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BlazBlue: Crisis Rebellion BlazBlue: Calamitous Complex

BlazBlue: Crisis Rebellion

Platform(s): · Xbox 360
· PlayStation 3
Mode(s): · Arcade Mode

· Story Mode
· Score Attack
· Unlimited Mars
· Network
· Abyss Mode
· Gallery Mode

Rating(s): T
Game of: ZeroXEbony with help from MegaSonic55

BlazBlue: Crisis Rebellion takes place ten years after the events of Fate Coruption and follows the exploits of Asuva Ragnar. It is the first game of the Incarnate Trilogy.


January 2210 The tale of the Azure continues as Asuva heads into Ugairu after he had to leave his family behind due to being caught in a war zone. Ugairu is quickly revealed to be the source of the war, having several big name organizations involved for something known only as the Kaiser. This Kaiser causes mass disturbance and the KU that deems the Kaiser good for the people, searches for people suitable to handle its immense energy, while the higher KAL collects people for research purposes. Asuva is quickly targeted for a power that resides in his heart, and he soon finds himself thrown in the middle of this war under the RSF's protection. Confused he learns that this power entertwines him with fate and the Kaiser itself, and he storms into battle towards the NOL, the source of his answers. The world is thrown into chaos once more, and the wheel of fate continues to turn as Asuva is unwillingly ensnared in an inherited fate. The war between Black and White begins anew...


Default Edit


Support Edit

  • Raiyun
  • Jubei
  • Kokonoe
  • Konoe A. Mercury/Nine
  • Rachel Alucard
  • Legna Alucard
  • Miwa Suzuki
  • Makoto Nanaya

Stories Edit

  • Asuva and Xenaki Stories: Astray Soul
  • Seiras Stories: Interwined Fates
  • HJ and Bullet Stories: Face Regret
  • Quicksilver Stories: Forgotten Nightmares
  • Laileth Stories: Raven
  • Arisu Stories: Mission Start
  • Celica Stories: Seeking White
  • Azrael Stories: Purpose of Power
  • Kaizema stories: Advent Nightmare
  • Extra Story: Past Afflictions

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