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The fragments of power around a soul and existence connecting all souls to the Azure in Control Sequence. Azure Remains form around a soul and is made up of the 'Origin' powers of Darkness and Light. They remain, even after death.

Nex has the strongest form of Azure Remains, with several other characters having strong, to moderate, to weak forms of them.


Some is stronger, and purer than others, giving the Soul power and drawing them closer to their original form even giving them a more powerful ‘Drive’. This purity can be in either positive or negative forms depending on the soul itself and what it chooses to become in a completed existence. It gives people Power over the Azure if the soul is strong enough.

Azure Remains help a soul survive in the world, making them more likely to make it through ordeals and grow 'stronger'. Azure Interface Primefield are tuned to read the Azure Remains of a Soul, as well as members of clans who were associated with the Azure have a certain sensitivity to them, comparing them to unique wavelengths. It can be read in a number which determines the strength of the individual. Sometimes it can go up and down, depending on the emotions of the user, most notably strong emotions: Hope, Despair, Hate, Joy, Trust, Valor, Envy, Vengeance, Malice Etc. All have the highest resulting effect on the 'strengths' of Azure Remains. 

Seithr Being are attracted to strong forms of it and they can be corrupted, gradually moving toward a black color generally signifying the loss of purity.

It’s unknown what happens when Azure Remains disappear from a Soul, and they’re difficult to remove, always remaining in some form within the World.


Azure Remains have been around since an unspecified time. They are currently data that is read and understood by the NOS's system.

Notable Azure RemainsEdit


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