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Name: Aiko
Gender: Female
Race: Beastkin (Arctic Fox)
Personal Status
Material Collection Information
Move List
Recruit Requirement: Character can be recruited if during that character's appearance, Matt is in the party.
Game(s): BlazBlue: Distorted Sequence

Aiko is a recruitable character in BlazBlue: Distorted Sequence and a primary character to the Azure Generations Plotline

Basic InformationEdit

  • Basic Stats
    • Strength: C
    • Heat: B
    • Speed: B
    • Defense: C
  • Misc:
    • Affinity: Elemental (Ice)
    • Weakness: Elemental (Fre)
    • Range: Short Range
    • Level Rate: Medium
    • Difficulty Playing: Medium


Team DistortionsEdit

  • Fire and Ice: (Note: Requires Matt in the battle)  TBA
  • Ice Punch: (Note: Requires Ame in the battle) Aiko freezes an area of three squares each way. Ame then punches each character within the target zone. Causes between 100 and 200 points of damage at random.


  • Minor Heal: Heals an ally by 5% of max HP
    • Base Skill
  • Ice: Attacks a single opponent with ice
    • Base Skill
  • Frozen: Random chance at freezing an opponent. If opponent becomes frozen, opponent cannot perform an action and that character's turn is skipped. This lasts two turns, with a one turn cooldown.
    • Level Acquired: 10
  • Heal: Heals single ally by 10% of max HP.
    • Level Acquired: 15
  • Frost: Opponents are frozen in place for one turn. 10% chance of attack working.
    • Level Acquired: 25
  • Cryogenic Freeze: 25% chance of attack working. If hits, a single opponent is frozen for a period of three turns. Either way, this skill has a two turn cooldown.
    • Level Acquired: 30
  • Crushed Ice: Attack a single opponent for medium damage.
    • Level Acquired: 40

Detailed TraitsEdit

Unique TraitsEdit

  • Too Hot: If an opponent or ally is within one square of Aiko and the character's main affinity is fire, Aiko's skills do 5% less.
  • Watch Your Step: If an opponent or ally moves to within one square of Aiko, that character cannot perform an action during that turn.
  • Cooldown: If an ally just performed an attack next to Aiko, that character's cooldown period is reduced to zero.
  • Ice Cubes: Water attacks are reduced by 50% next to Aiko

General TraitsEdit

  • Time Freeze: (Note: Self-Defense) This can be activated by the user. If Aiko is selected to be attacked, user may move out of the way. This can only be used once per map.
  • Friendly Fire: Aiko does not have full control over her power. There is a 10% chance that an attack meant for an opponent can hurt an ally if they are within one square of the target.



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