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Name: Aria
Gender: Female
Race: Elemental Magic Being
Personal Status
Relatives: Parents (Deceased) Unknown wife and daughter (deceased)
Status: Dead
Affiliation Status
Simple Move List
Aira is a wind elemental and a spy for the NOS during the events of the Third War. Not much is currently known about her.


Character InfoEdit

Plot InfoEdit


All that is known about Aira's wartime service is that she was injured while spying and recovered by NOS forces. She is currently believed to be deceased.


A tall, almost impossibly thin woman, with green ankle length hair and dark green eyes. She wears a tight cloak which allows her to carry objects without disrupting her movement, and to carry much more than usually possible. Always keeps her feet and lower arms bare so she can use the wind to discern others locations.


Pre-Control SequenceEdit


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