Susano'o. Hehehahahaa!
  • Susano'o: One day, Terumi... one day I will make you pay for this!
  • Terumi: Oh I doubt that...I still weave fate, you're not getting out anytime soon. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
  • Susano'o: Be damned, Terumi...I will avenge myself one day.
Terumi takes out the soul and lets it float.
  • Terumi: Its time for the "Azure" to be born. And its time for this die. With no protector... destruction can ensue.
  • Susano'o: You are a madman...
  • Terumi: Am I? I think I'm just proving that I can make better use of these souls then our freaking leader ever could. Time for fate to be taken in a new direction. A direction of death and despair! And this soul will be the starting point of it all...Origins have always been under our finger tips, but I think its time they start being of real use...They'll make perfect sacrifice for the Azure!
  • Susano'o: This is insane! If I could tell them about you... to stop this insanity, I would...
  • Terumi: Well, unfortunately... no one is gonna tell them. They won't know until its too damn late. As far as they're concerned...they'll see you instead of me.
  • Terumi: You might see me, they however can't. So it'll appear YOU'RE doing all this.
  • Susano'o: And they will blame me for this.
  • Terumi: Correct! You'll get to stick around and watch though, so lets head back to your old home eh? Give everyone a nice warm greeting, I'm sure they've missed you...
  • Susano'o: Go to hell!
"So that's how that the time that kid stopped squabbling I took us from the bottom through the edge to the tip top world of the Origins. It was time to make the Azure, seeing I had everything I needed. The Kaiser would make everything so much easier, its so damn easy when you can make negativity straight out of a source and alter souls into something else...sometimes I miss that, but you already know how that worked out."

Devoured Light, Born DarknessEdit

Terumi walks off right out of the Yomi, past the darkness like it bent to his every command. He walks straight out of the edge and back into the world of Origins. Terumi grins to himself seeing all the peace that was soon about to shatter to pieces, all the joy that would soon dive down to despair.
Susano'o continues to watch, and as Terumi steps out, he is greeted by a pair of guards, surprised to see him.
Terumi remains completely calm.
  • Origin: L-Lord Susano'o? Is that you? Sir, did you find Izanagi down there? He went in to stop the serpents.
  • Terumi: ...Yeah... he's dead.
All of them become shocked and begin to freak out over the situation, they’d never been without their protector. Terumi rolls his eyes watching them flounder about like fish out of water.
  • Terumi: Could you not do that, its getting annoying…
  • Origin: This is a crisis, your brother is dead! We must alert Fate’s Au--
  • Terumi: No, no you really don't.
Terumi uses his blade to swiftly cut across the Origin’s neck and silence the man’s fuss. Terumi twirls the blade which is dyed crimson once more.
  • Terumi: Nice blade you got here, kid.
  • Susano'o: No! You bastard!
All of the Origins fall into panic seeing Terumi cut down one single handed, or in their eyes, Susano'o. Terumi just grins with wickedness, he forms the black energy, Kaiser, around the blade and points it straight in their direction provocatively.
  • Terumi: That's right, panic, run for your damn lives! Fall into despair cause your protector is GONE. And I'M the one who killed him!!
They all flee without second thought, and Terumi uses the blade and darkness to cut every single one of them down as they run. It was like a wolf in a kennel of blind new born pups, it was by no means fair.
  • Terumi: Oh this is FUN! I haven't had this much fun in I don't know how long!
He goes around to all of the souls and turns them pitch with the blade before he takes the altered souls from the fallen. Susano'o continues to watch, horrified.
  • Susano'o: This is a bloodbath! He is insane!
Terumi then shakes the blood off the sword and continues moving, he heads to the Celestial tower, at the top of it was what he sought out.
Meanwhile the gates all fly open, releasing the hellions from the Yomi onto the plain. They could roam free with the less energy with every origin killed, the place was rapidly falling into a dying, dreary scene. They killed everything in their wake, and all the souls go straight to Terumi.
Panic ensues across the lands.
A hellion with jet black wings flies over and obliterates a structure, firing off shots that implode. A laugh escapes him, and he is about as insane as Terumi himself. Another jumps out and lights the place in dark infernos with a powerful cry before running off with great speed. The foul energy from the Yomi continues to seeps onto the plain of origins. Susano'o watches his home be destroyed slowly.
Terumi just laughs, enjoying the scene he's creating.
  • Terumi: Oh hell yes the Triune is here! Hell just invite everyone!
  • Susano'o: No! It cannot happen! This is a nightmare!
Terumi walks right past the carnage, and towards the tower. The Hellion with the jet black wings takes out the guards with ease as he approaches. His blades of Kaiser rip right through them and Terumi takes the souls.
  • Laileth: Wings of Death, the Raven himself, Laileth at your service. Nice form by the way, you're pretty gutsy to be doing this, bringing negativity to upset the balance.
  • Terumi: Who gives a shit about balance...
  • Laileth: True. You're one in charge of negativity after all.
He takes off again to continue sweeping the perimeter of the tower.
Terumi laughs with a twisted pleasure.
  • Terumi: Oh this is too damn like this show Susano'o? Actually, I think Izanagi is watching this as well, sleeping in this light. We'll just have to wake him up again, probably wont be to happy about it, but hey, not like it matters...seeing I can manipulate all his anger into power to temper him!
  • Susano'o: You are a monster!
  • Terumi: Then...then he'll open the gate, since if I do it that'll blow everything out of the water. This world will fall into hell itself even after its destroyed. Then once the Azure is all nice and warmed up, I'll use it to alter reality in itself, there wont NEED to be balance anymore!! No light! No free will, all of it can fall to black!!
As he speaks, Terumi continues walking through the hallways and up the floors ascending the tower levels. The place was mostly cleaned out and falling apart. The madman makes his way up to the upper level, at the top of the tower. In front of a large pillar or monolith, standing there was a young women with violet hair and red listless eyes.
  • Terumi: And I do believe our very special guest is here somewhere who will help me do this...ah there she is! The final member of the newly formed Triune...The fallen goddess, goddess of death, or in other words, what Izanami became while she was stuck in the Yomi.
  • Susano'o: No... Izanami!
  • Izanami: ...
Izanami doesn't respond, just looks on.
  • Terumi: She's only known a world of death...poor thing. And now that's all she WILL ever know! HehehaHAHAHAHAHA!!
  • Susano'o: You... you bastard!
  • Terumi: Oh, I do so love the powers of soul manipulation and using influences to completely corrupt the innocent... Sweet little Izanami... waited for her big brothers to come, and they never did.
  • Susano'o: Damn you! If I did not listen to you you would be rotting in the depths of the Yomi!
Terumi chuckles.
  • Terumi: Nah see that's where you have it wrong. I just used the Yomi to talk to you, members of Fate's Authority aren't bound to any one world in particular after all...although I DO like it there...lots of negativity...
  • Susano'o: You are a member of Fate's Authority? Impossible!
  • Terumi: Oh come on now, you can't figure it out? I look after negativity, after corruption, I'm the one who controls that part of the deal. Can't have one without the other... or so the belief is.
  • Susano'o: I can not believe they'd...
  • Terumi: You're think we all get along? Bullshit. I got tired of watching all those idiots do nothing with all this power they've made. So I'm going to take things my own way. This Azureium they've made will be what destroys them! I can't counter fate unless I do it with something MADE by fate. All their precious little origin pets they keep and tend to...I'm sick of this "peace" and "balance". Izanagi was made as the strongest! And all he does is run around protecting crap. Tell me, what the hell good is that?!
  • Susano'o: You just cannot understand that!
  • Terumi: Oh no I understand perfectly, I just think its a god damn waste of time. He doesn't need a "life" or "free will" fabricating those idiot little insects we call humanity, he's a god damn weapon! I HATE how fate's authority even KEEPS humanity in the equation...our damned leader...
  • Susano'o: Do not call my brother a "weapon"!
  • Terumi: Not just Nagi, so is she, so is everyone here! Things that are MADE and BUILT are...TOOLS. Weapons! OUR weapons, and fate hardly even uses them! Use them for killing, for destruction, for dominance and corruption! CONTROL them!
  • Susano'o: You disgust me... you are rotten to the core!
  • Terumi: I suppose I am...But... I'll be the one to kill everyone. I'll be the last standing. In the end I'll laugh when everything dies. Like it should.
He turns to the massive Monolith towering behind him and gains a wicked grin.
  • Terumi: This is where I can summon what I need to temper the Azure.
  • Susano'o: What are you talking about?
He gives the monolith energy from the now pitch sword, and a huge sigil is formed, similar but different from the one Izanagi would use to make the eternal armaments or the units that he gave to his siblings.
  • Terumi: See that giant sigil up there? Once I reform Izanagi, he'll re temper with all these souls, and I'll summon him into a cauldron. Then when he is reborn, he'll destroy this world.
He holds out the light that is Izanagi's soul.
Terumi begins to pour the energy into it from the souls of the Blackened Origins, sure enough it re manifests Izanagi, but his existence isn't complete. Izanagi looks around.
  • Susano'o: Izanagi...
His confusion quickly fades when he realizes what's going on. He becomes enraged and looks straight at Terumi.
  • Izanagi: ...You! I can see you bastard!!
  • Terumi: Huh? You can? Wow, that's impressive. Wonder what else the "azure" can do...
  • Izanagi: Azure...? What the hell are you doing?! Are you messing with the codex?
  • Terumi: Not messing with, I'm using a member of Fate's authority should.
  • Izanagi: can't be here! How the hell...
  • Terumi: Indeed, I can't, but I'm technically not. I'm Ophion, but...not. I'm Terumi now, using your brother as part of my own existence in this world.
  • Izanagi: ...What?! You son of used a loophole...
  • Terumi: That I did, and, you Izanagi have the honor of sticking around for the show. Strongest Origin, your soul is capable of becoming the Azure.
  • Izanagi: Enough you damned snake!! You destroyed my home! My, you took it all!!
Izanagi becomes enraged. As his emotions hit a boiling point, the auras around him only get more violent, as a big black spark of energy flares up around him.
  • Terumi: Oh that's perfect! That's it, Nagi! That's the kinda power I'm looking for to make the Azure!! MORE! Let your soul consume all this energy, devour every last drop of it!!
The origin souls all fly into him at a wild pace, and solidify his existence, Susano'o cries for it to stop, but no one can hear him aside Terumi.
  • Susano'o: No! Stop it! Izanagi!
  • Izanagi: You...I'll Kill you...I'll DESTROY YOU!!
His eyes flash from blue to red, and the Rebelluia's blue tint disappears from it.
  • Terumi: Some words for a protector! Come you hate me?! Did I give you despair?! Do you want to unleash that power so you can kill me?! Do ya!? HUH!?
Izanagi just roars in fury, and lunges forward. As he approaches, Terumi quickly sends a collection of chains that bind him. He is constrained by the chain's darkness, Izanagi's power rapidly falling out of his control with each ounce of light that made up his soul drained from him. He cries in pain as the energy still flows in from the corrupted souls being poured into him.
  • Terumi: Whoa. That was close...should make limiters for those emotions or something...
  • Izanagi: AAAAAGH! STOP!! I don't want to become this!!
  • Susano'o: Izanagi!
  • Terumi: Think I care what you want? I don't give two shits about what you want Nagi, so say good-bye to all those memories as who you were! All you'll know is HATE! DESTRUCTION! This Azure will be from your Darkness, your hate, your despair! HehehehAHAHAHAHAHAA!
Izanagi cries out as everything he knew was torn away from him, he was drained out and left like a cold shell with this power inside of him that cried for destruction and death to make a reality of it.
As this occurs, the last of the darkness pours into him and he disappears, forming into the cauldron above the monolith. It looks like a sleeping beast as it cracks with the sheer amount of energy that was poured into it.
  • Susano'o: You have made my brother into this...this thing?
Terumi snickers and then bursts out into a laugh of madness.
  • Terumi: AhahahaHAHAHAHAA! Isn't it wonderful?! The Azure is born!!
  • Susano'o: You are a true monster! You have destroyed our world just to use the souls of Origins for your weapon!
  • Terumi: That I did, Isn't it great?! Now, Izanami, wake up your brother please. He'll wake up for you...
  • Izanami: Wake up... Izanagi?
Izanami looks over towards him.
  • Terumi: Yes...the soul has hit its peak. I've refined him with the codex, now he just needs someone like you to wake him up...Show him the fate you want for this world...he's waiting for you to wake him up.
  • Izanami: I'll wake him up...he'll help bring death to the worlds. Just like...what I know...
Terumi grins.
  • Susano'o: No... I will kill you for what you have done to her!
  • Terumi: Sweet innocent souls like Izanami can finish what I want Nagi's Azure to be...Go on Izanami, wake up your brother.
Izanami walks over to the cauldron. She looks up at it and senses Izanagi inside of it.
  • Izanami: Brother...?
  • Terumi: ...Yes. That's Izanagi...wake him up.
  • Izanami: Brother...doesn't want it...where is Susano'o? Why is Izanagi in pain...?
  • Terumi: ...Okay, brat...WAKE HIM UP.
Izanami clutches her head and shakes it in disagreement.
  • Izanami: I...I don't want to! Susano'o, Izanagi!! Brother!! I don't want this!!
  • Terumi: Oh for the love of—damned pure souls...I haven't gotten the hang of them I guess...
  • Susano'o: So it looks like you have missed something... what a shame.
Terumi growls.
  • Terumi: WAKE UP your DAMNED BROTHER or I'll KILL YOU!!
  • Izanami: No, I don't want this to happen! Amaterasu!!
A light shrouds the sky and hits her. Terumi lets off another growl.
  • Terumi: God dammit! That'll alert them!
  • Susano'o: Oh, this will ruin your plans.
  • Terumi: Damn you Amaterasu!! Now a freaking reset will happen...unless...
Terumi looks around and abandons the cauldron, he jumps through a void he opens. Likely the rest of Fate's authority would intervene, and Terumi fled. The entire world around Izanami begins to shake, the sky cracks apart with the design exposed. Susano'o is released, but his existence is completely ruined. As he lands, the cauldron Terumi formed also bursts, and Izanagi falls out of it while the world around them begins to fall to pieces.
Izanagi can't remember anything, he feels like everything broke apart inside him. Even looking around he doesn't recall much.
  • Izanami: Susano'o!
  • Susano'o: I am here!
  • Izanami: I think fate's authority is upset...our world its'...shattering...
  • Susano'o: We cannot stop it...
Izanagi gets up, barely able to stand.
  • Izanagi: ...Augh...are they...purging the world...? Dammit...I failed as our protector...I couldn't protect anything...
Time and space around them slowly tears itself away
  • Susano'o: This is the end...
  • Izanagi: ...That...snake...Teru...mi...
  • Izanami: Whats...gonna happen to us?
The ground begins to crack in light. Izanagi closes his eyes, the ground beneath shatters like a glass pane and they all fall through into complete blackness...into limbo.
  • Izanagi: (Dammit...I lost everything...Can't...see...existence is breaking tired...)
"I sort of got caught there...freaking Amaterasu. Izanagi entrusted the units he made with fate's permission to his siblings, and I didn't think the brat would actually retain enough purity to use it. That completely ruined what I was trying to do. And come to find out later on Amaterasu remembered EVERYTHING that happened through its connection to Izanami. So...that was a problem later on, as all of you know."
"Moving on...that pretty much ended my chances of screwing Fate's authority over, as they did so to me instead...We'll skip past that as we approach the ending of this story."

The world of HumanityEdit

The surroundings are vastly different as Izanagi opens his eyes.
There is no sky of light, or trees or gardens. No edge or Yomi, there is a room, with people looking at something. They are busily chattering as they lay eyes on a massive spot of energy on their radar who are looking on the screen.
The people are all lost in conversation to what it could be.
Izanagi can't see them clearly though, he, to them appears as a ball of bright Azure light. He just wants to sleep however. He wants to stay in this warmth that was oddly cold all at once, the negativity in his mind was still fresh, and his eyes were now mismatched, one blue the other red. He hated things, and if he was woken up he wouldn't be happy about it.
"What is it?" One asks.
"Can we pull it out of the edge?" Another remarks.
He spends what feels like days listening to them ramble. He continues to sleep until eventually, someone walks into their lab, with a unmistakable presence that forces his eyes open.
But it seems only Izanagi sees him, the others don't seem to notice him.
Izanagi recognized the presence though, if he could growl he would. If he could come out now, he would. But he was stuck in this blue, azure darkness.
  • Izanagi: (They...put him here?!)
"Hey...don't ask me why, but I think I know what this thing is called..." One of the scientists, whose right next to an apparition of Terumi tries to tell the others what this strange light was.
"What is it then?" The others ask with a curious expression.
The one scientist pauses and then says the word.
"And that's how the Azure came to be, and that's where my plans first began, and where things really turned into a shit storm when I got stuck on that god awful world and stripped of my power as a member of fate's authority as "punishment". Even so...that Azure I made turned out to be filled with surprises...and it gets a whole lot more interesting. The story continues with that Azure, but as they say, that's... for another time..."
Continues in
Paradox Rebellion

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