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This variant of the Azure Grimoire, grafted into the body of Tetsuya Integer, is one of the many addition made onto the man after the event which jump-started the Drought.


Not much about this Grimoire is known besides from how it looks. Instead of being restricted to one part of the body, there are an array of Azure Grimoires placed all over Tetsuya's body. Two are on the back of his hands, one on his chest, two are on the sides of his calves facing out, and the final one is placed right where Tetsuya's right eye is, acting like a bolted on eye-patch.

They have their own individual release commands, with each being put into a section (Sections 1 and 2 are the hands, Sections 3 and 4 are the legs, Section 5 is the chest, and Section 6 is the eye).


Not much is known about this version of the Azure Grimoire as of now.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Not much is known about this version of the Azure Grimoire, aside from it being forced onto the new body of Tetsuya Integer. However, it is mentioned that it has the possibility of having Tetsuya lose control over it. The reason for the possibility of losing control over the Grimoire, however, is unknown at this time.


Each Grimoire (except for Number 6) share the same basic appearance; they have red orb at their center which acts as the lock for the Grimoires, reinforced by silver plates by all sides. They have bolts on each end, stabbing into Tetsuya's body for what seems like extra fortification and security for the Grimoire. The inner machinery has what looks like a reptile's eye at its center, with several tubes placed all around it.

The 6th Grimoire is more condensed to fit within the grooves of Tetsuya's face. It's the orb, but less reinforced with a single, round, silver ring around it. It's also bolted down onto Tetsuya's right eye, with three screws all around the ring, keeping it secure on him.

Release CodeEdit

Restriction 666, Section #, released! Dimensional Interference Field, deployed! BlazBlue Number #, activate!
―Grimoire Activation Release (# represents number)

Restriction 666, all Sections, released! Dimensional Interference Field, deployed! BlazBlue Numbers One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six, activate!
―All Azure Grimoires released at once