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BlazBlue: Calamitous Complex BlazBlue: Fate Dissolution Black Azure Revival Saga

BlazBlue: Fate Dissolution

Platform(s): Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Release date(s): TBA
Mode(s): TBA
Rating(s): T
Game of: ZeroXEbony, with help from MegaSonic55

BlazBlue: Fate Dissolution is the closure to the Incarnate Trilogy and serves as a tie in directly after the events of the true ending of Calamitous Complex. Rather than individual storylines, the story is broken into 10 chapters outlining each of the struggles of the protagonists against the transpiring events. 

Storyline  Edit

In a clash of realities and wills, in the trials of fate, the war will end.
With the gate opened and the world's center now growing into Kaiser, the world begins to rapidly fall apart and spirals towards death, souls feel afflicted by the fear which consumes hope for all but a few. Writing their own fate against the current, those who defend their world's reality prepare to stand against Kaizema who has woven fate in his favor, and awoken as an Origin preparing to alter reality completely and leave the world nothing but a dead husk. Asuva and the others cling to the beliefs that they will be able to prevent calamity from ensuing and restore the reality they all fought for, one slow painful step at a time. Though he is determined, Asuva silently dreads the moment he'll have to face and stand against his fate as he's always done, unsure of whether he'll succeed or fail. 
  • 000: Fear and hope 
  • 001: Calm before the storm 
  • 002: Into the Nightmare
  • 003: Playing with Fire 
  • 004: Trials of Fate 
  • 005: Calamitous White 
  • 006: Reclamation
  • 007: Twilight Hour 
  • 008: Nightmare Reality
  • 009: Azure Rebellion 
  • End: Broken 
  • Alternate End: Inescapable Fate (Non Cannon) 

Extra Stories Edit

The entire collection of Extra stories throughout the series lifetime will be included, going in depth with the backstories and origins of the world and its characters. 

  • Extra Story 1: Azure Origins (Focuses on the Origins and Terumi) 
  • Extra Story 2: Paradox Rebellion (Focuses on the events of the Paradox, the ancestors of the current characters, and the birth of the world of Azure.) 
  • Extra Story 3: Phase X (An in depth look of the world of Azure before the dark war happened, when the design was still being put in place. Focuses on Ragna's path that never came to be.) 

Characters Edit

Default Edit


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