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Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence
EvoBlaze Series

Rebellion Sequence Logo Test 2 (Red)
Director(s): ZeroXEbony
Episodes: 150+ (Written)
Running Time: 20-30 minutes
Opening: Promised Change (Lyrics)
Premiere Date: 2014 into 2016
Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence is part of the Control Sequence portion of the EvoBlaze series, and is a collection of Nex's Origin stories from his time as a child to current adulthood. It serves to bridge the gap of his time before coming into the city.


Follows Control Sequence's protagonist Nex on his journeys before coming to Kagutsuchi and meeting Myri covering all the major events he'd gone through. His struggles vary from the NOS to the LS and other antagonistic groups.


  • Arc X: Locket of Azure Heartbeat - "Birth" Arc (Child)
  • Arc 1: Grimoire of Destruction - Grimoire Arc (Young Teenager)
  • Arc 2: Hunters of the Child of Sin - Imyo and the SIA Arc (Young Teenager)
  • Arc 3: Struggle of Tranquility - Siegfried's and the NOS Arc (Older Teenager to Young Adult)
  • Arc 4: Desire of Sin Reaper -  Reputation as the Beast of Sin Arc (Young Adult)
  • Arc 5: Savior of Promise -  51st Sector's Arc (Young Adult)
  • Arc 6: Phantoms of Anarchy  - The Azure Sin Subjects and Illegal Forces Arc (Young Adult)

Arc 1 - Grimoire of DestructionEdit

The Grimoire of Destruction Arc is a near-solo arc that details the story of Nex's life up to when he receives the Azure Grimoire.


Episode 1 Hope of the Blue (Complete and Edited)
Solo (ZeroXEbony)
Nex enjoys tranquility but soon finds himself in a world of trouble as he faces reality when his world suddenly shatters before him.
Episode 2 Crimson Beginnings (Complete and Edited)
Solo (ZeroXEbony)
Nex learns of the state of the world while in the company of the World Order and the strange woman who took him, Irene, and is given a proposition. Corvus also gives Legna Alucard, an Observer of this world his answer.
Episode 3 The Volatile Possiblity
Solo (ZeroXEbony)
Nex meets the one with an emerald sword of Seithr, and then comes to a decision as he hears what his choices in the "world" are from one individual called an "Overseer". Corvus makes his move and act on his decision.
Episode 4 Into a New Reality
Solo (ZeroXEbony)
Nex meets his new companion, the son of a researcher in the town: Niko. Hiding his scars, Nex tries to embrace the new life. Months later Nex has begun to take to his new home, Niko approaches him about his situation, and he learns they might be able to help him find an Azure.
Episode 5 Order's Oversight
Solo (ZeroXEbony)
While looking for the information for the sector of interest, Nex runs into a someone who is being harassed for their Armagus. In the distance, the eyes of Order watch.
Episode 6 Trials of Resolve
Solo (ZeroXEbony)
TBA after Episode 5
  • Episode

Arc 2 - Hunters of the Child of SinEdit

The Arc focuses on Nex's endeavors through that time while learning for himself what kind of power he'd come to have months after the incident of receiving his Azure Grimoire. He travels through several of the cities while moving toward Imyo's promised safe residence. Being forced to move on foot they're pursued by the forces of the NOS, specifically the SIA of whom Nex comes to despise. While Nex begins to trust others and opens up in the arc, he's in for a cruel awakening when certain members of the SIA seem to have their own idea of what Nex should be doing. 


Arc 2
Hunters of the Child of Sin
Orange Sunset of Hope • Squad of Strong Bronze • Young Red and Gold • Hunted Azure • 51 Black Tactics • Awakened Grey Chaser of World Order • Unknown Factors • Eye of Carmine AgonyHateful Black HarvestWicked Intents of Venin Emerald • Evening of Red Doubt • City of Hidden Black • Stigmatic Black of Sinful Blue • Stigmatic Black of Sinful Black (Pt 2)Amethyst Sentinel of Enigma • Girl of Destined Silver • Red Choice of Humanity and Destiny • Golden Farewells • Malediction of Blue • Nightmare of Ebony Fear • New Successor of Black "Sin" • Ultimatum of Violet Guardian • Eternal Promise of Gold • Blood under a Red Moon • Chained by Scarlet Anger • Protector of the White City • Threads of Crises • Last Red Gambit •


Nex - Traveling with Imyo, Nex follows him after he saved him from the hold of a strange facility and has since kept him safe from the NOS. Nex holds a power over the Azure he doesn't yet understand but comes to over the course of events.

Imyo - Nex's new caretaker who has a mission to get him to a specific area across the border.

Cerea Anderson - A Girl around Nex's age in the squad with Imyo, she joined just recently like him as well.

Locke - Imyo's second in command of the squad.

Yami Akuhei - The General who comes back into the picture after Nex was rescued by Imyo. This time deployed with other SIA members by orders of his own superiors to kill off the cat beastkin and seize Azure 0 from them. Moving his personal destroyers after Nex he has reign over the operation. Unlike the other Destroyers, Akuhei never uses aliases.

Winterson/Arcius - A man who is actually a member of the Sequence Destroyers, when Akuhei isn't able to, he's hunting down Nex as one of Akuhei's most efficient destroyers.

Kibano/Faulhier - A member of the NOS who works with Akuhei appearing later on in full uniform to aid the others. Earlier in the Arc he was disguised like Winterson.

Ignato - A young girl deployed under Faulhier.

Heilo Vashtor - A powerful guardian to Nex who appears later on.

Nefas "Blue Sin Subjet"- A evil being that resided at the Abysmal Frontier and tried to keep Nex in it. This was prevented by Heilo.

Arc 3: Struggle of Tranquility Edit


Nex has finally evaded the grasp of the SIA and lives peacefully with Imyo for four years. In those four years he meets another boy who is adopted into their family. A rivalry and friendship is born between them and their fates twine together on a similar road paved in Azure. However shadows still lurk, and Nex isn't out of danger simply because he evaded it once and all their eyes are out to snatch the peace he's gained. He'll need to master the powers of the Azure which he feared years ago to avoid having it taken from him.


Arc 3
Struggle and Tranquility
• Pitch Protector • Visitor of Violet Sorrow • Reluctant Midnight • Infernos of Sapphire Loss • White Night of Remembrance • Hateful Paths of Azure Truth • Enemy of the World: Ebony Destroyer •

Arc 4: Desire of Sin Reaper Edit


Evading his fate no longer, Nex takes up the choice to become the "Enemy of the World". His travels bring him to an NOS city where he searches for the gate that'll lead him to the core of the world. His actions attract more than one set of eyes, they seek to share their own Truths with Nex to persuade him into helping with their goals. A task to destroy the gate quickly becomes one of Nex's largest challenges yet as he deals with a foe who was clever enough to outwit the NOS themselves and he may need help from one who seems to know quite a bit about this new foe or he risks his road ending before it can even begin.


Arc 4
Desire of Sin Reaper
Unstoppable Black • Blood of the Innocent 11th • White City Meltdown • Unknown Twilight Oversight • Azure Locket Misfortune • Plan of Aqua Hunter • Revival of Twilight Operations • Trap of Hazel • Breaking Fault of Crimson • Pitch Black Intervention • Secret White • Mind of Shattered Red Hatred • Ashes of Azure Destruction •

Arc 5: Savior of Promise Edit


Upon arrival to The Sacred City of Kanayama Nex and Sylar rejoin forces to tackle their hardest task yet, finding a gate hidden somewhere in the city of a gathering place of the The 51st Division of the Liberation Sector. With people disappearing, and AIP after him, Nex finds himself smack in the middle of an odd situation where he's revered as a "Savior" chosen by the Azure Goddess by the LSZ after saving a girl named Komyo from a strange AIP. They apparently were awaiting him, but a women who knows Nex is the one with Azure, warns him not to become blinded by the praise. In all this confusion Sylar and Nex must find the gate, before a more sinister plan is set into play by a foe who seeks the power of Nex and his dormant BlazBlue and will do anything to get it.

When matters become heated, and spiral into a new direction Nex's largest enemy rejoins the scene to witness what may become the Grimoire's Awakening.


Arc 5
Savior of Promise
• Black Lightning Strikes Twice • White Propositions • The City of Hopeful Silver • Foretold Savior of Red • Soulless Black among Sacred White • Regal Chambers of Silver • Sabotage of Concealed Blue Sin • The Corroding Ones • The Desire of Azure • A Destructive Red Mind • A Forgotten Number of White • The Truths of Silver • Sixth Memories of White • Testing the Blackened Gate • Pitch Virus of Red • Impossible Outcomes of Black • A Wish of Original White • Single Chance from Change of Red • Seekers of the Azure • Allure of the Destructive Blue Grimoire • The Mercenary • Painful Negotiations • White Break in • Silver Ultimatum • Catching Azure • Darkness of Blood and Lightning • Feast to Red Salvation • Will of the Azure Beast • Intervention of Wits • Emerald in Violent White • The Lost Wills • Mystery of the Red Genes • Kidnapped Radiance • Blood from Defiance • Black Serpent and the Silver Envoy • Struggle for the Azure • Will of Despair and Rebellion • Soul Harvester • Keeping the Word • Brief Tranquility • The Abandoned Ones • Liberties of Wicked Green • Parting Lightning • (Ending) Nex Azure 0: Will of the Last •


Nex - Coming to Kanyama with Sylar to look for a Gate, Nex is sucked into a situation with Liberation Sector Zero when he meets a member of the 51st Sector. Revered as a Savior here, he tries to find out what's truly going on and Nex's power only attracts eyes to him in this odd city. He's finally coming around to grips with Imyo's passing, and has regained a bit more confidence in his skills and returned to his fearless natures since his previous encounters thanks to Sylar, but he still hesitates to utilize his power. 

Sylar - The White Demon who Nex met a few months ago, his power lies in the White Darkness that he commands and the strange weapon Apollexon he bears. He has a history with the Liberation Sector and tells Nex there's a gate within it in order to have him come with him to the city. He's grown to respect Nex, showing his more casual natures and is a bit of an odd sort and can be overly violent at times but he has lines he wont cross. 

Abel - A member of the 51st Sector who greets Nex on his way into Kanyama and thanks him for saving Komyo, something is off about him however though its likely the fact he over-dramatizes matters that plants the idea. He has a certain love for the Goddess of the Azure, and wishes to help his people, seeing Nex as a Savior chosen by her to do so. His extremely dramatic nature is to the point it can annoy Nex. He doesn't normally fight, but he does have twin swords and an affinity to Magic. 

Komyo Amatera - A young women who Nex accidentally saves from an Azure Interface Primefield that was corroding and attacking citizens, she later on has to trust him to help her out of a situation that occurs in the city. She's able to use an intricate sword which was given to her by Ange. She lacks much confidence but loves to try and help others. 

Ange - A gentle soul who is Komyo's current care taker and one who warns Nex to be wary of the 51st Sectors intentions. She has a fondness of Nex for some reason and tries to keep him safe several times.

Desepis - A man who is a member of the small group of the Elite forces that forcefully serve the 51st Sector, called a Destructive Mind—he's assigned to Abel. He can utilize seithr around himself much like Nex and Sylar but its done in a controlled manner of his drive abilities with strange cybernetic crystals. He's been in Sylar's history as one to track him and quells threats, gaining the name "Demon Slayer".

??? - A individual who aids Abel and him alone, she appears later on in the Arc to both Sylar and Nex.

Arc 6: Phantoms of Anarchy Edit

Phantoms of Anarchy is the final arc in Rebellion Sequence. It takes place in Ibukido after a devastation on it from several years prior. 


Leaving the Liberation Sector's area, Nex and his allies make a final stop to the scarred lands of the Taoreta Region. Here Nex hopes to find information that could prove of use in his battle with the NOS. What he finds is far more sinister and prompts his attention as he learns Heilo Vashtor had been involved. In a land of the seithr, the decaying and corrupt, Nex's worries aren't the order-influenced NOS he's used to. He fights for mere survival in the wake of a struggle over a city with a history that dates back to the World Crisis. Along the way Nex pieces together information no one was meant to know, and discovers the horrors that lay forsaken in one of the places of mankind's darkest hour. 


Nex - Seeking information about Imyo's work, Nex is led out to travel to The 5th Ruined City: Ibukido on the intentions to prepare for his confrontation with the NOS. However he learns Heilo Vashtor had past activity in the city, and begins to seek the place of the True Gate once more. He quickly stumbles upon research that he's never heard of or seen and it throws Nex into a larger problem then he anticipated. Having regained most of his confidence and come to grips with his situation, Nex seems to be in an incredible state of mind- however he may be getting too comfortable. 

Sylar - The White Demon accompanies Nex, having a history within Ibukido and Taoreta. While helping Nex, Sylar deals with his own issues from his criminal career that come back to haunt him. Since his time with Nex he's gained a more genuine side to him and become a bit more comfortable. 

Emiah - A criminal who resides in Ibukido. She has history with Sylar and tends to be a bit crude. 

Aetheria - A girl who works alongside another group in Ibukido. 

Agnos - A member of the Sequence Intelligence Agency who is deployed on watch. He's indifferent toward many matters, but something is strange about him compared to the rest of the SIA.

Cetan - An overwhelming vengeful individual who is known well in Taoreta. Known to be arrogant and domineering, yet methodical, Cetan seeks something within Ibukido's dark history while keeping close eye on Nex and his allies. 

??? - An Azure Sin Subject who attacks Nex and his allies in Ibukido.

Arc X: Locket of Azure Heartbeat Edit


A collection of Nex's biggest secrets in the plot of Control Sequence. They're added to as they're revealed in the story and together they fully explain the Origins of the one known as "Azure 0". It covers his creation, his travel into the "Eye of Sheol", the lockets secrets, his purpose and how he came to be, everything about him comes full circle here.



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