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Name: Asher
Gender: male
Race: Human
Age: 20
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160
Blood type: O
Weapon: Twin Revolvers
Personal Status
Relatives: Atara (sister)
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: None
Position: Unknown
Partner: None
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Asher Fukui is the brother of Atara Fukui, and stays out of the war alongside his sister. He lives in the Taoreta region of Yabiko as the two avoid attention from the government. He's set to appear in Control Sequence's third verse.




Asher is a 6'1" foot 150lb human with shoulder length black hair.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Asher carries two revolvers with which he's an expert marksman. He also carries several different types of elemental ammo that can be used in tandem for different effects.



  • Atara tends to needle him for his preference for beastkin.
  • His first name, Asher, is Hebrew for Happy.
  • His last name, Fukui, is Japanese for Blessed.


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