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Arbitrator's Order

Faction Information
Type: Specialized Unit
Parent Faction: Novus Orbis Sequentia and the Izanagi Agency
Organizational & Historical Information
Size: Small
Notable Member(s): Akuhei Yamaorochi, Blood 0
Leader(s): Unknown
Headquarters: Confidential
Status: Active (GD)
Dissolved (Control Sequence)

The Arbitrator’s Order was the NOS’s elite force active in the time of Genesis Destruction.


The force consisted of specialized units for combat who all utilize powerful Ars and Drives, and have unique enhancements to them. Their units are easily worth that of many squadrons, with the top of their force being the infamous Genesis Destroyers who held the original Nex Exitium weapons.

Those in this force seem immune to the harmful effects of Seithr and contained the prototype limiter-like answer to it that the NOS desired to give to the majority of humanity in the future.

Other individuals like Blood 0 also boasted strong power and were considered the leading example of humanity’s future. Each of those in this special order would be entrusted with power from the system but, in turn, would vow their loyalty to it.


It’s not known publically how the Arbitrator’s Order came into existence. They are believed to have been connected to the previous Blue Society- though there’s nothing of proof to say so. All that’s understood is that it’s the product of the NOS and their partners.


  • Blood 0 - Became a member after the incident in Wadatsumi and was discovered to have the Boundary Armament: Edge of Sin in his body. The NOS made him swear loyalty to their cause in exchange for helping his younger sister.
  • Akuhei Yamaorochi - The Genesis Destroyer who holds Leviathan. He's a General. He became a member by default, having been one of the first.

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