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Azouri (Alpha -No.4-)
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Name: Alpha Four
Alias: Azouri
Gender: Female
Race: Artificial Human (Azure Interface Primefield)
Age: Unknown
Biologically 18
Date of Birth: December 24th
Hobbies: Studying Human Desires
Values: Humanity
Likes: Harmony of Thoughts
The idea of Hope
Strawberry Shortcakes
Dislikes: Sufferring
Negative Desires
Failing a Mission
Being treated as a "thing"
Weapon: Collective Desire: Murakumo
Personal Status
Status: Alive (In Reality 0)
Unknown (Currently)
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Novus Orbis Sequentia and Izanagi Agency
Simple Move List
Drive: Altered Drive: Desire Swords
Anime(s): Reality 0: Embryo Sequence
Alpha-Four (Codenamed Azouri) is a main heroine of Reality 0.

She’s the first Azure Interface Primefield of her kind, and the first publically released. She was created by the Izanagi Agency for the uses of the Novus Orbis Sequentia.




She has blue eyes and blonde hair. Azouri wears a uniform from the Izanagi Agency, which opens up into a dress-like garment that hangs at her hips but is left open. Underneath it she has the uniform of the agency as a blouse. Her sleeves are short and her arms are covered in black sleeves that hold small crystals bellow the shoulders. While her legs are covered in black leggings that go down into knee-length boots. Sitting at her cheeks is her blonde hair, which is cheekbone length at the sides of her face with it kept in a long ponytail otherwise which has wild strands.

Her outfit is primarily blue with some ornate silver patterns that curl around the bottoms of her outfit. There’s a blue crest on her back emitting from a crystal against her back that shows off several petal-blades when she enters combat mode.

In combat mode she’ll become encased in a sleek armor reminiscent to Akari’s and her hair will be released to full length.


Alpha Four is very mature in her conduct, she doesn’t seem overly concerned about human interaction but she is curious at first in their interactions. She tends to be very loyal to her superiors, and will attempt to achieve her tasks to feel like she's achieving purpose in the world. Every now and again she’ll act like a child, though it's something greatly frowned upon by her superiors. When around Ceronaga, she feels at ease and able to act as she wishes.

Her deepest desire is to make a world free of suffering for humanity and become someone who would can help bring the world closer to the world they desire. Because humanity is her number one concern, she will attack any and all threats to it. In combat mode when she summons her unit, she will block out most of her emotions in order to focus on her objectives.


  • Azouri is close to the Greek word for the Azure-colored stone Azurite, which is Azouritis.


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