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Name: Abel
Alias: The Goddess' Envoy
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: Real age isn't known, he appears in his mid 30's.
Birthplace: Unknown
Height: Just under 6ft tall
Personal Status
Status: Alive
Affiliation Status
Affiliation: Liberation Sector
Department: Sector 51
Position: Envoy of the Goddess
Lord in Sector 51
Partner: Desepis (Subordinate)
Simple Move List
Drive: Lux Dei
Anime(s): Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence

Abel is a character who appears in the 5th Arc of Azure 0: Rebellion Sequence and is a member of the Liberation Sector. He's known as the Goddess' Envoy who relays Her will to the citizens of the LS.



Abel is a man in his mid-thirties, of a fair complexion and a standard build. His facial features are quite refined yet sharp, bearing a strong resemblance to another individual. His eyes are of a navy blue color while his shoulder-length slightly wavy hair is bluish silver. He wears a customized outfit, consisting of a silver jacket emblazoned with various religious symbols and the crest of the Liberation Sector on the back, a white shirt and azure blue vest with a silver tie, black trousers and finely designed white shoes.

On more formal occasions, he adds a white cloak with the Goddess' crest sewn on it to his outfit.


Abel is a charmer, as described by the citizens of his City. His mild manners and humility make him seem closer to the common people, while his silver tongue and calm personality reach to their hearts and souls, uplifting their spirits and instilling hope in them.

His mannerisms and speech have some sort of theatrical quality to them, filled with passion and love for the Goddess. This allows people to gravitate towards him, as he can always find words that will soothe wounded souls. But occasionally in his pursuit of Her love, he can become a little bit zealous, fervently fulfilling Her will with diligence without being concerned for the others.


Azure 0: Rebellion SequenceEdit

Abel is a prominent character in the fifth Arc of Rebellion Sequence. He greets Nex in Kanayama and calls him the Savior, much to the rebel's chagrin.


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