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BlazBlue: Distorted Sequence

Developer(s): Arc System Works
Designer(s): Tails6000
Genre(s): SRPG/TRPG
Game of: Tails6000

BlazBlue: Distored Sequence is a spin-off RPG in the BlazBlue series, combining the worlds of Control Sequence and the Azure Generations timeline

Story Edit

Azure Generations Story PathEdit

Control Sequence Story pathEdit

True Ending PathEdit

Characters Edit

{Note: a character labeled with an * are hero NPCs, while those with 2 *'s are antagonists}

Azure Generations Cast MembersEdit

Control Sequence Cast MembersEdit

Gameplay Edit

Gameplay in the crossover takes a note from many notable role-playing games, namely the likes of Record of Agarest war, mixed with mechanics similar to those found in Super Robot Wars or Project X zone. While overall keeping the blazblue theme. Characters are on a grid, and the scenarios are played until requirements of victory or defeat are met. Characters before finishing their turn have a chance to attack, or cast a skill using heat. Such as a crush trigger. Overdrive acts as a temporary power boost for a set amount of turns, it's effects vary on the character. (For example, Ragna's overdrive would enhance his soul reaper's lifesteal ability, while Miwa's would enhance her pink azure's healing capability). More powerful attacks are utilized by a special meter known as Soul Break, gained by taking damage from enemy attacks, or allies falling. Which can unlock a powerful distortion drive or astral heat, and allows use for Dual Distortions, a distortion drive between two individuals which can have effects from a complete party heal, to a devastating attack on multiple foes.

Soul Break and Heat usageEdit

to be expanded upon

Dual DistortionsEdit

to be expanded upon

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