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Azure Grimoire (Nex's)

Owner: Nex
Name: Azure Grimoire (BlazBlue) · No.0 '???'
Form: Unknown, appears along his arms as a fluid metallic black encasing with formations of seithr/Azure protruding off it and translucent red veins.
Energy Source: Seithr
Magic from the Boundary (Origin of Darkness)
"Life" and Soul Energy
Type: Azure-Infused Grimoire of an experimental variety.

An unknown design of Azure Grimoire (BlazBlue), which is exclusive to Control Sequence and the EvoBlaze Timeline.


It was based upon the Original Grimoire/Grimoire of Origin, its creators aren’t known currently but one of its abilities installed in it is the Soul Harvester allowing it to gather and store the powers of various energies into Nex’s own power over the Azure. The force it then generates from the Azure is completely negative, feeding on the hostile emotions of its wielder and even other's and turning that into raw power.

The Grimoire has a system apparently that it can connect to, but Nex doesn't know how to access it anymore.

Main GrimoireEdit

His Azure Grimoire was connected to a source within the Boundary that grants Nex a Power over the Azure—one of a supernatural malevolent and destructive force. It acts to amplify an Azure’s destructive properties. Because of its corrupting nature, Nex typically prefers not to use it.

Upon activation, the Grimoire also shifts his appearance due to the infusion with its source Nex initializes on the activation. It breaks the limits of his body and mind, turning him into an Avatar of the Boundary and Azure's destructive force. Most of his appearance is taken over by Seithr and the Azure and around certain areas it'll build formations of a supernatural design on him which serve to channel the Boundary's power. However, it has an incomplete appearance, only appears on part of his body, while remaining dormant in others for some reason. 

It also unleashes his blade into a new form to channel the same energy as it ignites in the corrosive Azure energy, lengthens its edge along with giving it a new form much like the Nex Exitium

Nex can't stand when people touch the Grimoire's revealed portions as it puts their negativity of soul and mind through with the touch, and bothers him immensely as he channels those emotions as his own. 


The orb-shaped onyx shells on the back of Nex's hands function as a limiter to Nex's connection to his Power over the Azure and the Boundary. It keeps the levels stabilized and prevents him from drawing on too much.

When using it the slit widens and serves to channel more energy through his body while leaking a red-violet radiance. There are several instances this limiter will break, one being the use of too strong of a source for the limiter to contain and it will end up cracking, until it'll eventually break. The limiter was designed to reform itself should that occur, but the process takes time.

When the Limiter is broken, Nex's emotions tend to go out of his control from a massing of the collective soul energy and their rage, sorrow, and so forth, stored inside him. This causes any kind of command over the force of his attacks to become forfeit, often resulting in causing harm to anything around him as it attacks everything that gives off signs of life. In Rebellion Sequence his limiters would be reinforced by Imyo's past ally Nicaiah when Nex was having issues with the force of the Grimoire.


In 2390 a younger Nex obtained the Grimoire when he was mortally injured by an Azure Interface Primefield. The Grimoire was seen to be carried by an unknown individual though no contact came to Nex with it—but when Nex fell in the gate with the Azure Interface Primefield Type 4, he went deep 'beyond the gates', and his vision became engulfed in a nova of scarlet azure darkness where he felt only hatred and despair. When he next came conscious he'd somehow gotten out of the gate and the Azure Grimoire suddenly appeared over him as a metallic black and crimson organic materialized Azure that devoured his arms when he woke up on the floor of the sector. His injuries were gone but it left an immense pain in his mind. The traumatized Nex was pulled out by his kid friend Niko Masune, who dragged him out of the crumbling sector and saw the Grimoire which promptly awakened his power over the Azure.

Many came after the Grimoire when it awakened Nex's power over the Azure and it created a skirmish that supposedly killed both sides off. Nex again fell unconscious during this and woke later to see a man who claimed to know who he was and the power he just awakened via the Azure Grimoire. Nex was captured and transferred elsewhere—presumably to do research or work on him and the Grimoire.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While Nex is capable of utilizing his Azure any time without the use of the Grimoire, the Azure Grimoire will give him a significant boost in his capabilities and allows him to consume his enemy and add them to his own soul to develop himself and the Grimoire's power. 

The Azure Grimoire Nex possess contains refined destructive power at its core. It bares the power to transform Nex via a direct infusion within the Boundary to draw on the Grimoire's source where his true power is said to lye. Even so, Nex can't seem to access this potential power for long and will ware himself out of his form. To remedy it, Nex needs to be constantly supplied with energy from his Soul Harvester. Energy he gains from absorbing sources similar to his own from the Boundary like a Seithr Core or direct consumption of Seithr and powerful souls which is used to convert and generate the destructive Azure energy in his body.

Mentally, the Grimoire is a near entity, with its own desires. It is one of hate, feeding on the emotion of both Nex and the soul's of the world around itself. It's so overwhelming in truth that Nex has to contain it within himself, borrowing bits of its power for his own uses. 

Negative Effects of the GrimoireEdit

The Grimoire is a supernatural design of evil, while it synchronizes with Nex incredibly well it isn't entirely by his desires. One of the largest issues for him, is its effect on his mentality. While Nex's body is seemingly well equipped to handle it's effects on him, the rest of his existence does suffer. Its desire is overwhelming to Nex and constantly clashes with his own.  It also has a mind of its own, as seen many times when Nex tries to use it, or when it simply takes hold on him. 

Because of its nature, the Grimoire consumes other sources of energy for its power. When Nex runs out of energy, he can no longer use his Grimoire or even access the Azure's destructive capabilities. If he doesn't restore the energy he'll often suffer blackouts or worse until he consumes something. Due to the preference not to consume or destroy senselessly for power, he often runs into this problem of running out of the material he needs to generate the Grimoire's Azure energies. 

Another stated problem is the power isn't ever permanent, as Nex can't handle manifesting it for any extended amount of time. He runs out of energy too quickly due to his connection to the source being extremely weak and demands large amounts of energy sources. Many of the series antagonists want to recover that link and bring out his potential.


Pre Verse 1/Azure 0: Rebellion SequenceEdit

Created by unknown means and individuals, the Azure Grimoire that belongs to 'Azure 0' is said to become the power that will be responsible for the end of the world via the Azure's destructive power. It is the target of most antagonists who seek to uncover its power and secrets for themselves, while others like those among the Council seek to destroy it and remove its influences from Nex and his Azure. Like Nex, it is either highly revered or highly disdained as an artifact of 'change'. 

Verse 1Edit

In Verse 1, Nex kept his Grimoire in dormant status from an unclear point in time, and it was mentioned many times that its connection to the source strength was broken. Even during difficult fights against people like Akuhei—Nex didn't use his Azure Grimoire. 

He is apparently not in full control, as another presence would mention that it monitors that connection to release his power, who or what it is isn't ever said early on. This strange kind of mind of its own or a conscience would 'speak' with Nex during encounters where Seithr was in abundance, or nearby the Boundary. It would often try to convince him to reactivate it but Nex wouldn't do so.

It wasn't until the very end of Verse 1 during his fight against the one behind the assault in Kagutsuchi that Nex finally would be forced to rely on its strength once more as he unleashed it and the ability installed in it: Soul Harvester. 

It was seen the Azure Grimoire has an extreme effect on Nex in that it has capability to transform him by utilizing his connection to a strange source. It consumes parts of his body with metallic black and crimson solidified Azure looking something akin to incomplete organic armors and growths. Nex's mentality took a noticeable shift as well him being willing to kill Siegfried Schtauffen if he got in his way of finishing off Zaezel. It took Myri having some significant effect on the Grimoire to get Nex to calm down, and the Grimoire deactivated.

Verse 2Edit

The Grimoire became synchronized to Nex the moment he awakened it and its power flows through him once more. Even though Nex clearly still refuses to use it, he mentions its hunger bothers him constantly.


It's said to have a pseudo appearance currently.

Inactive: Primarily the artifact appears over his hands up past his arms encasing them in a blackened and scarlet outer layers, turning those parts of his body into a weapon. Streamline crimson energy will branch throughout it in a self-generating inner shine as veins. It's always visible as a formation of layered metallic black seithr on his shoulders.

Release CodeEdit

  • Restriction 666 broken, dimensional interference field deployed, boundary link accessed! Gates beyond Hell OPEN! Infusion Phase initialize- BlazBlue Activate!  - Regular Release 
  • Infusion Phase Initialized, Unit Segment 0 release... BlazBlue, Engage Core! - ??? Release (Core is placeholder for the real name.)


  • Despite its appearance being most prominent on Nex's arms, Nex and the Grimoire's power is making it appear that way, and it's not its true form. It isn't known where the Grimoire's location actually is in Nex. 
  • Oddly his Grimoire is not made up of just highly concentrated Seithr, but uses his Azure in its form directly somehow, as an individual in Rebellion Sequence discovers when its both an implantation and a manifestation of a soul. 

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