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Name: Beleth
Alias: Metal Monstrosity
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, looks like a teenager
Birthplace: The Research Sector
Height: 5'0"
Hobbies: Making metal sculptures
Likes: Rocks and minerals
Weapon: Pestifer Metallum: Beleth (Baneful Metal: Beleth)
Personal Status
Status: Alive
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Novus Orbis Sequentia
Department: Sequence Intelligence Agency
Simple Move List
Drive: Beleth's Roar
Anime(s): Control Sequence

Beleth (Pestifer Metallum: Beleth) is said to be a living Nex Exitium who is a member of the Sequence Intelligence Agency, and set to appear in the third verse in Control Sequence.

He is commanded by Rychia of the research division.


Beleth is seen to be an individual who has the body of a teenager with who has odd metal scaling patterning his skin and is always seen with a visor with two horn-like protrusions, with the main part of the headgear covering his eyes. His hair is swept back and is a dark gray.

He wears a vest with a large collar over his neck, and the vest goes over his body, where a long but thin metal tail-like attachment lays against his back and hangs down. His arms are exposed, with metallic gloves covering his hands. Long and thick pants cover his legs, running into full-metal boots with a pointed toe.

There's a metal bit near his neck that has the same symbol as the AIP on it.


The youngest-looking Destroyer, Beleth doesn't speak much, saying only what needs to be said and maintains a lonely solemn air around him, and he is easily frightened. Similarly to Akari, he maintains a child-like personality, apologizing to people when he has to "put them to sleep".

The soul of Beleth is quite different, however, and is why he's known as the Metal Monstrosity.




Powers and abilitiesEdit

More will be revealed about Beleth's power in Verse 3.


  • His name is taken from an entity who is summoned by mercury and metal, called Beleth.
  • Pestier Metallum: Beleth means "Baneful Metal: Beleth".