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A and K

Chapters: 72 (Released)
102 (Currently Planned)
Volumes: 12 (Released)
17 (Currently Planned)
Novel of: MegaSonic55

With Help From...

(Credit: Makoto Nanaya, Bullet, Rachel Alucard)

(Credit: HJ)

(Credit: Yuka Tokai)

(Credit: Joshiel, Kana)

(Credit: Serenity, Koyoto)

Release Date: 2013

A and K is a novel explaining the seven years Alexandria went missing. In detail, the adventures of Alexandria Kondo and Kei, a golden retriever breed of dog beastkin.


Set in the years prior to the Black Azure Revival Saga, the story surrounds Kei and Alexandria in their daily lives in Yamatsumi. They are joined in their adventures by several other characters. The story focuses on the pair and explains what Alexandria did during her time with Kei. Other characters within the series timeline are slated to appear, though what their role is within the series is not clear.

The Main Antagonists so far of the series has been a group of people called 'The Branch', which is the remnants of the now defunct NOL.


Kei - The Main Hero of the series. Kei was the first to find Alexandria in Yamatsumi and has become her guardian of sorts, protecting her from the people of 'The Branch'.

Alexandria - The Main Heroine of the series. Alexandria has run away from home because of the events that transpired, including her home being burned down and both her mother and father's deaths. She fled to Yamatsumi, but trouble has only followed her.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 1 Lost Little Puppy

Mitch - An owner of a bar that Kei frequents. The bar was passed down to him, but with his recent passing, the bar remains uninhabited and unused.

Athena - A ditzy cat beastkin that lives near Kei. She seems to have good intentions around Kei and Alexandria. Her real purpose, however, remains unclear.

Miwa Suzuki - Interested in Alexandria's well-being, Miwa and Makoto are trying to make sure that Alexandria can have a relatively normal childhood.

Nick - A friend of Kei and Mitch's, he now runs a local police precinct. People and Beastkin fear him alike as the 'Police Dog' of Yamatsumi.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 5 The Broken Glass

Shigure - Mitch's younger sister. She recently left her former job. She now stays with Kei; she has an obvious crush on him.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 5 The Broken Glass

Aria - Kei's Rival. Their history stretches back a couple of years. Aria strives to become stronger than Kei.

Makoto Nanaya - Miwa's spouse. She can be a bit overprotective at times.

Rin Tanaka Arai - A former member of 'The Branch'. She has become Aria's Sensei again.

Michel Shimizu - A psychotic member of 'The Branch', he seeks the thrill of battle and blood above all else. He met his end falling into a vat of hot lead.

Terra Shimizu - Michel's daughter, how she came to be his daughter remains unclear. She is Alexandria's rival.

Karin Arai - Not a member of 'The Branch', she hangs around to be around her sister Rin.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 13 Terra

Saori - Athena's partner. Saori was undercover to take down the owner of a beastkin slave trade. When Kei did her job for her, Saori returned home with him, against his wishes.

Mai - Kei's older sister. She comes and goes as she pleases.

HJ - The person who gave Nick his start. In his time since, he has become directly involved with Mitch's case.

Hitomi/Arisu - Miwa's cousin, she now trains to be an observer under Rachel Alucard's Guidance

Yui - Kei's younger sister. She's closest to Kei and sends him letters. She has temporarily moved in with Kei.

Kon - Also known as number 16, and an S-class criminal, he wants the reward 'The Branch' has put on Kei's head.

Isao - Also known as number 17, despite having an honor code, he has been used merely as Kon's pawn in his plot.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 33 Begin The Hunt!

Nicole - The woman Mitch had met before his untimely demise, she is also Rin's mother.

Yuka - Mai's Partner, a gunwielder.

Serenity - Searching for a way to reclaim Koyoto from the boundary

  • First Appearance: Chapter 43 Something Challenge

Koyoto - Had been trapped in the boundary

  • First Appearance: Chapter 48 Into the Boundary

Jiro - Lazy Branch Member. Met his end at the hands, or tendrils, of Serenity.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 43 Something Challenging
  • Last Appearance: Chapter 47 Arriving

Sadao - Branch Member, Hostage Taker, defeated by Yuka

  • First Appearance: Chapter 51 Bloodstained
  • Last Appearance: Chapter 54 Lexi, Pt. 3

Takumi - Branch Member, defeated by Mai

  • First Appearance: Chapter 51 Bloodstained
  • Last Appearance: Chapter 54 Lexi, Pt. 3

Akio - Branch Member, former boss of Takumi and Sadao, defeated by Mai

  • First Appearance: Chapter 56 Akio
  • Last Appearance: Chapter 59 On the Other Foot

Josh - A man bent on finding his sister. He enlisted the help of Kei and gang

  • First Appearance: Chapter 61 No Rest for the Weary

Kana - Former member of the branch. Tracking down the person who took her parents from her.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 65 Number Eleven

Kira Kotagawa - Former Police chief, defeated by Josh, Kana, and Kei

  • First Appearance: Chapter 69 Kira
  • Last Appearance: Chapter 71 The Final Blow!

Kazuhiro Watanabe - A former war buddy of Kei's, defeated by Kei, though fell to his death.

  • First Appearance: Chapter 73 Sense of Normalcy
  • Last Appearance: Chapter 78 Another Blast from the Past

Saki Ueda - A former war buddy of Kei's

  • First Appearance: Chapter 78 Another Blast from the Past


A and K Volume One: The PuppyEdit

A and K Volume Two: The BodyguardEdit

A and K Volume Three: The FriendEdit

A and K Volume Four: The MelodyEdit

A and K Volume Five: The FallenEdit

A and K Volume Six: The HuntEdit

A and K Volume Seven: The PartnersEdit

A and K Volume Eight: The BoundaryEdit

A and K Volume Nine: The FamilyEdit

A and K Volume Ten: The ChallengeEdit

A and K Volume Eleven: The SisterEdit

A and K Volume Twelve: The Former Police ChiefEdit

A and K Volume Thirteen: The Comrades of WarEdit

A and K Volume Fourteen: The Single DigitsEdit

A and K Volume Fifteen: The Number EightEdit

A and K Volume Sixteen: AppearancesEdit

A and K Volume Seventeen: The TwinsEdit

A and K Volume Eighteen: TBAEdit

A and K Volume Nineteen: The Top FiveEdit

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