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Ars Evolutis are weapons exclusive to the EvoBlaze (Series). They are Ars Armagus that have been experimented on to further the progression and evolution of mankind. They have been subjected to unknown technological enhancements, refining their connections to Magic of the Boundary and each of them contain a Grimoire.

They are prototype concepts in Reality 0's era and developed on throughout EvoBlaze.


They were first invented after the Age of Destruction, refined and made out to the public by the Mage’s Guild. When the NOL and Mage’s Guild combined fully, they became the property of the Izanagi Agency.

They are all prototypes in Reality 0, and have the incredible ability to sync the thoughts and emotions of the individual and weapon converting it into a type of power via what's assumed is Seithr. It then in turn temporarily strengthen's the owner's soul performing an enhancement on the Drive itself. The negative effects are still being studied by the SSP technologies who are in charge of the distributions of the Ars Evolutis with the Izanagi Agency's oversight.

Ars Evolutis only ever heighten one sense or desire, with their Grimoire being the core built inside them, and allow access to the technique. A large controversy over the Ars Evolutis is that they can not be used by the majority of mankind, contributing to the societal gap. They also physically become bound by the blood and soul to certain people refusing to work in anyone else's hands.

There are certain requirements to be able to use Ars Evolutis, though it isn’t shared what those are, one can be assumed to be a high aptitude for Ars in general.

Ars Evolutis allow the person to perform Magic and also manipulate the Seithr directly. Although this Magic is not natural, instead artificial but studies of them show they are capable of becoming as strong as true magic. If the individual already can perform magic, the harmonization between the two is said to make the weapon its strongest. 

Control SequenceEdit

In Control Sequence most military sectors in both the NOS and Liberation Sector have at least a few units that use these weapons. It isn't uncommon to see criminals with the Ars Evolutis or enhanced versions of them as the technology has been improved by Control Sequence's time period.


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