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Rebellion Sequence Opening Theme

Promised Change

Another sequence begins, the eye on me from the start
How long before I fall apart?
Another path to the end, endless miles I tread
That’s not what I remember fighting for
Its not the reason I suffered
Its not the promise I made
Giving in has never been a part of me
Yet the trigger is pulled to start all over again
But that’s not the promised change
Feels like the more I find out, the more I fall away, the further and further I go
Its never changed
Or ever will
Feels like the harder I try the more I fall away, the further and further I go
It feels like I could go insane
Just absorb the pain despair and hate,
Like I always will!
Swallow and devour it all
Rewarded by nothing but false hope and loss
Still I give it all I got
Its never enough to bring a change
It never will end
I can't continue to pretend
Sick of being treated as somethin’ I’m not
I’m not a soul to be bought
Not a beast within set on this stage
Swear it puppets and is driven by the insane
Trapped in a world that’s his cage--it only adds to the rage!
Feels like the deeper I go, the more the anger inside grows and grows
It seems like I’m gonna go insane
Is there no cause that’ll quell the rage
I gotta swallow down the pain,
Always will!
Swallow all the despair and hate
Like I always have!
Through the black I reach for what I was promised
I will break it all!
For the Promised Change
Like I always have!

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