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Anguis Inférnis: Leviathan

Owner: Yami Akuhei
Previous Owner: Akuhei Yamaorochi
Name: Anguis Infernis: Leviathan
Translation: The Netherworld Serpent, Leviathan
Form: A unique blade that also transforms itself into a chain
Manifested Snakes
Energy Source: Seithr
Magic from the Boundary (Origin of Darkness)
Soul Energy
Type: Nex Exitium

A legendary Nex Exitium of nightmarish potential used by one of the Genesis Destroyers. Anguis Infernis: Leviathan is one of the original Exitium, which never had its core properly sealed, giving it an insatiable desire to consume. 

Once belonging to the terror "Unholy God Serpent", it now belongs to the one following him: Yami Akuhei.

It's a rather crudely designed blade that breaks apart and designs itself into a chain, along with the smaller blades on its body being useful as detachable knives to its wielder.

Consuming energy of others increases its own power and generates a form of concentrated seithr that cripples the opposition's mind and body.


The weapon was one of the only Exitium to not be directly designed by the NOS's head leaders, instead Yamaorochi himself designed the weapon with the souls of those he defeated, hinting that its wielder knew how to design the Exitium. 

The weapon is known to have a free, and deadly will that matches its previous and current wielder. It was the only Nex Exitium to be in perfect sync with its wielder. 

When Yamaorochi was defeated in the Third War, Leviathan's fate was left with the NOS. While it was severely restrained to manage its strength, its core was never sealed as intended by the Council, and passed to its new wielder, Yami Akuhei by wish of the current Marshal: Lukain Necaros. Its strength however, is monitored by the Council, much to its current wielder's disdain. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

It is a strange weapon that boasts incredible power; infamous for the amounts of souls its taken into its insatiable body. Akuhei mentioned in an episode that Leviathan is a premature state of what it once was in its first owner's hands.

It can, like all weapons in its class, destroy existence and erase it completely by corroding their very soul and life to nothing. And like all Exitium, people can resist its effects, but Akuhei has yet to run into anyone he couldn't "erase", his ill nature'd willpower being incredibly strong.

Leviathan when utilized generates its own seithr in its body via the core within it, and therefore Akuhei doesn't need to rely on consuming any around him. The seithr and energy generated by this weapon is highly corrosive to the body and mind, similar in build to that of the Corrosion Anomaly. The Seithr takes form of darkness in a serpentine aura that then cripples enemies if it gets within them normally transferred by injection by stabs or piercing strikes. The attacks delivered drain enemy of life and energy, in odd similarity to Soul Eater. These effects are known to be worse than even Corrosion.

Leviathan's core within its form consumes the energy of its victims and stores it inside itself, later its used to empower itself and Akuhei both in battle and outside of combat. Leviathan typically consumes the victim and then erases them after its taken their energy for itself.

Leviathan's major personal abilities have yet to be seen. 


As a Blade: A semi long black and neon blade with saw tooth edges, it has a slim serpentine pommel and grip with a rather sleek and intimidating undead snake's head at the tip button with its mouth closed. Blades which are its fangs sit within. The entirety of the grip up is actually the spear head of the chain. The blade itself is solid and extremely durable, having neon outlines like veins run through the hilt and blade, lighting up the serpents eyes. Bellow the grip to the shoulders reveal designed "fangs" that curve down. The guard of the blade is also a serpentine design made up of a green energy of darkness, it curves around the length of the shoulder to just bellow the pommel to complete its image.

As a Chain: Beginning from the pommel of the sword, the serpentine head opens up, and the shoulders of the blade rotate, beginning the extension of the weapon as each individual piece of the blade's body breaks apart as the energy swarming and entwining its guard coils into the body revealing a streamline chain of darkness in the gaps between the separating blades that swirls and spirals around itself. The pieces of the blade rotate outward and levitate a bit from its serpentine body as finally the final thinned out blade at the end becomes the tail blades. The blades retain their neon outlines and veins like the sword form, and the serpent's eyes glimmer as well. 


  • The name translates to the Netherworld/Underworld Serpent or The Snake of the Underworld, and could be considered the same as its owner's alias.
  • It's name represents the Leviathan, which is a serpent of the Abyss, or Dragon of the Sea in mythology.  
  • The Snakes summoned by Akuhei are actually created by Leviathan's magic.

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