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Alias: Agnos
The Infused
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Early 20's
Date of Birth: October 11th
Height: 5'11
Blood type: Unknown
Hobbies: Appreciating AIP
Likes: Azure Interface Primefield
Dislikes: Human Desire
Exploitation of another person's life (Espesially an AIPs)
Weapon: Fused Testements
Personal Status
Relatives: Deceased
Status: Alive
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Novus Orbis Sequentia
Simple Move List
Drive: Infuser
Anime(s): Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence

Agnos is a character who appears in the final arc of Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence. He is watched over by the Sequence Intelligence Agency and was raised alongside the Sequence Destroyers.

He shifts his appearance and abilities depending on the phase he's infused with via his weapon. He ends up meeting Nex while he's in The 5th Ruined City: Ibukido. Agnos will appear in Verse 3 as a member in the SIA and a secondary character.



Agnos stands at an average height and frame with messy brown hair and dull brown eyes which look somewhat hollow. His attire consists of a waist-length garment that sits over his shoulders with a large collar. Adorning the strange coat is a strange symbol on its back, along with a couple of thin metal pieces on it acting as guards, with engravings on them that also give a small glow while he's using his Drive. Underneath he wears a black shirt with simple white trimming on the ends. He has short sleeves coming only past the shoulder, while his arms are left exposed with a crimson-colored alloy decorating his wrists in skin tight constructs ending atop his hand which is covered by red fingerless gloves. The constructs grow to consume his arms as Phases release. The same constructs are around his ankles, his neck, and his waist. The constructs appear to be unnaturally integrated to him. His black pants are held up by a red belt with metallic strips on it, and they end into red shoes with a sleek metal encasing around the toe and the sides.

There are sets of strange markings on his body, that will gradually change depending on the Phase he's in during combat. His arms and legs are prone to becoming consumed by concentrations of the crimson Seithr during his attacks which it's aura will disembody itself from him to become various constructs like talons or spikes.


Agnos is known to have something of an indifferent persona, he doesn't talk much if he can help it and can be dismissive toward others. He is, however, highly proud of his power with Infuser, claiming it capable of giving even Nex a competition when the two cross paths. Though he is reluctant to use it beyond his preferences.

He's also quite rude and vulgar and lacks much faith in anyone besides himself, claiming to grown disconnected from mankind due to their overwhelming "desire" which he pools into the same category regardless o a person's reason to desire something being right or wrong. Despite his disdain of relying on others, in truth, his natural nature shows he's capable of working alongside others quite well. Rarely seen is a curiosity about the ideas of morality, which he claims to be jaded to no side in particular.

Something he can't stand is individuals being treated like mere objects simply because they weren't born like others. This leads to him having a very good understanding and relationship with the AIP. Because they're treated as tools, he doesn't seem to care for a majority in his Government, especially Akuhei. Along with this, Agnos lacks a killer's instinct it seems, as he prefers not to act like his superiors.

Agnos's personality does however change, depending on which weapon he infuses and utilizes, as the phases have significant alterations on his mind.


Agnos lives under the watch of the Sequence Intelligence Agency, losing most of his family in a large-scale conflict after the Third War of Armagus, Agnos was intended to be a casualty in that event, however, the Sequence Destroyers intervened and ended up recovering him. The young Agnos was adopted into their ranks shortly after where he trained his drive 'Infuser'. He's under the direct care of the Sequence Destroyers but the Council was insistent that Agnos remain his own unit, thus all the SIA was able to do was put him as a unit-in-training, who is capable of taking leave as he pleases.


Agnos is to appear in the third Verse in Control Sequence, Destroyers of Truth as a secondary character. He works alongside the Sequence Destroyers.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Agnos uses a system to meld with something inside his soul via an Infusion Phase which he uses to summon a strange Unit that empowers him. Tapping into his weapon he can unlock various abilities in stages depending on how much energy he's gathered, represented by a crimson aura over his body. As time continues, this aura will grow as will the constructs on his limbs.

As he switches these phases, the aura will grow smaller as it costs him the gathered energy to unlock a phase. Staying in any phase too long will cause him to go into an overheated state where he will be restricted to only able to use Phase 5: Engage until his overheat is over. He can enter any Phase he wishes, but Phase 2 and Phase 1 have to be worked up toward via any lower phases. Staying in a phase besides the "Engage" phase too long will lock him out, and he won't be able to use that specific phase until cooldown ends.

  • Phase 5: Engage - Engages the system. Agnos can use his energy to make very small constructs to help him fight, his specials are normal sized with only standard follow-ups. But it is the quickest to gather energy. Can be used infinitely.
  • Phase 4: Repulse - A defensive and counter purpose state. While he can gather energy as usual, but Agnos can't follow through his special attacks. However, some moves gain armor and can retaliate against a move. Repulse will lock out after a couple uses.
  • Phase 3: Enhance - Agnos enhances his specials to have powerful follow-ups, gathers energy slowly. He takes more damage, however.
  • Phase 2: Transmute - To be revealed
  • Phase 1: Consume - To be revealed
  • Phase 0: ??? - Locked.

Character ConnectionsEdit

Main article: Agnos/Relationships


  • Agnos's Drive: Infuser is a reference to the idea of 'Infusion'. He introduces an element from a certain compound within his weapon to fuse into his own body to change the way he acts or performs in combat and even alter how he uses his energy in a positive or negative will.
    • Because Infusion is so commonly related to tea, as a joke, or misunderstanding, people have asked if his drive can be used to create tea that will remedy ailments.


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